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Bedwetting in 11 yo with congenital disorder - getting exhausted

Child's First Name: Linda
Age: 11 years
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 60
Birth weight: 3300 g (european size)
Hair color: it used to be blond, now it’s getting darker
Race/nationality: Belgian

1. What is the chief complaint? bedwetting.
At the age of two she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that causes a motoric delay (she only crawled at two years old, walked at 4 years old) , kidney troubles and learning problems.
She wetted the bed until she was 6 years old, at day she was dry from 4 years old. She only wetted the bed when she was very stressed about something (this happened 3 times a year)
At the age of 6 she was bullied for several months at school. She was homeschool for 4 years and now she goes to school again. Last year there were a couple of weeks that she was bullied again and she refers to that time as “her black episode”
In May this year she had a very stressful time at school and experienced lack of energy. She stressed out about two field trips. After the first field trip she came home and couldn’t reach the bathroom at time. She has wetted the bed almost every night since then.
When I ask her what happened that exact day she says that she felt very isolated from the group.
Her urine was tested and she was diagnosed the last months several times with bladder infection. She took antibiotics two times, but it didn’t have an effect on the bedwetting.
She often has a bit of a higher temperature since then.
The bedwetting most of the time happens at 2 am-3 am
She feels exhausted and at school she asks for a lot of time out.

2. When did this problem start? What happened in the child's life around that time? What do you think caused it?
see above

3. What aggravates the chief complaint?
when it’s hot at night and she sweats a lot
During summer months she had a fan at a side of her bed, but now autumn is starting, she wants to keep it turned on during the night (she says she needs the noise to fall asleep)

4. What makes the chief complaint better? (
as far we haven’t found anything
5. What time of day is the worst for your child ? 2-3am
7. What was the mother's and father's state of health at time of conception? How did the mother feel during pregnancy physically and mentally? Did she suffer any shocks or traumas while pregnant?
Mother: I felt sick a lot.
The birth had to be triggered because at 40 weeks, the birth didn’t get started.
8. Did the mother have any unusual or memorable dreams while pregnant? yes, I dreamt that there was a second child beside the child in my womb, but that child was more vague (sometimes I think that there was a second child for a short time, and that I lost it)
10. Were there any complications at birth? she got stuck in the birth channel

11. At what age did the child: crawl, walk, talk, teethe, toilet train, wean? she only crawled at two years old, walked at 4 years old
12. How did the child react to the following situations:
she’s very attached to her grandmother and regularly asks to stay over there but when she’s there she’s homesick. She really likes being at home, with regular meals (she’s especially fond of fruit, she says she likes them because they’re so refreshing), watching tv, playing computer games, writing fantasy stories on the computer, listening to music (while she moves in a spinning way )
She has a lot anticipatory fears when for instance we’re going on a field trip. often when we get there, she enjoys herself but she always asks soon when we’ll go home (and when she’ll get her fruit)
At the age of 7 she got a foot trauma because of a car hitting her on a parking lot. For a year she was very scared to come out of the house.
She begs for a puppy since years and almost every day she starts a discussion about this.
She had a kitten four years ago but in 2014 this cat was hit by a car and died. Since 2015 we have a cat again and she’s very afraid that something will happen to this cat.
13. How many rounds of antibiotics has the child had and for what conditions? around 4 yo she had a lot of ear infections, three times treated with Antibiotics / January this year she had a throat infection treated with antibiotics and now the two last months two times antibiotics
14. Any skin conditions treated with cortisone-type cream? No
15. Did the child have an especially severe childhood illness--measles, mumps, croup, etc.?
-> salmonella, pneumonia
16. When ill or upset does the child want to cling or be left alone, or something else altogether? she’s sulky, wants to be taken care of (she wants food and wants to talk about fun things that perhaps will happen in the future )

17. How would you describe the child's behavior when playing with other children?
she has one best friend and together they play fantasy games. she used to be rather dictatorial but now there’s a good balance between them. At school she doesn’t understand play yard games and she often asks for a book to take to school so that she can read during the breaks.
18. What feedback do you get from the child's teachers? She’s a slow learner, when asked a question she answers silently.
19. How does your child treat animals? She cares a lot for her cat. She wants the cat to be around her all the time and feels sad when the cat stays for instance outside for a night.
20. What foods and drinks does your child crave?
she craves fruit especially strawberries, fruit juice, tomatoes, omelet and bacon, milk
she dislikes chocolate (although she’s now beginning to like black chocolate)
She reacts badly to Fristi (sugared milk with strawberrie flavor), after drinking it she’s whiny and extremely tired

21. What fears does your child have?
spiders and insects (she almost jumps out of the car when there’s a fly in it)
that something will happen to her cat or the chickens
that she will be bullied again
that her bedwetting will never pass
about the future: that her parents will die, that she won’t find someone who loves her
22. Is the child chilly or warm? Is there excessive perspiration anywhere?
23. How affectionate is the child when not sick? not particularly.

