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pe + ed + lack of desire please help!!

Hello I am from Pakistan, 35 years old and married. I can't help myself to maintain my sexual power and desire as earlier. My life history is full of masturbation and porn and other self amusement stuff even after getting married. Of course, I have sexual desire but its no more for my wife. I can't maintain full erection during intercourse with my wife any more. She is also bulky and overweight and that is another reason for not having any attraction towards her. Besides, My overall sexual health is getting weaker by the time. There has been a long time in my life when I was depressed due to my job consequences but now I am free of that job life and I don't feel depressed thank GOD. I still masturbate when my wife goes to her mother's home for 8-10 days. Actually I have desire but I don't feel it when my wife is around. I want some tonic for overall sexual health. My brain doesn't cooperate when I try to gain full erection during intercourse. I have a long history of stomach problems due to my depressed job life as I mentioned. But now I am very much out of those symptoms like depression and stomach problems. I think that's all for now. I am patient here and if I didn't describe clear picture about my symptoms history then please ask me more and suggest me some best remedies.
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  SickandTired1 on 2017-03-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
describe more about you..

how is your stool,urine,sleep,sweat,appetite,thirst,cravings,aversions etc

general mind irritable/sensitive/sad etc

decribe about you in 4 words which is more pecuiliar to you...which makes you different from others
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
everything is normal but i feel sad sometimes due to my conditions also I am very much sensitive about what people do with each others. I am so much sarcastic and critic about others. I can't bear anything which is against my will. I am an isolated type of person and I like to be alone most of the times. I don't interact with people as I am so much reserved. I have not much confidence to face others especially if they are superior than me in some way. I am intelligent though. I pick things faster than others. I learn things on my own without getting any help or support. I am self made and I really care about my self respect. I don't let people interfere into my personal matters. I am so much anti social and I don't join any gathering easily. I am hollow deep inside but I don't show my weaknesses in front of others. I am kind of a mystery man most of the times. I am mentally sensitive. I keep grudges in my heart for long time. I don't forgive others. I am shortsighted, selfish and very short-tempered.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
How do you react when some one offend you... What do you react on a sad situation or when getting angry
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Now you have erection problem that is predominant right? But with interest or not?
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
when someone offend me i don't show it through my expressions but i keep extreme grudges in my heart against that someone and i never forget my insult and i never forgive. in a sad situation, i want to be isolated and alone and i react so much when someone interfere in my sad situations. when get angry i suppress my anger and i face abdominal problems after that like i feel contractions in my stomach with gripping pains.
now the main symptoms which i am facing are, weak erection during intercourse, lack of desire with my spouse only but not in general because i have desire for sexual acts as when i see other smart girls around me, i feel stimulated with or without erections. i am trying for last 2 years to get my wife conceived and its not happening. my wife is consulting with a local homeopathic lady doctor and she suggested her to take remedies to bring her periods to normal first and then she will start for further treatments. i feel that i also have low sperm count but i never got tested for this purpose its just my doubt. my sexual weakness is very much concerned with my brain. i think i have a sense of guilt because of my lifestyle which i practiced since i was 12 which is obviously a lot of masturbation and porn etc. as i mentioned earlier.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
1.do you have special craving for salty foods./spicy etc?

2.frequent headache? on sun heat?day time?

3.dryness anywhere in the body? or oily skin?

4.any long lasting grief?

5.what will happen if someone consoles you when you are sad? feel better or worse?

6.loss of smell or taste?

7.how is your tongue?

8.easily weeping or tears when laughing?

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
no special cravings for any kind of food.

no headaches.

often dryness in throat while waking up in the morning.

long lasting grief as mentioned that i had a long era of depression throughout my job life.

i never feel better when someone tries to console me because i want to be left lone when i feel sad.

no loss of smell and taste.

my tongue is normal.

while laughing i don't feel any tears in my eyes except when i sing i always have tears in my eyes naturally.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
just wanted to ask that i heard about damiaplant drops while searching on google, which are truly for many types of sexual problems. can i use this remedy? as this is a compound remedy, covering many multiple symptoms. so please suggest me that if it would be suitable for me or not.
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SickandTired1 5 years ago
Damia plant may work fora moment..but it's not a permanent solution.. Please take Lycopodium 10M 3pills in 1glass water and take only one teaspoon from it. It's more than enough. Rest of the solution should be thrown out ..

Only once. .. No further repitition..

Wait and watch changes..

Report changes here.:

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
First of all thank for clearing my misconception about damiaplant drops.

Well, I am little bit confused about the method you mentioned here.

Please tell me that when I put 3 pills in 1 glass of water, should I take 1 tsp immediately or wait for getting it dissolved properly?

Please confirm. Waiting for your kind reply.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
Yes you have to wait to get dissolved.. you have to stirr it well.. And take only one teaspoon from it.. Only once. Report changes here
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Sorry to bother but I need some more information.

Can I have intercourse after taking this prescription?

If not then how many days should I have to wait for next intercourse?

It is just to inform you that I take Nux Vomica 30 every now and then whenever I feel any stomach problems, I mean I use it as a common remedy but not in routine. Just one dose after dinner whenever I feel any stomach problem. So is it OK with this remedy? I mean if any kind of side effects may occur then please let me know.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
Please wait for atleast a week...
What stomach problem do you mean?
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Stomach problem like when I overeat at night I mean like there is food in front of me which is my favorite so I can't stop myself from overeating so I take 5 drops of nux vomica 30 in some water to overcome expected problems which might raise in the morning like any type of abdominal pain and cramps etc. and its not a routine I mean its just in case.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
in case of adominal pain or cramps..take magnesium phos 6x 4tablets dissolved in luke warm water once for pain..you can repeat if it occur again..

do not take nux vomica or any other medicine

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Today I touched market for lycopodium 10m but unfortunately this remedy in 10m potency is not available in our city except 1m & cm only. What should I do now?
SickandTired1 5 years ago
Moreover they said that this remedy in 10m potency comes in drops form not in pills form..
SickandTired1 5 years ago
Ok then lycopodium 1M 3pills or 1 drop in some water.. take only once.

Also get camphor Q..you can use iy externaly for quick and long erection..also can be taken internally for 5 drops in sugar of milk or sugar 3 times daily for 2 days...

Report changes after medicine..

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drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
How to use camphor Q externally? What is sugar of milk or sugar? Please explain I couldn't get it
SickandTired1 5 years ago
You will get sugar of milk in homeopathic medical store..sugar means simple sugar.
You can use it externaly by cotton...it will increase the circulation to penis and proeuce erection..

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
i went to homeopathic store and they have

camphor monobrom
camphor monobromata
camphor off
camphor offcinarum
camphora 1dh

now they ask me that which one i need to buy. so can you please guide me. its confusing.
SickandTired1 5 years ago
How many drops of camphor I should take onto cotton and which area of my organ I will massage? I mean upper, lower, front (foreskin)?
SickandTired1 5 years ago
I meant camphor officinarum
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Better you can make it in oil form by mixing with coconut oil.
Take 100ml of oil with few drops of camphor Q..Else you will get camphor oil for this purpose.

Massage penis lightly every day for 15 days. Thereafter, massage twice a week. Do not wipe off residue. The penis and the glans will become less sensitive and allow you to last longer. Sure cure for Premature EjaculatioN
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
I am taking the prescription. Some questions are floating in my head so I want to ask you that;

1) Can I use any other oil except coconut oil for external massage?

2) As you mentioned that this massage will make me last longer due to kind of numbness. So is this temporary external treatment or will it leave the effects on a long run?

Please clarify these things.
SickandTired1 5 years ago

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