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Arnica 30c in the Wet dose helps Chronic Smokers to QUIT SMOKING 18


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Arnica helps a Chronic Smoker to QUIT

I am copying below a post made by a patient on:


which confirms that Arnica 30c helps smokers to QUIT smoking. He is my fifth patient who has confirmed that Arnica helped to quit smoking by reducing the craving for a cigarette.

Joe, It's now been 11 weeks since I started taking Arnica: 1 week of Arnica 30x, then three weeks of Arnica 6c. I then switched to Arnica 30c and have been taking it for 7 weeks. Several things to report:

1. Still sleeping, as before, 5 1/2 hours per night, but better sleep than before Arnica. A few nights I have slept an hour more which is an further improvement, but that's still unpredictable.

2. I stopped smoking cigarettes 35 days ago and have smoke none since. I'd stopped for varying lengths of time before, but this was the easiest ever and I should be quit for good as the craving are very mild and infrequent. I'd say the cravings while taking Arnica 30c have been only about 1/3 of what they'd been during periods of not smoking before.

3. I'd also taken Lycopodium for a few weeks, but stopped that after I quit smoking because I also used a combination homeopathic smoking cessation remedy during the first 10 days or so. The combination helped some, and I'd used it before so the Arnica had to have made things so much eaier this time. I'll still consider Lycopodium later, but plan to use Arnica only for several more weeks at least.

4. Hair shedding is still about normal and I can see tiny hairs growing in, but they are very tiny so far. Hopefully they'll grow into normal hair.

5. Also using the Arnica tincture 20%/Coconut oil 80% several times per week.

There've been several significant benefits from the Arnica, though I'm hoping to see continued improvement in stopping the hair shedding and some regrowth. But being able to stop smoking with surprising ease is, of course, a major benefit.
That might even begin to help with hair regrowth eventually as circulation should improve throughout.

Thanks for the recommendation and I'll report again periodically.
  Joe De Livera on 2006-01-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Joe

That is great news.

For a heavy smoker (50 per/day over 35-years), what potency, how often, and period of time do you suggest taking Arnica.

Patient also addicted to coffee and gambling. Male. 53-years of age. Sporadic back-pain and rhuematic arthritis.
Traci_London last decade
To: Traci

Arnica 30c in the liquid dose taken twice daily has helped the last patient whose story I carried above.

The other patients to whom I gave this remedy have all confirmed that about 3 days after starting the therapy, they discovered that they seemed to lack the craving for the next smoke. Eventually they seemed to overcome the demand from their body to smoke and I believe that the Arnica 30c helps them by increasing their sleep pattern by providing deep restful sleep which in turn rebuids the body and reduces the craving for a smoke.

I would recommend that you too use this simple remedy which is now being used by many not connected with smoking but who use it as a tonic daily as I also have done for the last 10 years, and we can all confirm that it is an amazing remedy that has done us a lot of good.

The liquid dose is made up as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml or about an inch of water to ensure some air space on top.
Put in 3 globules Arnica 30c or 1 drop if you have the liquid remedy.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda.
You may also shake the bottle hard to achieve the bubbles before every dose.

Sip a teaspoonful thrice daily with the last dose taken just before sleep. You will discover that you will sleep very deeply after the Arnica.

I wish you all success in quitting your smoking habit.

I note that you are addicted to coffee. Coffee antidotes all homeopathic remedies and you must stop it if you wish to quit smoking. I hope that Arnica can also help you to overcome your gambling habit and this is possible as it seems to help the mind to overcome that vacuum that may be the real cause of your habits.

You have also mentioned that you have a sporadic back pain and this too may be helped by the Arnica. As for the Rhuematic arthritis please make quite certain that you have the Rheumatoid Arthritis and not the Osteo type as the treatment for the former is complicated whilst the latter is cureable.

You will obviously have to do your bit to help yourself with the Arnica taken twice daily as instructed. I feel that the effort will be well worth your while.

Please post response weekly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Traci London,

Let me add a few details that might help. From what has been said in the past, and what I experienced, one takes the Arnica for a period of time before attempting to quit. Because of what I already had on hand, then ordered and tried two different potencies, this is how I'd used Arnica in the wet dose before quitting:

Starting 10/31 - one week using Arnica 30x

Starting 11/7 - about three weeks using Arnica 6c.

Starting 11/30 - using Arnica 30c to present.

Stopped smoking 12/18, so I'd used some potency for almost seven weeks before quitting.

