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Mirena IUD and hair loss

I have had the Mirena IUD for 2 years come April. For at least the past year, I have been losing mass hair. I had at first attributed it to coming out of pregnancy as I know that happens as I have 2 children. However, this started seeming extreme so I went to the Dr -have had iron lvels and thyroid tested TWICE which came back normal- I was told itmust be stress. Now my hair is so thin you can see through it to my scalp in many places and is so scraggly everywhere else it is embarassing. I have read online about other people complaning about Mirena IUD and called the company and was told that yes, many women report this. i also have bad acne in the chin area only since being on this Mirena. Has anyone here had similar experiences and had the Mirena removed and the hair loss stop? i am so worried that even after removed, the Mirena IUD has triggered hair loss which will not cease. PLESE HELP !!!! I have an appt in 2 days to get it out but am petrified it will do no good.
  Mirena_hater on 2006-02-01
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Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss but congrats on lasting 2 years with the Mirena! I only lasted 2 weeks! I did not have hair loss but I did experience everything else. Weight gain (5lbs. in 2 weeks), extreme moodiness, severe cramping, lightheaded and so on. I am not a doctor and did not have the hair loss but I would not be surprised if teh Mirena was causing it. I hope you find an answer to your problem!
naydies last decade
I read your article, thank God. I got the Mirena IUD in January and started losing my hair in Feb. I immediately called my OBGYN and she told me that hair loss rarely happens and she thought it was stress. I went to my family dr and a dermatologist and now it is July and I still have my IUD. Thanks to you I will be calling my doctor to get it out immediately. Is your hair coming back in now?
mmetger last decade
I had the Mirena IUD in for a little over a year. It was very painful when first put in and then it seemed as if my body was adjusted to it. It was roughly 3 months after having it in, my hair dresser brought to my attention that I had a dime size bald spot on the back of my head. She advised me to keep checking and to see if it got bigger. A Month went by and it appeared to get better. Then I noticed another patch appear as the other patch had almost grown back. Then it progressively got worse. I had the IUD removed and the hair loss has not stopped, if anything since having it taken off I have noticed I am growing facial hair. Its been 4 months since it has been removed and the hair is still coming out! I am 28 and have had every test known to man done and still no answers. My hair has gotten very thin, I have half dollar to credit card size patches of hair missing, and then 1/2 inch of regrowth hair sticking up in multiple places. Doctors are saying it is due to stress and that it is Alopecia Areata. I think that not having a menstral cycle for a year and what ever is in Mirena is what played a roll in this disaster. I have had a few other friends also complain of hair loss from Mirena as well I would not recommend this to anyone.
XXKxKXX last decade
I had my Mirena fitted for 8 weeks, and started to notice more and more hair coming out in my brush and the shower. I have fine, thick, curly black hair. Then..6 days ago i caught sight of my scalp in the mirror...I COULD SEE IT through my hair !! I had felt that my hair felt abit thinner, but stupidly put it down to being the summer and shedding hair !!?*! Anyway, after a thorough inspection I realised this is serious !! I looked up womens hairloss on the internet, where the letters IUD caught my eye somewhere.
I then thought to myself... the only change to my routine in recent times was that... the Mirena Coil. I already had a strong cream for the acne spots it was causing ! So... I then put 'Mirena hairloss' into google and !!!!!! I was horrified and shocked and got straight on the phone to make an appointment to have it removed at the local clinic! (i'm 41 so was forced onto this)
Now ladies, I considered hairloss v contraception for about half a second... no competition....OUT!!
Luckily, i got an apptmnt str8 away, so Weds evening i went along (now Sunday morning). Now, please take note.... I HAD TO BEG TO GET IT REMOVED WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING ! And i mean beg!! I was terrified as the ignorant doctor tried to argue with me and say she was reluctant to take it out, as it was unlikely to be that. I was trembling with fear and told her she needed to google it and find out the truth. I also asked her why she was reluctant as i'd looked it up and knew it was easy to remove? After literally kicking up a stink and crying... she agreed to remove it.. which was painless and took seconds compared to insertion!
So ive seen nothing different yet, and dont expect to just yet from what ive read from other cases. I'm not washing it unless desperate, and very very gently combing whilst holding the hair down.
