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Bloody nasal discharge and throat secretion

Goodevening everyone
I need your help
I had a cold or a flu , dont know the difference, it lasted for a while, almost three weeks.
Watery irritant nasal discharge . Dry facial skin and lips. Aggravated at night.
I took arsenicum album 15.... aggravated for one day. Then turned to itching into ear duct . And lots of throat secretion.
And the watery nasal discharge went away and was replaced with more sticky white and yellow discharges.
I took ferrum phos 9c.
The cycle went back.
The watery nasal discharge and every thing that was at the begining.
So I took the ars alb again and then stopped.
Since that time
I am much better and thought to wait to see what last phase will settel.
No for more than 2 months I have bloody nasal discharge on waking up daily.
Lots of throat secretions all day and especially on waking a well with blood strokes.
When i wake up I feel like I have an injury in my throat.
The throaht secretion is more of white grayish yellowish.
I would wait more.
However I am pregnant and I will be having a csection . And I know that pregnancy plays a role in the bloody strokes and that easily would have more secretiona , however , as far as I know that colds and flus and secretion should be cured before the operation.
I know that pregnancy plays a r
Thanks I appreciate your help
  Alia S on 2017-01-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl take
1. Pulsetilla-200 6 pills twice a day for one week and then come back
homeo helper
homeo_helper 6 years ago
Thanks for your reply
Would not you consider that pulsitlla at these moment is risky.
As I am in my 34th week .and it could provoke delievry
Alia S 6 years ago
14 doses of one potency un-changed is very risky at any time, let alone during pregnancy.

Please be careful.

I can take this up if you are interested.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Yes me too
I believe this is very risky during pregnancy

Yes please I would appreciate that
Alia S 6 years ago
So, the bloody discharge happens immediately on waking in the morning? While you are in the bed itself?

How is your mood since this problem started? Any changes there?

You say white, grayish, and yellowish discharge from throat but which color is most often the case?

I did not understand this "Lots of throat secretions all day and especially on waking a well with blood strokes." --> what do you mean by "waking a well with blood strokes" ?

Please mention all current symptoms that are bothering you.

Everything that is changed about you since this problem started should be listed.
sameervermani 6 years ago
1 yes the bloddy discharge happens after waking exactly I have my box of tissues just next to my bed. The strokes are strong red colour. Just like a fresh injury.
The rest of the days the strokes are very little and more of brown and black.
2. It was a typo ( on waking as well)... the throat secretion are very strong in the morning. White, yellowish and greyish lumps,with mild blood stroke, that are not easy to get it out. During the day i drink lots of hot drinks to make life easier.
3. I just noticed that these sypmtoms are more aggravated in a hot room.
4. I do have the ear itching as well
5.Actually , this happened like a left over of a cold or a flu
6. Recently I was going into some stress regarding where should I give birth . And finally the decision is made.
Alia S 6 years ago
How is your thirst?

Please talk about your general temperament and mood when you are not sick. And how it has changed during this sickness.
sameervermani 6 years ago
I usually like to drink cold drinks juice, cold milk,and water.
My Temperament. I cannot tell now as there is so much going around me nowadays so I cannot even focus.
However i can tell you generl things.
I am kind of very responsible person. I like every thing to be in order. I like to stay busy all the time. When I am sick its the same cause I dont like to let go and relaxe. I am having a new thing since couple of years now since I lost a very preciouse person to me . I can have panic attacks of fear about death.

I want just to clarify that the throat secretion bothers me more than the bloody nasal dicharges as it is more frequent
Alia S 6 years ago
"I dont like to let go and relaxe." --> Please talk more on this with examples.

Any food cravings or aversions?

So these panic attacks started after the death of the loved one ? Please describe your underlying emotion that you felt when you lost that person. Also, what makes these attacks better or worse? Any particular time when they happen?
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sameervermani 6 years ago
Well I dont know wether it is my personality or how I was raised. All what i knowni that one should be useful and time is preciouse and even if i want to do relaxe i would prefer play a game or a puzzel than stay still.

I dont have real food aversions except for livers
In food i usually like dry food like chips .... however since this pregnany i like thai food and choclate( would be some kind of a vitmin defficiency i dont know)

I knew that she is going to die and i was with her at the hospital daily. However, when i knew i felt in shock like I would not imagine that is real.
And it was my first time to go to all the proccess of putting the body and everything.... and i felt being beyound all limits of understanding of feelings. And the same time my mum moved to canada and we used to be very close so i was feeling like out of the world.
For months i used to hate going out of my house. Suddenly, I got scared of animals ( before i had 2 dogs 2 cats birds)

What makes better or worse dont know ... it comes suddenly... it comes more when i am on my own but it could come when i am with millions of people.

