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gastritis for around 4 years

i feel stomach irritation after 2 hours of meals and some time while taking food. I am 30 years, 66kg male. suffering from this problem from past 4 years. Visited many Gastroenterology who prescribed proton pump inhibitors (pentaparazol 40mg) after taking this for an year one doctor refereed me to psychologist who prescribed anti-depressant (escitalopram 10mg) i took it for 3 months could see improvement but it was intermittent. now again it started i do not have any anxiety. this time the burning sensation is less but it is tolerable i started the anti-depressants again but very little improvement.

i also had stool trouble (hemorrhoids) it used to be very airy and loosely packed, rough profile, 4 years back the anti-depressant was helpful in treating it. not i could feel the slipperiness and it is smooth now. but stomach irritation started again. I had undergone endoscopy and biopsy for Helicobacter pylori it was negative.

Some more symptoms that i have, i get thick semi transparent mucus secretion in nose through and yellow in color sometime which is dry. I get blood spots in mucus then i clean my throat sometime in morning.

my skin is oily around the nose and forehead. over the nose i get small glands that secret smelly white wax which i can see on pinching hard. often i get boils (cellulitis / folliculitis) which varies in size which are pus filled and sometime red. i have scars on my upper back and shoulders because of pimple.

I often feel dead hair root curled under the skin which gets hard and black sometime, on pricking it out it is whitish in color sometime.

Also i don't fall asleep quickly at night. at the early days of anti-depressant intake i could fall asleep at 11:00 pm night and get-up by 7 in the morning. please help with some remedy. I am suffering from this for long and no sure so far.
  srijib on 2017-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi srijib

Good going .from proton pump inhibitors to antidepressants. That's a progress.

But wait are not antidepressants meant for mind.What have they got to do with gastritis. Did your doc explain to you why?

They are screwing you and your health alike.

You seem to be well educated. What's your qualification?

Ever tried ayurveda to heal yourself ?

Tea, coffee, spices, alcohol, meat....anything you eat?

Check your prakriti at holistic online. Com under ayurveda section and report scores.

Gastritis usually results from excess pitta (fire) in body.
Teupne 5 years ago

It is well known that stress can cause acid stomach, heartburn, constipation,
High bp and tons of other physical problems.

ENT 's also say acidity in stomach can cause mucous from the nose,
Which then leads to wear in sinus membranes which then leads to sinus cavity infections.

Diagnosis needs to consider diet first
Instead of meds first with no mention of diet.

Do you drink tea, coffee every day?
How much?
Do you have sweets everyday? What kinds?
Are you having spicy foods every day?
How much water do you have?
simone717 5 years ago
Dear simone

Its a egg and chicken story .what came first. If stress is producing all gastric turbulence then escitalopram is certainly not the answer.
Similarly if gastric upset is root then proton pump inhibitors are again no answer.

Thus allopathy fails on both counts.

Though I personally feel that digestive upset precedes even mental stress unless stress trigger is huge.Thats my opinion.
Teupne 5 years ago
Allopathy treats and suppresses symptoms, great for one off problem
Or emergency.
simone717 5 years ago
thanks for your response, really appreciate it.

I am an Instrumentation engineer, b.tech, India. I don't take alcohol. tea - may be 3-4 times a week not regular only once a day if i take. I dont take coffee i did took it few days back once.

I eat chicken and egg but not regular. 2-3 days a week or skip in some week. I prefer daily veggies pulses (dal and rice/chapati) nothing special or in excess.

I don't like too much sweet as in sweets directly. i take suger in tea if i have and in the form of Jam on bread. other form of suger intake is fruits and at-times bakery products.

Spicy food is less. close friends who tastes my food says it is a food what patients would eat so you can see it is less in oil and spice. at times i eat outside may be once in two -three weeks like biriyani etc.

I used to take very little water in a day a year back then i started emptying 2 liters a day.

I don't have to much physical activity hence, don't feel thirsty. My activity is mostly by sitting. I am 5' 7" and 66 kg.

Yes, I asked the doctor about relation between anti depressant and gut movement. it is all related. our mind control all voluntary and non-voluntary movement including the peristalsis and bowl movement and other movement. So serotonin is the controller they said. Escitalopram enhances the serotonin secretion. PPI just inhibits the HCL secretion in the stomach cells do definitely latter is not the cure so i thought formar (escit) worked.

Prior to having Escitalopram i my stomach used to growl even after having food and i used to feel too much hunger after every 4 hours. Gastro said i has IBS. during the course of treatment i tried Lomotil (laprozamide ) that slows down the gut/bowl movement of the large intestine recommended for loos motion i used to take one in two days. I could feel better at that time but again that was a relief and not a cure.

