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Kitty has Constant Nasal Congestion


My kitty has constant nasal congestion when she breathes - it varies in severity - I just heard it again when she came to give me a "smooch" -

What can I give her?

  ploutos on 2006-02-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please post more detail.

Is there any discharge? Sneezing, coughing, wheezing?

Is she fat, skinny, lazy, hyper, aggressive, calm, etc.

Does she prefer warmth or cold?

Namaste27 last decade
Hi Namaste:

I had posted before on her but I know you are so busy with your "furry babies" - they're so adorable.

Anyway, Boubou is 13 years old - a bit domineering with the other two - a little bossy - very fearless - personality plus - constant purring which you literally can hear in the next room - I would say she is somewhat in the middle with hot and cold - like to burrow into one of the beds with a cover over it - she used to be 21 pounds when we lived in Florida - I have had her on a diet and about three months ago she weighed in at the vet's office at 16 pounds - I am sure she is less now. She is a "big" girl and not petite like one or lanky like my other.

There is no discharge, no sneezing, no coughing - but I notice when she breathes through her nose, especially when she is sleeping, you can hear her "straining" to breathe the way we do when we have a severe cold or flu and our noses are all stuffed up!

She is not really lazy - she plays by herself and will quickly become alert when you play with the wand.

She can be a bit of a bully with Dimitra because of "jealousy" - she thinks I belong to her and anytime she sees me giving attention to the other two she is looking with obvious jealousy in her cute little face. She is a "tomboy".... where as the other two are pretty feminine.

What do you think?
ploutos last decade
If she likes to hide, is chilly, indifferent to those around her, would not make a good mother, then consider Sepia. They tend to be tomboyish.

If she is first in line for food, eats greedily, is bossy, irritable, dominating, chilly, worse in the mornings consider Nux Vomica.

If she is jealous, suspicious, strikes like a snake, worse from collars or anything around the neck, consider Lachesis.

Appetite is key with remedies as well. Is she picky, does she eat greedily, does she act hungry, eats a little and then walks away as if suddenly full.

If there is no nasal discharge or any sign of infection, consider having the vet examine her nose next time to rule out polyps or tumors.

Namaste27 last decade
Hi Namaste:

Thanks for the reply - keyword here I think is she is a little "glutton" for food - she is the first one there in the kitchen in the morning, around my feet, meowing, meowing and I have to physically make sure she eats slowly otherwise she will vomit.

She eats what appears to be to her fill - walks away and that's it. But, when she wakes up, or half an hour later gets up from her lounging, it's "where's the food" = she heads strait for the food bowl ...

She is not the chilly type - she likes to lie and sleep on a "human pillow" which I have on the sofa for them and often sleeps spread out with her hands and legs in the air...the other two never do that.

She is a bit of a piggy - she is never irritable just a bit of a bossy, little bully.
ploutos last decade
13 years--get cat off processed food..this typical long term with such food... ---cat needs fresh kill to get proper enzymes needed that processed food lacks...IF NOT TREAT WITH CAUTION,then may complicate matters...seen this before..

after start of new diet ---give single dose natrum muriaticum 30c --once only.....observe symptoms that exist at that time--and prescribe from there (if needed)--otherwise if causation not remove ,,futile effort and worse than no cure...
John Stanton last decade
Hi and thanks for your input - I give my cats the BEST food I can get - they are currently on Newman's organic chicken and rice and Wellness.

I am a vegetarian and there is no way, vegetarian or NOT, that I could or would handle fresh slaughtered meat, under any circumstances.

I put some food grade hydrogen peroxide in their water bowl (big glass bowl with three drops of HP) and do everything I can to keep them well. I do have medical problems myself and often find it difficult to do my best on a daily basis. I bought the Dream coat but no one likes it - they walk away from the food - anything I add into their food, for their health, they won't eat. It just drives me crazy. At least poor Boubou, who is a little Ms. Piggy, eats pretty much anything and everything you give her - she is now snoring away on her pillow by my computer, listening to every word and sounding like a motor boat. The minute I get up, she will immediately get up and it's "where's the food"...

I do happen to have natrum muriaticum 30c which I had gotten for myself. I will give her one pellet and let's see.
ploutos last decade
knock off the HP ...---can possibly be sensitivity reaction--in this case removal shall observe change--35% food grade is recommended for HP use---avoid town/city/,,treated water--find some caustaion in this--particularly chlorides....

as for fresh kill --that is cats job..--not natural cats be house bound--this brings own illness with such unnatural life style..

such is problems beset by domestication
John Stanton last decade
OK, I will stop the HP but, I only use 35% food grade - I use it for my own therapy also as well as for cleaning, etc. I am trying to get away from using bleach, etc.

And, they only drink "filtered water" from the Brita Water Filter pitches which I use - no city water.

If we lived in the country, real country life, than ok, I would let them run around but with all the things they can get into ... well, they are indoors for now.

So, when you say 35% is recommended for HP use - well, that is what I use - so are you saying stop putting it into the water?