24. How sympathetic is the child (concerned with the suffering of others)? rather

25. How is the child affected by music and dancing? Loves music and moving to a beat (she spins around her own axe )

26. What emotion tends to predominate with the child? tired, sad, anxious

27. Is the child fastidious? not particularly
28. Is the child sensitive to criticism and reprimand? very sensitive.
When she has to do her school work, it takes ages before she attends to it. If I tell her that she really has to do it, she says a lot of sad things that for instance happened a long time ago. If we loose our patience at her eventually, she gets very angry in return.

29. Describe the child's eating habits
-> she enjoys eating, eats rather slowly and always asks for a second portion
30. Are there any digestive complaints
Are there any problems associated with sleep? What position does he sleep in? Does he throw the covers off? Does he sweat during sleep? On which part of the body? Trouble falling asleep? Nightmares, etc.?
she has difficulties falling asleep,
she moves in her bed, throws the bed covers off and often sleep with her knees raised
she wants a lot of stuffed animals in her bed, we limited them to 12, but she often tries to sneak in extra ones
she sleeps at her back or at her left side (so that she can check the wall at that side for spiders and insects)
32. Any skin symptoms or anything note-worthy about the skin, the complexion, etc.?
she’s rather pale with several moles
33. Is there anything striking, or characterizing about your child, for example: attatchments, unusual desires and abilities, preferences in clothing, etc.?

34. How cooperative is the child?

35. What's standing in his way of getting what he wants or needs?

36. How often does the child get sick? Does he tend toward certain illnesses?

37. What illnesses run in the family, including the grandparents? grandmother: psorias arthritis grandfather: diabetic Mother: CFS(cronichal fatigue syndrom), joints pain Father: allergy, asthma Grandmother: fibromyalgia

38. What does the child really love to do? she used to love swimming or being at the seaside (jumping up and down at the water edge, making sand castles, while she doesn’t care getting cold) but now she feels too tired to do this

39. It's important for us to know what may have been the cause for the complaints you have mentioned. To this end, please make a list, in order of occurence, of the major events in the child's life, including such things as physical and emotional traumas, major illnesses, losses, deaths in the family, surgeries, etc. and the child's age at the time. If he or she had a notable reaction to these events, please describe.

We really hope someone can give us advice.

Kind regards,
  kattie_b on 2016-10-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Catherine,

I am not taking her case, but I wanted to clarify more on bladder infection.

Two reasons: I have seen a lot of bladder infections on here and had a few myself , where remedy seemed to work, but in reality bladder infection was still going on, and had to be treated with antibiotics.

It sounds like she still has an infection.

1. Was she given a different antibiotic the second time?
How long of a gap was there between the last two infections?
2. Is there anything going on with her stool, such as diarrhea and or mixed with bed wetting that could be providing a pathway for E. coli bacteria to get into the urethra?

3. I am in USA and we have test strips in stores that you can see if urine indicates infection or close to infection. Wondering if your pharmacies have those bc it is easy to see then if all clear or not.

4. I would have her urine checked again to make totally sure urine is clear.
simone717 6 years ago
Please test her urine as Simone has suggested.
For treatment buy Sulphur 200 and Calcarea Carb 200.
Give her a dose of Sulphur 200 in the morning.
Avoid all sour food and drinks as that will antidote medicine.
Do not repeat Sulphur.
Update after 3 days.
telescope 6 years ago
hi kattie

your kid problem can be resolved forever,its a scrofula child,give cina 1m for two days only daily one dose and report back.

nisha301 6 years ago

Thank you all very much for the replies.

Her bladder infection is indeed caused by E. coli (her urine was tested for that) but as the antibiotics don't work and are likely to worsen the situation, we want to look into other solutions.

