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Hair Loss And Massive Dandruff In Teen!!!

Hello, i am a 17 year old male who has suffered from dandruff (pretty much most of my life that i can remember) and recenetly Hair loss. (From the sides of head, and a bit from temples.)

The hair loss started Roughly on Dec 2004/Jan 2005, at this time i was playing soccer every day for a couple months and i was washing my head everyday. So i stopped and i thought everything would go back to normal. It didn't and im still losing my hair and i notice it is getting a bit thinner.

My dad is bald, although he started balding in mid 20's. My Grandfather is bald, started at about 40's. And no one else in my family is bald (Except for my other grandfather but he was only bald at around 60 and my uncle at around 50).

When i was playing soccer before, i notice when i started sweating my head would get VERY VERY itchy to the point where i would have to scratch SOOOO much. I went to a dermatologist, she perscribed some sort of shampoo, i used it, to no avail.

I then went to another dermatology center and i got a perscription to another shampoo, Clobex. This shampoo i had to rub on a dry scalp and leave for 15 min and wash off everyday. It really helped with the dandruff, itchyness but the hair loss i dont think that much. So i used about a bottle of it and i stopped using it for like 3-4 days and the dandruff came back again! (Although i dont feel itchy).

I am a pretty average skinny guy (180 CM, around 71 KG). And i think i eat a pretty good diet (I never eat fastfood and limited dairy products).

If there are ANY questions that you feel you need to ask me to help with this investigation, i will be more than happy to answer. Thank you for reading.

  Diesiel on 2006-01-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you please take SILICIA 30, thrice a day for 3 days in a week for 1 month, and report back.
drsajid last decade
Hello mr MAHMOOD, Thank you for your reply, can you please advise How i should take this SILICA 30, (I am very new to homeopathic remedies). And can you please advise on what DIET restrictions i will have and what lifestyle restrictions i should note. Thank you sir.
Diesiel last decade
5 drops of the suggested medicine in some water is a single dose.
drsajid last decade
So i assume That i need the "Liquid Dilution" correct? And you said the potency is 30, is it 30C or 30X? Also if you can please adress me other questions

"what DIET restrictions i will have and what lifestyle restrictions i should note".

And finally, When you say "Some water" Does it matter how much we are talking about?

Sorry for all the quesions, i would just like to be clear, thank you.
Diesiel last decade
this is 30c, and there are no restrictios,
the quantity of water is 1/4 glass of water,
are you clear now?
drsajid last decade
Thank you for your concern sir, Yes i am Clear now (For the time being :))
Diesiel last decade
Oh and i forgot to Add, I have suffered from Pityriasis Rosea about 2 yeaars ago, but it went away and i havent seen it since.

If that makes a difference.
Diesiel last decade
Guys maybe i should include that i am loosing my hair in the back on my head (on the back of head, around ear level. Not even on the top of my head. it is VERY weird.....
Diesiel last decade
Ok i have been taking the silicia 30, thrice a day 3 days/week for 2 weeks now and no improvment! Please i need help!
Diesiel last decade
Apply aloe vera gel(fresh from plant leaf) to scalp so as to stimulate growth. Apply extra virgin coconut oil to the scalp nightly and wash off in the morning to effectively control fungal infection(which is what dandruff is) and stimulate hair growth.
ooling last decade
Is this a "treatment" for Male Pattern baldness or just unexplained balding?
Diesiel last decade
Okay guys i am also noticing some eyebrow hair fall. Please Someone know what to do?
Diesiel last decade
I experienced exactly your symptoms at your age. Perhaps you will notice fried food encourages symptoms as does loss of semen. As per edgar cayce, rub hair with listerene to eliminate dandruf and for hair loss and restoration take two finger dip of vasaline ,mix with a bit of rubbing alchohol and massage it into scalp at nite. In morning shampoo it out. Most will be absorbed. Results are pretty quick.
arbidy last decade
Okay i will try your treatment, but can you tell me what exactly does vasaline//rubbing alcohal do to promote hair regrowth?
Diesiel last decade
I am currently using Johnsons baby shampoo as directed by JOE de livera. I am also in the process of Buying ARNICA 6C in order to try his regime.



From this picture, I am between I and II. but on the "II" I illustrated My problem.

Red= Very thin hair already.

