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Fordyce Spots

I need a constitutional remedy to cure fordyce spots by an experienced practitioner who dealt with fordyce spots before.
  irahman95 on 2017-04-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr. Kadwa please help me.
irahman95 6 years ago
Every disease, poisoning, drug or accident leaves its mark and remains as a weak point in the system, much more than we imagine. Homoeopathic treatment takes into account all these details of the past and thus removes all the weak points. Thus your body is strengthened. That is why it is necessary for us to know about all the ailments you have suffered from in the past and the treatments you have taken.
In the list below, circle around names of ALL major illnesses so far suffered and on the next page give its relevant details.

Food Poisoning
Dysentery Measles
German measles
Whooping cough Malaria
Any Liver
Spleen or
Gall Bladder
Disease Miscarriage.
Sickness during
Pregnancy etc.
Prolapse of uterus
Backache Any venereal
Disease like
Gonorrhoea etc. Any heart trouble
Blood pressure
Appendix pain Nephritis (Kidney or urine trouble)
Prostate trouble
Any operation such as Tonsils, Abdomen, Appendix, Hernia Piles, Uterus, Renal stone, Gall Stones, Phimosis, Hydrocele, Cataract etc. Mode of anaesthesia: general –local Diphtheria, Septic Tonsils, Adenoids Recurrent infections – Sinusitis Bronchitis –Eosinophilia Cold -Fever-Chill. Pneumonia Asthma –Pleurisy—T.B. Any serious shock, grief, disappointments, fright, mental upset, depression or nervous break down
Chronic Headaches, Numbness, Cramps, Fits, Convulsions Polio, Paralysis etc. Meningitis –Any Lumbar puncture done. Any major accident or injury to body or head. Any episode of unconsciousness
Any major bleeding from any part of the body.

Head injury due to hit of golf bat when I was young aged
Skin diseases like Pimples, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Fungus, Scabies, and Eczema.
Ulcers on any part of the body.
Minor pimples

Diseases suffered from Approximate Age Duration Whether you completely recovered Medicines & treatments taken Any other particulars
Mumps 14 4 weeks yes I don’t remember
Dengue 17 3 weeks yes hospitalized
Anal Fissure 22 Aprox. 5days yes Prune juice.
Appendix removal 19 3 weeks approx yes hospitalized

A) Mention any drugs, tonics, stimulants etc. that has been used by you at any time in life.
Tobacco( cigarette smoker) and also tried marijuana.
B) Was there any reaction or particular trouble after any of above vaccinations of inocculations?

C) Any abortions, miscarriages or stillbirth?

In homoeopathy, prescription is based on precise details of various symptoms from which you suffer. To tell or write to a homoeopathic physician "I have a headache ", " an eruption " or “a cough” would not be enough. If you inform him "I have headache with sharp shooting pains in the left side of the head and temple, these pains always come on when the slightest cold air strikes the head. I feel better by pressing the head very hard.” Then only you have given all the information required for making a good homoeopathic prescription. The success of the prescription depends; largely on how detailed your description of the symptoms is.
We require the following details about your symptoms.

LOCATION: Please give the exact location of sensation, pain or eruption. Also describe where the pain or sensation spreads:
Fordyce Spots: Penis Shaft, testicles, lips
Pearly Penile papules: Penis Glans or in other words circumference of the penis head and places nearby to it.

SENSATION: Express the type of sensation or the pain that you get in your own words however simple or funny it may seem. You may have a sensation that a mouse is crawling or the heart was grasped by an iron hand or you may have a pain that is cutting, burning jerking, pressing. Express the sensation or pain as it feels to you. Try to explain the whole sensation in the exact way it is happening and not just the word. We need to understand the whole process of the sensation as it is happening to you: No Pain or sensation.
WHAT MAKES YOU WORSE OR BETTER: Many factors are likely to influence your complaint. Some factors may intensify it and some factors may relieve the trouble. A detailed list of the factors is given at the end. Please refer it while describing each of your troubles and indicate which factors make the complaint better or worse. Condition does not improve. I have used ointment on my penis glans to get relief from pearly penile papules. But it did not work well.

DISCHARGES: You may have a discharge from nose, ears, mouth, eyes, ulcers, fistula, eruptions on skin, private parts, etc. Please describe your discharge under the following aspects. No discharges
• The quantity and the time or condition under which the quantity varies i.e. when is it better or worse, when does it increase or decrease?
• The consistency: Is it thin or thick, stringy or clotted?
• Is it like jelly, white of an egg, like water, sticky forming a scab etc.?
• The odour, what does it remind you of?
• Does it make the parts sore, and in what way?

