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GALLSTONE Treatment- Predictive Homeopathy- Dr.Prafull Vijakar

Last Saturday (30 JAN 2017) I started treatment for gallstones, at least I m under impression of starting it, with the predictive homeopathy.

I saw their website claiming that there is an Einstein who is running this clinic and based on that I was influenced to take the treatment.

On reaching the clinic I was told that Dr Prafull Vijakar (Einstein) does not look at any patient except for canncer/TB. I was made to sign the consent form wherein it is written that I AM WELL AWARE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS when nothing of that sought was explained to me. It also stated that they dont guarantee any cure.

For 2 hours history was taken and a Doctor by the name of Amit Panchal was assigned to me.

During the conversation with the doctor i asked him within what time i should do the ultrasound to see if the stones were dissolved. He did not answered that and kept on telling that homeopathy is holistic approach and is better as well as different from allopathy.

During the case presentation to the doctor his focus was on some how not so relevant facts and I m not sure whether my case was grasped well as I could see lot of patients there and obviously the doctor will be under pressure.

I was not even told what medicines are being given to me and the time frame of the treatment.

I have gallstones ( multiple small stones of 7 mm) with fatty liver as well as aciditiy along with Total cholesterol of 221/ HDL of 46 / LDL of 149.

I m 35 years old usually under hyper stress and weigh 59 kgs and my height is 5.6 feet.

Considering the fact that i cannot wait till eternity for gallstones and my appointment with the surgeon is on 15th of Feb 2017.

Can somebody explain
1) within how much time I can be cured; I cannot wait beyond march 2017 as doctors have warned me of severe consequences if surgery is delayed

2) Any feedback on Dr. Amit Panchal success rate.

3) Any feedback on homeopathic treatment for gallstones whether i should continue it or not

4)Any other alternative therapy

5) Any other doctor who is successful in dissolving stones without surgery

Would appreciate an earliest reply

Thank you and regards
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  16068 on 2017-02-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

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16068 3 years ago
Mr16068-No one except surgeon can tell you that how long your GB stones will take to dissolve in the present available knowledge as far a I know.Pl be informed that during surgery your whole Gallbladder may be removed and this will be told to you after you regain conciousness from that surgery,pl google and study what are the problems faced by person in daily life when he/she s not having gallbladder,also talk to sensitive people who have and removed their gall bladder.with Gall bladder sones there are two issues,1.The peculiar pain 2.The existence of stones itself. Now you should be aware that you must have come to know about their existence when you had trouble and got examined for that trouble.what I mean to say is they existed before that but being in dormant condition you cudn't know their nuisense value,now Imagine some one having kidney stone for few yrs then he doesn't know till he gets the pain,this means that if these stones are silenced first and then dissolved you should not face any problem if their nuisense is Zeroed. Homeopathy does exactly this way.I am sorry this should have been explained by the doctor to whom you paid the heavy fees.What I mean to say that you only get alert when your body troubles you and then you badly want to remove the unwanted from the body.Now also if suppose there are some kidney stone with you but you dont know ,then you are not worried.Now if Homeopathy silences you GB stones and then during the course of time (6 months to 1yr or 1.5 yr) what problem you have ? I am telling you this because I have treated many case of GB stones this way,and they are dissolved over time but during that time you are unlikely to get that horrible pain,if at all you get it you have medicines(homeopathic) which will immediately put you in relief.
Regarding Predictive Homeopathy-they have their own professional ways,you can see another Homeopath(if Prfullakar does not suit you) who will talk and explain you and will always be empathetic to you,but Homeopahty has that power to comfort you.The time for dissolving can not be predicted because every bodies's body makes stones of varying hardness,one cant say what is the harness of your stones,or other obstacles faced by your body in their elemination.pl feel free to ask and remove your doubts.
bapu4 3 years ago
Thank you!

I have spoken with ppl who had their gallbladder removed and they are not facing any problem as such except for digesting fats which i anyways dont consume much.

