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Warts and Newtons Homeopathy

Hello all,

I have been treated in the past for genital warts. The doctor used burning to remove them. Recently, (within the past year) I have been experiencing what I THOUGHT was minor acne on my face. (forehead, around mouth, nose, cheeks) I have also been experiencing small bumps on my lips that would come and go. I went to the dermatoligist to have everything checked out. I was starting to think that the bumps on my lips were warts. The dermatoligist visually inspected them and told me that there is nothing to worry about. He said that they MIGHT be small normal cysts under the skin. Anyway, I continued to think that these "bumps" may be warts. I also had 2 warts on my genitals. So, I thought I would try some homeopathy. I began to take Newton Homeopathy Detoxifier (6 pellets before bed) along with Newton Homeopathy Warts (6 pellets /twice daily) (Antimonium crud., Bryonia, Causticum, Nitric ac., Thuja, Dulcamara, Calcarea carb., Natrum carb., Silicea 15x. Taraxacum, Thuja, Verbascum 3x. Alcohol 15%.)

Within the first week, I noticed areas on my face begin to break out. (Looks like acne) But, I am wondering if this is actually some warts that are drying up and falling off.. Also, the areas on my lips where the bumps are, are turning white, and skin is "peeling" off of the area. Now, there are areas on my face where I have always had problems.. in those areas, it is turning red and appears to be drying and flaking. Where the genital warts are has become red and irritated. The warts were small to begin with, so it is difficult to say whether they are getting smaller or not. The area is too irritated to tell.

I have a few questions..

Is this the normal way that this type of homeopathy would work to rid the warts?

Is the Newton Homeopathy Warts the right choice? It seems to be doing something. Im just not sure exactly what...

Or do you reccommend something else?

Thank you all in advance for your time..
  salmo9 on 2006-03-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is anyone familiar with the potency of Newton Homeopathy products? It does not specify on the bottle the potency of many of the ingredients.

Should I continue with this treatment or should I try something else?
salmo9 last decade
do not continue use...

have you been treated/dianoised in past for any venereal diseases?when?what exact treatment used?
John Stanton last decade
Thank you for your reply John...

I have been treated in the past for genital herpes. I had my 1st outbreak around 6 years ago. I was prescribed Valtrex 1G twice a day for 10 days for the 1st outbreak. Then for recurrent outbreaks, 500 twice a day for 3 days.

It has been at least 3 years since I have had an outbreak.

Also, as mentioned, I was treated (burnt off) for genital warts about one year ago.
salmo9 last decade
how much drink in a day? what type of drinks?what type of drinks much prefer?what favorite temperature of food or drink?which temperature will not have of food or drinks?

Any cravings, aversions, or reactions, from food or to situasions?
how is appetite? how do you feel when fasting?
what foods absolutely must have? what foods cannot stand at all?
how does coffee effect you?what does typical diet include?
what adjustments / changes have been made in diet in past? for what reason?
what foods love or have to have? what foods hate or will never eat?
what foods sensitive to? what is reaction?
John Stanton last decade
Total drinks per day - about 6 cups..

I drink Orange Juice in the morning with breakfast (1 cup) I drink a glass of water with vitamins (multi, VitC., VitE., Omega3) I drink a protien shake with water. I also take Alegra D for chronic allergies and Singulair for asthma. I take a powder fiber suplement in AM with water as well. I usually drink 1 cup of coffee per day. With meals I usually drink either Iced Tea or fruit juice.

I prefer iced tea or fruit juice. I do not like soda much but will have an occasional soda. maybe 1 per week.

I like hot foods mostly and cold drinks. But I will ocassionally have cold food and hot drink.
I crave sweets a lot. (cookies, ice cream, cakes)I also crave milk and milk products.
Must have foods are milk products. Cannot stand onions. Appetite is good.
I have never really fasted. but, without food I feel headache, week, no energy, grumpy.
I enjoy a cup of coffee, but it doesnt really affect me. And I ocassionally crave it, but do not feel bad if I do not drink it.

my usual diet is:
AM - Before workout - whole grain cereal with 1% Fat Milk. - Orange Juice
Durring workout - gatorade
After workout - Protien drink with water. Glass of water w/ vitamins. Fiber supplement.

mid am. apple

lunch. carbohydrate w/ meat or chicked (grilled)

after lunch.. maybe 3 hrs later .. protien drink.

dinner. similar to lunch.

before bed - protien drink or sweet snack.. ie cookies / icecream...

i am not really sensitive to any foods...

no major diet changes.
salmo9 last decade
concerning.."......Alegra D for chronic allergies and Singulair for asthma......""

please explain circumstances -symptoms-when first diagnoised (date(s))?what other tretaments used in past for theses complaints?

ever had skin condition in past ?when (date)?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
I have been treated for asthma and severe chronic allergies since childhood. I have asthma that is now controlled using Singulair. (1 Pill Daily). In case of emergency asmatha attack, I have Proventil Inhaler. I use that around 2 times per week if I start to feel asthma coming on. I have been allergic to cats, mold spores, dust, grass, and pollen since childhood.

