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rubric please from homeopath

Can someone give me an opinion on what remedy this picture is:

on hands and arms
Cold, wet applications amel.
Scaly, red/blue, welted,
ulcers/sores on fingers

Worse on waking
Better from warmth/sun
Angry, yelling
Adverse to company
Adverse to work
Adverse to family,
Wants solitude
Clothing intolerance
Adverse to bathing
despair of recovery
noise bothers
lazy/wants to sit and do nothing
Brought on by antibiotic or menopause

If anyone can figure this out, I would appreciate it.
  maryo on 2006-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Forgot to add:

Eczema very wet
maryo last decade
Also, want to add:

Started on right side/then left
Sleep on right side
maryo last decade
Patient Name :Speed Case Date: 17/02/2006
Physician Name: Dr. Deoshlok Sharma

[Complete ] [Skin]Itching:
[Complete ] [Skin]Eruptions:Eczema:Vaccination, after:
[Complete ] [Skin]Eruptions:Eczema:
[Complete ] [Skin]Eruptions:Red:Itching:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Cold:Agg.:
[Complete ] [Mind]Company:Aversion to, agg.:
[Complete ] [Mind]Work:Aversion to mental:
[Complete ] [Mind]Company:Aversion to, agg.:Solitude, fond of:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Bathing, washing:Agg.:
[Complete ] [Mind]Anxiety:Moaning, with:

You are a Rhus tox patient please you are advise to take Rhus tox 3C daily one dose early in the morning empaty stomach
wish for you rapid recovery.

Dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
"maryo" :

Please read the following link on Eczema, for understanding purpose.

Link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/51562/

From what I understand your case, I think Sulphur-1M, is the most suited remedy. One drop liquid direct on tongue, every hour. Three doses in one day. Stop. No more potency medicines required. You would see results somewhere after 20 odd days.

Caution : Taking Sulphur would aggravate the skin condition & itching for 2-3 days.

Alongwith above take Nat.Sulph.-12X, 6 tablets every 4 hours, daily, till symptoms persist.
Nat.Sul. is a Bio-Chemic triturated tissue salt and is highly safe for all ages.

Do post here, when the above benefits you.
Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you, Dr. Sharma and Nesha.

Nesha, just curious why you picked Sulph and also why you are adding Nat Sul. I know Nat sulph is good for asthma too which I have, but I didn't tell you that.

Sulphur can be for cold people too?
maryo last decade
Also, Nesha, that other posting is great advice. Will look carefully for myself to add to my regimen. Thanks.
maryo last decade
"maryo" :
YOUR symptom picture said "Adverse to bathing"
- Give Sulph., and the patient starts having his bath. (MOST PROMINENT KEYNOTE)
- no bath = meaning dirty looks / habits / carelessness / laziness / disinterested.
- no bath = meaning patient feels chilly and easily susceptable to cold
- no bath = means patient was to retain body heat, at the cost of being dirty.

YOUR symptom picture said "lazy / wants to sit and do nothing"
- Give Sulph., and the patient starts to feel energetic.
- meaning = oxygen intake in the G.I.Tract is compromised, causing sluggish digestion, causing sluggish breathing, causing sluggish circulation.
(read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/14924/2 (High Protien intolerance - DUE TO WHAT ? dated 26-02-2005) and about chronic 'urticaria' (itching) in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/18104/1. These are authored by "HA21"

YOUR symptom picture said "Adverse to company, work, family, noise, work"
- only a sulph. patient could do that for reasons given above.
- a sulph patient could be prone to get angry due to weak immune response, due to above reason.

YOUR symptom picture said " Clothing intolerance "
- you most likely meant that the pateint does not tolerate tight clothing on his waist / body.
- you most likely meant that the patient does have high intensity itching while changing clothes or / and when the clothes caress and triggers itching.
- You must likely meant that the patient triggers itching inside his bedsheet.
- Give Nat.Sulph-12X, and the above problem is taken care off in about a week or so.

Let me know, what you think of my guesses.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254
Also read http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731
Nesha-India last decade

Thank you so much for your time. You sound like an experienced homeopath. I have been going to a homeopath for the past 3 mos. My problem is I am very sensitive to remedies and aggravate even at 6C in water down 5 cups. My homeopath gave me LACH 6C on these symptoms I described to you, and I have been aggravated for over a week now very badly. I don't feel like I fit LACH so much though. I also was on PSOR for 2 months with very bad aggravations. I didn't see any benefits from it either. I've been reading alot on my own.

All your nutritional advice was right on the mark. I am already doing alot of it. I need to start juicing again but do not have energy. Also my hands are in such bad shape I don't want to do the work.

After the aggravation goes down, maybe another wk or so, I will try the SULPH. I will post you back then.

