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Correct selection of dream rubrics?

Just woke up from a nightmare. And I had an interesting thought about it.

A lot of people wouldn't consider this nightmare but the feelings I've been going through were awful. But let's call it a bad dream.

So how do you select rubrics for this? Is dreaming counterfeit money really the rubric that fits, or is that just a repetition of previous events? Because once a customer did try to give me fake money while I was at the cashbox and I must guard from it at work. This is a general question. So does a rubric really fit if you dream about an event from real life? Per example, for a dream of being on a plane, is there not a different significance for a patient who is a stewardess and for a patient who never traveled by plane in real life?

I've been wondering lately if presence of generalized fear of LOSS of various kinds actually classifies as fear of robbers.
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  cosmicweaver on 2016-11-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you can check it out in knerr rep and kent rep
nisha301 3 years ago

You are a very aware person, and very logical. Do not know rubric, but
I would "work" the dream.

Sometimes the dreams are trying to help us confront issues. If I had that dream, I would meditate on a different response to get anchored in
To my waking self.

Often prior abuse will then stunt what
Is a healthy response. Example: person with no abuse has a person who is rude step on their foot in line.
The no abuse person will say- please get off my foot. Abused person will move out of the way and then Think. Was it my fault, blah blah. What should I have done , etc etc.

So if me, I would sit with your dream and go thru healthy responses - like asap doing something. it's like good practice, as in real life, you will recognize and be totally ready for
Similar situations.

A remedy could work, but the above works too.
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simone717 3 years ago
Yes dreams have some mean if it happen
From 9pm-12 pm takes 9 month to come true
12pm-3pm 3 month time
3pm-3:40pm 1 month
3:40-3:52 1- 10 days (current brahma muhurta)
Daydream useless.

But there means are different like

You see a dead body which mean
You have calcium deficiency (most of joint pain person see this) see calc carb u will find it.person also use dead words.
Your stopped work will complete soon.A good news very near.(just opposite to dream)

Like this unlock it.If dream is good than donot tell anyone.I can't tell u because it take more time
So cheak
And surrounding weakness.you will find what its mean.
DrManojVEDI 3 years ago
Google "repertory of mental qualities"
Jeremy Sherr -hpathy 2009.
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simone717 3 years ago
Well first - thank you everyone for replying.

nisha301, what is your opinion on which rubrics fit? I've already read a few dream reportories, here on abc database and one or two others, so I am kinda acquainted with the list, but what I don't know what makes a rubric legit, want to learn how to correctly reportorize. Is this a legit "dreams, money, counterfeit" rubric? Or it is rather "dreams, events from the past" thing? Which is the correct rubric to choose here, knowing my background provided material for the dream? (And not only nisha301, please everyone is invited, give your insights)

I have another question. When the dream fits several rubrics - do we ignore the more general rubric and only look at the more specific?

sleep - dreams - money: cycl, puls, phos, mag-m, mag-c, alum

RUBRIC 2 - more specific:
sleep - dreams - money, counterfeit: zinc-ox

(My case doesn't matter here btw, I'm only trying to learn how to analyze this properly and using my dream as an example)
cosmicweaver 3 years ago
simone717, yes I've been paying attention to my dreams in that way for years now. I agree they are a great tool for recognizing issues.

Kinda did that when I woke up, lol. If it really happened, I'd take my phone out and record him, and if he will not return what is not his, I'd put him on YouTube and make it viral. I wouldn't care if I lost my job. But in the moment I felt so powerless, helpless against him, he is rich and powerful and I am small and poor so he can do what he wants without consequences. This is part of reason why I avoid watching the news (where you see politicians do this daily), it greatly upsets me. The only thing these people fear is exposure because their evil can only succeed in darkness and secrecy. Cannot stand injustice.
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cosmicweaver 3 years ago

"So cheak
And surrounding weakness."

This is a great advice, I will remember it.
cosmicweaver 3 years ago
There are different ways to repetorize.

You can google dr L u c on this.
But what dr Sherr does is pick several large rubrics for the case and dreams then more certain that correct remedy will be in there.

More work to go thru then totality of symptoms and strange and peculiar
Symptoms but worth it.
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simone717 3 years ago
Simone, just looked into that interview, noticed that Archibel published it. I tried to install their Radar before, but it would not install right, although I had all the tech requirements.

Where do you look for symptoms with keywords, what source/site/program do you use? What free sources can you recommend, that I am able to look up by keywords and get a list of rubrics with remedies?
cosmicweaver 3 years ago
Many repertories and materia medica online.

I have a library, and not going to invest in software unless I was going pro and no plans to do that right now.
simone717 3 years ago
Simone, I am back just to thank you for increased clarity after looking into the info you posted. I looked at my old posts when I've just come here, I'd babble a whole paragraph out and was so frustrated because I was not able to pinpoint the central issue (that's problem with overthinking people, I bet we make homeopaths job harder). Now, I read and see clearly a whole paragraph is all "low self esteem" , per example. Feels great to gain more clarity. I am also looking into the other doctor you mentioned, he has plenty of great articles on his site.
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cosmicweaver 3 years ago
Yes, a broader rubric would be "victim"

I like how he says " the right rubric is the one with the right remedy in it"

Also after you do this for some time you get to really know some remedies really well, there are subtle things that only come from experience. Antivirus had a great outcome for one woman, with just a couple doses of kali carb. Antivirus has a detailed form, and someone asked him how he chose that. He said bc the person was concerned about being able to keep the house clean.

Anyway, I read the form several times and I would not have come up with kali carb. So it was right and he zeroed in on that from experience.

Jeremy Sherr had a school and still
Does segments you can sign up online. Some people are just great teachers. I think he is and dr l u c is
Also, he has free pages, but he retired. Everyone finds him to be very
simone717 3 years ago

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