I will let you know if and when there's any change! Good luck to everyone else who has suffered... I'm wearing headscarfs at the minute and baseball caps :(
sarahwez last decade
I got Mirena 4 months ago. Everything was fine the first 2-3 months and everything hit like a hurricane. Very moody; but my fiance and family make it sound like I'm crazy, losing my mind, and it's always my fault. I had just moved to a different state with no friends or support group so to lose these people is making it more sensitive. Some even confuse it with post partum depression. But by day I'm fine and by night I'm sad/upset. I started noticing hair loss and I figured it was from having my son 4 months ago but it shouldn't last this long? Then more and more started coming out, my hair become really thin so I shaved my hair off. (as if I wasn't upset already from being told I was crazy and had depression from my only support group)Then there's the bleeding I've had since I've had Mirena. It has not stopped. Won't stop. Always heavy. I'm going through a whirlwind of emotions from the lack of sex and activity. And my fiance gets short with me, acts like it's MY fault. Someone please tell me I'm not crazy it's this stupid Mirena.
cstringomatic last decade
Ok, so I used to shed hair alot, but now it's out of control! My hair is frail and thinning out. I'm talking handfulls everytime I take a shower! It really is making me crazy! I got the mirena about 6 months ago and the symptoms began about a month ago. My skin is a wreck, I've gained 15 lbs from always craving junk food. I'm constantly bloated and moody! I have an apt in 2 days to have this thing removed!!
Deetorr last decade
Deetorr .... make sure they remove the coil from you.... i guarantee its that.My hair continued to fall out after i wrote the above... it eventually slowed down, and only in the last month, i think its stopped. But i have half or less of my hair now. Luckily for me i had a lot to start with so can disguise in thinnest areas.
I also put on weight after i last wrote for no reason, altho not for long... i believe this is because the synthetic hormone was still in me but on its way out.
Doctoras are not keen to remove cos of costs... think about it... they dont worry about changing other contraceptives!
Dont go for tests unless they take the coil out 1st, as that is just more days in the dreaded shower!!
Good luck x
sarahwez last decade
Thanks Sarah. I have an appointment today to have it removed! I will not leave until they remove it! I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible experience!
Deetorr last decade
i also had a horrible experience from the mirena iud. it sent me into early menopause just 2 months after it was inserted. i also had to BEG my doctor to remove it and she was very angry with me for linking my symptoms to the mirena. it has been 4 years now, and my life has been HELL from that damn mirena! i still get menopausal symptoms, weight gain thatis almost impossible to lose. i don't know why the doctors are still endorsing this unsafe form of birth control!
noosheen last decade
Like everyone else on here I've had awful experiences with the Mirena. About a week after I put it in ( 6 weeks after giving birth) I wanted to take it out because of the awful side effects. The doctor literally sent in a nurse to convince me to keep it. She swore by it that it was the best thing ever. I wish I never listened to her because soon after I was having daily migraines, something I never had before. Eventually I had a migraine attack where I went blind with my infant in the car. I nearly died in a car accident because of these migraines and was taken to the emergency room. I set up an appointment to get the Mirena removed right away and went to a neurologist at UCSF to rule everything out. The OBGYN was rude and tried to convince me not to get it removed. She doubted my claims and said 'How do you know theirs not something else wrong with you??' Can doctors really say that to their patients?! She also was emphasizing how expensive it was to get another one. I yelled at her and said i'm absolutely sure of what I went through and that it's related to the Mirena. I said I wouldn't even think of getting another one. The neurologist i saw linked my headaches to hormone related issues which he said was common with most birth control. That is when he prescribed me an anti depressant. Western medicine is a JOKE! Anyhow I am now suddenly losing all of my hair and it started just this last month. I am a hairdresser and have a lot of knowledge about hair loss, alopecia, and other conditions- diseases and disorders relating to hair and the scalp. I can tell you that hormones greatly affect your hair growth. Women going through menopause may notice shorter and more resistant hairs(gray) right in the widow's peak and women who are on their menstrual cycle may have different color results if they get their hair done while on their period. Hair conditions are most definitely related to internal body functions. Sticking an unnatural and foreign object which magically stops menstruation is definitely a scary idea. I'd rather wear a diaphragm or use a condom!