OK I will stop

Actually, also, while she washes herself you can hear a different nasal sound = much like when you have a horrible cold with runny nose. So, it is one or the other depending on whether she is sleeping or washing.
ploutos last decade
stop HP

well filter --depends --not necessary remove all chemicals added to water..

still single dose nat-m 30

keep board informed
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John - will give her the single dose of nat m 30c today and keep you informed.
ploutos last decade
dear ploutos
just wondering how u went with my iron deficency suggestions?
asteroids12 last decade
Dear Asteroids12 :

Hello - quite honestly I cannnot remember what you recommended for iron defficiency. I recently had a ton of blood work done from hormones to full thyroid panel and everything in between. I am waiting for the results.

My main and most debilitating problem recently has been extreme weakness and such horrible insomnia I cannot describe it well enough for anyone to comprehend how sick I am from lack of sufficient sleep. I have taken medications which I was given many months ago for sleep and nothing works. I am physically, emotionally and mentally ill from lack of sleep. What can I do?????????

I take melatonin - I take 3 30c of arnica montana at night, nothing works. I am going crazy.

I will write about my cat's results a little later - I am about to fall on my face from lack of sleep. Therre must be SOMETHING that will MAKE ME SLEEP!!!!!!
ploutos last decade

I just looked up our communications together re the iron deficiency. Well, I have been taking the Hawaiian spirulina every day but I was just told by the girl in the lab that my iron came in at around 4 - the hemoglobin was around 8 or less but I will get all results overnight express tomorrow morning.

Damned - I don't know what the hell is wrong with me - I have an appointment on Monday with another doctor but this one is an alternative with a medical background. No wonder I cannnot even wash a dish without passing out on the bed after five minutes.

How are you doing and what are you and your mother taking?

I will get the fefol that you wrote about - did they help you?
ploutos last decade
yes my iron was 4 to.
yes fefol is main iron supplement.and the magnesium did u try that?i have to eat really well to .lots of bread salad and red meat
jicing to.i ake fefol 2 twice daily ,spirlina two twice daily oh and black strap molasses loaded with iron as is the dark berries plums i have oj with me supplements offcause and yes it takes months for iron levels to get back to normal.
every 4 months the bloodcells renew themselves.so be patient
asteroids12 last decade
what is your ferritin levels that is the most important one to look at thats where one stores iron.
asteroids12 last decade
yes lack of iron causaes insomnia i had that as i said my reading was iron 4.have had the flu like aches as well
the headaches anddepression of cause.this are all signs of iron deficiency close to anaemia.
asteroids12 last decade
My god I have had ALL these symptoms for a few year now especially this last year and a half. Body temperature all over the place - in the evening hours I am FREEZING then I am sweating - depression like you would not believe, total and complete weakness and fatigue and today, because the last few nights were really a nightmare with the sleep, I have the worst flue symptoms ever - very painful and swollen glands and ache all over.

I did the ferritin levels also but will not know results till tomorrow.

Yes, I forgot the blackstrap molasses - I will get them tomorrow.

I am going now - I do not feel well at all.

thanks and will speak with you soon.
ploutos last decade
you have to work at getting your iron levels up iwas followin all the iron rich foods then i startd to feel better but not long after i didnt focus so much on iron foods then i got sick again so it does take constant work,till you get yu levels up.
asteroids12 last decade
if u can buy calcium ascorbate powder 4ooomg you will feel agood boost in energy take it threee times a day 0ne teaspoon
asteroids12 last decade
dandeloin is fantastic nettle is great to for blood building
asteroids12 last decade
Hi - I am closing up my PC for the night and read your posts - when you say dandelion, do you mean tea or the plants itself to cook and eat?

And, the nettle I know is some kind of herb right? Is this a tea or in what form do you use it?

Thanks so much - I will also look into getting iron infusions so that I can get an immediate boost!

Take care and I will report my results - I hope to god I can get some sleep tonight - you would think my poor body is so tired that it would automatically pass out. By the way, i had no idea that iron deficiency anemia also resulted in "insomnia" - interesting - probably my high blood pressure is related also!!!!

Be well
ploutos last decade
One more thing I noticed - the calcium ascorbate is vitamin C right? So are you saying 4,000 mgs three times a day?

Also, forgot to mention that I take magnesium all the time.

Good night and wishing you sweet dreams and a restful sleep so that we can be healthy and also be in good shape to take care of our little sweety pies (our babies with fur and whiskers)!
ploutos last decade
yes as in tea form .from the health food shop.yes vit c get it from chemist under natures own calcium ascorbate powder yes it is vit c u dissolve in juice.offcause magnes alone is not enoough.
asteroids12 last decade
may also keep u awake dont take after 12pm also if it has vit b in it too check bottle that could be why u dont sleep u can get magnesium with vit b in it to
asteroids12 last decade
Hi Kitty I feel for you,but I've just started my problem and I'm trying to determine how to stop (sprays)before it gets worse.
Artie last decade

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