If stones remain in the GB then there are risk involved like jaundice, pancreatics, canncer etc and that what worries me. If they get struck in CBD then the pain becomes unbearable.

Can you recommend some other doctor in mumbai who has successfully cured gallstones
16068 3 years ago
Thanx for your reply,have you googled also for removing Gall bladder,pl do that too.In Mumbai "Sion" there was a Dr.Habbu who was famous few yrs back you can check.
No organ is useless provided by nature,so drop the Idea of operation,they will be dissolved eventually.You have not mentioned how many are there,pl let some senior also comment and then decide,allthis that you are telling (stucking and so on) seems to be Doctors education to you,very rarely it may be happening but to get the Goat fast for cutting this is a tactics of doctors( I call it emotional terrorism) on has to be little brave,I know it is difficult but I have faced many other kinds of health problems with me and my family and have not taken any allopathic med for last 30 yrs .Rest is upto your wisdom and courage.You decide.How you would like to go.
I feel but that the Predictive people have not explained you properly which is duty of a physician.
bapu4 3 years ago
hi bapu,

thank you for your advice.

after reading your post i searched for dr. habbu and i could not find him mumbai.

though there are 3 doctors with the surname habbu in pune. are you referring to dr. anil habbu ?

can he cure/dissolve my gallstones. is he famous for the gs disorder.

plz reply... if he is successful/competent then i can even go to pune.

following is my condition:

1) multiple stones in gallbladder of 7mm

2) fatty liver

3)total cholesterol - 221 (max 200)
4)hdl - 46
5) ldl - 149 (max 100)
6) triglycerides - 132 (max 100)
7) total bilurubin - 0.75 (max 1)
8) anion gap - 16.1 (max 12)
9) hs- crp - 2.96 (max is 1)
10) homocystine - 1.93 (max is 1.35)
11) calcium - 10.1 (max 10.4)
12) ion calcium - 5.03 (max5.16)

13)vit b12 - 83 ( min 200)
14) vit d - 5.26 ( min 30)
15)uric acid - 6.2 ( max 7)
16)acid phosphate - 5.2 (max 5.8)
17)fasting glucose - 91 (max 100)
18)albumin - 4.7 (max 5)
19) globulin - 2.5 (min 2.6)
20) pt -11 (max 12)
21) urine - acidic
22) rbc - 5.53 (4.5-6.5)
23)hemoglobin - 16.1 (13-18)
24)mchc - 34.30 (30-35)
25)platelat - 376 (150-400)
26)wbc -6.49 (4-11)
27)basophils - 1 (0-1)

age - 35
diet - vegetarian
weight - 59.5 kg
height - 5.6 feet
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16068 3 years ago
Dr.Habbu was at SION Mumbai near Rani Laxmibai chowk.Dr.Merchant is also a reknown one he is in Mumbai VT area you can contact and talk to him.He has many videos on Youtube.
bapu4 3 years ago
One more thing,Homeopathy seldom has such specilised Doctors.like GS,Nephrology,Artho,opthalmo,Cardio,Neuro and so on,you can go to any reknown homeopath and he will comfort you for sure,but you seem under tremendous fear of other complications ,which are unlikely to take effect immediately,even if you start homeo and hey come then they also will be tackled efficiantly. But first you should be in command and not the fear should command you.
bapu4 3 years ago
You do one thing You take Aconite 30 six pills one dose to calm you down.
bapu4 3 years ago
Thanks! I could not find habbu at sion.

Can you give me his full name.

Are you referring to Dr. Master and not merchant. If merchant then what is his first name.

I have taken the dose of aconite... now what.
16068 3 years ago
it is Dr.Farukh Merchant.
bapu4 3 years ago
When did you take Aconite,yesterday till 8 o clock from morning I kept checking for your post.If you are still feeling stress you can repeat on dose again.
bapu4 3 years ago
Stress means the fear of Jaundice,pancreatitis,cbd and all that.
bapu4 3 years ago
Thank you!

