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Loss of Voice & Hoarseness

I had a great voice until a year and half back, then I got a bad cold and thats when it all started. I lost my voice and need to strain a lot to talk. Also, my voice has become hoarse. I had my cold treated by an allopath then.
When my voice did not come back, I visited an ENT specialist, who tried some medicines, and later on concluded that I will need to use steriods. As, I did not want to get into that I decided to get help from alternate medicines.
I did a Ayurveda treatment for a couple of months, but there wasnt a substantial benefit.
I later consulted a homeopath, who has treated me with multiple variations, but my voice still hasnt improved.
Some of the medications that I have taken over the last year are
Aur Trip 30c (Multiple doses)
Causticium 1M (4 doses)
Lachesis 1M (4 doses)
Phos 30c (multiple doses)

Since last week I was asked to start Arg Met 30c. I have been taking around 3 doses of the same per day. But still to see a improvement.

It would be of great help if you could help me with the medication I should use for my condition.

About myself
I am 28 male, and work in the IT industry.
  ramchand on 2006-02-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Aurum trip is most appropriate -- but could be that Belladonna is required.

You may need to change the potency of the Aur Trip -- either drop to 3x or go up to 1M.
walkin last decade
i advise you you to take 1 dose of PSORINUM 1M.
also report back after 3 days.
drsajid last decade
what exactly was going 'on' in life at time of and prior to ""bad cold" which resulted in voice loss?

life before incident.?.

what meds/treatments used back then before said incident?for what reason(s)?

what other complaints exist at this time?list (no matter how seemingly small or unimportant...?
John Stanton last decade
Walkin : What potency of Aur Trip would you suggest and what should be the dosage ?

Dr Sajid : Thanks for your suggestion, I have taken a dose of Psorinum 1M today, I will report back after 3 days.

John : Find answers to your questions below
1. When I had a cold and lost my voice, I was working on a project which had me work for 14+ hours a day, and my role had me to talk for long hours, so I had to over-stress my throat during that period, and I guess thats what led to the voice loss.
2. I am not on any regular medication, and nor do I recall using any before the said incident.
3. Other complaints that I have at this point in time are
a. I see some fiber like objects in my eyes. (Dont rememeber since when this has started, but is also quiet a few months)
b. When I wake up from my sleep, I feel pain in my legs, this vanishes once I am out of bed.
c. My neck seems a little stiff.
d. I sometimes feel a burning senstation while urinating.
e. I feel a dry sensation in my throat and at times as if something is there in my throat. I do not have any problems during swalloing.
f. My appetite has reduced in the past couple of years.
g. Also, another thing i noticed about my voice, it gets worse after I drink anything very hot. Drinking or eating anything cold does not have any effect on the voice.
h. I have an itching sensation in my ears at times, which stops once I clean them with a bud.

Those are most of the complaints I can think of at this time.

Thanks everyone for all your help.

Any other suggestions which will help me are welcome.
ramchand last decade
John Stanton, I have answered your questions, awaiting your suggestions.

ramchand last decade
single dose (2 pellet) pulsatilla 30c--to be taken 1 hour before midday meal ....

avoid all fats and oils (foods)..also --no alcoholic beverages-coffee-tea-carbonated soft drinks

stay away from cannabis usage..as well as other meds and drugs..no other treatments at all...

post back response or lack of...response
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John.

Should I be taking a dose of Pulsatilla 30c everyday before midday meal ?

Or just once ?

Thanks once again!
ramchand last decade
ONLY one dose--no other--also must follow restrictions mentioned
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

Thank you very much for the remedy given by you. My voice is now much much better.
I have watched this single rememdy help with something that was a problem for nearly 2yrs now. I will just describe how this remedy has worked.
As suggested by you, I took the dose of Puls 30c an hr before my mid-day meal. Also, I implemented all the restrictions mentioned. There wasnt much for a couple of days. But, from the third day, I felt severe pain in the left side of my throat as if it were cut. It was bearable so I decided to ignore it. The left side pain self cured in 3 days time. But, from the next day a similar pain started on the right side of my throat. Considering it were the same, I decided to again just watch it. I waited for 5 days, but this time the pain just went on increasing and became unbearable, so I was compelled to visit an allopath, who treated me for it.
Here is my analysis of what happened ....
After taking puls 30c, it cut apart the growth in my throat which was causing the hoarseness and thats why I felt the pain as if there were a cut. First the left side of the growth was cut, and then slowly it moved towards the right. But it seems, that once the cut moved towards the right, the wound got infected and so did not self cure. The allopathy helped cure the infection and close the wound.
This cure has been truly magical, an operation without a knife.
Thanks John! for this.

Lastly I needed another suggestion from you, I still feel there is something at the top of my throat, feels like it will move down my throat when I swallow, but always remains there. Anything I could do for this ?
Thanks once again!
ramchand last decade
what meds used conserning recent alopath visit?

point by point how did each symptom discussed before puls change in comparison to after?

what is cureent sleep characteristics?dreams?

what of appetite?
John Stanton last decade
concerning "... feel there is something at the top of ..throat..."---when has this been experienced in life before?

concerning left side pain then to right side pain/infection--when was this experienced in life before (before taking pulsatilla)?

P.S.. MUST keep me informed--as when """right side aggravtion occured""--it concerns/wonders me that the antibiotics/method used by doc may give or not the current state of symptoms...

we will avoid this by keeping closer communication--POST here or email me...either way --but need to know when such things occur...
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

Thanks for your reply,

Regarding the current allopath visit, I do not have the precise drug names used by the doctor, but he informed me that he was treating me for an allergy & infection. I was on anti-biotics provided by him for 5 days. Currently not on any medication.

