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How can I completely antidote and restart a remedy?

We know, using right remedy too much dose is more harmful than using wrong remedy. Because, overdosing the right remedy permanently loss its healing power and make the remedy harmful for the patient.
Conium was my best and effective remedy. But unfortunately for overusing this remedy, it become unusable for me. Have any way to completely antidote this remedy and then again start to take this remedy like the begining time of my usage of this remedy?
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  sadeqahmed on 2016-12-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Antidoting is only if one is having aggravation by remedy or proving the remedy (=massively having bad symptoms you never had before, due to remedy use). If this is not the case, no need or use of antidote. You need to give your body a break. Taking meds is like giving directions to a taxi driver. It will not help to keep shouting at the guy when he is already driving where told, so it will also not help to throw in several more directions, it will just slow the progress down. Let the med finish its course first, then see what next. Someone more knowledgeable might know how to fix this, but you need to give it some time. You'll make things worse if you rush it. I made mistake myself before by taking new med too soon.
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cosmicweaver 6 years ago
What potency of Con was taken and how many doses? What are the symptoms that are troubling you since the dosing?
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sameervermani 6 years ago
Thanks to Cosmicoweaver for properly explain by proper example.

Thanks also Dr. Sameer Vermani for give attention to my case. About Dr. Sameer's question, I would like to mention that, I have taken all potency (30, 200 & 1M) of this remedy. Day after day I took it. Sometimes 30C twice or thrice daily dose, 200C weekly doze, 1M weekly dose, 200C daily dose, 200C twice a week. When all higher potincies become aggravatory or proving for me, then I also try lower potency like 6C even 3X when 6C not available in market.
At present, I do not think aggravation or proving symptoms occur in my body. But my body probably become more sensitive to this remedy, so it easily can start proving or aggravation if I want to repeat this remedy. But I could not forget my past excellent result achieved from this remedy.
The symptoms that are troubling from this remedy were the same symptoms for which I was taken this remedy. Sometimes some extra symptoms were also happended for overdose. My main disease is sexual and urological symptoms. Conium was proved successfuly to take me a suitable position. But when it become overdosed, it produce erectile disfuction, swelling glands (prostate or bladder), urine frequency and urgency. Sometimes overdosing this remedy also produced heart and chest pain.
Usually when I got aggravation or proving symptom, sometimes I recover it after stop and wait; sometimes took antidote by Coffea.

My second favourite and effective remedy is Lycopodium. But due to overdose, it also now stay at margin and border line. So I only now take it only 6 potency. I could not always get good result from it. Sometimes it give me improvement, sometimes not.

I also have used Causticum as an excellent remedy in case of relieving pain. It was capable to immediately remove the pain (specially pain in pelvic area like prostate, bladder, kidney, weist, abdomen and pain of chest or heart) like snow become water. Sometimes I have used it as a normal remedy, sometimes have used to antidote Lycopodium's overdose. But at last, when I have used it in 200C potency for chest pain occured by heavy bag carrying, it given excellent result in erection, but after continue it for the purpose of erection, it harm my erection. It seems to me that, treating sexual problem by paralysis remedy (con, caust etc.) of higher potency in repeated dose can paralyse the sexual organ.

I also got satisfactory result from Sulphur-1M, but too much dose of this remedy also proved harmful for me.

Now I sometimes got useful result by Arnica-200 and Avena-Q, but not always.

Sabal-Q was also helpful for managing urinary and urethra problem. But because of too much dosing, I also have to use limited dose of this remedy.

Pulsatilla was helpful for antidoting Selenium (in case of Selenium induced prostatic trouble). But overdosing it also not friendly and satisfactory for me.

I also got result from Damiana-Q, but overdosing it also not being tolerated by body.

Recently I have found a remedy Argent Nit matching my symptom "Upper abdominal affections brought on by undue mental exertion". But by taking this remedy I have not see any significant result.
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sadeqahmed 6 years ago

You are not understanding how remedies are supposed to work.

You are using remedies to get a good effect first, which is called palliation.

The right way is to find the best match to everything which is very difficult for a chronic issue. Homeopaths go to other homeopaths for this as no one is a really good neutral observer of themselves.

The remedy if right. And potency if right and the dose are to stimulate your life force to start to clear out all imbalance and things that have been suppressed by other meds, including wrong homeo meds in Usually in reverse order of when they appeared.

For example,a person who had eczema and used creams and allopathic meds to suppress. Then that person got bad allergies. The homeopath with the right remedy will tell the patient that allergies will go first, and then the eczema will show up again and again until all the suppression of it is released. You can google herings law of cure to see what homeopaths are looking for after just one dose.