Blue=Thinning hair.

the top of my head shows no irregularity, there i a bit of reccession on the temples but its not too much.
Diesiel last decade
as i said, it is an edgar cayce remedy. Just a few drops of rubbing alcohol to cut the vaseline before rubbing it in. Next morning shampoo it out. I dont know why it works. type in cayce and baldness in a search engine. you will find this explained better. It worked for me. I dont know why.
arbidy last decade
And what about the crude oil?
Diesiel last decade
its spelled "Edgar Cayce".
arbidy last decade
Thanks for the attempt at humor.

What im talking about is that he keeps mentioning in his studies is crude oil massage.
Diesiel last decade
hey alex, Ive been reading through all the past postings and thought I would make some suggestions.

I use nizoral once a week for my dandruff

I also use head and shoulders a couple times a week

In between I use a shampoo called shin min. Its not a miracle worker, but it helps promote healthy hair growth. I find my hair looks too shaggy if i use it everyday so that's why I alternate with head and shoulders.

Also I find that eating yogurt helps promote hair growth. It also helps to prevent your hair from greying.

Bleaching your hair also stimulates hair growth. So if I was you id go blond. You can ask any girl that's bleached anything and shell tell you that bleach is like fertilizer for hair.

Other then that, I notice that stress is a big factor in hair loss.

Looking back on the posts with Vaseline and alcohol... Alcohol is known to cause hair loss, that's why they took it out of men's hair gell. And Vaseline seems like it would clog the hairs pores.

sorry for the essay, lol, but I know what it feels like to be worried about your hair.

sebastian last decade
the silica did not help! Please somebody help me.
Diesiel last decade
not sure how old these postings are, but I have similar problems. I'm female, so there are some differences. The last post about bleaching your hair is very false. The bleach strips your hair and weakens it. If you are losing your hair already, this would not be good to do. Vaseline clogs pores and is not good for hair re-growth. Nizoral is very good for your dandruff, but constantly washing your hair is bad. It dries your scalp. The best things to do are to go to a GNC or vitamin world. Talk to someone there. Vitamin suppliments for IRON are very important. Look into (and it may sound and smell gross) but fish and cod liver oil works amazing to replenish what you need for healthy hair growth. The fact that your father started losing his hair in his 20's bothers me. It is a hereditary gene. You may want to look into that as well as look into scalp conditions like dermatitis and psariasis exzema...sorry for spelling errors, but a dermatologist visit may be in need. The clobex shampoo doesn't work, but ask for the topical solution....put it on during the night cause it dries flaky.....I hope I helped a little....
csper844 last decade
Hi there, i'm back.

The hairloss is still continuing and i feel like i have tried everything, i am not bald yet but do have receding temples/sides of head;

My fathers hair was thin his whole life, my hair is very different from his it has always been very thick, like wire but not curly.

Also my father started loosing his hair from the top of his head at first and the front at last (Like zidane ;) )

I just don't understand what is going on, i am usually a very restless individual (my sleeping has not always been the best, but not the worst). I play TOO MUCH computer, and when i do so im very irratable; Also i am too much competative whenever i play soccer/tennis/basketball or even a computer game; i have to win or i get very upset.

I dont know what to do, i am going to a homeopathic doctor right now, if things dont get better i will switch back to arnica 30c, if that doesnt work then my last resort is minoxidil, if that doesnt work then i lose.
Diesiel last decade
Hi Diesiel:

You responded to my post recommending Fungisin. I am going to try it after I try the remedies Dr. Rishimba suggested. They arrived today, so I will start taking them tomorrow.

So, how is your condition? Has it improved at all? Are you still noticing hair loss? I wanted to ask you whether when you have itchy scalp, and you scratch it, if you get residue under your nail. That is what is happening to me lately. I know, it sounds gross...but I don't know what to do.

Let me know what you think.

LucyB22 last decade
Hi LucyB22,

I have had the exact same problem for many years now and I have not been able to find a solution. My hair has been thinning gradually over the past few years but I've had this 'residue' issue for quite some time.

When I scratch my head I get this somewhat oily white skin residue under my finger nails, the only thing that has helped relieve this is shaving all my hair off. This is a very sad solution as I used to have long hair up until my early 20's when my hair started thinning to the point where I was not comfortable with the way it looked.

Please if you find anything that helps this relieve this problem let me know.
jlbmeister last decade

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