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potency for post herpetic pain due to zoster virus

Dear Medics,

Something people hate from homeopathy is to carry several bottles with you in order to take the medicine every 3 hours.This is very annoying.

My mom was prescribed for her post herpetic pain Hypericum P. 6C, Cimicifuga 6C and Causticum 6C.

My questions are dear friends,

1- are these remedies correct?

2- do this remedies also regenerate the damaged nerves or they are only for pain?

3- if not, do you recommend also another remedy to regenerate the damaged nerves? (I read Arsenicum and Psorinum are good for that., I have them both in 200c just in case)

4- the most important question... can we replace the 6C potency by a 15C or 30C so each prescribed remedy can be taken once a day and not every 3 hours?

Thanks so much :)
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  renu92101 on 2016-06-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
a medicine chosen most homoeopathic to characteristic symptoms of case--and if medicine is properly manufactured (be what told to be and made according strict guidelines laid out for us0---then yes will help tremendously

1st thing -was cse taken properly? no need answer just questions to our minds eye for now

is methology correct? well from ur words ---single medicine is all to be used at a time--and before introduction of new medicine--case must be reaccessed

repetition of dose is based upon intial dose administered--from that point case managment is based...
John Stanton 6 years ago
maybe I confuse with some of my wording...bottom line from my understanding ur words---whomever prescribed for u is not well versed in homoeopathy as we are taught through 'organon of medicine"
John Stanton 6 years ago
Dear John Stanton, english is my second language. I could not understand a word of what you said. :(

could you be so kind to answer my 4 questions straight and clear? thx
renu92101 6 years ago
(1) only with case study will I be able tell if remedy is correct---prescribing 2 remedies is incorrect --even if alternate

(2) correct chosen medicine--single most homoeopathic to case will do much good work

(3) no recommendations for medicines without a case study
homoeopathy doesn't diagnos that way..

(4) potency is secondary to medicine selection---any potency could possibly be used...but sensitivity of patient needs be decided --this is done by 1st dose given --tells what I what

point--don't try figure thi sout yourself--unless u plan on studying homoeopathy---ur prescriber needs more study--don't get caught in ''do what I want mode"
John Stanton 6 years ago
Thanks John, much better so..

can we replace the 6C potencies prescribed to my mom by 15C or 30C so each remedy can be taken once a day instead of every 3 hours? thx
renu92101 6 years ago
ONLY single medicine---NEED BE DECIDIEd-- as I see that has not been decided in truth---

once single remedy is found through symptom analysis--

then and only then give single dose of the medicine--if response is 'good'--no new symptoms--and betterment of main complaint--patient's emotions also improved--

then daily dosing can be done

hourly repetition is for acute ills and each dose must be evaluated after taken

so to answer ur question --no don't mess with what is wrong already--find another doc--the one prescribing as such is already down wrong road
John Stanton 6 years ago
It is hard to find another doctor John, let me tell you why...

You probably know that we have in Mexico a National Health Care System free of charge, called IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social)

Anybody who works for a company (under salary) is covered and also when you retire, you are covered medically and you receive a pension for life.

Returning to our topic, after my mom ended up in an emergency room of IMSS because of the terrible pain and skin problems, she was refereed to the specialist, an neurologist which she saw a couple of weeks later.

She was given, by this neurologist, all kinds of allopathic anti-convulsant medicine which got her VERY sick.

This neurologist also gave her an appointment to "The Clinic of Pain". These clinics are inside of every hospital from the IMSS (it took my mom 4 months to assist due to waiting list)

But to my surprise, mine and probably yours, the doctor that she saw inside this Clinic of Pain, inside of IMSS, was not an allopathic doctor, it was a homeopath/acupuncturist!!! :)

This is, in one hand, excellent news because finally acupuncture and homeopathy are finding their way into the huge and complex "allopathic" IMSS.

But the homeopath/acupuncturist she saw was not an unicist homeopath, that is why she was given 3 medications in 6C potency.

The doctor also put some acupuncture Pellets and Acu-Magnets on my Mom.

Also, for the time being, we have no money to see a private homeopath. It is also hard to find good unicists homeopaths in Mexico, 80% of them are plurisists (by the way, is the term "plurisist" I used correct?)

So, that is why I am here, because we cannot go back to see this doctor to ask him to change the potency or the medications because everything is made with appointments.

Therefore my Mom asked me to find out if she could take those 3 medications in 6C, in a higher potency so she can take them once a day and not every 3 hours.

But you have been very clear now John. As soon as we have some money, we will see a Unicist Homeopath.

In the mean time she is gonna have to take those 3 meds every 3 hrs :(

Best regards
renu92101 6 years ago
what response did mum have from dosing so far?
John Stanton 6 years ago
if haven't started then yet...lets think this through

what are ur mum's main complaint symtpoms?
John Stanton 6 years ago
she is not taking them yet John. She is waiting for me to see what I find out after my research.

