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Pinworms & Irritability

I've had chronic pinwoms for months, along with my kids (please no other natural recommendations for them-I've heard and tried them all). Symptoms come and go and include itching and I notice I clench my jaws during an active infestation.

I've tried cina 30c 2x/day ffor a month and had no symptoms for over a month. I began cina 30c again when symptoms returned 3d ago. I also tried teucrium mar 30c.

I'm a very sensitive person, which has gotten worse and would like to treat both of these issues currently. I recently started Ignatia 30c and have taken it for 3 days now, 2x/day. I've tried nux in the past as it seems to be perfect for me, but haven't tried recently.
I'm sensitive to noise, smell, and chamotion. I have 3 kids and have been short with them. Sometimes I just can't be asked any questions or needed in any way or I get very agitated. I can barely be touched and often need alone time, though I've always been extroverted, talkative, a leader.
Please help
  sej on 2016-10-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
take a dose of scirrhinum 200
and report after 10 days.
mnaari 6 years ago
Thank you. I can't seem to find scirrhinum to buy in the states. Might there be something else or suggestions on how to obtain fairly quickly (the itching is daily)?
Also, should I be continuing ignatia or cina?
sej 6 years ago
It is a nosode and you may not get it in USA. It is generally suggested for worms when well indicated remedies like cina and teucr have not given relief.

But, you say you got some benefit from cina. Let us see if you need a different potency.

What are the symptoms that got ameliorated, at lest temporarily with cina? What other symptoms are unaffected by Cina?

Why did you try ignatia? For what symptoms?

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Thanks Murthy,
The worm symptoms of itchy anus/wriggling in anus and teeth clenching were relieved with cina or teucrium, I took cina more regularly as I spilled the rest of a bottle of teucr and simply stopped taking it (so not sure what worked but seemed like the cina).

I started ignatia for stress/burnout/hypersensitivity. It was unrelated to the pinworms as I'd already felt relief from them and stopped the other remedies (but started cina again now).
I've always had a type a personality, busy and hard on myself and find it hard to enjoy life. Since kids (oldest is 6, youngest 2) I've had little sleep and much stress. I stay home with them, homeschool and have a bad marriage and low income, they are intense kids. I've become more sensitive over the years to where now I can't deal with chemical or strong or tabacco smells, can't deal with more than one thing going on at once (I used to multi-task better than anyone!), can't be touched.
I get overwhelmed with everyone needing me and anger easy. I also get sad/feelings hurt easy.

I'm chilly normally. I have very little energy, but used to have a lot. I used to be a morning person but can barely move in the morning now, even with 9hrs sleep. I used to be quick, bright, think very clearly, and amazing memory. Now it's all opposite with brain fog.

It seemed like ignatia might be a good one for me and I already had it. I haven't noticed any changes though.
sej 6 years ago
Also I'm super sensitive to mistreatment. I can't watch news or hear stories of people/animals/earth getting hurt and it makes me crazy to think about things like this. I live in a big city and get anxious getting out and angry at other people's meaness, yet I express that pain it gives me in a mean way (road rage, yelling, etc), I don't hurt others physically (but sometimes want to!). I'm planning to move to another country because of how people behave around here, that's how much it bothers me.
sej 6 years ago
I almost never sleep through the night.
sej 6 years ago
Are you taking Ignatia and cina together/ on the same day?

If so, please don't do it.

Cina also covers irritability. It works best in higher potencies. Procure 200c..liquid..

We will try water doses for maximum effectiveness. Let me know once you have the remedy in hand..for dosage instructions.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
I'm taking them the same days, yes. I'll stop ignatia and pick up the cina tomorrow. Continue my cina 30c dose tonight and in the am or halt till I get the 200c? Thank you
sej 6 years ago
Stop taking everything. Don't procure Cina 200 also. After your latest inputs I was reading Ignatia again and it has the itching of the anus from the worms/ a sensation as if from the worms too.

Come back after a week, without taking any medicine whatsoever. That helps in bringing symptoms out.

I may have to ask lot of questions, before deciding on the remedy. Come back after a week.

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
OK, thank you Murthy, I'll post in a week.
sej 6 years ago
I'm back, it's been one week. Itching was still present, except a relief from it Thursday and Friday and it's milder today and yesterday. All irritibility and other symptoms persist.
Please advise when able.
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sej 6 years ago
Hi sej

Ayurveda can heal you and help you cope better. If interested I can prescribe. What's your location
Teupne 6 years ago
Teupne, I'm interested. I have done lots of herbals, but can't commit to many diet changes as I believe food should be instinctual. I am in Arizona, U.S.
sej 6 years ago
I am travelling. Will come back ASAP. Meanwhile see what tupene recommends.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago
Although your posts do indicate primary pitta disha (fire).

But I would appreciate if you check your prakriti at holisticonline.Com under ayurveda section. Find out and then your healing will commence.

Additionaly talk in detail about how and when your health issues started.what all you like in food :your addictions...alcohol etc.anything you find relevant.