At around the age of 19 or 20, I started experiencing very bad sinus headaches, which is why I have the Allegra D. (for the decongestant) That seems to help with the sinus congestion. If I do not take the Allegra D for a day or two, I will first begin to feel stuffiness and congestion in the sinuses. Then the headaches will follow. I take AllegraD morning and night. Both medicines are taken every day. I have been taking them since at least 1997..

I have never really had any skin conditions except for the warts and herpes that I mentioned to you.

Recently, about 3 months ago , I went to the dermatoligist for the problem I mentioned in my first post, and was given an antibiotic (Minoxycilin 100mg per day for 10 days) It temporarily helped with some minor pimples.. thats pretty much it.

Also, I have been taking 1 pill of Neem daily and washing with Neem soap.
salmo9 last decade
unable to come to satisfactory terms in this case--the many meds used up til now--require more envolvement than i am able to give--in order to give quality treatment for you...

my sincere apology
John Stanton last decade
I understand.

Do you have any reccommendations? I am not familiar with any Homeopaths in my area. I am located in PA, USA.
I really need to have this taken care of...
salmo9 last decade
Also, Will it harm me if I were to restart the newton homeopathy products?
salmo9 last decade
only one i evr recommend anyone to is ...

Geir Marcussen MNNH
John Stanton last decade
This is the reply to your email.

If everything else fails for warts (as most of the known wart medicines failed on you)

Identyfy Thuja plant, it is everywhere in the world. Everyday chew a smallest part of the twig and then spit it out. I rarely saw this failed. Or rather say if you have a combination of Stomach, Skin and Urinary problems.

Thuja works best if you have belching/stomach problems also, ie your stomach gets filled up with gases.

Here is the url of Google to identify thuja plant.
kuldeep last decade
I think Newton homeoapthy warts is a combination remedy. Never trust on combination remedy. If you mix two medicines, it becomes a new unknown animal.

If your warts are hard, along with Thuja plant try Antimony Crudum 200 also. Say Thuja plant in the morning and Antimony Crudum 200 in the evening. Keep a half hour gap between any food or drink before or after medicine.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you for your response. I will try the Thuja alone first. If I cannot find tha plant, will the Boiron Thuja Occidentals be ok? If so, how much?

salmo9 last decade
You can not fail to find thuja plant. Otherwise use any Thuja medicine.
kuldeep last decade

I compared a plant that is in my back yard to the pictures on the internet.. Thuja!!

So, I took a small piece of the twig yesterday, and one today. About 1/2 inch in length. That an acceptable size?

Also I am chewing on it until all of the moisture is gone. Then I spit out the twig..

Can you please verify that this is correct?

Thank you
salmo9 last decade
Ha! So it was in your backyard. 1/2 inch lenght was too long. Try the smallest possible piece. Chew it and spit out the contents.

Let me know what happened then, usually if you chew a thuja twig, first your stomach gets full of air and then relief comes in few minutes by a long burp.
kuldeep last decade
Ok.. I will let you know tomorrow.

Should I swallow the saliva when I am chewing it, or do I spit that out as well?
salmo9 last decade
You need not to swallow saliva. But then don't wash inside of your mouth. Minimum effect would be fine, still you would have a long lasting, lingering taste of Thuja in your mouth.
kuldeep last decade

I am doing as you instructed. I am not getting that "full of air feeling" but I am getting a acidy feeling in my chest... almost like heartburn.. then, it quickly passes.

The 2 warts on my lip appear to be lees obvious. However it seems as though a new one is appearing. Could this be because my imune system is now attacking the virus?

Also, on other locations I am noticing that the warts are becoming "irritated", red and egining to "flake" or peel off. Is this the normal process?

I am assuming that it is my body fighting against the virus.. =)
salmo9 last decade
This only means that Thuja is doing something to you. In Homeopathy if a medicine works, it does something otherwise it does nothing.

I recommend you to make a high potency of Thuja. Take a half inch twig and pounce it to pulp and put it in 2 liter water bottle. Shake it well and just take one sip each day.

And also take Antinomy Crudum 30 if you have it.
kuldeep last decade
OK.. I will do that.. Am I adding the crushed half inch twig to 2 liters of tap water?
salmo9 last decade
Never tap water, but mineral/river/rain water. Tap water contains chlorine or other disinfectants. You can make small quantity by using smaller twig.
kuldeep last decade

I made the mixture of mineral water and crushed thuja twig. The only problem is that I could not crush it to a pulp, I did the best I could and added it to the water, but there are small particles in the water. Is that ok?

Also, I bought the Antinomy Crudum 30 . How much should I take each day? The bottle suggestd 5 pills 3 times a day.

Thank you.
salmo9 last decade
The way you made Thuja is OK.

Just take one dose of 2 pallets of Antinony Crudum each day. Take one medicine in the morning and other in the evening. Have a 1/2 hr gap before and after any food/drink.
kuldeep last decade

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