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Temples headaches/jaws/prominent facial veins


I am having headaches in my left temple mostly, sometimes it could be right temple as well since February. Feels like my head is pressed into the inside, but at the same time pressure will relief the headache. Sometimes it feels like a screw driven into my temple. I can not wear any eyeglasses for too long. Headache pain is often spreading to upper facial bones. I had a jaw pain as well, but now it's much better.
Headaches come right after I got up in the morning and lasts whole day.
My blood pressure normal overall, could spike up if I am stressed or nervous.
I am menopausal now and having hot flushes, night sweats. Extremely dry skin.
I tried Belladonna without any success, Lach-200. A week or so later my fingers and hips started to ache.

Blood test has been done in February, everything was normal, including test for temporal arteritis.
Now I am doing physical therapy for servical strain and TMJ. It's quite helpful, but does not eliminate pain completely.
Also I have very prominent veins on the temples and sides of the face. I've noticed it right after temple headaches started. If I would drop my head down those veins are bulging a lot.
Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  koshka on 2016-06-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what occurred prior to headaches starting?what new in life at that time?no matter how seemingly small or unimportant....

when menopausal condition start?
John Stanton 6 years ago
To tell the truth, I could not pinpoint any events, that could caused it. Prior to that I had a few months of vertigo, went to the doctor, could not find anything. In December I did acupuncture. It did work somewhat. I had dizziness just a few times through the days,not a non-stop as before. Around same time my left jaws started to make loud clicking sounds, so my chiropractic was adjusting it two -three times. So I thought may those adjustments caused the headaches. Around that time I caught myself on clenching jaws at night.
I also have on and off right upper quadrant of abdominal pain from 2012. I did all possible tests and check ups. Nothing was found. So I am taking for it Liv.52 DS and it works.
In coming July I am going to be post-menopausal. Hot flushes got worse since autumn, night sweats will wake me up a couple of times at night.
koshka 6 years ago
lets go over health history and treatments used..reasons used for....

start with current and work backwards in timeline..
John Stanton 6 years ago
From February I started to have these headaches in the temples, mostly left side. Sometimes it would be pressing on both side. When it is just one side it feels like a screw in the temple. It might also spread to the facial bone under the eye or behind the eye. It was also spreading to the jaw. As per advice here on the forum I took Belladonna. It did not work for me. Then I was suggested to take Lachesis – 200. It was working 10 days or so. Somewhere around this time I started to feel a bit of pain in fingers and hips, which was increasing over time. After switching the PCP doctors I did a blood test for temporal arteritis in May. I took a course of anti-inflammatory medicine. It work for eliminating pain in fingers and a jaw, not hips (actually,a left hip). Now I am in physical therapy for TMJ and servical strain. It helps somewhat.
I've got very visible veins on temples and side of the face when the headaches started.
I keep checking a blood pressure. Overall it is normal or optimal, but once I get nervous, it spikes up. I get nervous very easily now and it triggers headaches too.

I did a blood test in February 2016, it was normal (did it before the headaches). Was low on vitamin B12. Doctor recommended to take 5000mcg. I tried 3000. Around that time my headaches appeared. I thought B12 was a culprit and stopped taking it.Tried a few times later and again gave up.

From October (not sure) 2015 – left side of the jaw makes loud clicking sound 3-4 times a day, not painful. Chiropractor started to adjust it from January or February 2016. (I thought it might be also the cause of the headaches). Adjustments did not help at all.

Last summer I had dizziness/lightheadedness, which I was treating with Gelsemium on this forum with Antivirus's advices. It was helpful for awhile and then in November 2015 it became constant dizziness/lightheadedness. Did not affect driving, walking, bending though. December 2015 – did acupuncture. It helped somewhat, dizziness comes back for short periods.
I did the hearing test to eliminate the inner ear problems. Can' t hear very high pitch sounds in my right ear. As per doctor's advice I am taking lipo-flavonoid supplements since March 2016. In 6 months I will repeat the hearing test.