1] Your Complaint:
(Use your own words as far as possible, but if you have recognized or diagnosed the condition, give this information also.) By answering as many of these questions as fully as possible, you are helping me to understand what your body and unconscious mind is conveying. This can help me find a remedy for you.)
• What is your complaint?
• Suffering from pearly penile papules and Fordyce spots for the past 6 months
• When did the complaint begin?
• Condition started to begin after having sex with a woman who was not a friend or girlfriend.
• Where is it located?
• Pearly penile papules: Penis Glans, around the circumference
• Fordyce Spots( Sebaceous granules): Lips,Penis shaft and testicles.
• What sort of sensations (and emotions) do you associate with it? The following are examples of what you may experience:
o Pain (if so what sort of pain, e.g. burning, stabbing)
o Heat or cold
o Trembling
o Pins and needles
o Numbness
o Fear or anger

• Does anything make it better or worse?
• I am guessing that stress and anxiety about the cosmetic appearance makes it worse.
• How does it bother you? How is it coming in way of your day-to-day life?
• The cosmetic appearance bothers me, it lowers my self confidence and self esteem.
• How does it feel like to have this/these problem/s?
• Anxious
• Depressed
• Suicidal thoughts
• What is the effect of this/these problem/s on you?
• Low self confidence
• Suicidal Thoughts
• Depression
• Relationship Problems
• Guilt
• Did any event happen which caused the complaint? Describe the emotion associated with it.
• These skin eruptions started to happen after I slept with a woman who I did not know well, while I was in a relationship with my girlfriend and we were doing long distance.
• What are the other symptoms started with it, esp. mental and physical symptoms, which are not directly related to the main complaint.
• Metal trauma
• Guilt
• Emotionally exhausted
• What are your reactions with it?
• My reaction is why did I have to get a benign condition like this. Feelings of unworthiness and stress are instilled in me after this.


1] What are the issues which are bothering you the most? How does it feel to have these issues? What about these issues bothering you the most and why?
• I feel very troublesome because of the cosmetic appearance of these skin eruptions on my mouth and genitals. Dermatologist said that this problem cannot be solved. The fact that I could not find anyway to heal it worries me a lot and causes frequent mood swings. I feel very isolated from society with these conditions.
2] What are the emotions that you are going through? What are the factors to which you are sensitive? What about these factors bother you the most? How does it feel to have these factors and how you react during such time?
• I am very sensitive about my outlook and appearance. Before these skin eruptions my life was very jolly and interesting. The cosmetic appearance bothers me the most. I also cannot believe that I am not getting relieved from this. I react by crying and feeling isolated and unwanted. A small problem become a catastrophic one after these skin problems started because I tend to take as a huge issue.
3] Any incident which had a deep impact on you? Describe in detail. What are the thoughts/feelings/sensations associated with it? At that moment of time what were your feelings/thoughts, sensations and reactions associated with it?
• When I won the national U-18 squash tournament about 6-7 years back. It really made me feel like I am very confident and I can make myself happy. Also the feeling that I can do good in what I really like. Additionally, I was weak in maths and sciences when I was small but as I got older I started to pick it up and do well. This gave me a lot of self satisfaction.
(Note: Incidents might have happened long ago and now it has no impact on you but at that moment of time if it had any impact on you, describe.)
4] What are your anxieties/fears/phobias real or imaginary? Describe them in detail. What about them is bothering you the most? What are the feelings associated with it? What could be the worst form of fear/phobia/anxiety according to you?
• Losing loved ones is the one my biggest fears which is real. Secondly, I am very anxious to cure this skin problem that I have. The feeling is absolute misery when I do not find a way to deal with my Fordyce spots and pearly penile papules. Family members and others always tell me that this a small issue. However, my mind is extremely focused to heal this skin problem.
5] What are your interests and hobbies? What about it you like the most and why?
• My hobbies is to play squash and to learn more about Calculas. I like to play squash because I really trained hard to achieve great heights. Whenever, I got bored of studying I used to play squash. It calmed my mind. I like to do calculas because it helps me to solve problems and gives a lot self satisfaction when I am able to solve the math problem.
6] What are the thoughts which are coming in your mind again and again? What about them bothers you the most?
• That this condition cannot be healed. I will become isolated and stay in depression forever.
7] Any unusual sensation/vibration or movements have you experienced? If yes, describe them in detail. Describe the whole process of that sensation without adding or subtracting a word from it.
• Sometimes have slight jerk every now and then I really don’t know why. Its like I move my shoulders. This did not just happen after these skin eruptions but also happened before. I it took as a normal thing that might happen due to coldness of the atmosphere or something like that.
8] What is/are the bodily sensation/s you experience with all your fears/ feelings and thoughts. Please describe the complete picture of it.
• Weak and lazy
• I don’t like doing any activity
• I believe sleeping long durations gives me more relief and steers my mind away from these troublesome thoughts.

