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Lycopodium proving

I have always had trouble with my stomach .... Ibs constipation reflux for which I would always self medicate with lycopodium 200c ... earlier it would work like a charm but then everytime I took it is was having some aggravation would develop a sore throat ... calf pain feeling as if muscles were taught ... also I have developed a right side abdomen pain since 3 years ... I ah ve run every possible test from ct to endoscopy to liver profile to sono graphy everything is clear .... beside that I v also loosing weight on my neck emaciated and wasting away ... I think I have proved lycopodium by taking it randomly over the years ... I have tried to antidote it with pulsatilla camphor causticum aconite etc ... but the right side abdomen pain and neck emaciation stays ... plz can u help how do I antidote it.... as a person I m chilly dont like the fan or the cold weather can't bear it ... I like sweets like cakes choclates etc not.tonfond of sour things...
  hema79 on 2016-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Stop taking all remedies & give your body a break.

Chew on some raw coffee once and then wait and update in 2 weeks.

If this doesn't resolve you will need a remedy to bring your body back to balance.

Check my profile by clicking my username.
fitness 6 years ago
Hello..thank u so much for replying... but I have tried going of meds for 15 to 20 days
And having a cup of coffee everyday on those days
But still the complaint stays
hema79 6 years ago
Chew on some raw coffee
fitness 6 years ago
I have the same experience with Nux Vomica 200. Due to frequent taking, it started causing constipation instead of curing it which it cured earlier. This shows the extreme harm of frequent dosing.

Now, I'm waiting for almost one year to give my body a rest so that i can use it again, and not sure when I can use it again.

In case of hema79, i think the pain which has been created can not simply be corrected by stopping Lyco. Another remedy is needed probably.
JollyBoy 6 years ago
What about antidoting with the
Same remedy in a lower potency can I try lycopodium 6c but how often am I to take it ...
I really need a solution to this problem the right side abdomen pain is v troubling ... I have another lycopodium symptom which is waking at 5 am ... I think I have a strong proving to this
hema79 6 years ago
Try natrum mur 200 once a day for three days then once a week.
Natrum mur has emaciation of neck and abdominal pains.
Hope this may help
mnaari 6 years ago
I have tried it ... it aggravated the complaint ... besides I don't have any of natrum mur symptoms like salt craving .. feeling hot etc
hema79 6 years ago
Take 2 doses of Lyc 30c, with a break of 12 hrs between doses. That's it.
fitness 6 years ago
Thank u fitness
hema79 6 years ago
Was reading the lycopodium constitution and came across this page


I match the symptoms so well I really dunno if I have a proving or do I need this remedy especially this parah

On the physical level, the Lycopodium appearance is fairly distinctive. There is an emaciation of the face, neck, and upper torso. The tissues seem to waste away in these regions, while an excess of fat accumulates around the abdomen, the hips, and lower limbs. The face tends to the excessively wrinkled, particularly in patterns reflecting the prolonged anxiety and concern over what others think of them
hema79 6 years ago
Its proving
mnaari 6 years ago
What would be a better way to antidote same medicine in a lower potency like lyco 30c or take one pellet of lyco 200c put it in a glass of water and change the water upto 20 times and take a sip from it
hema79 6 years ago
First check you may be sensitive to homeopathic remedies. Do you start to prove every homeopathic remedy? Live taking aconite will start showing symptoms written in meteria medica.
If it is so then first sensitivity should be cured.
mnaari 6 years ago
mnaari hi its true i m sensitive to homeopathic medicine and react to them v easily what should.be done then
hema79 6 years ago
"Some patients react to the treatment very slowly and will likewise respond to slow acting remedies, but the patients whose symptoms progress rapidly will find the faster acting remedies work better. Some patients are very sensitive in reacting to the treatment. In such patients, instead of improving the patient’s condition, the Homoeopathic remedies can actually produce the poisonous effects of the substance from which they are derived. Whatever medicine is given, it will produce corresponding symptoms. For this reason, one should prescribe the medicine with great care and should give it in low potency. At the same time, it is important that the hypersensitivity of the patient should also be treated. There are three possible remedies to decrease hypersensitivity: Belladonna, Nux Vomica and Zincum Metallicum. Zincum Metallicum is the most sensitive type of medication. It can be so sensitive that the patient may not even tolerate a low potency. For this reason, such a patient should first be given Zinc which will then make the body react to other medicines in a proper way. Zinc should be started in a low potency of 30"
mnaari 6 years ago
Zinc met 30 once daily for 2 weeks
Then report
Do not use nux vomica before or after zinc. If needed use sulphur between.
mnaari 6 years ago
Hi mnaari thank u for all ur advice and help really appreciate it i would just like to know are u a homeopathic doctor
hema79 6 years ago
No i am not
mnaari 6 years ago
slow down 'hema' --retake case -- and prescribe based on the 'now' existing symptoms----

