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Please help husband's severe eczema

After 15 or so years of seeing dermatologists and using steroid creams for his eczema, my husband's eczema was only getting worse. We started to see a naturopathic doctor about 2 months ago who started him on a homeopathic remedy.

I just want to make sure we are on the right track because my husband is still suffering very much and doesn't know how much longer he can endure this.

I'll try to be brief and descibe his situation --

Before seeing her, his eczema was primarily on his forehead, one side of his face, and along his jawline plus a few spots on the backs of his knees and back. Eczema was always red and extremely itchy, would get redder after a shower. His eyes would swell often, many times they would swell shut during sleep. Sometimes a finger would swell up for no apparent reason. He sneezed frequently, but especially upon waking.

The treatment the naturopath started him on is:
3 pellets of 30c of sulphur once a day plus
2 tbsp flax/borage oil a day plus
good multivitamin plus
liver detoxifier.
At this point he stopped using the hydrocortisone cream he had been using.

He did this for one month -- as soon as he started this treatment he had an extreme flare-up. One of the worst ever in his life. His skin became unbearably red, itchy, dry and painful. He got a huge rash on his neck, shoulders, and arms. This eventually spread to his knuckles. He could not stop scratching.

He went back to the naturopath after one month -- she said he is progressing and should continue to see gradual improvement. She said to stay on the same regimen except she told him to take the sulphur TWICE a day so now he has been taking 6 pellets of 30c sulphur a day for about a month.

We have noticed that most of the rash seems to have calmed down. His forehead and side of his face seem better, although his jawline is still very red. The worst places now are his shoulders which are like leather because the skin is so dry, also the inner elbows -- which are painful, cracking and dry. He cannot stop scratching his arms and shoulders. The spaces between his fingers are also dry and cracking. The only place where the rash is still present seems to be his hands/knuckles.

We have noticed his eyes have really improved -- no more swollen eyes at all, and no more sneezing fits. No more swollen fingers.

Although we have seen very slight improvement the itching and dryness of his skin are so unbearable that he does not think he can continue this regimen beyond another month. He is threatening to return to steroid creams so he can get some relief.

Can someone tell me if we are on the right track? Should the naturopath have recommended something else or does the sulphur sound like the remedy? When should we expect more improvement?

Are there any other natural moisturizers we could try besides sesame oil that might help and will not interfere with the homeopathic treatment?

Any advice is appreciated as my husband is suffering terribly.

Oh, other pieces of info --

my husband is usually always warm, rarely ever cold

he dreads taking showers but says that after a shower he does tend to feel better now

he says his skin feels better after scratching, he feels the dead skin causes the itching and he needs to scratch it off

he works at night, sleeps during the day -- during sleep, wraps himself in blankets and always wakes up hot/sweaty

he is typically a lethargic person, almost lazy

he is a philosopher / writer / dreamer

he is sensitive / generous / compassionate

he feels frustrated right now, at his wit's end with trying to find a solution to this

he craves carbohydrates -- pastas and breads are his favorites

no major diseases

has had a reaction to one antibiotic in the past

he cannot walk past the cleaning aisle at the grocery store without having a flare-up

he was tested for allergies but allergist said he is not allergic to anything

he was tested for autoimmune disease but results were negative -- clean bill of health

other symptoms: dry eyes, flatulence problems

had eczema as a baby, then it went away

eczema came back 15 yrs ago when he worked in a steel mill and was exposed to chemicals

he says eczema seemed to get worse when dating women

ok -- sorry so long -- any advice is appreciated

  abcgirl on 2006-02-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sulfur is THE right thing .

But in MY opinion the potency is wrong .

Either use LOW say 3x or 6x


Use ONE tab each of



at 24 hr intervals.

Sulfur in the old literature was characterised as --- the ragged trouser philosopher ! .
walkin last decade
I have had many cases of chronic Eczema that were cured by Arnica in a few weeks.

If your husband does not respond to Sulphur, please contact me again and I shall indicate the method of using Arnica and the dosage.
Joe De Livera last decade
I take SAM-e (manufactured by Nature Made), 400mg a day everyday. Not only my finger eczema is completely gone, I can eat anything, and drink wine as well as any other types of alcohol. Red wine used to give me severe itching so this is an amazing outcome for me. I know SAM-e is a poweful liver detoxifier, but not too many people know how it helps with eczema.
foxndana last decade
does anyone have any other suggestions for my husband's eczema?

it has been four months now. he is still following the regimen of
sulphur 30c -- 2x a day
liver detoxifier -- 2x a day
essential fatty acid oil - 1 tbsp a day

since the last time i wrote, his progress seems to have bottomed out. his arms/hands are the absolute worst and he scratches until they bleed. the itchiness is unbearable and he is still in a lot of pain.

we were trying to be patient and wait to see if he improved on the current regimen, but there doesn't seem to be any progress at this point....should he go back to the homeopath at this point?

how long should one wait with homeopathy before deciding that a certain regimen is not working?

please please help!!
abcgirl last decade
Since your husband's Eczema has not responded to the Sulphur and other remedies and drugs that you have used for the last 4 months I would suggest that you use Arnica which I have used successfully in the case of many chronic sufferers from Eczema, some of whom had been chronic for over 75 years in the case of a 88 year old man, who are all now cured.

The remedy that I have used, Arnica 6c is not referred to in any of the Homeopathic texts and was discovered by me about 2 years ago. The method of using this remedy is as follows:

You are advised to get a recognized brand of Arnica 6c made by Boiron, Helios, WHP or any other to ensure results.

Insert 3 pellets of Arnica 6c into a 500ml bottle of Spring water which you can get from any supermarket. You can read the fine type to ensure that the water is from deep bore wells.
Shake the bottle hard to create bubbles and sip a teaspoonful of the water which is now the remedy, 3 times daily for the first week and twice thereafter.
The shaking is succussion and should be done before each dose of a teaspoonful is sipped.

You have inquired how long the remedy will take to help the patient and you may like to know that in one case the patient, who had suffered from Eczema for 20 years and was having lesions that were oozing on both shins of his legs, discovered that in just 3 days the itching stopped and the lesions dried out in a week.

Please report your husband's response in a week.

It is understood that you will stop all other medication for 3 days before you start the Arnica therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
I would like to correct the second para to read:

The remedy that I have use, Arnica 6c is nor referred to as a remedy for Eczema, in any of tthe Homeopathic texts and was discovered by me about 2 years ago.
Joe De Livera last decade
Has your husband been tested for candida overgrowth? I have struggled with eczema since a baby and was also diagnosed with candida overgrowth. I was told the two are quite related and some of your husbands information makes me think he may have candida as well. I strongly recommend asking the naturopath about it. You can probably find self test questioners about likelihood of candida online. Also consider food sensitivities. A leading cause of eczema is low hydrochloric acid. Zine is a catalyst for hydrochloric acid production.
Good luck to you both. It surely is not a pleasant thing to have. Dealing with some swollen fingers myself right now.
No Name last decade
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