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aggravation/healing crises / What happens if the constitutional remedy was a little off?


A few months ago I consulted w/ a homeopath who said she was familiar w/ determining a constitutional remedy.

She conducted a rather awful intake interview, said she'd do research and then send me the remedy.

About a month later the remedy came.
I was not told what it was but she wanted me to tell her about any effects it might have.

Not knowing the remedy, I wasn't sure how I was supposed to do this, but anyway....

I did have changes, I just didn't know what they were from. (I'm getting old, my astro aspects are going nuts this last month, etc.)

a few days ago she told me the remedy and I now realize that I've been 'sick' in ways consistent with the remedy. (the things I wanted relief from have not changed) But because I expressed concern and questioned her approach she announced we didn't have a good working relationship and cut me off.

SO - do I need to worry about permanent negative changes from the remedy? like, if it's *not* my constitutional remedy, did I just introduce problems into my system? and if so, how permanent are they?

She recommended nat mur 1m

Within a day of taking the remedy, I fell into quite a funk and became extremely irritable - which is actually quit a problem with what I do in life. I now have extreme salt cravings and there are some other things going on. My 'trust' issues with her, which came about after attending a class and other people expressing concern, might fit in with this remedy. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve but I'm hardly unaware of or repressed in my emotions.

Will this all sort out on its own?

I've thought of taking an over-the-counter dose - like nat mur 6x when it seems like I'm falling into a nat mur pattern. good idea/bad idea?

I'm not saying nat mur isn't correct, but I'm also concerned and she would provide no information about why or how she thought it was.

The day of the first conversation I happened to mention I was developing a headache from being on the computer too much and eating too much chocolate and coffee and needed to take something so it wouldn't develop into a migraine, and I just think she took that as the cue.
As a child I would have horrendous migraines but the last one like that was maybe 1989. (It was after a move and I'd eaten at a taco place w/ old oil so it's easy to place the event.) I'm also allergic to soy and will get headaches if I eat too much of some products.

Thank you!!!
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  SuzanneL on 2015-11-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How many doses did you take so far and at what intervals?

Generally, NAT MUR in 1M potency is given in a single dose and repeated not before a few months for a constitutional cure.

If you are sensitive to potencies, a single dose of 1M can bring about temporary aggravation of symptoms for the first few days before the curing begins.

If you have taken just a single dose, its fine and you should gradually get well, provided Nat Mur is the correct constitutional remedy for you.

Else, if you don't get relief in the next two to three months, come back here and we can work together find your remedy.
rishimba 7 years ago

Thank you for your insight and reassurance!

I had one dose about a month ago. it was 3 globules.

I wouldn't say this was a temporary aggravation of previous symptoms so much as an introduction of things. This last month I've been having more problems, ones that hadn't previously been bothering me but now really are.

Things are not getting better, they seem to be getting worse.

The things I'd hope to address have not changed at all.

Thank you for letting me know the time frame!

She was going to have me do another dose on the 2nd.
is there any benefit to taking an over-the-counter/less potent level dose? I looked through my stash and found I have nat mur 30c.

at this point, I'd be happy to cancel out the effects of this remedy. I thought you could do that by taking the same remedy - ? ??

OK - this is random and hopefully not too off track --

I just read an article about how to antidote a remedy - I drink coffee like a fiend, use tea tree oil for cuts (which, working on a farm I get), have used vicks for allergies during this time, and go to an acupuncturist.

And yet, now I have all these new things going on that fit nat mur! is that weird? the lady I went to didn't warn me off any of those things. (either the antidoes or the attributes of nat mur)
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SuzanneL 7 years ago
so to be clear, it wasn't until after I found out the remedy was nat mur that I realized all these new problems I was having fit that remedy.
SuzanneL 7 years ago
Did you have these 'new' symptoms anytime earlier in life?

Return of old symptoms is a sign of cure.

In any case, proving of remedies don't happen with one dose. They must be old symptoms that are manifesting again. Please wait for some weeks more and see if they are going by themselves.

BTW, if you can share all such symptoms, there could be more clarity on your situation.
rishimba 7 years ago
when you say 'proving of symptoms don't happen with one dose' it has been my understanding that if you give the wrong homeopathic you can introduce those 'symptoms' into the system. are you saying that's not true? that you can't introduce new symptoms with a homeopathic?

the things that are new (I've never experienced this before):
extreme thirst
craving for salt (I usually crave sweet or bitter)

Also, about a week after taking the first dose I got incredibly ill. like, please chop my head off it hurts so much, and then I vomited violently and the entire intestinal track emptied out. I thought maybe somehow it was food poisoning? I didn't eat for four days after that.
just before this happened I went on a salt binge. I thought maybe I'd been out in the sun too long, more than I realized and my body needed salt so I thought it was odd but didn't expect it to create any problems. after learning the homeopathic remedy was nat mur, I am now wondering if there is a connection.

things that were excessive expressions of things that already were going on and I took action to alleviate after three days:

my allergies were also the worst they've been in like 20 years. The lady said not to take anything for it but I told her I was having trouble breathing. But it didn't seem to matter, actually. I usually take a homeopathic for allergies but this time I took western medicine and it didn't seem to help. I had trouble breathing and sleeping for like 2 weeks. (I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breath.)

I have issues with the left side of my body. a frozen shoulder, du pruyten's, my left eye doesn't focus, my left shin is twisted.
I do respond badly to what my mother says to me. I get depressed about that relationship.

It has been five weeks now since I took the first/only dose.
But you say I need to wait a couple more months?

the last few days I've noticed I get dizzy really easily. I did used to get dizzy when I was a kid.
SuzanneL 7 years ago
O - sorry I wasn't cmplete. ...

I had problems w/ Gallbladder & Liver in the past. (Wood element things.)

When I was a kid I would get killer migraines, but I have not had those for maybe 25 years or so. I avoid excess / bad fat. I have learned to pay attention to my throat. If the fat is going to cause a problem, my throat will start to close up and I can tell this is the beginning of a bad thing, so I think stop eating whatever it is.
SuzanneL 7 years ago
One can prove the remedy's symptoms if given repeatedly or in very frequent intervals. A single dose doesn't usually bring about proving but in your case it seems your craving for salt just after the dose is linked to Nat Mur.

In such a case, you should have restrained yourself from taking excess salt.

I suggested you to wait as it is always safe to wait when you are not sure of things. Or else, you can antidote Natrum Mur by taking its antidote in low potencies. Based on your narrative, Ars Alb would be the right antidote. Take it in 12C or 30C potencies only on a single day.

Later, you can come back here to find the correct remedy if you are interested.
rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you for your thoughts on this. I will have a look at Ars Alb.

(I wasn't able to respond before as my computer connection went down last week.)

Unfortunately, since I didn't know I'd been given nat mur, there is no way I could've known the salt craving was related to the remedy, otherwise, for sure, I would've been more cautious.

also, thank you for clarifying the proving comment. this is what I thought proving meant, so that is why I didn't understand it in the context before.

I got to wondering, why do I have a low potency nat mur on hand anyway? (the less potent dose) and I realized it probably was part of an allergy kit and I probably have taken it sometime in the past couple years for allergies. I generally don't have allergies but sometimes there is a day or two where it really gets out of line and I have found the homeopathic remedies very helpful at this time. Could this be at all related to why I reacted as I did to the nat mur?

I am now kind of curious about that, but also alarmed, tbh. although I'm more interested in just getting to the end of this.

Now my eyesight has taken a turn for the worse and the whites of my eyes are really red.

So - I'll look into things.

Thank you so much!
SuzanneL 7 years ago

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