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Brain buzz

I have no other way to describe this symptom than brain buzz. I should note that I have several medical problems, not all of which can be treated homeopathically. Or at least not to my knowledge. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 1.5 yrs ago, which had a very sudden onset, reversing a tendency to Hypo glycemia. Just as suddenly, the Hyperglycemia reversed itself close to a month ago and I no longer use insulin. I still occasionally use Pioglitazon (sp) to control occasional rises in blood sugar level due to not behaving with my diet. I have been disabled for nearly 10 yrs starting with Hep C, which was cured with "chemo light", (Interferon and Ribavarin), that I almost didn't survive. I came away with severe liver damage and no longer able to control my pain levels from other physical ailments such as Fibromyalgia. Making a long story short, after years of being severely debilitated I have begun to be able to be more active. Not greatly so, but much more so than I have in the past 10 years. I've begun to lose some of the over 100lbs of weight I've gained, though it's a slow process. I also have Hashimotos' and have had since I was a young woman, though nothing was done to treat it for over 30 years. I should mention that I am 58yrs old. I also should mention that my doctor has treated it as regular hypothyroidism and refused to consider any other options. None of this explains the brain buzz I've experienced for at least 3 yrs now. It's not constant, it will come and go, lasting sometimes for a day or 3, but never less and seldom more. It feels like my brain is being dive bombed by a miniature plane that has an electrical zapper. Sometimes it seems to be connected to my eye movement and sometimes to moving the skin of my skull, but not always. It seems like I can hear the buzz as well as feel it. It's not painful, just unpleasant and worrisome. I cannot find anything online, anywhere, that addresses this symptom. I don't know if the following are germaine to the problem, but, I also have problems with keeping up with hygiene. Not that I like being unclean, I just have trouble making myself take a shower, even when I know I need to. I also smell tobacco smoke in the unlikeliest places. neither I, nor my husband smoke. The smell will come upon me in the car, in my home, in the home of others (where no one smokes), and/or outdoors. Sometimes it's cigarette tobacco, other times it's pipe tobacco. My apologies for the length of this post, but I am at a loss and would greatly appreciate help with this. Thank you for whatever help and/or guidance you can give me. I know that no one can give me a diagnosis, but, an idea of where I can start to look would be of great help.
  Silverbirch on 2015-11-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it is difficult to diagnose this symptom,

take IODIUM 30c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, 3 times a day for 2 days,

{if buying pills then 3 pills, 3 times 2 days, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


0antivirus0 6 years ago
After reading some of the other posts in this forum I realize I've left out a lot of potentially critical information. Before I became ill I was studying Homeopathy and have forgotten much of what I learned. What follows is a more detailed history.

I was molested by a male babysitter at 8yrs old and then, after asking my mother a question that alerted her and her "new" husband to the situation, it was stopped. however, I went to school with the boys' brother and the story went around at school that I was promiscuous. Shortly after that my mothers' husband began molesting me. Fear of him, (I and my brother and sister feared him greatly as he was physically abusive with us), kept me from saying anything. When I was 11yrs old he took my virginity and proceeded to regularly rape me until I was 1 month from my 17th birthday. My mother still didn't know about the rape, but she was finally fed up enough with his abuse to prefer financial problems. She was told by someone else who heard it from him a month later.

At the age of 6 I suffered measles, german measles and chicken pox over a 2 month period of time. I'm told I was hospitalized with Asian Flu at approximately 12mo.

I also miscarried a child when I was 16. As I had no other sexual activity, the child was sired by my stepfather. I didn't know for sure about the miscarriage until I was 18 and went for my first female exam. I was also told I had very little chance of conceiving a child, (5%), and a 25% chance of carrying to term if I should conceive. I was put on birth control to control erratic and painful menstruation. This resulted in menstrual bleeding for 3 weeks with heavy clotting. I was then put on a hormone regimen to realign my hormones. 4 months later I conceived a child and subsequently carried to term and beyond. I carried to 45 wks and spent 5 days total in labor. I was not able to dilate, so the nurses thought I was in false labor. later, after an emergency c-section, it was discovered that my pelvis does not spread for birthing. I have 2 surviving children and miscarried 5 babies between those births.