The doctors name is farook master and got his appointment for the month of May 2017 and i do not know whether by that time will be operated or not.
The accelerated visit of this doctor is costing Rs. 12,000 which is only the consulting fee and i doubt whether it will be fruitful because he seems money minded.

I took the medicine on saturday (eve).
16068 3 years ago
Keep searching by asking people you will get a good doc with reasonable fees but I am against the operation,how many doses of aconite you took ? what is your change in feeling ?
bapu4 3 years ago
I will take your case.

Ayurveda can heal you unless issue is hereditary.

Check your prakriti at holistic online. Com under ayurveda section and report scores.

Your medical and digestion history?

What is your diet like?
Teupne 3 years ago
Hi bapu,

I ahve taken only 1 dose of aconite.

I did not observed any change as such but i m less worried now. I continued the medicine of the other doctor too.
16068 3 years ago
Hi Teupne,
i have done the test and the result is "Vata & pitta dosha" with the following scores:

1) Prakruti Test 1 - 58 questions
Vata - 41 / Pitta 34 / Kapha 24

2)Prakruti Test 2 - 81 questions

Vata - 36 / Pitta 41 / Kapha 23

3) Vikruti Test 1 - 120 questions ( Life time experience questions)

Vata - 39 /Pitta 33 / Kapha 28

4)Vikruti Test 1 - 120 questions ( recent experience questions)

Vata - 37 /Pitta 33 / Kapha 31

I am usually under stress and a full time loser.

I have fatty liver, high cholestrol, simple kidney cyst and gallstones with good amount of hair loss and greying. I m 35 look like 45.
16068 3 years ago
Don't loose heart. Ayurveda is good.Start following and report after 15 days:

1.Triphla churna

2.Patanjali ashmarihar kwath

3.patanjali kayakalp kwath

4.Aloe Vera sap

Take above on empty stomach morning evening nothing till one hr after. Take kwath as indicated on it. 400 ml boiled down to 100 ml. Separate each by 10 mins.

God willing you should benefit.

Do not hurry for operation. Each organ is useful.

Take satvik diet .Low spices.
Teupne 3 years ago
Mr.16068-You say 'I ahve taken only 1 dose of aconite.

I did not observed any change as such but i m less worried now. I continued the medicine of the other doctor too."
Now pl go thro what I had said,I had said clearly that this medicine will reduce you fear,pl chk my earlier posts.
bapu4 3 years ago
Dear16068....this is unavailable..I saw your post while searching for homeopathy treatment for Gall bladder stones in one of my known person...your blood reports indicate acute deficiency of Vit B12 and Vit D....I have studied these deficiencies in great detail...Vit B12 deficiency causes homocysteine levels to increase which can cause thromboembolic diseases...also B12 deficiency causes depression ....so I would suggest you to start Vit B12 and Vit D3 supplementation immediately in consultation with any allopathy doc....and simultaneously go for homeopathic treatment for Gall stones as soon as possible
csouba 3 years ago
Thank you very much. I have started taking Vit D3 (60,000IU)per week i have completed 9 doses and 3 more doses are left.

I taken 35 B12 tablets (1500 mg) on per day basis.

But after taking 8 doses of D3 and 24 doses of B12 when i repeated my Lipoprotein A test then it elevated to 111 mg/dl (feb 2017) FROM 68 mg/dl (Dec 2016)

I m under lot of fear that my arteries have clogged because of this Lipoprotein-A elevation. My LVEF has reached to 55% and RVEF to 50%.
I checked the report of people from my office and a guy with 45% LVEF had 50% blockage and had to install stent.

My heart rate has also increased from 74 bpm (Jan 2015) to 106 bpm (dec 2016)

I dont want to undergo a surgery either for heart or gallstones. plz advice

Do you think i will have heart attack in near future ?
plz advice sir
16068 3 years ago
No one can tell you that. You need tests to determine status. Find out what tests the guy in your office had
And that will give you the correct answer.
simone717 3 years ago

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