Thanks again.
maryo last decade

One other thing. I have a repertory, and I was trying to figure out what remedies fit for me before I wrote to you. I came up with Sulph and Sepia about the same. Do you think Sepia is a possibility also or no, just go with Sulph?
maryo last decade
Also, Nesha, thanks for the explanation about the Sulph. It really makes sense to me. I did take it once before seven months back, and I felt good mentally for a few days then aggravated very badly so I thought it wasn't the right remedy for me. I've come to find out I'm extremely sensitive and need to dose less frequently at a lower dose, and I do feel Sulph fits alot of my personality.
maryo last decade
"maryo" :
1. After reading your last 3 posts, I think you should abandon any or all homeopathic potencies (including Sulph), for the next 6 odd months.
- This due to your sensitiviness to potencised medicines
- This due to your Asthmatic condition
- This due to your very weak physical condition
* I can easily understand from your posting that you have been experimenting with lots of homeopathic potencies, without observing the time limit portocol and further complicated your case.
* Currently, I think you do not require any Potencised Homeo medicines.
* I think you are over-sensitising Homeopathy and confusing it to your body.
* I think you should read my answer dated 17-02-2006 to "sazim" in the following link to understand how would homeopathy work. ( http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156 )

2. REgarding Sepia, ............. is SPECIFICALLY indicated for :
- jealous & HIGHLY suspicious female
- who feigns symptoms, who feigns weakness and avoids work
- feigns care and love for parents, siblings, husband, children ...
- highly egoistic, highly proudy, keeps her head high (arrogantly)
- gutless (courage'less), confidence-less, ....
- wants to be always on the GOOD receiving end of all family members & relatives
- always desiring attention and sympathy
- wants to avoid everything (house work, office work, exercise, social service, church ...)
- wants to live life of luxury, desires rich foods (lobesters, caviars, wine, pasteries... )
- wants to live a sedentary life, always inside the house, sitting, watching T.V....
- involuntary always desires praise, gifts, to be taken out for dinner, parties
- desires to show off her seemingly good side, her jewels, her figure & assets....

- gets sadistic when does not get what she wants or does not have her way
- wants to be surrounded by people, attending to her every beck and call
- wants others to do her work, self-imposer
- ALWAYS wants to have her way, BY HOOK or CROOK tactics
- tendency to be childless (fertility problem).
- tendency to have irregular menses, delayed or even no menses for months
- wants to have sex specially when husband is no mood.
- harbours and generates malicious and manipulative thoughts
- unrelated arguments, critic ...., husband manipulator
- likes more of evenings & late evenings THAN more of the day time, for outings.

--- ULTIMATELY the symptoms, cumulate and mess up the entire psychology of her behaviour and emotions. Later a loner in life.
and ..............

"maryo" : If possible, let me know, if anything of the above conclusively matches you.

3. You would benefit a lot physically (asthma, itching, weakness ...) and mentally (totally fatigued, confused, haywire thinking... ), IF you understand the reference links provided earlier and follow all the nutriional aspects mentioned. In a way, it could CURE you for most of your symptoms.

4. Have you lately checked your Thyroid and Calcium, Blood Iron levels. I think both of these should be compromised in you and should be the culprit for all your troubles. Try to do this tests, which would prove important to you.
- Trying to get more early morning or evening SUNLIGHT on your skin will help you in all your conditions upto the extent of 50% (which I presume you do not get any sunlight on you), when and alongwith the undermentioned medicines.

5. The following Bio-Chemic Triturated Tissue salts, would bring you back from your Physical and Mental fatigue conditions :

a) Ferr.Phos-3X, 4 tablets atleast 3 times a day.
b) Calc.Phos-3X, 4 tablets atleast 3 times a day.
c) Kali.Phos.-12X, 4 tablets atleast 3 times a day.
d) Nat.Sulph-12X, 6 tablets atleast 3 times a day.
- Put above medicines in half cup of hot water, dissolve, sip very slowly, keeping each sip on your tongue for 2-5 seconds before gulping. Repeat. Finish this one dose.
- Do this atleast 3 times day. OR initially upto 6 times a day.
- 1000% safe with No aggravations WHAT-SO-EVER.
- Do not change quantity or power of medicines.
- Takes time to show results. You should start feeling good around 10th day onwards.
- Do it for many weeks and months.
- This should take care of most of your problems.
- Above can ALSO be taken with any Homeopathic potency medicine, Allopathic ..... (Though best is to avoid all other medicines)

6. You are a fit case for taking Bach flower medicine called "OLIVE" and other related remedies.
Bach flower medicines are again 100% safe and do not cause any aggravation.

7. You did not confirm my guess about the following point replied to you in the last post :
point : --- YOUR symptom picture said " Clothing intolerance " ---

Do read all the links, repeatedly and understand things and consider this "prevention is better than cure". Anything else, let's know.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha:

From your postings I feel you are very knowledgable and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I was thinking I should hold off on the homeopathic meds for a while too. Everytime I take a remedy the aggravations have put me in bed for a couple of weeks.

I already followed some of the advice you gave with the lime juice trying to alkaline my system and also enemas. I'm also doing a little aloe juice. I'm trying to cut down salt, meat, etc. and eat more fruits, nuts, vegtables, etc. I know what to do, it's just doing it when I feel so awful. I will try to start green juicing again.

As you guessed I have hypothyroid and have had it for many years. I'll get my blood/calcium as soon as I get out and have the thyroid rechecked. My thyroid is regulated almost clinically because I never show normal tests.