So when symptoms worsen or old things appear you have to evaluate if direction of cure is correct. You wait and watch then as the remedy is having an effect and based on reactions only then do you take another dose.

In your case you need your case retaken and a remedy that covers all of your symptoms at this time. Then you need guidance on your reactions to the prescription.
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simone717 6 years ago
Good advice from Simone above.

I would like to point out that these remedies have a great power to cure only because they have a great power to alter a man's health, at times, permanently.

I will quote Kent "If you repeat again and again (a deep acting remedy), you will have that which will remain a lifetime. Crude drugs do not impress the vital force so lastingly: but an individual who is thoroughly sensitive and properly sensitive, as sensitive as contagion, then if you undertake to prove (in potency) by giving it night and morning, you will rivet upon him a lifelong miasm"
sameervermani 6 years ago
Wow, that's scary.
I've read a few of such things before so I am afraid of homeopathic remedies... I'm on the side of too careful... any med I've taken, I probably didn't take any long enough, 10 days tops. Right now I've been taking a med for over a week and honestly I dread it. Sorry for comment. I hope sadeqahmed will recover.
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cosmicweaver 6 years ago
You never "take a remedy for 10 days" unless it is LM potency which "might" in some cases need to be repeated daily.

With centesimals (especially 30c and above), you take a dose, and then wait for a slight relapse before repeating the remedy in a modified dynamization (either through succussions or just a different potency).
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sameervermani 6 years ago
All was/is LM 1 dose/day. But I'd trip out from any change and stop taking when in fact nothing happened... I did this with 3 meds, this is 4th... I've totally lost hope and confidence in myself in the process. Tomo is 2 weeks with last remedy... no effect. I don't know anymore.
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cosmicweaver 6 years ago
I also agree with Dr Sameer that, Simone's advice is appropriate and logical. Retaking my case and reselecting a new proper remedy may be help me to improve my condition.
We have now known from Dr. Sameer that, homeopathic long affecting remedy is capable to permanently change our health condition for life time, which is applicable both in positive change and negative change. So, it may be better for me to avoid the remedies which I was overdosed or stay in margin. But treating without that remedies, I have to select a new proper remedy, which already have been told by Dr. Sameer and Simone.
Have any similar remedy like Conium and Lycopodium (as well as causticum), which can provide me the same result which was achieved by those remedies? Although I have already passed 7 years after most successful usage of Conium and now my physical condition and symptoms may be some changed and different from that time.
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sadeqahmed 6 years ago

You yourself cannot make the best selection needed.

Ask someone to take your case and prescribe and guide. You can ask homeodr,antivirus seem available.
Or go private with an experienced homeopath.
simone717 6 years ago
I could not understand antivirus.
sadeqahmed 6 years ago
I suggest post for homeodr then.
He is a homeopath from India in USA.
simone717 6 years ago
Antivirus is the nickname of a Doctor in this forum, right?
sadeqahmed 6 years ago
Now for retake my case, I am describing my symptoms and conditions as follows:

1. Mind: (a) Unnecessary analyzing attitude. My mind often want to analyze any simple things, have a tendency to make the mental thought into language, repeatedly recite and rehearse the thoughts in mind, which seems unnecessary and stupid habit. Sometimes unusual mental thought affect on body, specially mental conversation or mental pressure during physical movement or motion change cause pain in abdominal and pelvic area (prostate, bladder, kidney, waist, testicle, groin etc.).
(b) Confusion/Over conscious (i.e. the door was locked, computer was shut down, document was saved properly etc.); choosy/oversensitivity (i.e. whether the hand was properly washed or not)
(c) Sometimes Negative Thoughts come unwillingly and suddenly (i.e., If any of my dear person die, or injured, or fall any accident; or If anybody become killed or being harmed accidently by myself etc.). When I try to control (suppress or subdue) these unexpected thoughts and satanic provocations by physical force (like head jerking or teeth biting), it affect on body and my specific organs (sexual and uro-genital parts like prostate, bladder, kidney, testicle, weist etc.) got pain.

2. Body: Laziness, Weakness.

3. Male: (a) Erectile Dysfunction; Absense of Erection; Partial, Incomplete or Imperfect Erection; Specially Root is weak, so before coition it is difficult to understand whether it is real erection or false erection; Reluxed when coition is attempted.
(b) Testicle relaxed and hanging down; and inequal (different size). Veins of testicle got pain, if move or jerk.
(c) During erection, the organ is not 100% straight, a little move to one side. It may happened for keep the organ in one side during wearing pant. So I think, it is not so important and mentionable for me.
(c) Desire Increased, Power Decreased. Desire to other women, but not to own wife.