9] Please close your eyes and bring that incident, feelings, fears, thoughts which had/having a deep impact on you/bothering you the most and see what is happening deep within your body right now. If you perceive any bodily sensation, vibration or movements please feel it completely and then right the whole experience as it is without adding or subtracting a word from it.
• I feel like isolating myself from everything. And the next thing is death. I feel a surge of pain in my heart.
10] What according to you will be best moment of your life? How does it feel to be in that moment? What will be opposite feeling of this moment or feeling?
• One of the best moments of my life was the summer of 2016. I was confident and I meet my girlfriend and was also doing really well in college. I did well on my exams and also was being very active in sports. I was making my parents and family members happy. I always wanted to get happiness from making others happy. However, now it is kind of opposite feeling, I feel that life has taken a toll on me. If I cannot make myself happy how will I make others happy now. I lost interest in almost everything. I think I am the mist of the opposite feeling and the moments of my prime days are lost. Now, the best moment of my life will be when this skin problem are healed(cured) and graduate from university. As well as all the things that will make my parents proud of me.

11] How do/did you react in situations which have/had a deep impact on you? What is your first reaction when you face your worst fear/situations? Describe your reaction as it is? How do you react when you are faced with stressful situations?
• Restlessness, anxious, depressed , unmotivated, suicidal thoughts.
• Before this problem I could tackle obsticles very easily.
• Please note that my late grandfather and father suffers from depression and diabetes. They are also smokers like me. They smoke cigarettes.
12] What you feel/feel like doing when you are alone and free of all your work?
• Why is god teaching me a lesson like this at this point of my life. I wish to overcome this problem and move forward but the cure is holding me back.
13] How is your relation with your near and dear ones, at your work place? Anything in the relationship that is bothering you the most? If yes, describe that in detail? How does that feel like? How do you experience that?
• My relation is good with my dear ones in my university. I have become very unsocial after these skin eruptions started to happen. My relationship with my girlfriend sometime bothers me because I feel like I should point out my weakness like the problem with my skin and depression due to this. I feel that I am much less beautiful than her. I experience that by becoming more anxious and restless. It feels really bad and traumatizing. Relationship with family members is good.

14] Describe five negative and positive points in you? Which out of it you would put first and why? How does it feel to have that?
Positive: Affectionate, Passionate, Hardworking
Negative: Sensitive, Short Tempered, partially unorganized , sometimes not thinking before speaking

“If we nurture our dreams, they will take root in our souls and bear fruit in our lives”


At the center of most of our dreams, lies the way we feel, think, perceive and sense our problems, our self and the world around us. Our deeper self appear as other characters in dreams, sometimes as people we know, sometimes as strangers, sometimes as animals, forces of nature, sometimes as some symbols, or monsters.

Every object, person, place, and situation in a dream may have many meanings. Each dream can tell us what is happening in the sub-conscious mind. What is important for the homeopath is not only to know the dreams but the thought, feeling, perceptions, and sensations associated with it and also how one reacts and copes-up with it.
Try not to "interpret" a dream. If you put yourself or others on the spot to "tell me what it means" then you are taking the wrong attitude toward working with the dream. It's not a game of Jeopardy or a multiple-choice test where there is any right or wrong answer. Tell us the whole dream as it is without adding or subtracting a word from it.

Please answer the following:

1] Tell about the dreams that had a deep impact on you.
• I sometimes feel that I have dejavu. I normally dream about the things that I think before sleeping.

2] Tell about the dreams that are repetitive, strange and weird that are not related to you at all.
• I don’t remember
3] Any dreams from childhood till today that you remember the most?
• Once I had a fever or I think dengue then I saw that I was in the a observer in a massacre long ago. Where some people were killing villagers or something like that with swords and I was hiding and observing everything.