How do the tissue salts work that are different from homeopathic remedies? I know the trituration is much less. Also, do most people agree you can do multiple salts at one time or is this controversial? I know with homeopathic remedies it is controversial. I will try to educate myself more about the cell salts. I'm so afraid of everything right now. Many people say that homeopathic remedies are "harmless", but they're not when used improperly. They can cause a lot of harm. I don't know anyone who has used cell salts at all but they are available at a local store.

I have a Bach Flower Remedy book and will look up the Olive. Thanks.

Sepia does fit me in some aspects but I'm not sure. Some of what you posted does not fit me at all.

What do you think of herbs? I just got turmeric and I take licorice too.

Lastly, with all these aggravations with my skin I have to say the breathing has been much better. I was on Advair for the last 3 years. It is an inhaled steriod. I've been able to reduce the dosing to once every three days which is very good for me.

I want to add that aside from the great tips you offer I enjoy your humor. You directed me to 50156. That's the thread on "Arnica". I don't think that's the one you meant though. I'll look through your other threads to look for it.

Thanks again for your time and good advice.

Kind regards, "Maryo"
maryo last decade
"maryo" :
I was serious (apart from the humour aspect), when I suggested you to read the Arnica link :
( Http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156 ).

I think you should read the SPECIFIC posting dated 17 February 2006, that's my answer to "sazim" to his intelligent questions.

REASON : 'cause I think you are over-sensitising Homeopathy and confusing it to your body and HOW homeopathic remedies will work in your body.

Regarding Tissue salts verses Homeo potencies, "HA21" has provided an very good explanation on the same on this forum somewhere. You will have to search it under his login name and understand it appropriately. I'll try to locate and give the link the next time I come over here. Tissue salts with combinations are 100% safe with no aggravations, an assurance from Nesha-India.
Nesha-India last decade
Oops! My mistake, Nesha. I didn't see that date when I first looked at that thread and thought you probably were referring to a different thread. I was already following that post, and at one time had posted on it. I guess it could be funny some of your comments if it all wasn't so serious. I was relieved when I first saw that posting that someone had finally called attention to Joe.

You reply to Sazim was very interesting. I think that is a big problem with homeopathy - it takes a lot of skill to find the posology (is that the right word?) That seems to be where I'm failing. I've been to three homeopaths and have aggravated with remedies from each one. Now, a few years later, I'm finding out it's because I'm hypersensitive and it makes it hard to find the simillilum for me. Most people can react to a 6C, 30C, 200C, etc. All those are too strong for my body. Homeopathy seems like it has so much to offer, and I would like to be able to use it in the future. It seems like there is a large miasmic influence on my health given the history which could only benefit through homeopathy.

I'm looking into the tissue salts. It sounds like it might be a good option for me. I'm wondering would it have any influence at all on the homeopathic remedies I have already taken if they are working on me at all? Like override them or something like that?

Bye for now.
maryo last decade
Also, Nesha, will look for "HA21"'s relevent posting on tissue salts.
maryo last decade
Dear maryo,
You take homoeopathy right medicine will not react to you Tak Rhus tox LM2 potency daily one dose early in the moring empty stomach. Although nesha work hard . I appreciate her work and time worked.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
if aggravation occur, and no new symptoms have occurred then potency need be adjusted---unless true sensitivity exist as patient to all remedies..then that in it self is keynote....if aggravation gets out of hand need either antidote with remedy that best fits CURRENT symptom picture or adjust potency --but if can allow to settle -then do so---no other medicines__PATIENCE--then access from there----after accessment--start with 30c potency single dose and note response --from there will tell where to go---DO NOT USE LM potencies til note response from 30c--internet prescribing need be dealt with un-assumingly..
John Stanton last decade

I'm sorry, I forgot to post, I already tried Rhus tox and had aggravation with that too. I'm very sensitive even at 6C. I took a couple of wiffs of Vicks (camphor rub) two days in a row and seem to be doing better.

The problem could have been that I took too many doses, not sure. It was at a 6C diluted 5 cups with just 1 drop from the sixth cup. (That's how sensitive I am.) But I did take it every other day for about four doses. I maybe should have waited longer between each dose. My mental/emotional symtoms were very aggravated too. My homeopath pointed out that since this is a skin condition sometimes the regular rules go out the window as far as feeling better mental/emotionally. Because the skin is exteriorizing and aggravating whose going to feel good. I don't know. But I think 30C would be way too strong for me at this point, no? I was so gung-ho on dosing because the itch was so unbearable. Right now it's a little better.

Thanks, all, for the input.
maryo last decade
Dear Maryo,
do not fear aggravation is cure of disease. your right medicine will give you cure. please thake Rhus tox 10LM in 50 millimal scale there is no aggravation of disease at all and cure you rapidly and do not take any other medicine before going to start take camphor 6c three doseas to antidote the other medicine.
use of above medicine take 4 pills mixed in 30ml distilled water and take 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water take from 2 spoon only and through out rest of the medicine . take daily one dose at early in the morning empty stomach
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Graphitis 200 after a week
Mezerium 30 TAD.
drmsj786 last decade

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