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Calcarea carb side effects

Dear Homeopaths.

A baby boy who born normal. After 3 days he became quite as compared to same age children. The same goes upto 5 months. Symptoms wise on these 5 months, he was not focusing on parents looking direct to them. When you shout or call never looked at the place from where sounds are coming. He was very quite, don't like to be hugged, like to watch only round thing like fans et. We consulted differ doctors who said that he has autistic symptoms. This continues upto to 7 months when he was given Calcarea Crb 200 weekly for 2 months. And the given 2 doses of calc Carb 1 M in one month with the gap of 15 days for 2 months. This results into 2 things. One is change of his behaviour to shouting and interacting with parents and stopped looking round things. Second was closing of fontanelles (a soft part in the head region). That becomes hard and closed.This child was very weak in learning and talking, started talking in tge age if 3 years. Now child is 5 years old bur he has 2 problems. 1. He can't talk long sentences properly. Like Ahmed is my good friend but he will say Ahmed good friend me. Or will answer in an ambiguous manner like if you ask him Why don't u go to school he will say bcoz my school has green photos etc etc. 2. Second is the closure of fontanelles. It was open but closed soon after taking next dose of Calcarea carb. Hover if you want to check, you will see an irregular head surface like zig zag like plane and up and down on the same place where fontanelles join. His age is a years. He is very thin, restless, like small baby boys, becomes angry quick, don't want to request for anything even for food, he will be hungry but will not ask for food.

Now he is nit good in talking with his teachers, friends, relatives etc.

  sameena sameena on 2016-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is there no Homeopath who can respond to this query?

sameena sameena 6 years ago
Why there is no homeopathic doctor responding to my query? I asked a case in detail.
sameena sameena 6 years ago
Can anyone respond ?
sameena sameena 6 years ago
Any home Doctor to respond on my case please.
sameena sameena 6 years ago
Who advised you to give Calc. Carb?

When was the last dose given? What potency?

Are you looking to correct his speech problems and interaction with others?
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gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Ok That was a local homeopath. I am sure that it is due to overdosage and given too early of calc Carb. It was in use up 2 years of age from 5 months. Fontanelles closed very earmy. Yes I want to stop his vague answers. Unknown talking etc.

sameena sameena 6 years ago
Give him a single dose of natrum.mur 200c..4 pills.

Wait for 15 days and report back. No other medicines.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Ok. Thanks. Can I give him at night time ?
sameena sameena 6 years ago
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Ok. Thanks. I have given him 2 days back. One thing I want to share. After giving him natrum mur, sometimes he says that it looks like I am falling. I think like unconciousness etc. But this is his feeling like when he was laying on sofa and started to say it seems I am falling.it happened for sometime and gone. Today again some 2 times in a day.
sameena sameena 6 years ago
Wait for 15 days. Keep notes as to what is happening in between.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Ok fine. Some other symptoms are running nose, redness in eyes and tiredness..I will note down symptoms during 15 days.
sameena sameena 6 years ago
Very good choice of giving him Natrum Mur ... Much appreciated
AsadGhumman 6 years ago
Dear Sir. Now it is 8 days passed. We found good symptoms for first 3 days like sensible talking and not getting upset and sad soon, however, now it comes back to original position. One thing is common during 8 days that he was having tears and burning in eyes. Thanks
sameena sameena 6 years ago
We will wait for one more week, and review.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Ok. As per your advice below is the update:

1. Little changes in sensible talking.
2. At first few days, he was not short tempered but now changed.

3. Don't accept to lose any game. If lose will start crying. All the tme want to win.
4. Of some work went wrong then will not try next time and will weep.
5. Over excited too much excited( Hawaas Bakhta) when meet new people. Can't stand at one place. Don't understand where he is going. Too much talking starts. 6. Dreams of snake. 7. Catches cold very easily and in the morning time especially. 8. Rubbing the genitals parts may be due to itching.

sameena sameena 6 years ago
What foods he likes most?

