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Seeking help dealing with hpv/genital warts outbreak along with other urinary symptoms Page 2 of 3

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Have a great day! More prayers....
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Goodday sir,

I'm still observing and there isn't any noticeable changes yet except for twitching left eye that didn't last too long, yesterday was my birthday and I was away but had to come back because work starts today, I ended up having a few alcohol drinks with friends last night and had a smoke too, common sense told me this might affect the process of my homeopathy treatment but I decided not to let worrying get the best of me. I guess I should have asked upfront about this.

I wouldn't have any more drink/smoke for any other reason as I'm all about getting better. I just want to mention this to you and hopefully there is no damage done yet.

littlebee0821 7 years ago
"hopefully there is no damage done yet. "
Yes, the damage is done.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Hello sir,
I'm so sad that I've ruined the treatment process which seem to have been yielding some improvement, I know it's a disrespect to your assistance too but I apologise sincerely and hopefully you can still help me out if thats possible in any way.
Please is there anything else that can be done ? I will understand if you can't help me any further, maybe if not now maybe in the nearest future.

Thank you.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Hello again sir,
I just thought I would add physical changes today, I noticed my palms are peeling off, and more pimples but only two on my lower neck and one back/flank area to be precise.

Based on your previous reply I understand further observation might be useless but I just thought I would add, I really do want to further my treatment and get better and I strongly believe the homeopathy medicine will help me, I'm trying to educate myself more about the homeopathy medicines to avoid making anymore mistake in the nearest future.

I'll rather not self-medicate so I will appreciate if you have any further advise for me.

Once again my apologies for ruining the whole process.
Thank you for all your help.
littlebee0821 7 years ago

Please take Silicea 1m, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, Only One Dose.

Report after 3 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Hello sir,
I'll take it and report back after 3 days.

Thanks a lot.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Goodday Sir,
I trust you are well,

Today is day 3 and so far I think my energy level increased a little even though I get tired mentally quickly lately, usually I'm able to rest a little and do my computer work after i get home from working in the kitchen but lately I cant, I just can't focus mentally so I just leave it and rest all night.

physical improvement - my hands stop peeling but my lips also peeled a lot in past days and seem to look much better today, the pimples outbreak on the upper neck and lower back/ flank completely dried out, I also can't seem to find the genital pimple that I said was reoccuring when i checked, there is one close to the anus which was a little painful, I can feel that it's still a little raised but no more painful.

Also my girlfriend has commented weeks ago that my face is getting dark but recently she also commented it's coming back better(I'm light skin).

Physical symptoms - I felt a bit of flu symptoms the night of the does of Silicea 1m, it went away overnight but I've been having traces of blood when I hack my throat while brushing in the morning, also dried/fresh blood from the nose when I blow, this has happened before off and on couple of months ago and has not returned until now, I still have it this morning and I also woke up with a headache, I have had frequent headache of this kind in past months and usually I will take a headache pills if it takes long to go but haven't had the headache lately until this morning, even though I will be busy at work today I'm not planing to take anything for this because of the treatment.

I noticed the red bloody spot on my scrotum got a bit bigger and darker, I only noticed this yesterday as I haven't been checking since I started the homeopathy treatment, also the wart got darker too.

May Allah continue to bless you for your good work.
Thank you very much.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
I forgot to add, there is two small papule on my left lower eye lid, I never mentioned it in my whole symptom as I never thought of it, I noticed this morning it looks like it's disappearing, one is like almost not there and the other sure looks like it's going down more that what it used to look like.

Also there is less dropping of urine after I finish urinating, I also had a left flank pain this morning but only right after I got out of bed to use bathroom.
[message edited by littlebee0821 on Fri, 26 Aug 2016 11:57:21 UTC]
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Hi, Thanks. You are welcome.

Please be brave and be patient.

Let the remedy do its work. Take a strong dose of patience.

Please report in a couple of days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Hello Sir,
As per your advise I'll sure be patient.
Headache lasted the whole day but this morning it's gone now.
I'll report again in a couple of days.
Thank you for your prayers,
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Good. More prayers....
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Good day sir,
I'm giving update after 4 days since last update today and since two days I've only noticed new outbreak around pubic hair, I noticed them because its painful to the touch, other.

For now no noticeable improvement since last update.

Thank you.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
What are the current Mind symptoms in detail? Also, all other Physical Symptoms require revisiting.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Good day sir,
Current Mind symptoms - I've been feeling down lately and I’m anxious about improving with my treatment, I’m positive about getting better but I also worry often lately, my life is very busy at the moment and I don’t get much rest so maybe it’s contributing to my stress.
I’m frequently having anxiety symptoms like throat feeling tight, fast heartbeat and occasional headache, mood swing and sadness/loneliness even when I’m around people, lately I just sometimes feel like not talking to anyone and it makes people ask me whats the matter, I’m not doing that intentionally but I can’t help how I feel.
I’m studying for a test at the moment but I easily get distracted and just can’t focus in what I’m doing and start thinking about other things.

Physically symptoms, the blood from throat and nose have now stopped for the past 3days however I’ve been feeling constipated, stool is hard and I feel pain and itchy in the anus after bowel movement, I also can’t go every morning as usual but luckily no blood is present when i pass stool, I also feel pain/pressure in the perennial. I still notice semen fluid discharge during the hard stool.

Symptoms that require revisiting, the urinary symptoms like urinating frequently, waking up multiple times at night and urine dropping after I finish urinating, also urine stream still a bit weak, i think there might be some improvement but not enough to be well noticed.

