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weight, hair loss, anxiety, lack of motivation and confidence

Hello! I'm Sil. This is gonna be a long read. Please be patient and thank you in advance.

1. Age: 27
2. Sex: Female
3. Built up: overweight (80kg at 1.60m height)
4. Complexion: fair
5. Occupation: student
6. Single/married: in a relationship
7. Country: Greece

8. List out all your PROBLEMS with its since how long,which part is affected,which side,what you feel during complaint etc:in an order(which came first then which came?
- I started putting on weight when I was around 13 years old. I haven't been able to work it off since then. No matter what kind of diet or exercise I try now, they're no change. I've had some crappy job that required me to walk at a fast pace for at least 6 hours every day, for months, and even that made no difference. I've had months where I felt too discouraged to do anything which led me to eat once every 3 days. It still had no effect on my weight. I've never been a great eater. My diet isn't very consistent so I can't really blame that.

- At around 15 I started suffering from hair loss and had extremely infrequent menses, like once every 6 months. The hair loss was all over my head, not just tuffs. My gynecologist said I have a hormone imbalance (too many male hormones?) and had me take anti-androgen birth control pills for can't remember how many months. Nothing had changed except for a more stable period but at the same time it changed from painless to very painful. Eventually I stopped taking them and my periods reverted to being irregular again. Years later the gynecologist discovered cysts on my ovaries. I got no treatment for that. By now my periods have randomly stabilized, but the problems still exist.

- During those years I became very tired, no matter how much I rested. I am still permanently exhausted. I dread things I have to do in the next week because I don't know if I'll have the energy for it. It sounds like too little short time to rest. I never wake up refreshed, I never feel good. Movements are slow and sluggish.

- I am mentally and emotionally EXTREMELY tired as well. I am not in the mood for anything, not even my hobbies. I used to be a very disciplined and hard working person, now I don't even want to think about simple matters. It stresses me a lot, because it's getting in my way of my studies. I cannot get myself to study or remember anything if I somehow force myself to do it. It makes me extremely anxious because I have great financial problems and I NEED that university degree to be able to get out of this, but even in the face of that immense fear and stress, I just become completely numb and mentally paralyzed instead of doing something about it.
I fail to get myself going even for important matters other than school. I've managed to complete a few (freelancing) jobs despite all and still need to get paid, but I have not pursued my employers to get that money even though I'm facing dire money problems. I don't understand myself. I just have 0 motivation for anything.

All of the above problems started when I was around 12-13 (about 14 years ago?) when my parents would get into frequent ugly fights which eventually led to their divorce. Since then I stayed with my mom and had to deal with lots of financial problems and also my mom's loneliness (partner-wise) made it very uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable to stay home. I never thought any of that truly bothered me, but seeing as that it all started at that time... My mom still puts a lot of pressure on me because she also depends on me finishing this school and securing us a better life, but I'm just too numb and.... can I call this depressed(?) to do anything about it.

a)Worsening factors for each complaint
-I haven't noticed any exterior factors affecting my physical complaints. Anxiety gets worse in the morning, general depression worsens during sunny days/summer, I feel

weak and uncomfortable after taking a hot bath

b)When Its Better,for each complaint (eg: by pressure,what time,by heat, by cold, any season,any food, eating,after sleep,by sweat,after stool & urine ,after bathing etc.?)
-I feel better in the winter months. I feel less anxious in the evening, out in the fresh air but staying in cold air for too long causes headaches.

c) In your opinion, What is the expected cause for your problem?From injury,fall,cold exposure,sun exposure ,physical and mental exertion etc.?
-Fear of failure, probably.
-Thinking about me not being able to handle school or deal with the financial troubles.
-Immense stress and pressure from the family.
-mental exertion causes a strong dull headache

9. Mind:sensitive/angry/sad/weeping/fear of/anxiety/shy etc.,memory,desire company,grief,lewd etc.
-I am sad and very anxious about my school and financial state.
-I am very shy and have very low confidence. I've always been a shy person but I used to be confidence. I don't have the confidence to pull through anything anymore.
-I have very weak memory - I can't even remember things and events I've enjoyed.
-I'm very sensitive and very careful person. I hate conflict and will try to avoid it as much as possible. In case of conflict I will remain calm and polite. I am unable to get furious. But I also don't cry very easily.
-I want to be left alone by people I know in person (with the exception of my boyfriend, I strongly desire his company but it doesn't make me feel better) but I will seek the company of people online, knowing they can be kept at a distance

10. Thermal:which weather do you prefer hot or cold? Which one you can tolerate well?
-I prefer the cold weather even though I get cold easily

11. Do you have Frequent or occasional nausea,vomiting to any food,headache,mouth ulcer,,allergy sneezing,gas trouble,leucorrhea(white discharge-females) ,dandruff,hairfall etc.explain if any
-Spicy food will 100% upset my bowels really bad.
-I have hair loss that covers my entire head (thinning of hair?)
-I have a permanent dull headache

12. Stool:regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied/bleeding?
-regular. nothing weird about it

13. Urine: regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied
-I need to go to the toilet very often. Whenever I drink something, I usually need to go 5-10 minutes later

