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Dr Kadwa Please Help with Thinning Hairs and Hairfall


I am 28 years old Male from Ghaziabad, India. I have been suffering from excessive hairfall during winter. As a result my hairs have thinned.

I get this excessive hairfall problem only in winter. When summer arrives, automatically this hairfall problem ends.

I first got this problem 10 years ago when I moved to Ghaziabad from Delhi. It took me couple of seasons to realize that the problem only triggers during winter.

I consulted a homeopathic doctor whose medicine took care of the problem up to great extend.

Every winter after experiencing the problem, I would go to him and his medicine would help me.

3-4 years ago, this problem stopped but reoccurred this year. Unfortunately the doctor has left the city. However I know what medicines and the doses he prescribed me all the time. I took the medicines but they haven't worked.

He prescribed me Phosphorus 200C and Nat Mur 200C. I met another doctor who said that the medicines are fine. He added another medicine Wiesbaden 200C and asked me to take daily one dose of each medicine.

After one week I consulted him again and He said that these are the best medicines for hairfall and this is the best he can do. He asked me to continue taking the medicines for 15 days and then told me to try some oils and shampoos that might work.

Unfortunately sir these medicines haven't provided me any relief. Even if I gently put comb in my hairs, at least 10-20 hairs fall. My hairs are thinning very fast. Ever since the problem occurred some 10 years ago, my hairs have thinned. While the hairfall stops in summer, i don't fully recover the lost hairs. Kindly suggest some medicine.

Age - 28
Gender - Male
Height - 5 feet 9 inches
Weight - 54 KG
Face - Square shaped
Problem - Hairfall
Worse During - Winter season
Relief During - Summer season
Area Affected - Most of the head, except the back of the head. I don't lose much hairs from there.

Fears - I worry too much about my health and family's health. Even small diseases makes me worry a lot. I am also very self conscious. If somebody is smiling on the street while looking at me, I will feel as if there is something on my face or that my hairs are messy etc.

Repetitive Dream - I see the dream of losing my teeth. This is the only repetitive dream that I have. Sometimes I see if once in a month or couple of months. But I am having this dream for several years now.

Other Issues - I lack confidence, I can't talk to strangers. I don't like going to parties etc. I can't enter a shop with female shopkeeper. It makes me uncomfortable. I avoid confrontation.

Loud noise scares me. I jumped up when somebody bursts firecracker. During Diwali season, I have noticed that others don't get scared like I do.

Food I desire - Salty Food. I enjoy sweets as well but its the salty food that I desire.

I don't get upset or scared by thunderstorms or rainfall.
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  mayankgates on 2015-12-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take three doses of Silicea 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects over 15 days. If this doesn't help take Lycopodium 200 in the same way.
kadwa 8 years ago
Sir I took Silicea 200 as you suggested. There is improvement in hairfall. Should I repeat the medicine?

Also I have less hairs on the crown area of head. Hairs are thin in this area. Although I don't have bald spot yet but people do point it out. Any way to thicken my hairs?
mayankgates 8 years ago
Please repeat silicea 200 and report back after 15 days.
kadwa 8 years ago
Sir I repeated the doses of Silicea 200 as you recommended. It cured the hairfall problem however I still have less hair on the crown area of the head. Several people have pointed that out to me. I guess, I haven't recovered the lost hairs. Is there any solution?
mayankgates 7 years ago
Please take three doses of Lycopodium 200 and see how that affects over a month.
kadwa 7 years ago

sorry but the medicine had no effect. My hairs are still thin, as told by my relatives. Although as mentioned earlier, there is no hair fall issue.

I have even started massaging my hairs with mixture of Castor and coconut oil. But no effect. The issue is largely at crown area.
mayankgates 7 years ago

in the above post with Castor I meant Castor Oil and not the homeopathy medicine.
mayankgates 7 years ago
Dr Kadwa,

Sir, my problem of hair fall has started once again. As it has happened in the past, the problem started with winter. I am losing hairs once again. Kindly prescrib the medicine. It is same problem that started last year too but was cured when you recommend Silicea 200.

Recently I took Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China and Silicea. All of 200 potency. These medicines were recommended by you for my stomach trouble. Here is the thread - http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/521853/1
mayankgates 7 years ago
Please take three doses of Silicea 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa 7 years ago
Sir, Silicea seems to have made little effect on the hair fall. 3-4 days back I felt little improvement but hair fall has once again increased as the temperature declined in last 2 days here in Ghaziabad. Every time I comb hairs, several of them break down. Massaging the scalp with oil is also causing a lot of hair fall. Please help.
mayankgates 7 years ago
Sir kindly let me know if you need additional information. I ma using castor oil and coconut oil combination for hair massage.