The genital pimples outbreak and red bloody spots on the scrotum still present, also the two warts are still present.

Lately i noticed I’m sweating more from right armpit, no foul smell but its more than usual and more than the left armpit.

Thank you.
littlebee0821 7 years ago

Please take Hepar Sulph 1m, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, Only One Dose.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Hello Sir,
I'll take the Hepar Sulph ASAP, please is there any other remedy i need to get along with the Phosphoric acid 10m for later use? I'll have to order from overseas so I'm just checking.

Thanks a lot.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Hi Vasude

Patients are getting confused with your interventions. For example, in this case, the patient is assuming that
Nawazkhan himself prescribed phosphoric acid too.

They are failing to notice that it is another prescriber intervening. To avoid confusion, please make it clear that you are offering a second opinion.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Unfortunately many are not seeing the username. They are assuming that the prescriber they have been following is giving another remedy suggestion.

To avoid confusion, please identify yourself when you intervene in other's threads with remedy suggestions.

You can perhaps say

Hi, I am Vasude. would like to offer another suggestion..or something similar.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Thank you for bringing my attention to the change on the thread - Gavinimurthy, I definitely assumed that the message "try to get the remedy phosphoric acid 10m"
was from Nawazkhan as he has been the only one helping me since the beginning of my case.

I never noticed the username as I'm very busy and I just try do a quick check daily on the thread to see if there is any update from Nawazkhan, or I would have known that message was from another user if I paid more attention.

With no disrespect to Vasude, I will hold on getting the remedy you prescribed until I hear from Nawazkhan. (just to avoid confusion of treatment)

Also I do not have anal wart, I have genital wart around pubic hair close to where the penis begins.
Nawazkhan - I have taken Hepar Sulph 1m as per your advise.

Many thanks to you sir.
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Mr Nawaz -
Good day sir.
Could you please reply to my post when you get a chance.
I didn't realise the previous post was not from you but after I did I've disregarded the prescribed remedy, I'm only following your instruction as I'll rather get help from you only.

Thank you.
littlebee0821 7 years ago

Please post your current symptoms in detail to move forward.

Many prayers for you and Gavinimurthy.
nawazkhan 7 years ago

[message deleted by littlebee0821 on Tue, 06 Sep 2016 07:29:16 UTC]
littlebee0821 7 years ago
Please hold your horses. Let me read all of it.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Post removal was a mistake due to edit.. I've included message again.

Good day sir,
Thank you for getting back to me again.
Current mind symptoms - I’m still feeling down and sad but anxiety reduced, felt some heart palpitation within past days.
I still having some mood swing but I guess that reduced too and I’m thinking a lot about things that are not working out for me rather than things that are working out.

My love life seem to be going south as well, not as happy as it used to be and there isn’t much closeness between us because my girlfriend is busy and I’m busy, when I make time we still get intererrupted, also when we engage in sex last weekend it was not what it used to be, this is after a month of being together last though, I ejaculated quicker than usual and I wasn’t able to get another erection for the rest of the night which is unusual, my girlfriend asked me what the problem is because she felt something is wrong but I have no answer. (I’m not sure maybe it has to do with all the remedy I’ve been taking) I do however get erection in the morning when I’m alone, sometimes unwanted erections during the day and even feel urge for sex when its not possible.

I’m still a bit anxious about getting better but I know I have to be very patient. (a little paranoid as well like worrying if I’m actually getting better or if I’m going to do anything to affect my treatment and all that) that being said I’m sticking to the homeopathy remedy you have prescribed only since the beginning and I still haven’t taken any other thing including vitamins and supplement.

Current physical symptoms - My ears are pulsing and still buzzing and both symptoms are worse when I lay in bed at night and when I wake up in the morning.
I also feel more back pain every morning as soon as I get out of bed, it was initially flank pain but now it feels like its spread to the middle of the back.

I’m hawking a lot of mucus from my throat and its worse in the morning after I wake up and while brushing and after, also have to blow my nose as I feel a little congested up in the nasal area, I drink tea or warm water with slice of lemon to help clear up more mucus.

Regarding the constipation it seem to have improved but now I’ve not been able to visit the toilet regularly in the past couple days, when I do visit though there is relief with the constipation and pain/itching in anus.

Urinary symptoms seems to have gotten a bit worse in the past days, weaker urine stream, I have to wait until I’m really pressed before I can void, I didn’t wake up much at night but when I get up in the morning I feel pain/pressure in the bladder and urine get to sting a little and slow so I have to push a little to try and get it all out to ease the bladder pressure. I feel pressure in the perennial while I’m seating and sometimes feel a little discomfort in urethra but subside just after urinating.

I have a lot of oil from my face lately and frequent little outbreak, presently have small pimple on the right side lower lip.
Genital pimples are still present but not painful anymore since the second day of the last remedy, the only one I can see looks like its drying up but the others I can just feel when I’m bathing because of the location.

Red bloody spots on scrotum are still present, Warts are still present too and to my surprise the one i’ve treated before seem to be coming back out.

The sweating from the right armpit seem to have stopped for now, I don’t know maybe something triggered it but I even sweat under AC and in cold by the time I was writing the last symptom update.

PS- I wanted to ask since I train weight lifting can I take my supplement, I have a food supplement which is made from local “HerbalLife” company, not like the regular protein shakes with chemicals. I have stopped it since but I just wanted to ask if I can take it or still hold on it.

Many thanks to you sir and thank you for the prayers too.
littlebee0821 7 years ago

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