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Constant worry and fear about loved ones


I have had a problem of being very scared of my loved ones dying since I was as child. I constantly worry about them getting hurt ESPECIALLY in a car accident. I worry every day and it affects my life in a very negative way.

I am a mother of 3 children and whenever they go anywhere I worry constantly that something bad will happen to them. I also worry about my husband and my family and friends. If I hear an ambulance go by I need to contact all my loved ones and if I cant reach them I become paranoid and worry obsessively.

I am so anxious when driving or being a passenger in a vehicle. This is a problem I have had for as long as I can remember, as I worried my parents would get in a car accident every time they left home when I was a child.

I have seen wonderful things happen with homeopathy and I would love to know if there may be a cure for this problem I have been dealing with.

Please consider my case and give me your advice!! Thank you so much in advance!
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  pclin on 2017-07-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Will take it up
Zady101 5 years ago
What physical problems do you have - of muscles, joints, urinary, motion, constipation etc
Zady101 5 years ago
Thank you so much! I am so grateful for your time!

My muscles are Ok...

My feet are very sore when I get out of bed.. some days much worse than others.... usually as the day goes on they feel better but some days they ache very badly by the evening/ afternoon. The feet problem was much worse last summer and I almost went to a Dr. but I really dislike my feet being touched or looked at and I chose to deal with it instead. It was bothering me less over the winter but now it is noticeable again, but still bearable.

I have Osgood Schlatters disease in the knees, which I developed when I was around 10 or 11 years old. It is still quite sore sometimes and I have large tender bumps on both knees but it is not a big concern at this point.

Urinary.. well i need to urinate quite frequently and sometimes after I finish I get up and immediately need to go again. Sometimes in one trip to the washroom I will need to go 3 times. This is not all the time but sometimes and I haven't figured out what might be the cause of it. My bowels are generally normal.

It may be worth mentioning another set of problems I have been experiencing...( but I have had this anxiety about something happening to my loved ones for far longer than I have been dealing with the following):

Over the past couple years (since I weaned my youngest child from breastfeeding) I have experienced some things that are out of character for me such as irregular periods, hot flashes, fine white hair growth on sides of face, no libido at all, exhaustion, weight gain and weight-loss resistance despite eating a healthy vegan diet and living an active lifestyle, cracked heels, new moles and existing moles growing larger, irritability apathy, resentment, etc. I have felt unlike myself.
I spoke with my GP about these symptoms and she did some blood work and said I am fine and motherhood and ageing will do this to me. She offered to prescribe medication for anxiety and depression ( depression because I found it hard to explain my symptoms to her without becoming emotional. ) which I declined for fear of side effects and becoming dependent.

Thank you again for your time and for considering my case!
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pclin 5 years ago
Do u hv burning and pain in urination

Coughing/sneezing may result in passing of some urine

Do you have moles/warts on face
Zady101 5 years ago
Hi. I have not had any recent burning or pain in urination.

Unfortunately, Coughing & sneezing may result in passing some urine at times , yes.

I do have moles on my face

Thank you.
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pclin 5 years ago
Do you have fear of dogs?

Do you like music?

Do you feel you have no power to confront, and you swallow your anger?
Zady101 5 years ago
I dont really fear dogs, I love them as pets.... if one comes at me in an aggressive manner I would be very afraid though.

I love music.

I swallow my anger and avoid confrontation in almost all cases, but I can be quite forthcoming with it when arguing with my husband or scolding my kids. That is not something I am proud to say but it is true.
pclin 5 years ago
Ok I am prescribing for you and God willing you will soon be okay. But you must not take any other honeopathic medicine or anything else on your own, unless absolutely necessary?
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Zady101 5 years ago
OK I will respectfully follow exactly what you say and nothing else. Thank you!
pclin 5 years ago
Causticum 200

Dissolve 3 drops in 6 teaspoons water in a disposable cup, stir a few times and drink. Do this ONCE ONLY

Avoid coffee

Update me after 1 wk

When you reply, send me a mail with the thread link
Zady101 5 years ago
OK thank you so very much, I will look for the remedy tonight and email you results in one week.
pclin 5 years ago
Hello. I looked all over town and was unable to find causticum 200. I found Causticum 30 and bought it, but I will wait for your approval before using it. I can order online if I need to.

Thank you.
pclin 5 years ago
Take a dose and update after 3 days
Zady101 5 years ago
Hi There. I took the dose of Causticum 30 on 07/11 and I am reporting back today, 7/14...

I havent noticed a difference in my anxiety levels.. I have been extremely worrisome this week. Maybe even more than usual..?

I have had a busy week and I have caught myself worrying about the safety of my kids and myself several times a day.

I was feeling extremely tense, agitated, and stressed about many things. The evening of the first dose I felt a lot of pressure on the left side of my face/ under the left eye. (I have had this sensation before but not recently and it was quite strong)It hasnt returned since then.

My kids have been sick and I have been very anxious about that and also about driving / getting into a car accident.

I also feel a bit reluctant to see my friends... for some reason I have been turning down offers to do social things, which used to make me so happy. I feel embarrassed about myself and like I will be judged... I don't know a particular reason but I am always thinking people are judging me and like I am not good enough. It is not a nice way to feel.... so I've been avoiding almost everyone.

