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E-coli infection at Semen

Arghya here.
AGE -48

Last 2 months getting problem at e-coli infection at semen.Taking antibiotic but not help.

Now taking homeo medicine. One drop with empty stomach to control sugar and another medicine for e-coli twice a day. Its improves but no much.

sugar 106/125

Buring private parts and anas.(After taking medicine its ok)
At time of motion semen coming out from private parts(still exists).
Feeling feverish(Body temp 95.6 its grows upto 98)
Basically at noon feeling temp.

Please help.
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  araghyagmail.com on 2016-11-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Check your prakriti at holistic online. Com under ayurveda section and report.

Also issues you are facing in detail , your medical and digestion history.
Teupne 7 years ago
Hi Sir, Many Thanks for your response. Here under details regarding.

Your Body Type / Prakriti is VATA-PITTA

Since you display qualities of two doshas - vata and pitta, Prakriti test identifies you as VATA-PITTA Prakriti. This means that in your Prakriti no dosha is dominant and yours is a two-dosha type Prakriti. Most people are two-dosha types.

I have grda - taking two tablet nexium 20 mg morning and evening. For pre-diabetic not using any medicine any way one doing yoga at morning and exercise at evening.And when I m healthy taking garlic capsules morning and evening and karala , jamun juice. Weight around 72, height - 5,11.
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araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Tell other details asked above.

Complete medical and digestion history.current issues.
Teupne 7 years ago
Antibiotic :- First I took ofloxatin and mixed capsules 625 mg for 10 days.

Then I took amoxycillin/Claulanic acid with nitrofurantoin tablets for 7 days but its not remove.

After that last 5 days I am taking homeo medicine but don't know name.

My body temp around 95.6 to 96.
Now morning also body temp 97.4 and noon its around 98. Feeling cold. At time of motion white thin semen coming out. And I think though taking medicine that's why buring not there but near by anas feeling pain.

digestion is good. No problem. Previously I have constipation problem but now ok.
araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Semen culture report

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
What is grda? Do you mean Gerd?

How long have you been taking nexium. Give me digestion history.also post prakriti scores from holistic
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Teupne 7 years ago
Here are the results from the diagnostic tests you have taken. The accuracy of the results depends on how many questions you have actually answered and how truthful you were in answering the questions. Read the articles mentioned below on balancing the doshas as the food and nutrition as a means to control your vikruti.

Normalized Scores
Your Predominant Dosha Is:
Pitta and Vata

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From 2010 onwards taking nexium 20. Dr told not to stop these medicine.
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araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
And you did not know any better.

For six years you are taking nexium for acidity that would have been easily healed with ayurveda in 1 month flat.
Possibly nexium is the reason for everything that's wrong with you today.

Confirm that you are worse off with heat and spices and do better in cool temperature.

Your scores suggest that you are predominantly pitta. I just want to be sure.

Being pitta your digestion history should be good with rarely any constipation. They digest very easily and are prone to anger and irritable.

Something is not adding up.

I would prescribe after you
Clarify if generaly you prefered cool over hot , both foods and climate wise.and are better with it.

Also Gerd (acidity) was your first digestive issue.?

Are you angry types or cool types?

Pitta (heat) causes burning and inflammation while vata (vayu) causes pain.

Pitta are worse off from spicy food and vata are better off with it.

Kindly confirm before we heal you.

Body temp 95.6 how come normal body temp. Is 98.4 and pitta persons are hot to touch. ??whereas vata are cool to touch hence the query.are you cool to touch normaly? ?

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Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks sir for your help. Here under details.
Yes ,GERD first digestive issues.

Basically depend upto mood.If mood is good, everythink are ok, If mood is bad then I not spare my father also.
By default cool person. But if loose temper then within few secs I am very serious and again few seconds I m ok.

But if people are telling some think to me it may be I not able to answer that same time but never forgot my life time and never forgive also
araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Read my post again and answer remaining queries about foods that help you and climate you like.

Yes you are a pitta.

But you would have to stop taking allopathic meds if you want me to help you.
Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks sir your help.
Yes sir. Basically took very simple food at house. But always like Spicy food.

Like summer and winter but very like autumn and spring.
araghyagmail.com 7 years ago

You have to Stop allopathic medicine.

Start on aloe Vera sap in the morning on empty stomach along with avipattikar churna.

Also take live 52 syrup as indicated .
Follow anti pitta diet preferring bitter astringent and sweet tastes.

Avoid pungent sour and salty tastes.

Above will detox your body from toxins which are root cause of diseases.
Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks sir. That will help to come out e-coli infection as well ?
araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Yes it should.I will add specific herbs later.

I will prescribe further. Report after 15 days.
Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks sir for your help.

aloe vera syp for how many days I have to use and which companies is good product?

avipattikar churna also how may days and which companies product is good

Also take live 52 syrup as indicated - Please tell more for this unable to understand

Last question is this medicine helps to come out semen e coli infection ?

Please let me know?

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Aloe Vera is a plant. Have this plants sap (guda in hindi).It would be best.

If not available take patanjali aloe vera juice.

Liv 52 syrup twice a day.

Morning empty stomach. Take Nothing till one hour.in evening with gap.

Avippatikar churna of dabur company.
Healing takes time so be patient.
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Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks for your kind help.

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Good Afternoon Sir. Got both medicine.

Aloe vera juice have to take morning 5ml or more ?

Avippatikar churna doses means pre or post lunch or dinner ?

And how much 1 teaspoon or two teaspoons.

Please let me know.

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Avipatikar churna will clear toxins.It is for acidity.

Take one spoon in morning on empty stomach. Take all medicines in morning on empty stomach with gap of 10-15 min.

Don't eat anything till after 1 hour.

Aloe vera Juice take 2-3 spoon.mix in equal water and take

Stop allopathy.
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Teupne 7 years ago
Sure sir. Already stop allopathy medicine.

Now taking homeopathy for that problem. From tomorrow morning I will start all medicines.

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
No garlic no jamun both increase pitta
Teupne 7 years ago
Ok Sir.From today morning start taking medicine.

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Start using from yesterday. Today morning as usual took medicine around 6:15 and 7:30 took water and food. Around 9 to 9:30 upper stomach start buring , around 10:30 I took full meal , now it's ok.

Is this type of problem continue for few days.

As I know when start taking nexpro 40 that time I have Grade 1 GRDA. Now its ok. But last 1 month back I took around 20 days anti-biotic after that problem occur more.

Please let me know your comments.

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago
Have you got liv 52 also?Use it also.

These medicines detox the body.So it will eliminate the acidity in you gradually.The acidic toxins will come out which may cause temporary discomfort but you would start improving and continuously feel better.

So don't worry.No need to be concerned.

Also change your diet which is most important.
No tea, coffee, meat, spices.sour, salt

Use bitter astringent and sweet tastes .
Teupne 7 years ago
Thanks Sir.
Yes sir my food is very simple. In my house everybody has acid and gas problem.

I am taking bed bit late around 12 to 12:30 , is it create problem ?

After taking this medicine my motion not getting clear at morning? Is it also expected ?

araghyagmail.com 7 years ago

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