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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Likes - daily sugar cravings / chocolate / pasta / fresh bread / green smoothies (sweet )/ quorn / some fish / cake / Fruit / salad / potatoes (dont eat a lot, but like) / cheese ( don't eat a lot, but like) and apple or pear or pineapple.
Food with texture / seeds / dried beans / rice (not all the time) / soup and a sandwich / peas / creamy yoghurts / probiotic yoghurts /

Dislikes - meat / banana and strawberry flavoured things (fresh strawberry or banana I like)/ black forest gateaux / tomato ketchup / hash browns / runny eggs / overly processed foods/ goats milk/ cows milk (don't drink much ) / tea (empty stomach, first cup of the day makes me feel sick)/ loads of margarine or butter on bread, beans on toast (soggy bread) / baby food like textures / tinned fuit / synthetic drinks or yoghurts /

Digestion is fine mostly, although can get bloated off bread / pasta sometimes. Bit gasey sometimes. No acid reflux or anythin like that. Is this enough?

What do you mean by constitution? And modalities? Thanks
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leza 3 years ago
Describe your apparent body structure and if you have any visible signs on skin, eyes, nails, etc.

Factors, conditions,timings that aggravate or ameliorate your situations.

Dreams ?

Dr Tahira 3 years ago
My body structure is tallish 5 foot 7 inches, put weight on evenly, more of an hour glass figure shape, but with broadish shoulders creating a V shape to the waist, curved hips, longish legs, bit busty. Lose weight evenly.

Nails have some ridges present. My hair is greying, especially around the hairline, crown middle part, which is white in places around the hair line. My hair is golden brown and golden blondish, fine, but lots of it. Brown eyes, fair complexion, but in the sun go a golden colour. Irish features, broad cheek bones, large eyes, smallish mouth.

My eys are a touch cloudy, but not much. I don't drink or smoke and I have a quite a healthy diet apart from my addiction to sweet things.

My skin is starting to dry, always had good skin, but in the last two years my face has become dryish as has my arms and hands, etc. Sensitive skin in places.

Emotional upset aggrivates my condition. I am very sensitive and can be quite emotional. I have a lot of empathy and get easily upset by cruelty to animals as I cant bear to see suffering - it stays with me and haunts me. I have a lot of fear of failure and I can terrify my self with what could happen. If I have an up and coming performance, exam, interview, all I can think of is what could possibly go wring and this causes me a lot of stress and makes things worse. I can be very vulnerable, but strong if I have to be all at the same time. I have been trying to become a performer for 15 years and Iwill always find a way to avoid it due to fear of failure, getting things wrong, forgetting lyrics, not believeing in myself. I am terrified of getting something wrong, and if I do get a little thing wrong that is what Ill focus on, not all the great or good things I did as well. I heard a saying and thought it suited me well. " you focus on the pimple on your nose, and can't see the bigger picture". I think i have some shame as blush easily. Again if I think I've done something wrong.

I used to have terrifying dreams and repetitive ones when I was a child, teenager and into my 20s and 30s, I was always running or flying away from someone. Did some lucive dreaming a few times, where I realised I was dreaming in a scary situation and took control of it. But now I dont remember them that much anymore

My periods are all over the places at the moment too, i will have a very heavy period and then still be losing in between my periods, which,might come again 3 weeks later. I permanently have discharge in between my periods.
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leza 3 years ago
Does sweet cravings affect your digestion ?

which part of the day or night is the worst for you ?

Bowl system is regular or upset,like constipation, loose stools ,etc ?

Thirst intensity ?

Describe the discharge between gap of periods ?

Sleep quality ?

Dr Tahira 3 years ago
Sweet cravings don't upset my digestion generally, only if i eat them after being on green alkaline smoothies only (for a few days)and then have sweet stuff.

Evening is when my cravings start. Occassionally, the afternoon if i have had a hectic day.

Bowl regular. Mostly a looser stool, but sometimes loose mid to loose. Discharge can be unpleasant smelling and large amounts, especially if i have eaten chocolate/sweet stuff the night before.

Sleep quality. Go to bed at 9pm most nights. Wake in the night. I can lay awake for hours, unless i watch something, then i will fall asleep again quickly. Get up at 6 am. This happens most nights and has done for a few years.

I am always thirsty,but not sure if it is due to nervousness. Drink coffee, tea, herb teas, water, fizzy water, etc. Ive been tested for diabetes a few times and i have always been fine.
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leza 3 years ago
Which country is your hometown ?

where are you residing now ?

Weather type of your current location ?

Dr Tahira 3 years ago
England UK


Dry sunny with some rainy days.

By the way I take 125 mg thyroxine daily.
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leza 3 years ago
Leza, you have to avoid the following :

Herbal tea or any herbal medicine

Tea without milk or tea on empty stomach

Cold drinks

Pickles and sauces specially sour

Canned foods

Junk or deep fried foods

Take Nux vom 200, 3 doses for 3 days at bedtime only.

Dr Tahira 3 years ago
Thank you Dr Tahira. I have just ordered. How long do I stay off herbal medicine because I have an exam coming up and due to brain fog/ clarity issues I use Gingko Biloba and Theanine to help me. In fact how long do I stay off all of the things you listed.

Just to clarify 'cold drinks' do you mean out of the fridge, but room temperature or hot okay.

Thanks, Leza.
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leza 3 years ago
Better to use one treatment as we can monitor and see the effects more clearly. So you may choose between herbal OR homeopathy.

Any and all carbonated drinks as well as cold drinks straight from the fridge.

Dr Tahira 3 years ago
Thanks Dr Tahira. What should I expect from the homeopathy medicine you have prescribed for me? Why did you choose this one?

Also am I to permanently to stay off pickles and sauces and cold drinks or just whilst being treated with this medicine.
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leza 3 years ago

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