I've had Hashimotos' since I was a young woman, though never officially diagnosed with it. My doctor of the last 10 yrs finally tested me for both t3 and t4 and agreed to put me on replacement hormones, but insisted that the treatment for either was the same. last year I was taken to the emergency room where it was found my thyroid hormone levels were dangerously low. My skin was grey and I was acutely lethargic. A month later, (without changing my dosage), my blood test came back normal. 4 month after that I had a blood sugar level of over 500 and was diagnosed type II diabetic. My body didn't like Metformin, so I was put on insulin, then a second insulin and a different pill. One year later, my blood sugar was still averaging in the 350-400 range, with higher episodes, even with those medications and a strict diet. As I mentioned in my opening post, I no longer have high blood sugar issues as of about a month ago. One very stressful afternoon, (I got a phone call that one of my kittens was dying, he survived the seizure, thankfully), and I took my afternoon insulin as usual, meaning to eat immediately. I was interrupted by said kitten and ended up having a low blood sugar episode and needing for the first time to take glucose. My blood sugar dropped to 56. Since that day, I have only had high blood sugar after eating an abundance of sweets, (187 after eating a piece of cake and the icing off 2 friends' pieces). That is, until today. I've not eaten anything sugary today, but my blood sugar has hit 235. I don't know if the brain buzz is related to it, but, it comes and goes, seemingly not in direct conjunction with blood sugar levels, as it only sometimes happens, even when my blood sugar was at it's highest. I must admit, though, that i've not taken my thyroid hormones in 2 days, though that has never seemed to correlate, either.

I have had surgeries to remove a large cyst and half an ovary, then had uterin fibroids and polyps, and endometriosis which resulted in a hystorectomy. All surgeries caused massive scar tissue which grew a blood supply and entwined through my intestine and adhered to it and my bladder. The last surgery I had, (3yrs ago last April), was for diverticulitis, a cyst on the remaining 1/2 ovary, and a fistula that connected the lower intestine to my vaginal canal, causing fecal seepage through same. The ovary was removed, as was 1.5 feet of lower intestine. The same pattern of scar tissue was found and removed also. It took 6 months to heal from that surgery, as I was still not fully recovered from previous illness.

I have had chronic pain issues for almost as long as I can remember, but always controlled it by force of will. During treatment for Hep C, I was prescribed pain medication for my chronic pain as I was no longer strong enough to control it. I was on very high levels of medications such as Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone and more. NONE of which my system cared for. I was forced to take other medication to control the serious side effects from all but the Hydrocodone. I developed a serious and potentially fatal side effect from the Methadone, (prolonged qt interval), and was switched back to Morphine and Hydrocodone. My doctor also tried me on Oxycontin/codone, Dilaudid, and a couple of others I can't recall. All of them made me very ill, and/or caused withdrawal symptoms between doses.

At some point in time during all of this I became incontinent as well. it started out mild and has progressed to where I have to wear undergarments for it. Sometimes they overflow on my way to the toilet. I sometimes also now have trouble controlling the anal sphincter, though I only make a mess if I have diarrhea. It doesn't matter if I head to the toilet immediately, or try to delay, the flow will begin on the way. Even though I didn't know I had to go until I arose from sitting or laying down.

Getting back on the timeline... My health continued to deteriorate. It was thought that the liver damage was the cause of it and I was refused a transplant because it was thought I could not survive the surgery. At that time I was told my liver was at stage 4, grade 4 cirrhosis. I was told I would not last to the end of that year. This was in June of 2013. In August of that year I went to see a chinese medicine practitioner and began to feel better. I weaned myself off all high potency pain meds and continued with only 10mg Vicodin every 4hrs. By the end of 2013 I also weaned myself off of the Vicodin.

Unfortunately, an incident happened 2 months prior that caused me to go into a severe depression. I went to bed and didn't get up for 2 months. During that time I gained back some of the weight I had worked to lose plus more.

I fought out of the depression, (with my husbands' help), until I was somewhat functional and aware again, but I had lost all of the physical gains I had made. Oh, my husband has been at my side through all of this and is probably a main reason I'm still here.

As for my mental situation, I have dealt with depression from a young age, as well as PTSD. I bore what I went through in silence so as not to cause pain to others, especially my mother. I am the eldest child and have always been the strong one. People always came to me for healing, be it physical or mental, and called on me for help in all areas of life. I was always, ALWAYS there for whoever needed me. Adjusting to the fact that I was sick and was going to need help from others was very very difficult. Even now it's difficult, but, I've learned to accept help gracefully, and even ask for help sometimes.