As a pitta You don't take spices well and hot food and crave for cold weather and drinks.

Regarding instinctual food choices ayurveda states that when we are healthy we make healthy food choices but when imbalanced we make incorrect choices further compounding our misery.

So your prakriti dosha first and other details. ?
Teupne 6 years ago
Hi Teupne...I do have some understanding of ayurveda and have seemed to put myself in betwwen a pitta and a vata. I looked at the website you gave and still feel I am both. I definitely don't crave cold weather, I can barely stand the cold.I live in the hot desert for that reason, but in the last few years have also become intolerant to much heat and need the temperature to be just right (warm).

I do believe in the wrong food choices when imbalanced. I tend to go for chocolate. I get easily 'addicted" to other things too. Before having kids I drank a lot. I felt I needed it and craved it. I also smoked cigarettes. I found them both easy to give up upon becoming pregnant 7yrs ago. I still go through times I feel the need to drink almost nightly, it rarely lasts over a couple weeks. Or I will want chocolate nightly.
I think my issues really got bad after having kids. I had three kids in 4yrs and we moved across country twice, husband lost job, we bought a house, and I just couldn't cope with the stress.
I used to be a deep sleeper, but none of my kids slept well and I nursed all night and I still can't sleep through the night (no longer nursing though). I'm a perfectionist and it drives me crazy to know I'm not a perfect mom, even though I try hard. I stay at home and homeschool my kids. I'm also active in yoga and teach kids gymnastics. I feel the need to be active, but had to give up running 4 yrs ago and have to go slow or I'll need days to recover.
Foods: warm,dry food, comforting carbs and meats. Hot coffee, but cold water/or herbal tea. I sometimes have to make myself eat. I've lost my appetite in the last year. I used to love to eat. I've always been thin, but not tiny, and athletic.

I am just so sensitive anymore. Sometimes I can barely stand someone talking to me, or asking me something and in my head I'm saying to go away and shut up. I especially can't stand stupidity. I'm intolerant even of my kids. When I get the itchy worm symptoms I find myself feeling hopeless that I can't get rid of them.
[message edited by sej on Sun, 23 Oct 2016 20:25:06 UTC]
sej 6 years ago
I read your answers.

You definitely have excess of pitta dosha.

Pitta are perfectionist and intelligent people.They are impatient and can't tolerate stupidity.

But to heal you need committment.

That means no alcohol no meat no tea cofee and spices etc.

I recommend livercare upfront with anti pitta diet.

Give it one month.
Buts its all useless if correct diet is not taken.

Your digestion gives it away.pitta are rarely constipated vayu much more so.
Teupne 6 years ago
Good to know you have some primer on ayurveda:)

Athleticism and ravenous appetite both pitta.

Also common to both pitta and vayu is lightness.

So prefer heavy food that will ground you , nurture you and increase love (kapha) in you.Love is the best healer.but only after your body detoxes on livercare.
You will see the difference in one month.
Teupne 6 years ago
I won't be able to stick with that diet. I get blood sugar issues if I go without meat, I definitely need it's protein right now. I'm fine with giving up alcohol, tea (all I drink is herbal anyway) and coffee. Does it matter that the only meat I eat is beef from grass fed only cows? No pork, but the occasional chicken or ffish. I make sure I know where I buy it from as I'm sensitive to the animal welfare.

I've never had a ravenous appetite...the past year I've barely had an appetite at all and have to make myself eat.
I'm not familiar with livercare? I have been taking herbs to support the liver though.
sej 6 years ago
Meat is heavier to digest. Though it is grounding.but would increase pitta.

There are other issues with it.It increases toxicity in the system and tamsik( important concept).

So I suggest to find a substitute.

Livercare/liv 52 is from himalaya indian company but its the best selling global brand for liver issues.

Check its amazing reviews on Amazon:)
Herbal tea is very good only if its taste balances your dosha

With livercare and diet changes you should get your appetite back hopefully.

Good luck:)
Teupne 6 years ago
What liver herbs you been taking.? How much helpful have they been
Teupne 6 years ago
Thank you Teupne, I'll need to look into livercare.
I've had some of these symptoms several years, so I've definitely tried different foods, I've gone without what you've said to get rid of in the past, including meat. It's not going to be that simple for me, I guess that's why I never fully researched ayurvedic medicine before. Simple diet changes aren't enough for me and I never feel different with them (which is why I'm no longer willing to do them, it's extremely stressful too). I do thank you for your time and willingness to help and wish you well!

Murthy, and anyone else willing/able to comment on homeopathic remedies, I will eagerly await your opinion!
sej 6 years ago
I am back in India.

Do you have Ignatia 30c liquid or pills?

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
I have ignatia 30c in pills, Murthy
sej 6 years ago

Mix 4 pellets in about 30 ml. of water and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Take half of it in the morning and the remaining in the night, again after stirring vigorously.

Prepare a fresh dose next morning, but increase the mixing time more than last time. Take half it in the morning and balance in the evening.

Use for 3 days only, and report after a week.
gavinimurthy 6 years ago

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