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help required for Constipation / Pain in left leg

Dear Doctors,

PLease help me in below.

I am suffering from stomach issue since 3-4 yrs. Have had medications of all kind ( Homeo, Allopathy, Ayurveda ). Earliear it was severer gas, which could fill up and started aining below the ribs.

At present, Main problem is constipation. My bowels are not clear. Takes 3-4 times to clear bowels. then also not satisfactory. Mostly it is dark colour stool , small small chunks, with gas in between.

The day my stomach is upset more, I have severe pain in my left leg. tarting from thighs and going till the end.

IN addition, I also have frequent urination. Also my wait is increasing gradually.

PLease help
  alok.20jan on 2016-09-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Post details of all your past and present health in sequence oldest to newest.

Write in detail about you – emotions, fears, sentiments, etc. your personality, physical parameters, habits, feelings about life, etc.

Write in detail about your life: social, family, occupational, schooling, childhood, etc. You should mention about incidences that might have influenced or impacted your mind / health / life considerably.

Write about what common opinions most people have about you; what most people comment /say about you frequently; how they react / interact with you & why?

Write something unique about you (how you are different from others or what makes you special).

Is the leg pain on the back or front side?
Have you checked your blood sugar level?
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Dear Doctor Kulkarni. Thanks for taking out time.

Age M 32.
I am emotional, love from in and no display outsude. Fears of unknown sometime that some thing bad will happen.

Fear of peers performing more in the office. Fear of people thinking that i am less competent etc. Physically fit. around 5.11 85 kg weight.Week eyesight.

Social life is food, I am known to down to earth helping person. Helping juniors without too much showoff. Family life is also good now. The stomach problem started, after a bad relation end at personal front. but now life is running fine thought occasional rifts occur. These rifts aggravate the problem. Schooling / childhood etc are fine.

The only incidence that effected mentally and also was the starting point of the stomach problem was the bad relationship... Now a days rift in family life also cause increased problems.

Most people consider me down to earth and helpful person.
However I get irritated and angry very soon. and the shout also. but it mainly happen at personal front. Not in professional life.

Blood sugar levels were not checked recently. BUt 2 months back, it was normal. it was a normal check. Slightly increased cholesterol. Liver parameters are high since 2-3 yrs. In the ultrasound the liver was slightly enlarged. level 1 fatty lever.

In normal days, The leg calves muscle have a cramp feeling. While going at bed and while getting up.

in bad days, Pain is in the thighs and goes till end. Mainly in the left leg.. There is frequent urination and not much of urine is passed.
alok.20jan 4 years ago
Your language, your grammer, your statements,- all are difficutl to comprehend. You have tried to use professional language. You have given contradicting statements.

1. "I am known to down to earth helping person." & " I get irritated and angry very soon. and the shout also." which one is true?

2. "Family life is also good now." & "Now a days rift in family life also cause increased problems." What should I understand from this?

"Family life is good", "Scosial life is good", "Schooling / childhood etc are fine." how can I make out your condition with these statements? I am not asking about good or bad about anything but explainations.

Please give details in your own simple language; no medical / professional language.

You mention about bad relatioship as cause of your problem. It's important for me to know what was that, how you reacted to it. etc.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Dear Dr Doc Kulkarni. Thanks again and sorry as i could not answer your questions properly. I was on a cell phone. Anyways

1. I am known to be a down to earth person. I help wherever i can. I feel emotional if some one is in problem and feel very bad, even if i can not help.
However I also get angry. Specially to my near and dears if they do foolish things are what i am sayin gin not followed. But tht anger is short lived.

2. Family life is ok now. There are rifts some times as with every one. With any tension in family the stomach problems gets aggravated.

There is nothing to tell in social life, schooling and child hood. Normal childhood things. so dont know what to tell.

Yes, There was a bad phase in my life. I had a bad relationship. love relationship went bad after 5 yrs of togetherness. Got engaged and then the relation was called off due to the girl / girl family.

My feeling was like of being cheated, fooled. I took all steps to convince my parents. but was cheated. So in all, i felt cheated. I felt dejected. Gradually things came on track.

As a person, I am emotional, love and care my near and ear ones from inside but no display of affection.. Fears of unknown sometime that some thing bad will happen.

From Disease perspective,

Blood sugar levels were not checked recently. BUt 2 months back, it was normal.

Also, Slightly increased cholesterol. Liver parameters are high since 2-3 yrs. In the ultrasound the liver was slightly enlarged. Grade 1 fatty lever was diagnosed.

My food routine is also disturbed due to office work.

I have constipa2-3 times motion in morning. Not feel satisfactory after motion generally. Even if feel that stomach cleared properly, then even after some time, urge to stool comes up. Hard, blackish stool with gas. Some belching is also there, mostly after food or water. When belching or stomach is upset, there surely ss pain in the left leg. Pain is in full leg in bad days. Other wise calve muscles of left leg is fatigued always. I can always coorelate my left leg pain with my belching, increased gas formation and upset stomach.