I remember fearing that giants were lurking behind the forest I lived near and were in imminence of looming into sight. So, panic attacks. I had/have a vivid imagination and was reading by age 3 as well as simple math by age 5. I read college level books at age 8. I remember my kindergarten teacher having me specially tested because she thought I was retarded, lol. I remember how happy I was to get to do some real school work and the surprise of the tester when I kept finishing the tests and requesting more. I was never one for naps, either. My mind was too active.

As for current personality symptoms, I have depression, yes. I take an antidepressant and hate it. I have ptsd. I've been in several violent relationships where I was physically abused or mentally abused. And often I drank because they did and it was the only way out of my feelings. When I found out I had hep C and might die from it, I left my then mentally abusive husband. I decided I would die with dignity and self-respect, not bound to a man who's method of dealing with his lack of self-esteem was to abuse mine further. I've had self-esteem issues from childhood, since step-dad was fond of telling me I was ugly and stupid. neither of which was true in the least. I still have self-esteem and self-image issues, but, my husband is working hard to convince me how beautiful and smart I am. Some days I almost believe him, lol. ;) If nothing else, I love seeing me through his eyes.

I also am having issues with hygiene. Not that I don't want to be clean, I do. But, it can be a month or more before I can make myself take a shower. I want to, but I CAN'T. Finally, my husband will say something as gently as he can and I will finally do what is needed. (yes, I do shower immediately if i've messed myself)

I have OCD. I must have certain clothing folded in a certain way. towels and linens must be folded in a certain way. dishes in the cupboard must be lined up, aligned and organized properly. I tend to count things, and always notice numbers like license plates. I also cannot deal with a messy house. if I can't keep up with everyones' mess, I will give up, because once I start I can't stop until everything is spotless and what's the point if they're all going to just mess it up again.

I have not slept with my husband of 7yrs in nearly 5yrs. Partly it began when I was ill and had spasms in my back so bad that he'd have to carry me out to the sofa as I couldn't move for the pain. partly it is because I have almost no libido and he has a very high libido. so much so that he would masterbate 3-4 times a day and also want sex with me. I have never really cared much for intercourse and prefer it to be quick. Nor do I equate it with love. He would need 1-2 hrs of intercourse before ejaculating. I tried to tell him gently that I just wasn't up for marathon sex, but, he didn't seem to understand. If I gave in to his needs, he wanted more. Once a day became 2-3 times a day. Even when I was ill. I withdrew to the sofa under cover of my illness and haven't returned to our bed except for when I couldn't get out of giving in. In the last year, that's been once or twice. I started having nightmares again a couple years ago and finally told him I just couldn't anymore. he's a wonderfully supporting and loving man, and I feel intense guilt that I cannot give him what he needs. But, not guilty enough to go through the pain and exhaustion of fulfilling them. I guess i didn't mention that sexual intercourse has always been very painful for me. it's not dryness, it's that I'm very small inside. He is not too big for me, (though every other man I've been married to was), but I think the psycological comes into play here as well.

I hope that covers everything you might need. if not, please let me know what else. I am so tired and at times dispirited, and tired of hurting all the time. And the fog my mind is so often in. I was an intelligent person and now get lost going from one room to another some days. I want to be well. I want to be productive again. I want to be the wife my husband deserves. Can you help me? Please? If nothing else, though, I thank you for the opportunity and place to get it all out. May your life/lives be joyous.

Silverbirch 6 years ago
Thank you, Antivirus :) I will try that. I just saw your post as I only now finished a very long life history. I'm not sure that any of it is relevant, though.

I will order the the Iodium and let you know what happens :)
Silverbirch 6 years ago
yes try iodium.
0antivirus0 6 years ago
Was finally able to check locally and will have to order the Iodium 30c. I should have it in a couple of days.

As an update, the brain buzz is gone for now without the Iodium, but, that's pretty normal. I also found my allopathic medications that the cats had knocked down and hidden. I usually take the following 1x per day:
Sinthroid 200mcg
Cytomel 10mcg
Effexor 150mg
Inderol ER 60mg

The Inderol was initially prescribed to prevent vasculitis in the liver, but it was discovered it also controls the almost weekly migraines that were happening.