What foods he doesn't want to eat?

Does he like to play in open air?

Does he enjoy cold breeze? How does he feel in a warm room?

Does he like his drinks cold or normal? Does he ask for refrigerated water?
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
One thing I forgot. He can't bear very loud voices like music high tone loud speaker announcements. Put hands on his ears.
sameena sameena 6 years ago
What foods he likes most? Potatoes. Saltash food. Ice cream..can't bear spicy food. It results in wounds in tongue and lips

What foods he doesn't want to eat? Spicy good. .small spice he can't bear. Don't like mangoes bananas or something like this.

Does he like to play in open air? Yes. Very much.

Does he enjoy cold breeze? How does he feel in a warm room? He likes cold breeze but then he shivers. He don't like warm room..sweating and will run away. He doesn't like warm rooms places parks etc

Does he like his drinks cold or normal? Does he ask for refrigerated water? Normal water but near to cold.

He does no bear loud shrill sounds like loud speaker high tone music etc

sameena sameena 6 years ago

Procure medorrhinum ..1M..liquid sealed bottle of 30 ml. from any reputed manufacturer and let me know for dosage instructions.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
In our country you can only get globules and not liquid medicine. Just I wanted one thing what is the specific symptom that you advised for medhoriniun 1M as a medicine for him.

sameena sameena 6 years ago
Mind: Forgetful of facts, figures and names; of what he has read.

Makes mistakes in writing, of spelling, and words. Time move too slowly; everybody moves too slowly. He is in a constant hurry, in such a hurry that he gets out of breath. She is in such a hurry that she feels faint. Confusion of mind, dazed; fear of sensation; loses the idea when speaking. Great difficulty in stating her symptoms, loses herself and must be asked over again.

Thinks some one is behind her; hears whispering. Sees faces that peer at her from behind the furniture (Phos.). Everything seems unreal (Alum.).

Wild desperate feeling as if incipient insanity. Weeps when talking. Exhilaration in evening. Changeable state of mind; one moment sad, the next mirthful. Presentiment of death. Frightened sensation on waking as if something dreadful had happened. Fear of the dark. Anxiety about her salvation.

Vertigo when stooping; ameliorated lying; aggravated from motion. Fear of falling.

****** Kent

Mind.--Weak memory. Loses the thread of conversation. Cannot speak without weeping. Time passes too slowly (Cannab ind; Arg n). Is in a great hurry. Hopeless of recovery. Difficult concentration. Fears going insane (Mancinella). Sensibility exalted. Nervous, restless. Fear in the dark and of some one behind her. Melancholy, with suicidal thoughts.

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Medorrhinum is generally given when well selected remedies fail to act, and when we see the autistic tendencies.