Of course, it makes sense for someone else to just start with 30c and quit after a few weeks useage.

Joe has written that smokers often just lose the desire to smoke. Not sure I lost the desire, but just picked a time to quit again and was surprised at how easy it was.

During the first 10 or so days, I also used a combination homeopathic smoking cessation remedy and an occasional piece of nicotine gum, but then dropped all that. But it was the easiest ever throughout, and I'd used those other aides in the past, also, and it wasn't easy at all.

I'd smoked about as long as you indicated above. Good luck.
Will88 last decade
Thank you for detailing your use of Arnica since last October.

My experience is that the 30c is the most effective of the potencies as it seems to help the brain of a chronic smoker to reduce its craving for that next smoke.

I do believe that it is up to the smoker to make up his mind that he must quit smoking as this is perhaps 50% of the battle and with a bit of luck the demand for a smoke will soon be forgotten. Exercise will also help to increase the capacity of the lungs and help the body to recover.

It is important to maintain the dosage of 1 tsp Arnica 30 twice daily for life and I can assure you that it is quite safe to do so as I have taken Arnica nightly for the last 10 years and my BP is 120/80 pulse 65 age 76.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe

How much Arnica do you take nightly and what potency?

Thank you
Pat2006 last decade
I take a teaspoonful of Arnica 6c nightly just before sleep. I first used the 30c some years ago to help with my urine flow prior to my surgery for Prostate. You may like to know that I am perhaps the only person in this world who has taken Arnica since 1996, daily.

Others who have used it, some reluctantly at first have all confirmed that they feel better with it the morning after as they slept better and the effect of the remedy continues during the day when they feel more vitally alive than before.

There is absolutely no doubt that Arnica seems to have some mysterious effect of keeping the body at its best as I deliberately stopped taking it for 3 weeks and felt miserable with increased BP, aches and pains.

I am convinced that Arnica taken just once nightly can help anyone and the surest way is to take it yourself and verify if you can also derive the same benefit that I and many others derived from its use on a daily basis.
Joe De Livera last decade
Do you take 500 ml of water and add 3 pellets of the arnica and shake it 6 times before taking it nightly?

Then after the 500 ml are gone, start another batch?

Thanks again.
Pat2006 last decade
I shall copy my instructions on making the remedy below:

Arnica is best taken in the water dose as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring water from your supermarket.
Pour out about an inch from the top to keep space for the air in the bottle.
Insert 3 globules into the bottle and cap it tightly.
Bang the bottle on your open palm or a cushion and ensure that the water bubbles with every bang. This is called succussion and is the secret of success in using the remedy. The remedy must be succussed at least 6 times before it is used.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the water which is now the remedy as advised after succussion every time.

Please note that coffee, cola beverages and preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon which contain saltpeter antidote all homeopathic remedies and must be avoided during treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade
It's now been 75 days since I stopped smoking with the use of Arnica 30c. At various stop smoking sites, one can download what are called "Quit Meters". They calculate Days, Hours, etc, since someone stopped smoking, plus money saved based upon the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the cost of cigarettes.

As of today I've saved $675.00 with cigarettes costing about $3.75 per pack.
Will88 last decade
I never realized that smoking cost as much as $9.00 per day. In a country like Sri Lanka where I live this would represent the wages of a highly skilled worker as the basic wage is around $100 per month.

I am so very glad that you have successfully overcome your craving for cigarettes and I hope my discovery will be given the exposure in the media that it deserves as this will open the eyes of smokers to a painless and effective way to quit smoking which they too can emulate.

You can help in this effort by starting a new thread on this forum which you can entitle "How I Quit Smoking". This testimony coming direct from a confirmed smoker will help others to also use Arnica 30 in the liquid dose to help them to quit.

Thank you for your reports.
Joe De Livera last decade
In the US, state taxes are a big component of cigarette prices, often called "sin" taxes. In some states a pack of cigarettes costs $6.00 or more.