Pioglitazone 45mg 1x as needed if my blood sugar gets elevated.

I also take Vit D 50,000 IU 1x per week to prevent SAD. Although cool/cold air usually is invigorating for me, Winter is the worst time of year for me, health-wise.

I take Aspirin 325 mg x3 when I have more pain than usual, or, on very rare occasions I will take Vicodin (Norco) 5mg x1

Thank you, again, antivirus for your help. I will update further after I've taken the Iodium. I am so very grateful for anything that can be done.
Silverbirch 6 years ago
Finally received the Iodium 30c and am starting it this morning. I will update in 15 days. Thank you :)
Silverbirch 6 years ago
0antivirus0 6 years ago
It's been more than 15 days, but I've had other issues to deal with this last month. I do want to report that the brain buzz is gone. All that remains is a little tinitis. Thank you so very much for your help with this.

I have an official diagnosis of Hashimotos' Thyroiditis, which explains the sudden appearance and reversal of the diabetes and changes in blood sugar based on whether I've taken my thyroid hormone replacements. It also seems to have a lot to do with arthritis symptoms, which can be quite severe if I neglect to take the meds.

Mostly, I'm tired. Exhausted. I have little to no energy and am only able to be active for short times due to pain and ensuing exhaustion.
Silverbirch 6 years ago
16.Describe your face and tongue by doing FACIAL AND TONGUE DIAGNOSIS by visiting homeomzp.blogspot.com

17.For medical astrology tell your birth place,location,timing, date(dd/mm/yyyy format)
0antivirus0 6 years ago
Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been dealing with a lot of stress since the beginning of the year.

For 3 days, upon rising my tongue is bright/dark red with a hint of whitish color down the center. I'm unable to read the descriptors on the charts linked on the site.

My face has little to no wrinkling at the eyes. Never has, really. There is some puffiness under the eyes.

There is heavy, sticky saliva at the corners of my mouth and my throat is dry. I spend several minutes every morning coughing up extremely sticky and stringy mucous that is tan colored. There isn't a lot, but it's there and too sticky to just swallow. I sound like I'm coughing up a hairball, lol.

I was born at 6:35am PST on 16/06/1957 in Tillamook, Oregon, USA
Again, thank you so very much.
[message edited by Silverbirch on Mon, 18 Jan 2016 12:25:35 UTC]
Silverbirch 6 years ago
please tell your birth country and city
0antivirus0 6 years ago
Pls see edited post above. Thank you, again. Had a lucid moment through the fog while I was trying to go to sleep with my brain running races. :)
[message edited by Silverbirch on Mon, 18 Jan 2016 12:24:48 UTC]
Silverbirch 6 years ago
[message edited by 0antivirus0 on Tue, 26 Jan 2016 04:19:12 UTC]
0antivirus0 6 years ago
sent email last week :) Thought I should mention it in case you don't check it often.
Silverbirch 6 years ago
the debilitated VENUS, RAHU, MOON, JUPITER in your horoscope seems to be causing problems, when the planet will start giving GOOD RESULTS depends on planet itself, we human beings do not have control over it, but its ill effects can be reduced to some extent,

REMEDY(to be done after sunrise and before sunset)--

1)during bathing put half tablespoon curd on yourself.

2)abstain from alcohol, non-veg food.

3)offer 1 gram and 1 pulse during worship to god, at place of worship.

4)plant yellow flowering plant in a pot and keep it.

do above remedy CONTINUOUSLY WITHOUT BREAK FOR minimum 43 DAYS (if break happens start the remedy from beginning after 1 week gap) maximum no limit

0antivirus0 6 years ago
Thank you, Antivirus :)

1, 2, and 4 will be no problem. #3 might be somewhat problematic. I don't worship a specific god. I believe we are all connected and each religion has a piece of the 'puzzle', so to speak. So, I have no actual place of worship as my life is a constant act of "worship". I suppose any time and place of my choosing would work, in this case. Also, I am not sure what is meant by offering "1 gram and 1 pulse".

Again, thank you so very much!
Silverbirch 6 years ago
gram and pulse are the food grains we eat,

keep them at any safe place of your house, were you worship or were you pray most of time.
0antivirus0 6 years ago

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