I can not understand what is causing this ailment. And today I could feel no burning I had same breakfast what i took yesterday.

Please shed some light if someone has cures such ailment.
srijib 5 years ago

iBS is a general label for some of your symptoms. I would not place emphasis on that "label".

Homeopathy looks at you as a whole,
Body/mind/emotions/ likes and dislikes, what makes things better/worse and so on.

I will come back with some questions
Later today.
simone717 5 years ago
You should report your prakriti scores for further suggestions.
Teupne 5 years ago
Thanks Simone waiting for it.

Teupne here are my score :
vata: 30
pitta: 41
kapha: 29

i don't understand any of them though.
srijib 5 years ago
Start following:

1.avipattikar churna

2.aloevera sap morning evening empty stomach nothing till 1 hour

3.Bel churna

4.giloya powder

Consume all as aloevera inst. App 5 gms Above.separate by 5-10 mins

Diet is most important.

No spices/sour taste

Use saindhav salt.

Strictly No fast food, tea, coffee, eggs, non veg.

Use khichdi freely. Take light satvik food. Regularly take chach/buttermilk 10 mins after food.

Eat plenty fruits which are sweet /astringent eg. Apple, pomegranate

No sour fruits.

Take overnight soaked munnaka in water in morning. 10-12 no.drink the water also.

No allopathic meds.

Report after 20 days. It should work.
Teupne 5 years ago
I suggest starting with cell salts.

Kali phos, cal phos, mag phos , ferrum phos and nat phos - all 6x.
You can usually find or order all these in one tablet called 5 phos.

(if 5 phos then take 4tabs as a dose)
3 times a day and report after 5 days.
I suggest you have a half cup of plain yogurt twice a day to get gut bacteria into good levels. You can also look online for a good probiotic to help.
Exercise is very important and at the very least walk for 20 minutes a day.
Get up from your desk every hour for 5 minutes and move around to get blood flow going.

What was going on in your life 4 years ago when this started ?

Have you had any other meds like antibiotics over this time period?
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 08 Feb 2017 22:08:25 UTC]
simone717 5 years ago
Thanks Simone and Teupne. I will try homeopathy first, as i had already tried "Bel churna ", aloevera sap and soaked munnaka before. One more observation that i would like to share is the burning does not happen daily.

Some day it does and on other it does not. today i had full spicy hot food (ate outside) with and banana, oranges and nimbu pani(morning) i did not feel the burning today. but yesterday I ate all light food. in the morning. i could feel the burning after an hour and even after lunch.

four years back, i.e. before the irritation started i relocated to Kolkata from Mumbai. as i had to join a different company. I used to work till late nights and would not go to sleep till 3 AM. and gets up at 9 AM.

During that course i had multiple follicalitis/Cellulitis mostly small it all treated by itself then there was a big one around 1 cm dia head (at the upper back) i had to go to the doctor they gave me 7day course of anti-bionic it got cured. Then an ointment called Fucidic acid. which i used for small ones fearing they would grow big and used to suppress them.

I also had lymph node inflammation in groin treated with anti-biotic. after 4 months i got the stomach burning issue.

I thought it could be water in kolkata so i shifted to pune but still the irritation did not subside.
I had blood tests
(few months back) and found that i have following higher than normal

TOTAL RBC - 5.63 X 10^6/μL
[message edited by srijib on Fri, 10 Feb 2017 12:08:45 UTC]
srijib 5 years ago
USA doctors now tell patients to use a probiotic for 2 to 3 months after antibiotic use.

Antibiotics kill off tons of good gut bacteria needed for digestion. Then
The entire balance of the gut is out of kilter, letting some bacteria overgrow like candida.

The best probiotics to use have at least 8 strains of bacteria to repopulate your gut. One also has to experiment and start with one a day.
If it disagrees with you , try another.
And sometimes one will work well for a month and then does not and you need to switch brands.

Plain yogurt helps but usually has only one strain. You have to re populate, no way around that.

If you find your tongue is coated white, that usually means candida overgrowth and you can add in kali mur 6x to the 5 phos.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:23:15 UTC]
simone717 5 years ago
Giloya will certainly help.
Teupne 5 years ago
Hi I got 5phos today. Yet to start. I have taken some probiotics supplements and feel better.
srijib 5 years ago
Great on the probiotics- keep doing them as it takes time to get the replacement up to normal.
simone717 5 years ago

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