There's really nothing I could add in a new thread that's not in this one.
Will88 last decade
Will try Arnica your way. Thanks.
kapil last decade
dear joe

i am in a process of quit smoking. i have arnica 200. can i use it instead of arnica 30 to reduce craving.

i mean i have settled my mind that i will quit it but the cravings barred me always. if someone able to reduce craving from me then quitting will be just a matter of time of me.

and i believe that smoking for me is the root of many of my diseases. so i don't want to continue. some of my friends has already quit it.
the two reason that reinforced me in smoking again is 1. cravings 2. a strange feeling that i am missing something.

and i believe if i able to quit smoking for ever then that will be the most happy day in my life for me and for my family.

i presently taking Pulsatilla/carduus. i just want to know whether they are anti dote to each other or not.

thanks and waiting for your reply
prakash_roy last decade
To Prakash

Thank you for digging up this Thread which records many who have succeeded in Quitting Smoking which dates back to January 2006. I am glad that you did so as this will help to share the response of many patients whom I have helped to QUIT smoking who have confirmed their individual responses on this Thread with members and visitors to the ABC. There are many more whom I have helped, some who live here in Sri Lanka where I live and others abroad who have not confirmed on any web site the great gift of life that Arnica has bestowed upon them to QUIT smoking.

I am glad to note that you have decided to quit smoking and you should notice that the Arnica will help you to do so in a few days when patients have confirmed that their craving for that next cigarette was reduced or was missing.

That day which you describe 'i believe if i able to quit smoking for ever then that will be the most happy day in my life for me and for my family.' will occur within a week. Please keep us advised of your progress weekly.

You have inquired about replacing Arnica 30c with the 200c potency but this will not work. Besides you cannot take any Homeopathic remedy in the 200c potency over an extended period. You must get the 30c potency and use the remedy in the Wet dose which is made up as follows:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made up as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also known as Liquid Dilution.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles.
This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is sipped as directed.

I note that you are taking Pulsatilla and Cardus but if you wish to use Arnica to quit smoking you must stop using them as they are not compatible with Arnica if you use it to quit smoking.
Joe De Livera last decade
So I'm COMPLETELY new to all of this, but want to quit smoking and not use a nicotine substitute. I don't really understand all of this! If I can get a general direction of which way to go to get what I need and detail of how I can do it that would be AMAZING!

E_Stinson last decade
To Emily

The remedy that has helped many patients is Arnica 30c in the Wet dose which is made up precisely as follows:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made up as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also known as Liquid Dilution.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles.
This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is sipped as directed.

The instructions are clear but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

You can order the Arnica from the following vendors:



Hahnemann Laboratories


Homeopathy Overnight

Natural Health Supply

Natural Living Products--Bengal Allen remedy kits


Washington Homeopathics

Joe De Livera last decade
I notice a lot of them have the tablets, would that be something to do? or the liquid only?
E_Stinson last decade
The Liquid Dilution in Ethanol is by far more effective than the pellets. You will only use just 3 drops of the remedy in a 500ml bottle of spring water and you are advised to get the Liquid Dilution instead of the pellets.

I shall copy below a post that I have just made to another patient on this forum which will give you more information:

To Laks

You have stated:

' Would it be better to put three or more drops of liquid 30C Arnica into 500ml of spring water or better to stick with the 3 pellets?'

As you are already aware, I used to prescribe the remedy in pellets but after reading the response of many patients including myself to the remedy made from pellets, I now prescribe the remedy made from the Ethanol pack as it is more effective by far.

I presume that you already have purchased Arnica 30c in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol. All you now have to do is to insert approximately 3 drops into the bottle from which you have poured out about an inch to provide some airspace. For maximum effect you should succuss the liquid remedy by shaking the bottle hard to ensure bubbling every time before you sip a capful of the bottle or a large teaspoonful of the liquid remedy.

You have mentioned Arnica 30c but you have not stated for which ailment you wish to take this remedy. If you do so, I may be able to guide you in using Arnica which incidentally I have done myself nightly since 1996 thereby disproving the standard rules of Homeopathy which clearly state that no remedy may be used on a daily basis as other more dangerous diseases may result.

I am 81 year of age and I believe that Arnica 30c which I take before bed has helped me to enjoy a state of health that many who are half my age will envy.
Joe De Livera last decade
how often should the remedy be taken and what time?
E_Stinson last decade
Thrice daily for a month and twice thereafter.

Morning on an empty stomach 10 minutes after brushing teeth.

Half hour before lunch.

Just before bed.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you very much! I am going to try this out to kick my disgusting habit!
E_Stinson last decade
Do let me know how you respond?
Joe De Livera last decade
Of course, it's the least i can do for the advice.
E_Stinson last decade
How much should I drink when taking the dose?
E_Stinson last decade
A capful of the bottle or a large teaspoonful is a dose

I shall copy my instructions again to make the Wet dose below.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made up as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack also known as Liquid Dilution.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles.
This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is sipped as directed.
Joe De Livera last decade

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