4] Any dream from childhood till today that had a deep impact on you?
• I do not remember

5] Any dreams, just before your problem started?
• I don’t remember
6] Any particular part of your life where you had some recurrent dreams? If yes, describe in detail
• I used to see snakes in my dreams before. Once I saw that I had a new skin eruption and then I woke and saw nothing happened. This was a long time ago like 2-4 years back approximately
7] Describe all the dreams you got during the pregnancy?
If you have any dreams from above mentioned category, then describe the whole dream/s without adding or subtracting a word from it. We need to understand the whole dream rather than just part of it.

A] Which part of this/these dream/s is most important according to you? Describe that part in detail?
B] What was your thought/fear/feeling/perception associated with it? Describe it in detail.
C] Did you perceive any movement/vibration/sensation inside your body while seeing or after waking up from the sleep? If yes, then describe it in detail.

(Note: If you don’t remember the whole dream then you can mention the fragment of a dream that you remember? Tell us what was the most important part in that dream.)

1] Any incidents from your childhood which had a deep impact on you, which touched you the most. Describe in detail about that incident/s and the feelings/thoughts/perception and sensations associated with it. What was your reaction to these incidents?
• My parents divorce touches me now, but I didn’t feel it back then because I was very sheltered. I did not like my mother back then. But now I have a extremely good relationship with her.
2] Describe your fears during childhood in detail.
• I used to fear snakes.
3] Any imagination/fantasies/imaginary fears which you remember the most?
4] What you wanted to become as a child and why?
A mathematician or physicist. I love mathematics.

5] During acute conditions like fever/diarrhoea/cough/vomiting etc., did you use to have nightmares/dreams during or just before the acute illnesses? If yes, describe them in detail about it. I do not remember.


1] Describe your posture in sleep. (On the back, side, abdomen etc.) Are you able to sleep in any position? In which position you can’t sleep?
I like to start my sleep on one side mostly on the left. I cannot sleep in light. I have to sleep in total darkness. It has been like all my life.
2] During sleep do you:
a) Snore? Not really
b) grind teeth? No
c) Dribble saliva? No
d) Sweat? Rarely when temperature is very high or fever
e) Keep eyes or mouth open?
f) Walk? Talk? Yes
g) Moan? Weep? No
h) Become restless? Wake up with a jerk? No, you say sort of depressed when I wake up.

3] Describe if anything else is unusual about your sleep: (sleepy, sleeplessness, etc. if so when?)
I sleep very late. You can say sort of sleeplessness. I don’t look forward to the new day when I wake up. Everyday seems like the same old. Thoughts about how get rid of the skin problem always occupy my mind. I like night better than day.


1] How is your appetite? Sort of decreased
2] When are you hungry? I feel hungry after 1.5-2 hrs after meal
3] What happens if you have to remain hungry for long? Stomach makes noises. I drink water
4] How fast do you eat? Very fast, don’t shew food so well. I swallow most of the time.
5] How much thirst do you have? Moderate
6] Any particular time are you especially thirsty? No
7] Do you feel any change in your taste and feeling in your mouth? No
Note: Please Put one tick (X) if you Like / Dislike the food or if the food disagrees. Put two tick mark (XX) if you strongly Like / Dislike the food or if the food strongly disagrees.

Like Dislike Disagrees Like Dislike Disagrees
Bitter X Eggs X
Salt extra X Spicy food X
Sweet X Meat X X
Sour X Fish X
Bread X Cabbages X
Butter X Onions X
Fats X Warm food/drink X
Milk X Cold food/drink X
Coffee X Fruits X
Mud/chalk X Anything else Pizza and Italian food, steak

1] Do you have any problem regarding your stools? Constipation
2] When and how many times a day do you pass stools? Once or twice or sometime no passing stools.
3] When is it urgent? After smoking cigarettes
4] Do you have any problem about bowel movements? Moderately or occasionally.
5] Do you have to strain for stool? Even if soft? No
6] Do you have belching or passing gas? Describe its character. No
7] How do you feel after passing gas up or down? No

1] Any problem about urine?No
2] Any strong smell? Like what?No
3] Do you have any trouble before, during and after passing urine? No
4] Any difficulty about the flow? Slow to start, interrupted, feeble dribbling etc.? No
5] Any involuntary urination? When? No, but after finishing urination I sometimes leak a bit.