I will pick up the sypmtoms I had listed earlier ...and their state after taking puls.
a. Throat / hoarseness related - I have already described in my earlier post.
b. I see some fiber like objects in my eyes. - No change
c. When I wake up from my sleep, I feel pain in my legs, this vanishes once I am out of bed. - The occurrence of this pain is very less. Has occured only a couple of times in last 2 weeks.
d. My neck seems a little stiff. - The stiffness of my neck is much lesser
e. I sometimes feel a burning senstation while urinating. - This still happens, but when I eat very spicy food.
e. I feel a dry sensation in my throat and at times as if something is there in my throat. I do not have any problems during swalloing. - The dryness has gone, but the feeling of something still remains, will describe below.
f. My appetite has reduced in the past couple of years. - My appetite has got a little better. Can eat more than I could earlier
g. Also, another thing i noticed about my voice, it gets worse after I drink anything very hot. Drinking or eating anything cold does not have any effect on the voice. - My voice has improved, have been avoiding eating / drinking anything too hot or too cold.
h. I have an itching sensation in my ears at times, which stops once I clean them with a bud. - Havent felt the itch for the past 2 weeeks.

Regarding my sleep charecteristics - There hasnt been too much of a change. Sleep for 6-8 hrs every day.
Regarding dreams - I generally get dreams early in the morning, but dont recall any of it after I wake up.

Now regarding the feeling of something being there in my throat --- I get this feeling as at the top of my throat, its a feeling as if something (like mucus)is there and will slide down my throat when I swallow. But it always remains. This feeling has been there for more than 6 months now.

Unfortunately after the right side aggravation occured I was hoping it will self cure like the left side, so I did not post, but it worsened to a very bad extent where my throat pained continuously and the pain got worse when I ate/drank anything, and even my voice had stopped. I was left with no option but to visit my family doctor (who is an allopath) for immideate treatment.

I will surely keep you posted if any new symptoms occur.
ramchand last decade
1 hour before midday eating take single (3 pellets) lachesis 30c--no repettion at all--just one dose..

also start probiotic (udos choice super 5) as well as digestive enzymes (udos enzyme blend) supplementation

avoid all acidic foods and drinks;;stimulants;seafood..
John Stanton last decade
This post for Dr. Kumar. Pls Dr. Kumar pls suggest me some homeo remedy. I have always small red bump in my front portion of throat which can be seen from outside(pharyngitis) and I guess laryngitis also. Specially in the morning my voice remains hoarse and I feel like clearing the cough from the vocal cord area. But I read heard the frequent clearing can damage the vocal cord and so voice.
I had so good singing voice in hindustani classical but now I can not practice and my voice is never clear and one pitch. multiple cracky voice comes out which hurts me a lot for not singing properly. In dietary concern, I am very organic and herbal person and take lot green veg in salad form. I take MSM/biotin to improve my immunity. With a single in weather, i develop lump below my left ear and sore throat. Now we live in cold place in USA( Ohio) and I had severe tonsilitis recently with puss oozing out and severe throat pain. Doc prescribed amoxilin which gives lots of side effects which I am still having . I lost my digestion. Now I develop indigestion problem and nausea problem. Even I can not digest milk. Pls suggest me something homeopathic to get back my voice. I have always lump small lump( I guess that is swollen lymph gland) just on rt side of
throat which gets swollen at the time of tonlitis. Docs always prescribe strong antibiotic which my body can not take and I hate antibiotic.
rdutt last decade
Mr. Rdutt, first of all you should give up chilly water and spicy edibles at once. Take fat-free food of very normal temperature. It will help you too much. One dose of phytolucca 200 should be taken only two times a week. I am sure you would get recovered shortly. Mind that no remedy would follow Phytolacca 200 otherwise it will result you nothing.
Dr. Kumar
Dr Kumar last decade
To john stanton
sir,i am having problem with my voice in my childhood i used to have good pitch but now it has been reduced and voice is not clear sir plz help me
kumarr last decade
sir,i am having problem with my voice .In my childhood i used to have good pitch but now it has been reduced and voice is not clear. sir plz help me
kumarr last decade
I am a teacher and actor, 57 male, 5'5, 68 kg, fair complexion.For last 30 years I have been using my voice.No problem rose. But for the last 5 years I get my voice choked every now and then when I read texts in the class, talk with the students, utter dialogues during acting or reciting poems. A hoarse cracking sound comes out instead. Besides these dust or smoke get the better of me too.

I met ENT specialists who advised me voice rest and prescribed lots of medicines like Levocetrizine, Montelukast, Pantoprazole and so on.One opined too that two nodule growth were there in the vocal chord.

I take anti-hypertensive medications like Atenolol 25 mg and Amlodipine 10 mg in the morning as my blood pressure fluctuates. At night I have to take Paroxetine and Pregabalin as I have been suffering for anxiety problems, phobia and panic disorders. I know all my worries are irrational, yet I fail to wean off the psychiatric medicines. Going on taking these medicnes for about 25 years.

Once I was a prolific sportsman. But now it poses me great problem to walk smartly or climb up the stairs. According to orthopedics , the problem is osteoarthritis.

I have fatty liver and high uric acid 7.8. I take no medicines for these problems.

I visited a homeopath doctor who prescribed me Carcinocin 1m, Guaicum and some other one.I felt no improvement , rather my problems became intensified thereafter.

I am really fed up with health hazards.If any homeopathy remedy is found I can find the essence of life to the fullest.

I am a man having pleasing personality, always friendly to my students and friends, colleagues and dear ones. I am extremely perfectionist and do everything minutely so long it does not please me.

I am really exhausted and disappointed. If anyone can lead me light prescribing homeopathy medicines I am obliged.


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