I'm interested to know what pinpoints her case either as a Sulphur/Calcarea either as a Cina.
kattie_b 6 years ago
read pg 946 in homeopathic therapeutics by samuel lilienthal under the remedy CINA(scrofulosis)
nisha301 6 years ago
As far as cina this is a controversial potency choice, of extreme high potency that should not be prescribed online.

Telescope can speak on his suggestion.

I am curious as to the names of antibiotics prescribed. I know a bit about this .

Two things can be going on here.
Infection getting repeated due to
Hygiene issues. Infection going on
For longer than you think and antibiotics chosen not totally effective
And lets the bacteria regrow. For really stubborn E. coli in USA they give maybid antibiotic. Aka macrobid
After cipro and Bactrim have weak effect.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 12 Oct 2016 18:23:13 UTC]
simone717 6 years ago
Bed wetting cases generally call for Sulphur, Causticum or Sepia. In this case however I have opted for Calcarea Carb because she is overweight and was late walking. Sulphur has been prescribed first because Calcarea Carb works better after sulphur.
telescope 6 years ago

Thank you for the replies. I can see similarities for both Calcarea and Cina, but as lower potencies are easier available over here, I will go for telescope's suggestion.
I gave her Sulphur 200 this morning.

The antibiotics were Amoxicillin twice.
kattie_b 6 years ago
My md says never give amoxicillin for E. coli. It will not eradicate it only give partial relief and it will regrow. I would find another dr and take her lab reports with you.
simone717 6 years ago

I gave her Sulphur 200 three days ago.
She had a runny nose for two days. She was thirsty (most of the times she's thirstless) and she urinated more frequently (her urine was very clear)
She wetted the bed first night and third night.
kattie_b 6 years ago
I want to caution you on a couple things.

You must get urine checked to see if infection is still there and white cell, pus cellls going higher.

The last time I myself had a Uti, remedies made me feel better but covered over infection. Then I began lower back kidney pain. My doctor was shocked at my test results with high numbers. Did not understand how I was able to function.

If you do not monitor the urine with tests it can go to kidneys and then one is in serious trouble.

Best wishes your child gets well.
simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,

Thank you for your reply. Next week on Friday we have an appointment at the university hospital to have everything checked (that appointment was made 6 weeks ago but one has to wait long to get an appointment over there) We'll see what comes out of that, but for now I'd like to continue with remedies as I believe the remedies can cure deeply and most of the times don't just cover up.
kattie_b 6 years ago
I agree,except I have been on the forum for 4to 5 years now and I think I only saw one case here better and even then no follow up. So I do not trust online for this and even my test strips gave better results than the doctor office in office quick test. They sent cultures to the lab, but that took a week.

Online has major limitations and i am glad she is getting checked out.

All the best to your family!
simone717 6 years ago
FYI, better way to say this, is many homeopaths who do online will Not..
Prescribe for kids online. They need to be seen in person to get to the correct remedy, as they need to observe the child to do it right.
Good luck.
simone717 6 years ago

I agree that online has limitations.
At the age of 6 Linda was prescribed Baryta Carbonica by a homeopathic doctor and at the age of 8 Calcarea Carbonica was prescribed. That doctor by the way has moved to the other side of the country.

I still see similiarities for both remedies and as telescope recognized Calc. Carbonica in the description, I would like to try it.

How should I proceed, telescope?
kattie_b 6 years ago
Please give her one dose Calcarea Carbonia 200 at bed time.
telescope 6 years ago

I gave her Calc. 200 6 days ago. No change in the bedwetting until now. She seems a bit more energetic, less complaining about for instance doing homework.
We're still waiting for the lab results.
kattie_b 6 years ago
Calcarea Carb 200 can work for around 30 days. Till then keep updating once a week.
telescope 6 years ago
Thank you very much, telescope.
kattie_b 6 years ago

The situation is still the same for us.
Meanwhile our daughter got another course of antibiotics.

The bedwetting is every night for the last weeks.

Some things I can add about her health:
- her mouth is too small for her teeth
- she suffers from constipation although she eats a lot of fruit and vegetables/ she does has little thirst so she doesn't drink much
- she has a big wart at the nail of her right thumb
kattie_b 6 years ago
Please give her one dose Sepia 200.
telescope 6 years ago
The bedwetting was less after one more dose of Calcarea, but it stopped completely after a dose of Thuja 200.
kattie_b 4 years ago

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