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Painful menstruation with vomiting

Good evening,

i have been having very painful periods for 1 year. But the last two periods were very painful with vomiting as well. My homeo doctor has not been able to find the solution; she had given me Magn Phos 30C for one month and then Nat Mur 30 for the following month but both times menstruation was awful with pain, vomiting 6-7 times and consequent exhaustion. Like it happened when my period came a few days ago. Vomiting stopped only with Ars Album 200C, whereas Veratrum Album 200C had brought absolutely no change. I am still exhausted after this period and my eyesight has become very weak and my eyes very dry. I do not know what to do, i do not want to experience such a thing once more next month. Maybe you can help...
  clara h on 2016-08-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
membranous dysmenorrhoea ?



cold ameliorates?

severe pain in lower part of abdomen, preceding flow.?

Discharge dark and clotted, with tearing pains, excessive irritability and impatience?
menstrual flow comes by fits and starts, griping pains doubling you up?

any other treatment taken?
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anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Hi, thanx for your message.
Yes, leucorrhea (no itch or burning)before period every time.

The flow is medium, never heavy. Before the month with Magn Phos 30C, it always started with very dark blood. Now, it begins with dark red and gets bright red. Lasts 4-5 days.

I like cold in general but it always makes things worse and i generally catch colds easily.
When i happen to take a shower right before my period, there always comes heavy pain when it starts. When i swim, the period pain comes even worse and always with vomiting during the pain.

No other treatments, no cigars, no coffeee, no alcohol etc.
Lots of financial stress.
clara h 6 years ago
Never irritability nor impatience, but after the vomiting experience, i have worries as to what is going to happen when the period comes next month and where it is going to happen (this time at work, i dreaded that). Through dreams i know it is going to come and then i feel something like tired dread. Period shouldn't be like that.
clara h 6 years ago
color of tongue?

Excessive sweating on the head usually at night time?

obstinate constipation.?

excessive craving for hot drinks and sweets.?

bearing down sensations in pelvic organs ?

cold feet ?

chilly and even in hot weather desire extra coverings to combat the extreme chilliness?

some sort of skin complaint ?
offensive perspiration/location?

craving for any particular kind of food?

constipation ?type of stool soft or hard ?


anuj srivastava 6 years ago
colour of tongue: pink with white coating

no excessive sweating

no constipation, instead very regular stool every day

sense of pressure in pelvic organs during period

no cold feet

not chilly but in winter i sense even the slightest draft of air entering a room which brings fear of catching cold again

skin complaint: persistent wart in 5th finger of the right hand for 3 years despite even Thuja

used to crave chocolate but after the month of Nat Mur 30C, i find its taste almost disgusting and i stopped craving it immediately. Which is good because cellulitis had got too much. I'm 1,58m and weigh 49kg, lots of cellulitis.
Used to crave salt after the craving for chocolate went away, now no longer craving for salt either.
Craving nuts, almonds, peanuts but they get me fat somehow or make me retain water.

Absolutely no thirst, it troubles me. I drink water but never due to thirst.

No hunger either. As if the stomach is always full. I eat but never due to hunger. That troubles me too.

No constipation.

Colour of the flow: now dark red at the beginning, bright red in the middle, red/ brown in the end of the period. No odour yet.
clara h 6 years ago
Pulstilla 30, 5 pills three times a day in addition Kali Mur 6x, 5 tabs three times a day feed back after 7 days

in case of vomiting sensation take ipecac 3o, 5 pills three times sos
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anuj srivastava 6 years ago
she had given me Pulsatilla 200C, that was 11 days ago because i got a stye in my left eye.
So she said i should take Puls 200C for 3 days. The stye went away on the second day but i was terribly sleepy all day those 3 days and mind in fog, nothing else happened.
That was 8 days before my period came.
Should i take Puls again now???
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clara h 6 years ago
then have it in 200 potency ones in three days.

if you feel sleepy then you must sleep,it is a good sign.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
ok, i started today like you said and i'll report back in 7 days. Thank you very much!
clara h 6 years ago
Yes, leucorrhea has been preceeding menses for over a year and alhtough some of my periods were very painful and my homeo doctor knew every time when period was coming with cramps and vomiting, she never gave me baryta.

She used to give me Magn Phos every month but results were poor...

