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change in personality, anxiety, paranoia

I have a loved one that is a 67 year old female who is currently experiencing a state of what I would call psychosis. She is having anxious, paranoid thoughts directed at any little thing her husband does. She thinks he is to leave her or plot some grand scheme. She needs continual reassurance. She has lost grasp of reality, can't thinks straight, will stumble to find a common word mid-sentence like she can't focus. She has always been a negative sort of person with low self esteem, poor self image, and critical. She has a sister with schizophrenia. She herself is not a social person and gets highly anxious. She has irregular heart beat problems for years. Leading up to social obligations she seems to get anxious which can lead to her becoming ill. She frequently has cold and flu illness repeatedly through the year, yet will have stretches of health. Her current state of mind is very out of normal range for functioning. Is there anything safe to give her or is it too risky to even try for it could make things even worse?
  KSmom101 on 2016-06-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what meds she currently using? and for what reasons?

frequent cold/flu-----how are these times been treated?
John Stanton 4 years ago
I don't think she is currently taking any medication. She had been on a beta blocker for her heart (has a device implanted in her chest a couple years ago in case her heart stops) but she weened herself off of that beta blocker over six months ago as she didn't like the side effects of not being able to sleep well and it didn't stop the irregular heart beats.
As for colds and flu like illness, she hasn't done much to treat those as her doctor told her she couldn't take other meds with that heart medication. So she takes vitamins and suffers through it with what looks to me like a poor immune system.
About 12 years ago she had a similar stint of a psychotic episode. I think she had something similar in her 20's and had difficulty with post-partum. She has been hospitalized for those mental problems. Medications that were given to her 12 years ago apparently didn't help and she got off of those on the advice of her family doctor at that time, who is no longer alive. She had a cold mom and has a hard time when thinking back, it is painful and seems bigger over time, a source of hurt. It seems digging into those thoughts can trigger anxiety and emotional upset.
KSmom101 4 years ago
I recall she took cefdinir antibiotic this early winter for one of her illnesses, she had bronchitis/pneumonia type symptoms and went to the doctor.
KSmom101 4 years ago
I don't see a short cut through this---start with talk and spending time around her -- observing closely---as to moments things seem better --and situations/doings that coincide with ....this applies also to that which worsen her state---talk with whom knows her --and listen to their witnessings---compiling more info that guides to treatment is mission....-will take time but need clear pic of scene with your 'friend'..
John Stanton 4 years ago
She is not able to stay focused in thought that makes sense. Her inner thoughts are stirring fear and anxiety.
She was raised Christian and in this time of detached thought, she feels unworthy, unsure and confused about her stand with God. She thinks she has done badly to her family and those around her and is full of regrets and harsh criticism towards herself. Typically, she is a very critical person, seems like a defense, yet she cannot take or process even the smallest of criticism herself. She is focused in thought on how bad or broken she is and also has focused on worry towards her husband - his actions, intentions, etc. She continually asks him if he is going to leave her, and isn't convinced and comes up with delusional interpretations of facial expressions and hidden meanings that aren't reality.
Reassurance verbally helps her. Her inner thoughts create fear which make her worse. She felt pointed out and criticized near the time this big series of psychosis started in over a week ago. Although I think she either misheard entirely what was said to her, as it wasn't what she thought, or she just made it up entirely in her head. So she may have already been in this broken state of mental health at that time. Thinking about her childhood and past makes her worse. Getting outside and walking helps her a little. Being focused on a task helps her (cleaning out things from a particular room or area of the house that has been left neglected) (she is a hoarder). She has crippling fear and isn't functioning through the day at a normal level. She is tired, sleepy, sort of zoned out at times. Eyes somewhat dialated and she looks confused in those times where she is not making good connections of thought. She is a lot worse, paranoid, when he husband leaves the house to work even for a couple hours. She desires reassurance and physical presense of him or family. She has few friends and is not social, mostly stays home and overly busies herself with self-made work of chores,etc. Right now she is having trouble staying on task to be productive, but is able to do some cleaning and sorting with he husband's help. She has always run on the warm side, in fact, has had a low grade fever that no doctor can explain for a good long time, years, but I don't know how many. She has a huge fear of public speaking, standing in front of people, always thinks she is the target of judgement, criticism; makes things about herself when they aren't. Very low inner self esteem and image.
Anything else that I need to learn to help with info?
KSmom101 4 years ago
I forgot to also add that her husband says while he is at home with her she just stares at him a lot and it is creepy. Void of normal emotion.
KSmom101 4 years ago
by your accessment --how much does her living envirement (people and such) have affect on her state of being?
John Stanton 4 years ago
I would say she has deep issues of self-image and self love deficit. And she seems to try to control people around her and fill her voids with those few close around her that she loves, but has selfish tendancies that don't allow for happy, loving contact. She distrusts her husband, checks up on him a lot, questions him, berates him, tells him he is wrong a lot. That is all accentuated right now, but she is also of mind that she has treated him badly and feels so bad about it,, gets very emotional and speaks of regret and drills him with questions for reassurance that doesn't last.
In saying all that, she is also seeing that she has spent and spent, buying things that stack up in their home, and is now trying to go through and get rid of it, but feels overwhelmed and wishes it was done. But it's like she thinks it will fix her problems and ultimately, it's her state of mind and her thoughts that are not in a healthy state.
I am not sure if I answered your question well. She is a nervous person around people socially in general. She is quick-tempered with loved ones, irritable, controlling, and goes from being very available to lend a helping hand, to closed off and doing her own thing on her own schedule. She has to make sure people know she's busy busy, as though she needs credit for it.
Looking at her eyes better today, I didn't think they looked dialated. The were small pupils, but there's just not a sharpness or good focus about her look when making eye contact with her.
She is a home-body as social situations make her anxious. She is also a shopper. Buys things she doesn't need.
KSmom101 4 years ago
prepare medicine
lycopodium 30c --3 pellets in 1/2 full 8 water bottle with water.....shake /thump bottle before use---start daily dose sip from bottle --in mornings -some time (1/2 hour) before 1st meal of day...continue dosing til--aggravation of original symptoms or new symptoms (never occurred in health history) ...be sure success (shake /thump 8-10 times before use from medicinal solution (IN WATER BOTTLE)..label and store water bottle in frig...
for now,,,we will work around dietary restrictions --and adjust as go along---
email me if case is needing more time and my envolvment--forum is tough for keeping a flow...
John Stanton 4 years ago
I emailed you.
KSmom101 4 years ago

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