I learned to force myself either to think positivly or get more occupied. Or make a phone call.
Alia S 6 years ago
Please take a single dose of Phosphorus 200c in 250 ml spring water.

Dissolve 2 pellets, let them melt, stir and then take a spoon from there ONCE.

Report in 3 days.
sameervermani 6 years ago
I dont know if you made the link or no with my other post
But previously a 2 years ago with phosphorus i got shingels.
The opthalmic ones.

I am scared to use phosphrus again in high doses

What do you think??

I know it may be my perfect remedy. But i am scared of any aggravation.

As I know that my shingles are not 100% cured.

What do you think?
Alia S 6 years ago
What happened when you took it last and how many doses have been taken ? What potency?

Did it give any benefits too?
sameervermani 6 years ago
I never stopped taking phosphrus but I never camr bachk to higher than 15c.

Recently may be I took it several months ago one dose of 15c.

Last year in april I started feeling dizzy quiet often and I used to bleed a lot. I made a blood analysis they said that the Fertine (it is in french I dont know the equivlant in english), which is the iron reserve in the body was very below average. The local homeopath here is franch gave me phosphrous 15c once every week for 3 months.
At the begining, It was very tiring because every week when i took the phosphrous i used to have runny nowe for at leat 2 days. So I changed the potency and took 9c instead which wa fine no runny nose.
Afterwards I went to an asian Doctor who started an acupuncture sesssion with me for the rest of my shingles. He said I need more sessions. But I stopped because of the pregnancy.

The shingles started January 2015 after several doses of phosphrous 30 may be once or twice a day for a week I cannot remember. And It is never cured 100%. I always feel it In my head and next to my eyes
Alia S 6 years ago
You still did not tell me what benefit happened from Phosphorus ?
sameervermani 6 years ago
Phosphrus changed my life like five or six years ago.
I used to have a chronic life long watery nasal discharge.
That never stopped...
I used to catch flues and colds from any person any time any where.
If someone in my family got a slight flu that means me after.
I had also throat discharges.

I tried many remedies.
Finally another homeopath in Egypt gave phosphrous 30c for 2 times a day for 3 or 4 days. With Inf200c once a week for three weeks.
And another thing cant remember what was it starts with a B also once a week for 3 weeks.
And daily mixture of tissue salt for a while.

For the first time of my life I got fever several days after starting the cure with very strong flu for 2 days then I was fine.
No more runny nose all the time and my frequency of flu and cold came to normal like normal human people once a year or may be not.

That's why when I was so down I thought of phosphrous to help. BUT it seems that I made a mistake and I over dose it or I dont know
Alia S 6 years ago
Also last year
The phosphrous 9 would help instantly when I was feeling dizzy
Alia S 6 years ago
Let's go to a single dose of Phos 200c then.

Make the dose milder, 1 pellet in 500 ml, let it melt, stir gently and take 1/2 teaspoon.

Report in 5 days.
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sameervermani 6 years ago
Ok will try and keep you updated
Alia S 6 years ago
Goodmorning Dr Sameer

Five days past since i took the mild dose of Phos200
What happened was:
The first day I had more frequent than usual itching in my shingles spots.
Then it calmed and went back to the dailly amount of itching I am used to.
The fresh bloody nasal discharge. I got it only once and it was in an evening after a small panic feeling.
The throat discharge: the first day It had a taste like a green mucuse however there was nothing it was just a feeling of a taste .
It is always there less colorful thats all. And no more blood strokes in them.
However, no changes at all in my ear itching.

P.s.I forget to tell you I went back to egypt to give birth there. And this took of me a great stress.
Alia S 6 years ago
Please wait for 1 more week and report back.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Ok sure
Alia S 6 years ago
Goodmorning dr Sameer
Since 2 days I am having very strong diaherea (liquid) and ì vomited twice
I dont know weather it is a bad meanl here or it has to ďo with Phos200
And nothing seemsmto help
Alia S 6 years ago
How do you feel otherwise? A form of discharge (diarrhea/vomiting) under a homeopathic remedy is usually a good sign. Keep yourself well hydrated and eat light meals. I think this will be followed by longer term improvements.
sameervermani 6 years ago
Before this started as like the six day after the remedy.
I had itching like my shingles but on my neck, shoulders, and back.
The nasal secretion and throat were much better.
But now after the 2 days.
I am very tired .
The throat charges and bloody nasals came back as before.
The doctor here want to admit me to the ER. I cant sleep.
Alia S 6 years ago

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