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Can I use ether to sedate a dog safely.

Firstly I would never do anything like this unless I thought it was safe,so please dont think I would!!!

I operate a non profit dog sanctuary for homeless unwanted dogs etc.From time to time I get a situation where sedation would be helpfull.Such as,porcupine quills in sensitive areas etc.I have a vet that lets me have tranquillisers on rare occasions,but they dont really put the dog under.Once in the last 5 years I needed this type of thing.I have seen this done in the movies etc.Does anyone know if ether can be used fairly safely for something like this? Are there different kinds of ether?? Can the right kind even be purchased without a prescription?

Thankyou if anyone knows.
  Aunt Vera on 2006-03-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I think when needing to sedate any animal it should be done by a qualified professional vet, vet tech, or someone who is trained to do so and can do it safely. No matter what the situation is.
Any animal that needs to be put under needs to have everything monitored from respiration to temperature, etc. Keep in mind that some animals are too ill or old to be put under and some have underlying heart conditions or illness that prevent them from being put under. It could kill them.

Why you would not bring the animal to the vet to have the quills removed is unbeknownst to me. Do you have a vet or vet tech or anyone on call who will work with you to make house calls at a discounted rate?

However one remedy that is good for closing the puncture wounds from quills is Ledum 6C or 30C. It may even help push the quills out.

Arnica is great for trauma to tissue such as bruising.

To calm the animal down you could try Bach Rescue Remedy. Dilute several drops in an ounce of water. Apply to tops of ears or flick it with your fingers at their face so it absorbs, if they are too wild to be given it orally. This is from my book on homeopathic first aid for animals.

Aconite 30C is great for shock or when from trauma animal is pacing, circling, whinning, howling, hysterical.

Invest in a good/safe muzzle for dogs. It is what vets use when needing to restrain them so they can be examined and or treated.

Namaste27 last decade
I have used Ledum 30c and Aconite 12c on my dog and they do work. My dog got glass in her paw that got infected and the ledum really worked and fast too.

Silica 30c pushed out the glass. Silica will help push out the porcupine quils

My dog's wound healed completely in a couple of days.
Pat2006 last decade
Sorry I mispelled silicea 30.
Pat2006 last decade
I went to a website that allowed me to type in silicea (which is on my Boiron pellet tube) but the website came back with Silica instead of silicea.

According to that website silica removes splinters, boils, etc.

Can someone shed some light on the different spellings? Are they the same?

Pat2006 last decade
It was only a question.The response from the YIKES person was what I expected to be honest.Unfortunately most vets are just in the business for the money and no I dont get a discount.I have had help from a couple vets over the years but they have moved on retired etc.At present no help from any vet. I have on any given day aprox 35 dogs.All the dogs are neutered/spayed and run free in very large fenced in areas,smallest area being about 1 acre.2-4 dogs in each area with a heated building in each.The dogs are basically all non pure breads and are adopted out regularily.Certainly not trying to impress but also dont want to leave the wrong impression,hense all this.I did a search for ether and was linked to here.One of my hunter neighbours uses ether for this type of thing and was just asking if anyone had heard of such a thing.BTW my local vet is also a hunter! This same neighbour uses elastic bands on his male pups to neuter them.Aparently the blood flow stops and the testacles just fall off.I dont aprove of breeding with all the millions of dogs that are slaughtered every year.Dont be so quick to judge without knowing all the facts.
Aunt Vera last decade
P.S.....We have had a small part in rescuing close to 500 dogs and cats from local dog pounds that where set to be destroyed.We get all our dog food donated but when it comes to vet care we have to be creative to some degree.We have learned many methods over the years.One vet that helped us(has since retired)gave us many unique treatments.Sugar bandages for wounds,also honey etc.Always willing to listen to ideas,wanted to learn about ether.Learned just today that ether can be used to remove tics.Aparently you soke the area around the tick with ether and then gently remove the tick with tweesers.I know about removing ticks,yet have never known this method.Sorry if im a bit sensitive to "YIKES" COMMENTS but you have to remember that every dog or cat we take in was to be shot by the various townships prior to us rescuing the animals.Funds are very limited.Most people dont really know just how desperate the situation is for dogs and cats.Ignorance is bliss,or something like that.So many people buying dogs at pet stores and puppy mills,no difference from the 2.
Aunt Vera last decade
aunt vera---what typical treatment using for tapeworm in cats?what success rate?what typical side effect (if any) noted?
John Stanton last decade
John...dont know of any homeopathy remedie for tapeworm,but you can purchase the real thing at any good pet food store.Ask the girl at the counter.Make sure you read the package that its for tapeworm...very important that it says tapeworm.Its 100 % that it works and have never had any side affects.With tapeworm you can generally/often/mostly see the worms in the animals stool.In a cat they are smaller but in a dog they look like small grains of rice.The other worms are generally longer,even like spaghetti in some cases.The tapeworm mecicine is 100 % in my experience.
Aunt Vera last decade
I am not a big believer in vets other than for major surgery, sterilization and vaccination because it is the law. I do not believe in running there for every bump, cough, and injury.