1] How much do you sweat? Normal
2] Where and on what part do you sweat the most? Armpit forehead and back.
3] Do you perspire on the palms or soles? Yes but not that much and often.
4] Is the sweat warm, cold, clammy, sticky, musty, greasy, stiffens the linen etc.? Can’t say
5] What is the smell like? E.g. foul, pungent, sour, and urinous. Sour or foul
6] What color does it stain the clothing? colourless
7] Is the stain easy to wash off or difficult? easy
8] Any symptoms after sweating?No
9] When do you get fever or chill? Drastic Change of weather or climate.
10] What brings it on?
11] Do you experience any sense of heat or cold in any part of your body at any particular time? I like to always with a blanket

1] Do you catch cold often? If so, how often? Very cold weather I catch cold or seasonal change. After I wake I have a habit of sneezing.
2] Describe the symptoms, nature of discharge etc.
3] Is there any trouble with your CHEST or HEART? No
4] Is there any trouble with your voice or speech?
5] Is there any difficulty in breathing? No, however I have lost stamina due to smoking.
6] Do you have cough? No
7] Is it more at any particular time? No

1] Any excessive indulgence in sex in past and present ? Any effect on your health? No
2] How do you feel after sexual intercourse? Down
3] Any particular feeling or symptoms appear before, during and after sexual intercourse? Good feeling only with soulmate
4] Do you suffer from any sexual disturbance?No
(Homosexual inclination etc.?) No
5] Any habit like (masturbation etc.) in past as well as present? How often? 2 times a week
6] Did you suffer from any venereal disease?No
Syphilis? Gonorrhoea?
7] Do you have increased desire or decreased desire for sex? Normal
8] What is the method you use for family planning? I have not decided yet

1] Any difficulty in erection? No
2] Wanted erection? Unwanted erection? Yes sometimes I have unwanted erection.
3] Weak erection? Failing erection? Describe. No
4] Any other trouble in sex? Describe in detail. No

1] Menses: How are the periods; regular or irregular?
2] At what age did it start?
3] Was there any trouble then?
4] Mention number of days of flow.
5] Menstrual flow: Is there any change in quantity, color, smell or consistency?
6] Are the stains difficult to wash?
7] Have you noticed any variation in quality and quantity of flow during menses?
8] How and when?
9] Do you suffer in any way before, during or after menses? If so, describe.
10] What symptoms did you suffer during menopause?
11] Do you feel the internal parts coming down?
12] Is there any white discharge?
13] If so, mention the nature, color, consistency and smell of discharge.
14] When and under what circumstances is it more or less?
15] Has the discharge any relation to menses?
16] What is the effect of this discharge on your general feeling? Or any of your symptoms?
17] Any itching, excoriation etc. due to discharge?
18] Do you pass any gas from vagina?
19] Any trouble with breasts?


1] VERTIGO- Do you have giddiness – vertigo? No
2] FAINTNESS: Do you ever feel faint? No
3] HEAD: Do you get headaches? Very rare
4] EYES & Vision: Hard to see long distance
5] EARS & sense of hearing: Normal
6] NOSE & sense of smell: Normal
7] FACE & Facial expression: Normal
8] MOUTH & sense of taste: Normal
9] About LIPS, MOUTH, TONGUE etc.: Normal
10] TEETH, GUMS e.g. carious teeth or bleeding gums. Bleeding gums
11] Swollen gums: No
12] LIPS: cracked, peeling of skin etc: Yes due to winter in USA
13] THROAT (including tonsils): Normal
14] Any difficulty in swallowing? No
15] Do you have any trouble in your BACK, LIMBS OR JOINTS? Describe in detail. No
16] If you have any pains, do they shift? No
17] In what direction do they extend?
18] Is there any complaint of skin: such as itching, eruptions, ulcers, warts, corns, peeling etc.? (Describe its name and character) Fordyce Spots and pearly penile papules
19] Any change in color of the skin or spots on any part of the body? Fordyce Spots(lips)-White in color, Fordyce spots (penis shaft)- Skin color, Fordyce spots( testicles)- Sort of skin color or can seen to be white, Pearly penile papules(penis glan)- Red or white in color
20] Is there any complaint or abnormality of the NAILS or skin around? No
21] Is there any complaint with the HAIR such as falling, graying, dandruff, dryness, oily, poor excessive or unusual growth? No
22] Do wounds heal slowly? No
23] Form keloid? Do wounds tend to form pus? No
24] Do you have a tendency to bleed? no
25] Are your troubles one sided? Which one? Or more on one side? Do they proceed from one to the other side? Or do they alternate or shift? no
27] Is there any trembling? When? Is there any sense of weakness? Where? When is it more or less? Is it in any particular part of the body? no

Below is a list of things that you are exposed to. Each of these factors may affect you in a particular way. Please write in what way you are affected by each of the following. Do you feel worse or better in any way from each of the factors? In what way do they affect you?
For instance take the factor "sun". Suppose by going in the sun you get a headache, then write "Headache " opposite to "sun".
Take another example. If in hot weather you feel uneasy, then write "Uneasy" opposite to "Hot Weather " in the column.
In this way write the effect of each factor on you. Especially write the effect each factor has on your main complaints. For instance if your main complaint is asthma and this is worse when lying on the back then opposite to "lying on the back "write "asthma becomes worse"
Sometimes one factor may make you feel worse in some respect, and better in some other respect, For instance cold air may cause headache but headache but make you feel better in general. If this is so, please mention this difference clearly.