January 2015 – pain in one spot under the left shoulder blade, did x-ray, checked heart. Everything was normal. Pain comes back often, especially when I am cooking, washing dishes. Chiropractor adjusted it, but temporarily. It keeps coming back.

From December 2012 - Pain in upper right quadrant of abdominal. Did blood tests, ultrasounds, endoscopy, colonoscopy. Everything was normal. Have been treated for H pylori. Dr. Zady was taking my case at this forum since 2013 till 2015, April. I was taking during those years – thuja, lycopodium, Arsenic Alb, Sepia, Chelidonium, Silicea, Sanguinaria, Pulsatilla, Natr Sulph, Mercurous Soub, Magnesia Phosphorica as a part of treatment. He also recommended Liv.52 DS. I am still taking it from time to time, because I still have a pain occasionally.

Thank you so much!
koshka 6 years ago
how often does the
'...dizziness/lightheadedness.." occur?

please explain--''connect the dots'' fom janruary 2015 to October 2015...health/life scene--what was going on then?
John Stanton 6 years ago
I apologize for missing time from January to October 2015.
Around January and February I had occasionally dizziness, ringing in the right ear, pressure on ears, fast rate pulse, palpitations. I went to do EKG, echocardiogram, blood tests, x-ray. It was normal. I do not remember now how bad it was with ear ringing, but fast pulse kept me anxious for a while. I went for acupuncture course at that time, got some relief and until June had no problem at all, except right side of tummy once in a while.
In June 2015 my dizziness was back on daily basis and I was taking Gelsemium as per Antivirus suggestions on this forum. It worked on and off: one week I'll be fine , next week it'll come back. Then in October it became constant.
The life scene was pretty much uneventful at that time. I always worry about my child health (multiple allergies, some with possible anaphylaxis).

As of now dizziness does not happened often. In the last three weeks it was may be 3-4 times.
[message edited by koshka on Sat, 11 Jun 2016 21:48:57 UTC]
koshka 6 years ago
what things you associate with dizziness occurring?triggers?
what u do at times it occurs to ease the scene?

why u stop acupuncture?
John Stanton 6 years ago
Honestly, I could not associate it with anything. A few years ago, it was lasting short time in mornings during winter. Then I thought it might be under cold weather spell. But later it was happening during other seasons as well. It is not connected to blood pressure either, have been checking blood pressure for 5 months or three times a day. PCP doctor suggested to check with ENT my ears. That is why I did hearing test.
I stopped acupuncture for 2 reasons: insuranse coverage and the doctor. In the beginning of the treatment I feel fine, but from 5th or 6th visits it was painful for me, especially points behind the ears. Sometimes it'd take 2-3 trials to find the spot. After each visit I was getting stressed, not relaxed.
koshka 6 years ago
what skin ailment(s) u remembered having in health history? no matter how seemingly unimportant or small?how treated?

any veneral illness been treated ofr?if so please explain

what is current staus of menses-intervals..symptoms occurring associated with menses?before?DURING ?AFTER?
ho whave changed since current ill exists?
John Stanton 6 years ago
what kind of 'pressure' u use to make headache feel better?

"....Headaches come right after I got up in the morning and lasts whole day...'

is this every day?
what is the headache like when /after going to sleep?
John Stanton 6 years ago
When I was 21 or 22 y.o. I started to have cystic acnes, just like my mom. It was successfully treated by the esthetician, who used her own ointments and homeopathic medicine. Later on when I moved and was not able to visit her, my acne came back. I had flare ups all the time till last three years. I assume, because of menopause, acne almost gone. I just would have it after eating chocolate or sometimes during cooler temperature in winter. I also could have a rush, if I use facial creams based on vitamin C.
Another thing is cold sore on lips once in a while in winter. 8 - 10 years ago I also had herpes on lips and about 12 years ago had herpes on the inner part of the wrist.
I never had any venereal illnesses.

I do not have menses since July, 2015.