Yikes, is only in regards to do it yourself sedation. I am 100% holistic with the care of my pack of rescued animals. I would never ever in a million years attempt to sedate one of my own. And all of my animals are professionally spayed and neutered.

Any rescue/adoption agency needs to have a qualified vet whether you choose to utilize them for just sterilization or more than that. Rabies vaccines are mandatory and the law. Who vaccinates your dogs?

I am actually on your side and all for rescuing animals from pounds and shelters and avoiding puppy mills. But I also know that even in states with lax laws you still have to provide vet care when needed.

Please keep searching in your state/city area for a vet who can work with you. Your animals deserve the best care they can get and sometimes you do need a professional to step in, because those dogs deserve it.

If funds are limited have you considered starting a flier or website or mailing or anything you can mail out and ask for donations, monthly?

Namaste27 last decade
P.S. Yes, honey is great for wounds like burns. But having homeopathic remedies on hand works faster and quite effectively. Especially in first aid/emergency situations.

A fantastic homeopathic first aid book for dogs and cats is Homeopathic First Aid for Animals by Katheryn Walker.

If you slowly order and keep on-hand some first aid remedies they will come in handy at a most needed time.

For example for lacerations/deep cuts/tears homeopathic Bellis Perennis 1M and topically apply Calendula ointment. I have a dog that was chewed open through his chest by another animal. No vets were open on a Sunday where I live and the one on call would not stitch him. This allowed the wound to drain so it worked to his benefit. On this website Walk-In suggested the Bellis and let me tell you in one week his gash was sealed. along with flushing it out with peroxide. The vets would have had him on lots of antibiotics with a slow recovery. Had I not had the homeopathy he would probably be dead.

Homeopathic first aid tends to be more effective than most medications and will save you a lot of cash in the long run.

To save money with homeopathy order the dram size or the bottles that come with the really small pills. Order Mother tinctures when you can like Calendula and that way you can dilute it in water and it goes further.

I don't use ether to kill ticks. I pull them out with tweezers and light them on fire wih a match. Dog receives Ledum 30C and I clean the puncture site with rubbing alcohol or peroxide.

Here are some home remedies I use. May they be of use to you and your pack.

Cocconut oil-Take 1/2 a teaspoon and melt it until it is liquid. Make sure it does not get too hot. Use this to clean out dogs ears. Works so well with yeast problems, mites, itchy ears, dirt, you name it. Wal-Mart carries this in the grovery section by the oils and it is inexpensive.

Raw garlic minced and hidden in a ball of cream cheese is great for ridding/preventing worms and fleas.

Garlic is cheap and generic cream cheese is under a dollar a pack. Or you can hide it in a chunk of hot dog or lunch meat.

Apple cider vinegar. Add a splash to the dogs water bowl to help keep fleas off them and prolongs over-all good health.

Namaste27 last decade
Aunt Vera

you will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED AND SHOCKED at what you will observe after just ONE hour after administering homeopathy!!!!

It is so quick and nothing for the animals to lick off.

And it will save you a lot of money too. You can pick up a remedy for just $6.50 or less and that can be used on many animals.

If you dissolve 3 little pellets in water, you can store it in the frig and use those 3 little pellets several times on several different animals.

I use a plastic syringe I got from my vet to put the water in my dog's mouth. It is so quick and easy. Even if my dog refuses to open his mouth, I can get the tip of the syringe in between her teeth or on her gums.
Pat2006 last decade
Aunt Vera
the other amazing thing about homeopathy is that it only needs to be given one time. Other remedies for things like arthritis may need to be repeated once (1) a year or once every two (2) YEARS or may be NEVER again.

But for things like injuries or wounds one time only and sometimes once a day for a week for more severe cases and that is all.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks to all for info,much apreciated.

Namaste27....Where in my posts did I say that I did not have proper vet care?Your responses I found very insulting.We spend THOUSANDS of dollars on vet care every year.All our dogs and cats are properly spayed and neutered and up to date with their shots.

Take care.
Aunt Vera last decade
It was never said you did not provide proper pet care all around. It was meant regarding any animal with quills that needs proper vet sedation or any animal that needs to be sedated for whatever reason needs the proper care.

You professed that the vets you worked with retired or wanted too much money and tried to defend your position on a neighbor who does his own sterilization of his male puppies.

Maybe you read a little too deep into one's opinions and instead should learn from them. Remember Vera it is about the animals, not about you.

Namaste27 last decade
I see this post is several years old now, but in just in case anyone else is looking for the answer to this question--No!!! Ether will kill a dog!! My grandfather (some 60 years ago) was devastated when he tried to save his dog's life by operating on him, only to kill him by using ether to sedate him! Again, the answer is NO!
Texas09 last decade

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