She was telling me to take 30C potencies for months.
Once, after huge exhaustion, she had given me Acidum Phos 30C for 90 days; i felt ok afterwards but i have been wondering why it should be like that, as there were many things and jobs i had to postpone due to that exhaustion.
clara h 6 years ago
i have been going to that doctor since 2008. During the frst years, she was giving me often 1M potencies (for example Sulfur 1M, Phos 1M, Thuja 1M, Lyc 1M etc) but last year, she changed her approach.
I do not know why.

But i know that i have been having this problem with my period for all this time and it is exhausting and exhasparating when it gets so much worse.
I am still exhausted and my head hurts and my eyes are very dry, plus i wasn't able to go to work (and i therefore did not get paid for those days; that is very bad for me).
clara h 6 years ago
and my left eyelid drooped during this year and it developed strabismus but no cure came. Ok, a fallen eyelid doesn't hurt like severe period pains but still, it should be healthy and i know that homeopathy works, i have seen it happen.

For all these reasons, i thought i should stop going to her and that i should look fo ra new doctor with more experience.
clara h 6 years ago
recurring gastritis during puberty due to family stress. Symptoms disappeared completely after i moved in with the man i married.

Bad headaches and nose-bleeds since childhood for no apparent medical reason.

Pain in the eyes for many years after i got 20.
Eczema in the fingers, lots cortizon creams. No homeopathy those years.
Occasionally painful periods, sporadically with vomiting; the gynaecologist was doing painkiller-injections to me for that pain.
Headaches over the eyes.

When i got 28 and due to changes in personal and business life, i tried homeopathy and visited a doctor. She said that my constitutional ist Sulfur. After taking Phos 1M for the first time, sixth sense developed suddenly.

Exhaustion bodily and mentally due to working in two jobs after the financial crisis started. In the past 8 years, it has happened 7 times, complete prostration bodily and often mentally too.
Eczema in the fingers persisted, wart appeared.
Headaches recur.
Drooping left eyelid and stravismus.
I catch cold easily and it lasts 15-17 days, with coughing and difficulty in breathing. Low body energy. I wish i had more energy.
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clara h 6 years ago
After i take the baryta carb 10M, should i go on taking the Puls and the Kali Mur???
clara h 6 years ago
I used to be very strong, decisive, loving being ahead and in front of people, with an inquring mind loving reading and learning, enjoying love and friendships but there have been so many hardships those last years and now i am very tired of it all, like digging up a road on a mountain with bare hands and i am tired of all the jealousy i meet. If i had my strength again, i wouldn't mind the jealousy, though.
clara h 6 years ago
ok, i'll do that then
clara h 6 years ago
Kindly give a detailed feed back after taking baryta carb.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
yes, i'll go buy it tomorrow. I hope the awful headache that i'm having these days after the recent incident with my period will go away too with Baryta, the pain is awful.
clara h 6 years ago
i have asked in all the pharmacies here but nobody has 10M potencies, they have up to 1M.
And there is one pharmacy which can bring it in 1 week if i order it today, should i go for that option???
clara h 6 years ago
Hi Clara

Did you observe that your prescriber has changed? It is not good to follow two prescribers simultaneously. Look at the username of the prescriber before responding.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
yes, i observed it but there seemed to be no conflict in the approach
clara h 6 years ago
Addressing now Mr vasude
and/ or Mr anuj srivastava on the issue.
One pharmacy brought me one globulus baryta carb 10M yesterday morning, so i took it because the other pharmacies here did not have it at all and the order would take time to arrive.
I felt very tired in the evening and sleepy, but it was a different kind of fatigue than that i used to experience and didn't cause me any problems.
Today i was feeling a kind of spark, something like more energy and was a little less slow in my activities but around 5pm the sleepiness and sluggishness returned and remain. Like a spark of fire that vanished again.
Should i take more baryta?
clara h 6 years ago
thank you very much for helping my daughter, she told me and today i joined your forum too
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sofitsap 6 years ago
Good day, here is the feedback for Baryta Carb 10M:
After the first pill, i felt huge fatigue and sleepiness and the next day i also felt hunger (which i hadn't felt for more than a year). I also felt some optimism.
After the second pill, i felt tired and sleepy again. Nothing else happened and the sense of thirstlessness and full stomach return.
After the third pill, i felt tired and very very sleepy as well once more.
Some leucorrhea also appeared suddenly.
No hunger, no thirst, The craving for sweets and sleepiness especially after 5pm every day returned too. I am still very slow, i try to plan but i always arrive late wherever i have to go (i get angry at myself about that) and i feel very sleepy.
clara h 6 years ago

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