There is another issue that I face only in winter. Not sure if related to this or not. During winter I face extreme itching or you can say irritation caused by gentle pinching by needle, all over my body that is caused by physical movement like exercising or walking. Getting excited and angry also triggers it. Sometimes drinking hot beverages triggers it. Walking in noon with nice sun in winter is almost impossible for me. Once a doctor said that it is caused due to dry skin. This problem just like hairfall, only occurs in winter and itself cured in summer. I am having this problem for last 13 years or so.
mayankgates 7 years ago
Please take Agaricus Muscarius 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over a week.
kadwa 7 years ago
Sir, is this medicine for itching or hair fall?
mayankgates 7 years ago
Should I take it for hair fall?
mayankgates 7 years ago
Sir I took Agaricus Muscarius 30 for 3 days as you prescribed but it has provided no relief to my hairfall problem. What should I do now?
mayankgates 7 years ago
Sir, hairfall problem is not improving. Please suggest remedy.
mayankgates 7 years ago
Please take three doses of Arsenicum Album 200 at a gap of 12 hours and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa 7 years ago
Sir, its been 8 days since I took the medicine but still no improvement. I am attaching a pic of affected area of the head.

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mayankgates 7 years ago
Please take a single dose of Cuprum Met 200 and see how that affects over 15 days. Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa 7 years ago

I will definitely take the medicine you have prescribed however there is something else that I wanted to discuss with you.

I was hoping if you could also treat my mental symptoms. These symptoms trouble me a lot.

To start with, I tend to worry a lot more than a normal person. You can call me paranoid when it comes of health of me and family members.

A little increase in blood pressure of my father makes me nervous. Or if my mother has little stomach disorder. These small things trouble me more than they should.

I understand that some people do get easily nervous. But my condition is different.

I tell you an example. Few years ago I had muscular pain in the region of back where kidney is. When I went to doctor, I was so nervous that my pulse was over 160 and high blood pressure. I was scared that something is wrong with my kidney.

I always thought that with time, it will improve, but sir it hasn't. Trivial of things makes me nervous and increases my pulse rate.

Even If I try to measure my blood pressure, it scares me and my pulse increases.

I hope there is a treatment for this because in couple of years I will most probably be married and would be head of the family. The entire family will look at me, I can't be the person who so easily gets nervous.

Even today, if I have to go to bank for little work, it makes me nervous. I am so easily embarrassed. I don't think anyone else is so easily embarrassed or gets scared with the prospect of being embarrassed.

Once I went to a dentist to pick report of a friend. The doctor politely refused and say that my friend must come and take it. It embarrassed me a lot. Similarly just yesterday, I was in market to repair zipper of my pant. A shop refused and it made be embarrassed.

Same thing happens even when I am shopping. Assume I am going to buy anything with my mother like TV, fridge etc. If she walks out of a shop because of high price, I am embarrassed. I think that shop owner will think that we have no money yet came for shopping. When I am shopping alone, I always say that I will come back later with my mother, since she will decide to avoid embarrassment.

I will avoid entering a big shop alone. I just can't muster the courage to enter a big showroom or for that matter a shopping mall alone.

I can't tell you how scared I was when I took my first metro ride a couple of years ago hoping I won't embarras myself in front of all these people.

If I am in an ATM to withdraw cash and couple of people are waiting outside for their turn then I am always so anxious to quickly withdraw the money and get out of the atm. This is something I haven't seen in others as they tend to take all the time in the world.

I am very negative person always thinking bad especially with regard to my father. I worry of his health very much and the bad thoughts of something have happened to him always surrounds my mind. It all started after he was admitted in hospital some 13 years ago. I was just 17 then. Since then I am paranoid about his health.

Due to my negative thinking I tend to think worse even for more. For example a little muscular pain, and I was worried that my kidney has some issue.

I don't like social events like marriage and parties unless I am familiar with all the people I met. As soon as some unfamiliar face is there I become uncomfortable.

I think sir that my lack of confidence comes from fact that in relative circle I am not as educated as some of the others and they are doing better in life. I also lack confidence of doing something new alone like going to shopping mall or multiplex. I guess some of it is also due to the fact that my grandmother was very protective of me and didn't let me go outside the society much specially alone.

One more thing I would add is that I can't cry in front of anyone. I will do that alone. I still talks to myself as well. I guess probably due to the fact that I have no friends.

I was hoping you could prescribe me some medicine for this. Unnecessary tension and worry and getting nervous to trivial of matters etc.
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mayankgates 7 years ago
Sir i just wanted to add that in last few days I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure as well. As for yesterday the reading was 140/110. Doctor prescribed me Envas 2.5

He asked me to undergo Complete thyroid test, Complete Blood Count test, Kidney Function Test and Urine test. All test have come back normal. Now after 1 month he wants me to take lipid profile test, blood sugar test and ultrasound.
mayankgates 7 years ago
One should do some selfless service. One may distribute biscuits to poor people. May be only 10 packets a month. If one can remain comfortable with underprivileged people, one can also remain comfortable with people having lot of privileges.

It is not good to be worried about one's health. Health can't remain perfect always and that to as perfect as we wish. We should be comfortable with whatever we are.

Please take Arsenicum Album 200 every alternate day for 16 days. 8 doses over 16 days.
kadwa 7 years ago

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