I should also mention that an offensive odor started about 6 months after the IUD was put in. As if the migraines alone weren't enough... One of my good friends lost her already thin hair to where i could see her scalp. All because of that awful creation!
sirensf last decade
Wow! I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience! I had mine taken out and with in 2 weeks my face cleared up and my hair stoped coming out! Amazing. Luckily my OB didn't give me a hard time so that's good. It's amazing they are still allowing Dr.s to prescribe this!
Deetorr last decade
I also had the Mirena IUD put in, 6 wks post baby, about 2 years ago. After I stopped breast feeding, one year ago, I noticed excessive hair loss and horrible acne around my lower jaw and neck area. I was cleaning my hair brush multiple times per week, which prior only did about every six months, also using Draino in the shower once per week. That is when my husband told me to go to the Dr. I went to a Dermatologist, more about the acne, but also mentioned the hair loss. She told me that I had Telogen Effluvium, which is a text book picture for symptoms and can be related to hormones. I was put on Spironolactone, a diuretic, a hefty dose, too. It completely cleared my skin and stopped the hair loss. I loved it, but it is toxic to your kidneys. I'm 32 and do not want to be on dialysis later, so I weaned myself (or so I thought) off of this drug. After 1 week, I gained 6 lbs, my blood pressure skyrocketed, I couldn't breathe, it was horrible! Also started bleeding heavily nonstop and what do you know, my hair has been falling out like crazy again! I know that all of this crap is related to this IUD. I have an appt, in a few weeks, to get it taken out. Mind you, this will be the second time that I have gone in to have it taken out. The first time they convinced me to leave it in. Not this time! I am done! I would love to hear, responses to the older answers, if the removal stopped the hair loss. Help, I'm desperate!
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Jnattam last decade
Are you sure there is no class action
suit brewing on this? I bet there will
be soon. Just like all the drug ads on
tv, wait a year and then the ads change
to 1 800 Bad Drug.
simone717 last decade
As soon as I had my IUD taken out with in days, literally days the hair loss stopped and my skin cleared up! It was insane!!
Deetorr last decade
I can't help but cry when reading all these responses... I've been cranky and sad... I'm a happy person. My hair has been falling out in chunks. I've always had long hair & now its so thin you can see my scalp. I 1st got it April 2010 & things haven't been right with me. At 1st I thought it was my hormones readjusting after having a child but things still don't feel right. Now I know what it is. I have an appointment on the 24th & I think I HAVE to have it removed. I hope my hair will grow back in the spots I lost it. Thank You everyone for all this info.
chilequile15 last decade
I too have been in hell since having the mirena IUD inserted. Four months of non-stop bleeding and spotting most days, headachesk cramps and now the hair loss has started. I have thick hair so am just now noticing the hair loss. Last time I went to the hairdresser's she asked if I had been hacking at my fringe. I hadn't and thought it odd that my fringe hadn't grown since my last hair cut. It still hasn't grown. In fact it'snow just getting thinner. Don't let the doc tell you you are imagining it as it is listed on the Mirena website as an 'Uncommon side effect'. I'm getting mine out ASAP and will have to look for alternatives for my endometrial hyperplasia.
angejr29 last decade
I've been going for thyroid and iron tests as ive lost alot of my hair. Im a hair stylist and my hair is very important to me. I had no other symptoms from the IUD, so I didn't know until i googled and found this thread. ive had my iud for almost 5 years, and now im super excited that my hair might grow back! yay! thank you... now back to the pill & strong hair!! :)
sadgirl28 last decade
There are lawsuits- big class action ones on this IUD.
The ads are on tv - usa now. Things like- 'migration'
of the iud, perforating the uterus and so on.
People should check to see if they can be compensated for
their suffering.
And ..there have been problems for most IUDs in general-
This is a very risky way to get birth control, no matter
what they tell you or 'don't' tell the MD's who prescribe this
thing. When you think 'prescription drugs' or implants-
remember there is a huge 'sales team' behind these things.
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simone717 last decade
There's a very informative site with lots of information on how to lose weight and get rid of the mirena iud side effects and find other natural birth control options. Check out: mirenadetox . com/mirena-weight-gain/ Her detox has also been immensely helpful to my recovery and I seriously recommend it
passion3flower 9 years ago

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