I am very curious to hear what you think and suggest to do going forward. Thank you!
pclin 5 years ago
Please wait for 2 - 3 days
Zady101 5 years ago
OK, thank you, I will update in a few days.
pclin 5 years ago
Hello I am reporting back again since taking the causticum 30 on July 11... now it is July 18th.

I havent noticed much difference... I have been in a strange mood... I have been so exhausted but I dont know what from... I am getting enough sleep. I am avoiding responsibilities and social opportunities.

I am still worrying about accidents happening. I will feel lovingly towards my kids then I will think how sad I will be if / when something happens... its a very disturbing thought pattern. I try to correct it by being grateful for them and focus on my love for them and how blessed I am to have them...and not giving any attention to the worried and negative thoughts that arise.

It is helpful in the moment to deny the thoughts but it doesn't stop the next one from occurring... if that makes sense? I have these thoughts several times a day.

I am trying hard to get my energy and motivation back... I have so many things to do and so many things I would love to do but I feel so tired and not motivated to make the effort. I feel low self esteem and overwhelmed by all the tasks I need to take care of. It almost feels like I am slipping into a depression but I don't want that and I am trying to keep going.

I am also feeling like I have a lot of water retention... like sitting on anything quickly leaves an indent on my skin and I feel very heavy and puffy. All over my body, especially my legs.

Sounds and touch and smells are very irritating to me and I feel most comfortable by myself right now... but that is not practical and I don't actually want to be alone... I desire closeness with my family and friends...

Also i take a lot of pride in accomplishing things and working hard for my family... I feel overwhelmed and unhappy when things are not taken care of and I don't feel good about myself when I am behind on my responsibilities....Its strange that I keep trying to avoid things, I don't want to be like this!

I hope this description helps.... I am excited to hear how you think I should proceed.

Thank you for your time and attention.
pclin 5 years ago
How was your childhood? Were you dominated/suppressed in childhood?

Did you have c*a*n*c*e*r in family - parents, grand parents etc?

What's your sleep position?

How do you feel at sea side?
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Zady101 5 years ago
Can you also mail me your close-up pic of the face if possible?
Zady101 5 years ago
Hi Thank you again for your reply.
My childhood was mostly good. I didn't get the attention from my father that I always wanted and that did affect me a good deal. My mom was depressed and we didn't get along well. My maternal Grandmother was a big part of our lives and I always felt like she didn't even like me. She loved my brother so much and treated him very well and I was always the "bad one". I think these experiences contributed greatly to me feeling unlovable and never good enough.

I resented getting treated different than my brothers. I was the only daughter and I didn't think it was fair to have different treatment or extra chores. I became rebellious at home and a class clown at school. As I grew up I spent more and more time away from home. I always longed for a father- daughter relationship that was close and heartwarming. Whenever I witness a close bond between a father and his daughter in life or on TV, my heart instantly jumps into my throat and tears spring to my eyes. Not because I am jealous but because I think it is beautiful.

I am pretty sensitive to other people's emotions. I often pick up on other people's feelings and can feel them myself. This can be great but can also be draining. I seem to attract people who need help. I was a social worker before I stopped working to look after my kids.

The only (deadly illness) I know of in my family was my grandfather who I believe had colon c*a*n*c*e*r but died of a heart attack.. & My great grandmother had a bit of melanoma on her face.

I sleep mostly on my left side or on my stomach with my arms and hands or a pillow under me.

I think I love being near the sea but I really especially love rivers and streams and cleaner waters.... Being near water calms me down or gives me energy, whatever I need... but the ocean itself scares me a tiny bit.... All its power and also all the creatures that live in it are a little bit creepy. I don't live near the sea and didn't grow up going to it ,but I lived near it for a few years and during that time I visited it often. I feel a great connection to nature in general.

Oh I thought of a couple other things.... I have a lot of metal fillings in my mouth and I have worried for years that they (the mercury in them) are affecting my health. I don't have the money to remove them right now though.

Also my heels are very dry and cracked and sometimes they split open and hurt... and this started around the same time other symptoms started,

One more thing that I worry may have affected me is that with all of my births my doctor went very heavy on the pitocin... I had very high doses of this drug with each delivery. My labours were induced with this drug. I don't know if it has contributed to my anxiety, but i suspect it wasn't good for me.

I am also so worried people are mad at me all the time, even though I didn't do anything. It takes up a lot of time in my mind... wondering why people are mad and how can I fix it. Most of the time they probably aren't mad, I just make it up I guess. It is a drain on my energy that I would rather spend on my children and home life!!!

I'm just adding this extra information in case if may be useful! Thanks for taking the time to read it!
pclin 5 years ago
Ok. Has your health deteriorated after the first mercury filling?
Zady101 5 years ago
I am not sure because the first ones went in when I was a child... I got more as life went on. I do feel the more I have gotten the more my health has deteriorated but I can't be sure.
pclin 5 years ago
Ok thats a very valid point. And we will think about it.
For now please order Carcinosin 200 from helios
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Zady101 5 years ago
Carcinosin 200

Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in a disposable cup, stir a few times and drink. Do this ONCE only.

Note: Please do not repeat. Only ONCE
Zady101 5 years ago
OK thank you, I will order that right away.
pclin 5 years ago

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