On another topic, if you could report that I am not getting any notifications of your answers in my hotmail inbox. thanks
renu92101 6 years ago
same here -no notifications--dragville--but thats the scene
John Stanton 6 years ago
what are ur mum's main complaint symtpoms?
John Stanton 6 years ago
the pain which made her cry for hours and the bad skin is gonne. She is doing much better but still taking allopathic medicine for the pain..

right now she has numbness and tickleness in all extremities and pain in left hand because the strongest outbreak from the Zoster virus happened in that hand although It started on her feet.

When only the feet showed the skin problems (the dermatologist thought it was only a neuro-dermatitis).

I gave her arsenicum and at the time the skin problems disappeared in less than a month but later on it came back. maybe because she stopped taking the arsenicum and because she was still under a lot of stress, a lot.

She takes also clonazepam for anxiety (for this stress) and to sleep.

right now sometimes her skin gets a little red in extremities, but let me talk to her and I will tell you John all her actual symptoms.

Thanks so much
renu92101 6 years ago
ok -- post as u get info

medicine ceasing to work anymore-- allo meds being used will interfere..

alos list --exact allo meds used --dosage--and how long been talking --list all --please

'zoster''---describe the visible signs--as well things that modify--makes better?makes worse?
John Stanton 6 years ago
excellent John, she is out of town right now relaxing but as soon as she gets back I will tell you everything she took allopathic and also exactly what symptoms she has right now.

It is important to mention that she has hypothyroidism and 2 neuropathies, 1 from the zoster virus and the other one from a cervical radiculopathy.

When the feet skin problems started, we saw initially a private dermatologist. It is when I gave her the Arsenicum which seemed to worked well (I love to read and learn about homeopathy, sorry)

At the time, also pain in her left arm was increasing but the pain got so bad that we thought it was a heart problem because the symptoms were identical. This is the initial reason why she ended up in the emergency room of IMSS.

Also her blood pressure when entering emergency room was 185/95. They say it was because of the pain but let me check her pressure when she gets back.

In the emergency room they could not take the pain away from her left arm and they said it could be a cervical problem, not heart.

Knowing it could be a cervical problem I took her to my alphabiotisist (
www.alphabioticinfo.com/) and in less than 15 minutes, miraculously, 90% of pain on her left arm disappeared, something allopathic doctors did not like LOL and prohibited her to keep on see in him.

Of course we did not obey them because we saw the results, so she keeps on see in my alphabiotisist, but as I said, the most affected extremity by the zoster virus was her left hand so pain still lives there.

I will also send you pictures of her feet and left hand when they were at its worst so you can see the outbreak from the zoster virus.

do you want me to let you know to your email when I reply with her symptoms and allopathic medications? I ask this due to the notification problems this site has.

Thanks so much John
renu92101 6 years ago
yes--lets do this by email
in my profile--just email as u get info-pics...etc- and we wil proceed from there
John Stanton 6 years ago
yes sir, thx so much :) i will keep you posted John :)

Best regards
renu92101 6 years ago
also --gte info from mum--as to exact process "alphabiotic"
used on her personally--not generally--mums exact experience ---as she experienced
John Stanton 6 years ago
her experience with the alphabiotisist I can tell you right know. http://alphabioticinfo.com

Alphabiotics is a technique created by a chiropractor. After the alphabiotisist checks the difference in length of legs and other things, he pulls your head VERY strong but carefully with the right technique they learn.

The patient lays down on a titled bed. It usually consists of 2 pulls, one on each side of the head.

In my moms case, when the alphabiotisist saw her, he pulled her head 6 times asking her at the moment if the pain had gone away but it did not.

It was in the car, after 15 minutes of the consultation, that 80% of the pain disappeared. we could not believe it, but it was not free. Alphabiotics many times has a strong curative crisis.

For 2 days, after the first consultation, my Mom had a TERRIBLE pain on ALLL her body.

I had a similar curative crisis with him the 1st time. I have lumbar discartrosis and herniated dis L2-L3. For a couple pf days a had probably the worst headache of my life on the left side accompanied with a strong pain on the right (opposite) side of my neck.

This headache or neck pain desapeared and never came vack.

Also in my mom´s case, after those 2 days of curative crisis, the pain in ALL her body disappeard but the pain, caused by the zoster, remains.
renu92101 6 years ago
homoeopathy can help with the ''curative crisis"--but would need have exact symptomology at the time of the crisis...
John Stanton 6 years ago
good to know John, but this curative crisis is gone by now but no doctor can explain what caused that severe pain on all her body for 2 days... do you have any clue?
[message edited by renu92101 on Fri, 17 Jun 2016 23:47:42 UTC]
renu92101 6 years ago
personal response to stimuli of the process---which is a clue for homoeopathic treatment....
John Stanton 6 years ago
how interesting this response was and even more interesting that "it can be a clue for homoeopathic treatment".. wow

but I am signing of right now dear John, I thank you so much for your time and consideration, best regards and I will contact you as soon as my mom returns....

cheers mate :)
renu92101 6 years ago
shalom til then
John Stanton 6 years ago
shalom, peace & light John :)
renu92101 6 years ago

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