14. Menses: regular?scanty or profuse?early or late?how many days?frequency of cycle?any complaints before or during menses like pimples,backache,white discharge,pain

in abdomen,legs etc.,irritability,constipation,diarrhea,nausea etc?
-menses fairly regular.
-They usually last 3-4 days and I always have diarrhea during that time as well.
-1 or 2 days before menses I feel really good, like a normal, happy and functional person.
-1 week before menses I may or may not get a few pimples on my face

15. Sweat:profuse,scanty,offensive,stains
-normal. my feet feel sweaty when they're cold though

16. Sleep:satisfied/disturbed?particular dreams?usual sleeping positon?
-I fall asleep very easily because I always feel very tired.
-I'm almost always having nightmares. I wake up too early feeling extremely anxious.
-I prefer sleeping on my right side or flat on my stomach, facing the wall.

17. Appetite: how often,quantity,satisfied?
-I usually eat once a day, lunch. I don't like eating breakfast. Makes me kinda nauseous

18. Thirst: how many glasses? how often?
-very little thirst.
-I drink very little, maybe a glass or two a day
-drinking too much or drinkink more than 2 sips at once makes me feel naseous.

19. Cravings:salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
-I crave sweets and fruits

20. Aversion: salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
-I don't like bitter vegetables and I want breaks from eating meat

21. Intolerant foods if any which might be your favorite or not.
-I love spicy food but it causes diarrhea immediately. Yogurt also causes diarrhea

22. How is your sex life?
-desire is between moderate/below moderate.
-sex is rare due to it being painful and also due to my extreme shyness/lack of confidence to iniate it

23. Do you have diabetes/BP/Cholestrol/thyroid(Hypo/Hyper) etc Done any surgey ?
-I don't think I got any of those
-I had my tonsils and nose polyps removed as child.

24. Do you have any skin complaints-itching, warts, rashes, discoloration etc.?
-My scals gets very sore and often has puss-filled pimples

25.Your skin type: oily or dry?
-skin is generally dry except on my head where my hair gets oily in less than 8 hours

26.Do you have any bad habits or addictions?
-Not consumption-wise. But I constantly pick on my fingers/nails whenever I feel very anxious

27.List out all medicines you have taken till now and its result
-I used to get homeopathic therapy as little kid for my asthma and animal allergies. I don't know what I took, but it completely removed my problems.
-I've been given anti-androgen birth control pills to deal with my hormone-imbalance (hair-loss mostly) but it did nothing but worsen my period pains

28.Any other things which you think it make you unique from others ..
-... uh, my gut feeling is never wrong about people I just met. I'm very very good at picking the right people to be with
  ijinzu on 2017-05-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
take pulsatilla 1m 3pills at night,only once,not daily
(not during menses)

take kali phos 6x 3 tablets thrice daily

also take phytoline q 10drops in 1/2 glass water twice daily alternate it with fucus vesiculosus q 10drops in half glass of water.

take phytolocca berry q 10drops in 1/4 glass water daily in morning before food

check weight every 15days

report me after a week of taking medicines

drthoufeequebhms 3 years ago
Thank you a lot for your reply! I'll take a look at what all this is and report again in 2 weeks :)
ijinzu 3 years ago
Hello! I hope you'll see this message.

I've been taking Kali Phos 6x for about 2 weeks now. Also took Pulsatilla once.
My nearby pharmacies were unable to get me any of the drops, but I'll have them shipped later at some point.

I feel mentally a lot better. Been able to do more mental work without getting exhausted immediately. I do not have nightmares anymore either and I also stopped waking up early with a strong sense of dread. I even don't mind the sunlight as much anymore? I'm surprised.
I still lack courage to tackle things though, but that also doesn't feel as bad anymore.

How should I proceed?
Do any of these things I've been prescribed help with my hair loss?

Thank you very much again.
ijinzu 3 years ago
can you express improvements in percentage for each symptom you had?

drthoufeequebhms 3 years ago
Good evening. Sorry for the late reply.

I'd say mental exhaustion has been improved by at least 50%
The sense of dread in the morning is completely gone.
Sunlight sensitivity has been improved by 80%.
My scalp has been less sore, by 50%
My confidence has had a slight improvement of 20%

I've stopped taking the kali phos pills and my period started about 10 days too early and the cramps were a lot more painful than usual. I don't know if it was coincidence or not.
Should I continue taking them?

I have a question
You've told me to get get
-phytoline q drops
-phytolacca berry q drops
-fucus vesiculous q

I've finally found a place I can buy them from, but it offers different potencies. Which one should I order?
edit: fucus vesiculous is only offered in potency: D, C, LM and FC

Again thank you very much in advance.
[Edited by ijinzu on 2017-07-08 13:14:40]
ijinzu 3 years ago
repeat pulsatilla 1m, when you observe previous dose has completed its action,wait till then.

i suggested fucus vesiculosus,phytolocca berry and phytoline in Q potency,if its not available,you can take all these in D POTENCY D1,D2 OR D3. USE 3-5 DROPS INSTEAD OF 10DROPS


drthoufeequebhms 3 years ago

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