when it is talked about antidote---the remedy that antidotes is the one closest in sphere of unwanted symptomology in homoeopathicity...this same applies to crude substances as well as attenuated substances (potenized)..
and as such each individual and their symptomology determines how to approach--sensitivity--idiosyncricities....etc
John Stanton 6 years ago
AVOID ''guess-ology'''
symptoms of natural dis-eaese -are to match the artificial dis-ease symptoms--this requires --depth in inquiry of case---and knowledge (deep ) in material medica----willingness to 'get into it"
John Stanton 6 years ago
best u start fresh--

what is ur exact current state of being?
main complaints?
secondary ills?
John Stanton 6 years ago
Hi thank u so much for taking interest in my case...I even tried the aggravation zapper ... but again on he 3 Rd day I felt I was getting lyco proving symptoms woke up at 5 am feeling hungry etc..feeling low and cranky ...
My chief complaints are as follows:

1)Right side abdomen pain ... pains in the entire ascending colon.. liver duededom area ..worse after passing stools better after eating something...
2)Face and neck skin loose ... loosing flesh
.. I usually wake up at 5 am and stay up for a hour ..doesn't happen as much anymore
But the days I would take lyco I would stay up
3)I wake up with a dry Tonge and dry eyes sometimes my eyes water at nite and sometimes they feel dry
4) I am hypothyroid take a pill everyday
5)don't like the fan or cold weather ... also I love desserts cakes cookies etc
6)I was given thyroidinum 30 c by one homeopath after that I developed this dry mouth dry eyes ... also right after taking thyroidinum my neck and jaws broke out in pimples
7)my periods come early 4to6 days early than my date and since 4 years they are very scanty.and short duratation.. I feel I have symptoms due to scanty periods once the flow is renewed all my problems especially acne and hair thinning will be solved..
8)lyco helps the jaw line acne..
9) also I have recurring sore throat on the left side worse than right ... which is also extremely troubling...which makes my bp drop sometimes
I took pulsatila 200 and 1m for my periods but it severely aggravated my acne and dry eyes ...also it makes my period come even more early and scanty
hema79 6 years ago
what meds/treatments u currently using?list all (allo,herbs,skin cremes...etc)? list all and reasons for use
John Stanton 6 years ago
u mentioned (better after eating) please explain this aspect in detail---particular foods?definitly after?not at all during? exact symptom that is bettered?..etc

please explain ''loose skin"" in detail..
[message edited by John Stanton on Tue, 28 Jun 2016 21:08:38 UTC]
John Stanton 6 years ago
Skin is sagging specially in the neck area looks wrinkled...

When I take lycopodium my skin looks better

But lyco always disturbs my sleep ... gives me a sore throat ...low energy levels..
Low bp ...

... creams I m using now are nivea soft ... and aquasoft
And a face wash cetaphyl on the face

I took bryonia 200 for dry chapping lips ... worked for it...stopped taking it now ..

Trying China 30 as I read somewhere China is an antidote to.lyco
Don't c any improvement taken 3 doses by 3 doses I mean 6 pils is one dose

For inflammation and throat soreness I often resort to belladonna 200 works sometimes

I tried lashesis 30 for the throat helps the throat but aggravates the sagging skin

Arsenic 30 c always help for acidity with burning in the throat area

Currently taking Arsenic sometimes and China

2 years back I had taken sepia for periods it helped me with the flow ... but I got a itchy rash on my legs ... which settled after taking rhus tox 200
hema79 6 years ago

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