Generally also, Calve muscle of both the leg have some pain while going to bed and getting up.

Sorry for wasting your time in first post.

Please suggest if any more info is required.

alok.20jan 4 years ago
Well, thats far better now.

But couple of my doubt wasn't cleared that

1.if your health problems started after your break-up?

2. You explained how did you feel after break-up but I would also need to know how did you react to it and how long?
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Thanks Dr Kulkarni,

Now, I am not sure that the problem happened due to the breakup. But yes it started couple of months later. Gradually started with pain in stomach. Then i took allopathic medicine for worms in stomach, and then it started. Heavy gas in stomach. It used to get trapped below ribs. all left side. I could feel the gas formation below ribs. painful.

After all kind of treatments i reached to the current status.

Regarding my reaction, I started getting irritated. Early irritation was probably my nature, but the incident made it worse. I used to scold her, her mother who was the main culprit.. and every one. Sad.. less talking. That yr was worst perforance in my job. I cried. wept.

Not sure what more.
alok.20jan 4 years ago
Please start with following prescription:
1. Ptelea trifoliata 1M, pills (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop), take 5 pills (for one dose) only once.
Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.
2. Calc-phos 6x, tabs (buy 25-30 grams), take 3pills moistened in a teaspoonful of water twice daily.
Nothing else to eat or drink 20minutes before and 20 minutes after the doses.

Do’s & don’ts:
1. Stay away from Strong odors.
2. Do not touch medicines or spill them. Use the cap of container (of same medicine) to transfer the medicines.
3. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep the dose for at least 2 minutes in mouth.
4. Keep medicine containers airtight, away from direct sunlight, heat, any smell and children.
5. Avoid strong smells and odors AFAP.
6. Do not take any other medicines for any health problems. Most symptoms go as they come within 24-72 hours.
7. Report any problems & seek appropriate advice.
8. Otherwise report progress after 2week.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Dear sir.

Thanks. I was away hence could not respond.

The medicine pet t. I could not get in Noida.
I am searching for it.

Are there any alternatives if possible.

alok.20jan 4 years ago
It's a rarely used remedy. Bit difficult to get.

You  may order online but better to search locally as online delivery take sseveral days.

Seems available on abchomeopathy shop: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Ptel
check at: http://www.remedia-homeopathy.com/en/homeopathy/homeopathic-...
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
It is available from Schwabe India.

ptelea-trifolia.html" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.schwabeindia.com/3234-ptelea-trifolia.html
[message edited by gavinimurthy on Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:22:06 UTC]
gavinimurthy 4 years ago
Dear Sirs, I tried searching for the remedy, however could not get 1 m. Now I ordered online, let us see.

I will use and let you know feedback.

alok.20jan 4 years ago
Ok. All the best.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Sir I got it delivered today. I don't hav the pills. Can I hav 2-3 drops in water
alok.20jan 4 years ago
Well, that's pretty long time since I prescribed.

You may take 2 drops in one tablespoon of clean water.

But just do not take Calc-phos at least for 3 days. You may start it only if you do not notice even a slightest change.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Yes sir, it took long.

I understand that I need not take any medication, allopathic or Homeo for 3 days.

Thanks for help sir
alok.20jan 4 years ago
Dear sir,

I took the medicine pet t 1 m.

The bowl seems to show some improvement.but I was fasting for 9 days in navratri. So might be due to this also. However the pain in the calve muscle remains in the morning. Not feel like getting up.

Please suggest. Should
I start calc this or any other medication.

alok.20jan 4 years ago
It is just 3 days since you took medicines. Keep some patience. I am not magician.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Thank you sir..

It's not that I am expecting immediate results. Just wanted to give feedback and confirm that do I need to take calc this as you suggested initially.

alok.20jan 4 years ago
Ok, fine.

You may start calc just once a day in the evening now and report after a week.
DrKulkarni 4 years ago
Sir, I decided to show restraint and let the pet t 1m work.

Now feedback is, i see some improvement in my leg pains. But they are there.

For the stomach, there is improvement but I am not able to clear bowels in one go.

In the initial days just after taking pet t 1m , there was high acidity and burning sensation while passing stool, but gone now.
alok.20jan 4 years ago
Sir, after so many days, giving you feedback.

As per your advice, refrained from taking calc this and any other medication.

Status today :

Some improvement, but pain in leg is still there, specifically in morning after bed.

Acidity also reduced. But bowel movement is not clear.

Need 2-3 attempts to clear stomach fully. And then 1 time after breakfast.

Please suggest.

alok.20jan 4 years ago

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