3. Urine: (a) Urgency, Frequency, Difficult to Retention. Specially retention is more difficult in standing position, easier in walking position, easiest in sitting position.
(b) Burning in Urethra, if strain, or urinate without urgency. Some drops remain, which require second step (strain), but this second strain may have a risk to become painful/discomfortable sometimes and also can lead to impotency.
(c) Temporary incomplete urgency, when go to near water. This type of incomplete urine urgency sometimes may cause discomfort in urethra and prostate.

4. Stool: Partial and Incomplete Urgency. If fail to response to the urgency, urgency go away. False urgency. Besides, now giving extra pressure and straining for stool have a risk to affect on sexual and urinary organs.

5. Skin: Itching in groin and surrounding area. Increased during going to bed, sometimes may be increased during emergency work. Aggravated by sweating, moisture, new lungi (loincloth) and unwashed pants.

5. Modality: (a) Better in cold weather, worse in hot weather; But foods and drinks need to be warm (except sweet and juice, because those are tasty during normal or slight cold).
(b) Worse in sitting position, specially when do any complex thought during sitting position. Relieved by standing and walking. [When I type anything by seeing draft papers, it sometimes affect on sexual and pelvic organs. But when I directly writing like this post, generally feel no problem. It also may be vary on dress, location, chair type etc. Working in home alone wearing loincloth (lungi) sitting on long plastic chair generally produce no significant problem; if occassionaly any problem happen, I have the opportunity to immediately stand and walk and get relieved. But working in office in front of other people wearing pant sitting on other type of chair can easily aggravate my condition (pain in abdominal and sexual region). Sitting on small tool, sitting on mat or floor is probably more painful than chair. Sitting on bed sometime comfortable, sometime discomfortable. (Sitting may be comfortable in full bladder, and discomfortable in empty bladder.) The most discomfortable and painful thing is sitting without any work, without any purpose; only done by other's order or under situation.] Motion change like arise and bend also may be aggravate the condition, Specially when give attention to the ailment and organ. Crumple the leg also may aggravate the pain of groin and testicle vein. Moving the neck for seeing around during thinking also affect on sexual and pelvic organs. Sometimes kidney, groin and waist pain ameliorated by touch and massage.
(c) Sensitive to noice or offensive smell/odor; unable to keep saliva during bad smell. Physical impurity produce iritation and discomfort in head and brain

6. Probable Cause and History of Ailment:
(a) Bruise or blow on abdomen which include prostate, bladder and kidney; which was occured by rubbing during bath.
(b) Straining during urinate on the attempt of clear the urine, which affect on urethra and prepuce. (Also may be affect on prostate and bladder)
(c) So called Balooning Method, which suggest put physical force on erected organ to keep it erect for long time to enable blood circulation and make more tissue in the area- which treatment proved just a bogus and nonsense method. By doing it, I have probably injure and harm the root of the organ.
(c) Deep sexual thought and suppress the desire, which generate prostatic secretion.

8. History of Previous Medication and Treatment:

Massaging by Ayurvedic Oil was helpful, but mishandling and over-massaging cause unpleasant result because of my hand's hardness and penis skin's softness.
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sadeqahmed 6 years ago
Look thru forum. See post antivirus need attention, or ptsd change of trauma.

Antivirus is the user name of the prescriber.

Click the user name.you can then see all posts of antivirus.

Just make a new thread.
Ask for antivirus in headline.
Put what you have just posted.
Antivirus will give you his questions
And then prescribe.

Sorry 😐 cannot do links-right now on this phone .
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simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks for your reply. I could not understand, "ptsd change of trauma".
I have found an user called "0antivirus0". Is he the Antivirus whom you have mentioned?
sadeqahmed 6 years ago

If you click that name you will see all threads.

Make a new thread asking for him.
simone717 6 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks for your prompt reply.

What is the meaning of ptsd change of trauma?

I see, Antivirus suggest Ayurveda along with homeopathy. But Ayurvedic medicines does not available everywhere. Also hard to carry and store. Preparation of medicine is also need time.
sadeqahmed 6 years ago
Up to you..
You can ask for telescope or homeodr?

Ptsd is short for post traumatic stress syndrome.
simone717 6 years ago

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