This section is most important. Do not go through it hurriedly. Think carefully about the effect of each factor before you write.

Effect Effect
Hot weather Prespiration, feeling hot Walking No effect
Cold weather cold Running No effect
Rainy weather Nothing Climbing stairs No effect
Cloudy weather Nothing Going downstairs No effect
Change of season No effect Riding in bus, car etc. I sometimes feel good seeing scenery
Thunder –storm No effect Lying Good
Covering No effect Lying on back Feeling alright
Warm bath Feeling relaxed Lying on left side Feeling alright
Sun Warm, in summer in winter I sometimes feel good. Lying on right side Feeling alright
Cold bathing Feel cold Lying on abdomen No effect
Lying with head low Normal Drinking Good feeling
Sitting Normal After sexual intercourse Feel a bit down
Sitting erect No feeling. Urge to have sex. Dust Bad feeling
Standing No feeling Smoke Alright feeling, stress relief
Looking up Normal/No feeling Touch Depends who and why. My girlfriend touches then I feel good same for family.
Looking down No feeling Pressure
Looking from high places scared Massage Feel alright
Looking at moving object No feeling Tight clothes Bad feeling
Noise Noise Before sleep Alright feeling
Sudden noise Stunned depending on the volume During sleep Good feeling
Music Normal After sleep Bad feeling
Light Normal depending on the intensity, if very intense I feel pressure on eyes. After afternoon nap Bad feeling
Strong smells I don’t like strong pungent smell Loss of sleep Irritated
When constipated I like to hold my stool. Before stools I like to hold stools. I enjoy it
Before urine Depends on the urgency. If very urgent I rush to go and pee . During stools Alright feeling.
During urine Good feelings After stools I feel different
After urine Good feeling Coughing No effect
Before menses Sneezing After sneezing I feel better
During menses Laughing Good feeling. But nowadays I fake my laugh most of the time
After menses Talking No effect
After Sweating No effect Reading No effect
When Fasting Hungry Writing I like write and with good handwriting
After eating Good Stooping
Before important engagement Passing gas No effect
Before exams Stressed After hair cut No feeling now due to depression
When angry Bad feeling, I start yelling Combing hair No effect
When worried Bad feeling Brushing teeth No effect, I don’t care about myself so much.
When sad Bad feeling. I might start crying Moonlight No effect
After weeping Opening the mouth No effect
Consolation /sympathy Mixed feelings Smoking When I am stressed i smoke
In a crowd No effect Hanging the limbs
In a closed room Sometimes feel isolated Hanging the arms
When thinking of illness Depressed Near sea Alright feeling
Full noon /new moon No effect Shaving No feeling, used to feel better before these incidents. I lost interest in many things.
Morning Mood off Stretching Good feeling
Afternoon No feeling Swallowing No effect
Evening No feeling Listening to others talk Alright feeling
Night Better than feeling in the morning Vomiting I feel better after vomiting
Bathing No feeling Yawning Feel alright
Draft air No feeling Moving the eyes No effect
Biting or chewing No feeling Opening the eyes No effect
Blowing nose No feeling Closing the eyes No effect
When alone Lonely Getting feet wet Feel the temperature of water
In company Feel good Over eating No effect
Physical exertion Feel alright Working in water No effect
Belching No feeling Fanning No effect

1] In which season do you feel less well? Winter or extreme summer
2] At what time during the day or night do you feel worst? Day
3] What positions do you like best (sitting / standing / lying)? Sittting or lying
4] What sports do you play? Used to play squash
5] How do you feel before / during / after meals? After meals I feel alright and I want to smoke a cigarette. Before and during depends on the choice of food. If I like the food I feel and urge to eat it.
6] How long do your wounds take to heal, how long do they bleed for? Bleed for 10-20 mins then woud starts healing in few hours.
irahman95 6 years ago

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