Medorrhinum is a very important remedy to consider for Autism. It is also a magnificent remedy for hormonal problems, and affects the generative organs very strongly. It is one of the best remedies for severe menstrual cramps and other problems connected with the menstrual cycle. It is the first remedy we consider in homeopathy for recurrent urinary tract infections. The remedy also affects the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems very profoundly. Some of the mental symptoms of Medorrhinum are:
Either extreme extroversion, or extreme introversion.
Exreme shifts in mood, from very sweet to rages and tantrums.
The word Extreme is the hallmark of Medorrhinum.
Early experimentation with drugs and alcohol.
Early sexual experiences.
High energy at night. Medorrhinum’s are night people.
Difficult concentration.
Dyslexia. Makes mistakes in speaking and writing. Memory problems.
Aggressive behavior, such as fighting and hitting.
Enjoys watching scary or violent movies.
Love of animals and cruelty to animals.
Self-mutilating behaviors.
Risk taking behaviors.
Some of Medorrhinum’s fear are:
Of someone following behind them.
A fear of being exposed.
Fear of being alone in the dark.
Fear of ghosts.
Fear of large bodies of water.
Fear of animals.
Medorrhinum has many symptoms associated with food and eating, such as:
craving for oranges or citrus fruits and juices, a craving for carbonated drinks or sodas, and desire for unripe fruit.
craving or aversion to eggplant
a desire for ice and or chewing on ice
craving for ice cream
aversion for vegetables or very finicky eating.
a tendency to skip meals, esp. breakfast
eating very late in the day
There are often clues to Medorrhinum in the physical appearance , though there may also be nothing distinguishing:
the tendency to have many warts, moles, skin tags, lipomas and vitligo
red rash of the buttocks
unusually died hair tattoos and multiple peircings.
Overtly sexual dress
The Goth look
Sleeping in the knee chest position.
Uncovering the feet at night.
Medorrhinums are often night people. They may become hyperactive at night, or have very irregular sleep patterns, such as frequently staying up all night. There is often an inability to maintain a balanced eating, sleep or work schedule.
A love of dance, partying and the night life is also frequently seen. Medorrhinum is often needed for the teenage rebel, who disobeys his or her parents, has difficulty in school, and perhaps gets involved with marijuana and other drug use. The addictive tendency is very high. Medorrhinum children often feel boredom in school, and suffer from learning difficulties.
Medorrhinum is one of the most commonly used remedies for children with behavioral problems, and sleeping and eating disorders Aggressive tendencies can be very high, and a cruel streak can also be present, which often appears as cruelty to animals, though they can also love animals. These are usually very high maintenance children, with frequent illnesses and poor health from infancy.
There can be a confusion about the sexual orientation, and Medorrhinums are often gay or bisexual. They can have a very high sex drive, or go to the opposite extreme and be celibate for years.
People who need Medorrhinum often have a love of the ocean, and can feel better at the seaside. Cities along the coast, such as Santa Cruz and Capitola are often populated with them.
Medorrhinum should be thought of for people who take things to extremes, this can be extremely positive or extremely negative. It is as commonly seen in the extreme extrovert as in the extreme introvert. You can have one child in the family who is an extreme extrovert and wants to be partying all the time, and have nothing to do with the family; and the other child can be an extreme introvert who refuses to go out and has no friends outside of the family. This remedy can help bring balance to both children, who are displaying different aspects of Medorrhinum.
From my experience a majority of the people who need the remedy Carcinosin, also need Medorrhinum, and usually symptoms for both remedies exist simultaneously in the case. It is often difficult to know which remedy to begin with. In the case of teenagers I often prefer to begin with Medorrhinum, to protect against a full-blown Medorrhinum picture coming out once the Carcinosin layer has been removed.
Medorrhinum is a massive remedy, which is possibly needed by a large percentage of mankind. When syphilis and gonorrhea are treated with antibiotics or other means in allopathic medicine, the genetic taint is not eradicted from the system, and it causes alterations in the genes, which are passed on to the offspring. Homeopathy offers a means of preventing this unfortunate scenario, which has generation-wide consequences.
My belief when treating children, or anyone for that matter, is that the child’s
symptoms are an expression of some substance in nature, which plays itself out
through his or her being. My job, as the homeopath, is to watch, observe and
study the child so that I can pick up clues as to what that substance is. The
child cannot disguise what he needs. He is screaming for it in every action
that he takes, in his mental state, in his physical symptoms and in the way he
eats. There is no one who is abandoned by nature and left without something
that will have a remedial effect. Even people who have serious deformities and
mental impairments can benefit hugely from homeopathy.
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gavinimurthy 6 years ago
All the symptoms found in materia medica will never be found in a single patient. However, if the medicine covers the major symptoms, it will act favourably.

It is not easy to explain a remedy choice to people who are not well versed with homeopathy.

I selected medorrhinum for the following reasons

1) As told by you, he has autistic tendencies.

2) Well selected remedies are failing to act.

3) His speech problems

4) The tendency to weep.

5) Overexicetment

6) finicky eating..

His desires and aversions.

Above all, the experience of the prescriber with that remedy matters a lot.

Hope I gave enough clarification.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago

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