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Constipation - Quick Relief

I would be greatful if any of the doctors who contribute to this forum would advise me any medicine for quick relief from constipation irrespective of any constitutional remedy.

Thank you

  reni2005 on 2006-02-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Chilly ,plump and constipated ... Graphites

others are

Mag mur

Nat mur

walkin last decade
And Alumina.
kuldeep last decade
I have always prescribed Nat Phos 6x which seems to work in the gut by accelerating the passage of food through it. I have proved this point by eating some slightly over fried cashew nuts which are hard in the evening and the stools the following morning clearly show the undigested nuts.

This remedy is primarily used as the equivalent of an antacid and it works admirably.

The bonus is that Nat Phos 6x also reduces weight by at least 1 pound per week if 2 tablets are taken after lunch and dinner.

It is far safer than the new chemical Rimonabant that has been released a few weeks ago as a weight reducing agent.


I note that it has also been found to help in stopping smoking and I would like to record that Arnica 30c taken in the liquid dose has been used by chain smokers to help them to stop smoking as it seems to cut out the craving for that next cigarette.

I have also received reports that it helps Alcoholics to get over the critical period of withdrawl from alcohol and also seems to stop the craving for that next drink.

If anyone who reads this post is benefitted by the use of either remedy, I would appreciate if this is confirmed on this forum to enable more and more research to be made on this discovery.
Joe De Livera last decade
Add plumbum also.For proper selection without taking into consideration constitution,the size of stool,colour as if burnt etc,hard,bloody,slimy,with earging or no urge etc.After how many days stool passes, smell are all necessary.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear reni,
I will send you single remedy and I request you to fill the below given form so that I can minutely study your symptoms so that I can prescribe you the best medicine to cure your disease very soon. Kindly submit the details for evaluation of symptom from your case

1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. country
5. climate
6. What exactly is happening ?
7. How do you feel ?
8. How does this affect you ?
9. How does it feel like ?
10. What comes to your mind ?
11. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
12. How did that feel like ?
13. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
14. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand. ?
15. current medicine you are taking
16. family back ground
17. qualification of patient
18. Nature of working
19. desire and aversion of food
20. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. If any secret thing or can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on your any forum doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.
21. Aggravation & Amelioration (When increases or decreases the complain)

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
this is the true way that dr sharma did, ask complete symptoms.
drsajid last decade
PROBABLY, the Arnica prescriber, missed out this undermentioned due to non-qualification & professionalism in Homeopathy / medicine. Running a dispensing Store & knee-jerk prescribing is one thing. Understanding the UNDER-LYING REASON for a disease is another thing. Homeopathy is to be prescribed (Hahnemanningly) only for UNDER-LYING REASONs.

Here's NESHA-INDIA's theory, to be considered with an open mind : All comments & discussions, biased or non-biased are invited.

ARNICA, is a muscular tonic. The potty (stools) gets accumulated in the Colon & Rectum.The muscles and the nerves of the colon, if they are weak or sluggish will cause "tenesmus" (a continuous or frequently recurring desire to defecate, with painful and ineffectual straining to empty the bowels), leading to so called common lay-man's term called "constipation".

- Arnica is italically indicated for "tenesmus"
- - Arnica is italically indicated for "trauma" = as in strain / overuse of any organ.
- - - REPEATED ineffectual straining at the bowel to expel stools creates "TRAUMA" for the tissues of the colon, straining the muscles and nerves, further weakening the colon MUSCLES, which further causes constipation and the cycle is repeated endlessly.

QUESTION TO ALL : (or on nesha-india's above theory)

Can Arnica be given for Constipation - IF NO, WHY NO ?.
? Dry dose for obstinate constipation.
? Wet dose for sticky constipation.
Arnica-Q + Oil (or saline), as an Enema atleast as a PALLIATIVE for constipation.

If Arnica can act for ANY & ALL diseases, then will Arnica as well act for Constipation too. Atleast as a PROPHYLACTIC OR atleast-atleast as a PROPHYLAXIS as a preventive for Constipation, on the basis of an on-going discussion on the following link :

Homeopathy prescribed conveniently - THIS FOR THAT.

CONSTIPATION = Abroma augusta radix, Hydrastis-Q, Senna-6X.
CHRONIC CONSTIPATION = SILICEA-30X (4 tablets x 3 times daily)
Bio-chemic for Constipation = Calc.Phos.-3X (6 tablets x 3 times daily)

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
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Nesha-India last decade
Hi ... ALL

What ... no comments on the above post.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
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A R N I C A - For Anything and Everything
Nesha-India last decade

Was out of town. Just came back. Thanks to all the doctors for their suggestion of several medicines.

Nesha - Can we just daily pop in Calc. Phos 3X (Bio-chemic). Would it create any problems.

Basically its just for- when ever I eat any gastric food or pulses I get gastric, severe trapped gas and constipation. Otherwise no problem.


reni2005 last decade
1. Cal.Phos. has to be sucked or dissolved on the tongue due to presence of saliva. Hence popping it down with water is really of no use.
2. From your reply, You seem to be having the following problems :
a) your problem increases after eating of rice, potato, oily fried foods & starchy foods.
- specially afer eating bread or cake or biscuit type foods.
b) you have some sort of body pain, or lower back pain.
c) you experience anxiety and/or palpitation
d) your body has very less activity and/or you drink less water

If you say "Yes" to all above :
THEN, following bio-chemics are safe for you, alongwith any other constituional medicines you may be taking.
a) Cal.Phos-3X, 6 tablets or equivalent powder
b) Mag.Phos-6X, 4 tablets " ...
c) Nat.Sulph-12X, 4 tablets " ...

All above taken together. Do not change quantity or power of medicines.
- Put above medicines in half cup of hot water, dissolve, sip very slowly, keeping each sip on your tongue for 2 seconds before gulping. Repeat. Finish this one dose.
- Do this atleast 3 times day.
- 1000% safe with No aggravations WHAT-SO-EVER.

ALSO, have your blood-sugar and blood-pressure checked up. Let's know.

Also read, an article, by NESHA-INDIA, titled " MILK - Why is it not absorbable in the human body ? ", on the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/52848/

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
"Chilly ,plump and constipated ... Graphites"

Isn't that Calc Carb?
Daisy43 last decade
Nesha - Many thx for the prompt reply.

I face all the problems what you have mentioned. As rightly mentioned the minute I eat any gastric food, grams like channa, cauliflower, potatos etc my complete tummy goes for a spin. I need to drink fresh lime juice, bananas etc to geta good relief and bowel movement.

What I would love is, I should be able to eat any d..n thing and should not feel gastric.

Just a doubt, are the bio-chemics time bound or can I consume the meds till I go down the pit(The gastric problems would probably go down with me). Afternoon medicines can I just suck them keeping a span of few minutes between them as I am in the office.

Thank you very much.


pimathew last decade
Hi Nisha,

I have been suffering with chronic acidity for almost a year. I have tried Nat phos 6x and Mag Phos 6x. Nothing gives me relief. Also tried Ars Alb 200 and Carbo Veg 200 a year ago as suggested for almost 2 months, did not provide any releif.

I am on Allopathy omeprazole and sucralfate (to coat the lining) for almost a year.
Is there a homeo cure for this problem. I would appreciate help. Please let me know if you need more information. I am h.pylori negative.

Apart from Allopathy I am trying Dr.Bakshi's Gastro Aid.

prhomeo last decade

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