For headaches I do self massage found on youtube: like pressing on the middle of forehead slowly move to temples and go up, massaging all the head, back of the neck, pressure point on the side of the nose, right under the eyebrows, pressure points where ear "connected" to the head on top, center and bottom.
Now headaches would be lasts shorter than a whole day. For example, today in the morning till noon I had pain in cheek bones, later it moved to the left temple. During physical therapy I felt pretty good, on the way home, pain returned to both temples. I also could a vein on the left temple very prominent today.
Last week headaches were everyday, sometime it lasts 1 to 2 hours, sometimes half a day or longer.
When I sleep, it does not bother much, only once in a while I feel like I have to switch to sleep to the other side, because it feels tender. First 20 minutes after getting up is fine, then it might come back.
koshka 6 years ago
Thank you so much for taking my case!
koshka 6 years ago
2-3 pellets thuja 200

in 4 oz water in drinking glass--stir heavy---1 tablespoon dose (between 11am and 1 pm) ---disgard the rest...no repeat dose at all...

avoid fatty foods....butter..
no other medicines ,treatments,vitamins,supplements...nothing remotely medicinal--no apply anything to any skin conditions at all..

email me with info , as to what is occurring...-after taking dose..
John Stanton 6 years ago
How long should I avoid other medicine and supplements? Only the day when I'll take thuja? Or longer?Shall I update you in a week or so?
Thank you again!
[message edited by koshka on Tue, 14 Jun 2016 19:25:12 UTC]
koshka 6 years ago
follow guidelines--longer --will tell when change in this is called for...

update me : (1) observe either new sytmptoms(never had before in health history) occur.....(2) observe return of old (symptoms had sometime in health history before)...(3) observe change in original symptomology before thuja (aggravations or ameliorations).....

or any tim eu want--questions --what ever...
email as u need
John Stanton 6 years ago
also no teas at all
John Stanton 6 years ago
Thank you very much!
koshka 6 years ago
thanks for thanking--yet too early for that--we will see how this goes
John Stanton 6 years ago
Hello John Stanton,

It's been 15 days after taking Thuja. Here is what I could observe:

1. New symptoms.
a) It was on the 2d day after taking thuja – I had sudden sharp strong pain inside the left knee while walking, lasted 5 min. I was scared by intensity of it.
b) Having fogginess in the left eye after waking up for first 5 min or so. It feels like eye needs to be cleared, washed, othewise can't see well. I had the same issue with the right eye before. At that time I checked with the optometrist and he could find anything. He recommended warm compresses on eyes before night due to eye dryness. It was better over the time and now I have it with both eyes.
c) Caught a cold a week ago. It affected the right side only: nose, throat. Sinus stuffed up more than usual.
d) Last 4 days veins on forehead on the right side are very visible.
e) Found a small black spot on toe nail (like trauma), but can't recall anything that could cause it.
2. Returning symptoms.
a) stiff low back
b) left hip pain occasionally (feels like a screw got loose there)
c) last two days my right knee joint feels out of place (the chiropractor fixed it last time in February)
d) had a few pimples on my face. It did not happen for a long time
e) one time right ear muffled for 15 seconds (may be due to the cold I had)
f) right side stomach pain was a few times, short, not strong

Beside that, vaginal dryness increased a lot, libido is zero, number of hot flushes increases.

As for my headaches. It was gradually decreasing until today. I had them a few times a day, not the whole time, length was getting shorter too. Less overall pressure on my head. Still uncomfortable to wear glasses for long time. The headaches sometimes radiating to facial bones. It might come at the work during busy time or sometimes just when I start thinking about it. I have been going to physical therapy and keep doing stretching exercises at home every day for the neck, shoulders, TMJ. Self massage is also helpful. Today the pain return around 3 pm and was somewhat strong for 3-4 hours, after that it got better. It still made me very nervous.

I can't tell if I have any mental, emotional changes. Feel calmer, when headache is not bothering, once it comes back, I almost panicked. Still can be easily nervous.
[message edited by koshka on Sat, 02 Jul 2016 04:35:15 UTC]
koshka 6 years ago
So this left temple headache I have for three days now. It lasts for a half day. At night I have to turn from the left side to the other, because head gets tender there.
I started to stretch through the night again.
koshka 6 years ago

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