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My wife has multiple health problems like leg calf muscle pain, gas,acidity, constipation, neck,shoulder stiffness, migraine headache,rheumatic pain in finger joints,piles/anal fissure,dry skin,hair fall, allergic dry cough etc all of which are explained below.She has taken homeopathic remedies for many of these problems and though severity has reduced for some of them they are not cured from root. These problems come back time and again.

Problems which are present currently with high severity are leg calf muscle and heel pain, gas,acidity, indigestion and constipation. These problems need immediate attention and request you to provide prescription for the same. Many of these problems have been there for years now and have not been cured from root and keep on coming again and again. Request you to provide remedies which can cure all the problems from root and improve her constitution.

Below I am providing answers to all your question in details. Please ask me if any more details are required.

1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation.

ANS. 40 years, 53 kg, India, Freelance Interior Designer, Works from home

2. Main complaints and other associated troubles.
a)Where is the trouble; The exact locality of the complaint like hands,legs etc; duration of trouble.

ANS. In past she has been having multiple health problems.Some of these problems are severe and active now while other problems have subsided after taking homeopathic remedies but still they reoccur after regular intervals. These are as below:


1. Leg calf muscles and feet pain - She feels very severe pain in her calf muscles of both legs and also in both feet mainly after continuous standing, walking or doing household chores continuously for several hours. Pain is continuous in nature but sometimes throbbing pain is also felt when she is resting after long hours of standing and moving. When it pains pulling sensation is also felt in legs. While she is working and moving about pain is not felt that much but the moment she sleeps and rests pain experienced is increased by great extent. At this time she feels that somebody should continuously press her legs. She also feels that somebody should cut her legs. Pressing and massaging her legs makes her feel better. All pain is concentrated between knees and feet. As such there is no pain above knees in upper leg. This pain sometimes becomes worse from 10 days before the
start of her periods till the time period starts. But many times pain is aggravated even after the periods or in between the menstrual cycle also.Recently 1 day back pain in heels of both legs has started and it is quite severe.Some spurs are also observed at bottom of her feet. Whenever she stands and walks her heels start paining severely. When she is lying down and body weight is not on heels then pain is bit less. When body load comes on the heel while standing or walking heel pain is aggravated.

2. Gas,acidity,Indigestion - Currently also this problem is present. She has not taken much homeopathic remedies for this.
This problem is there since last 14 years. In initial years of the problem gas used to get accumulated in stomach resulting in bloating and it was difficult to pass the gas. In recent years gas is passed easily but there is lot of gas generation which gets passed out. Still there are times when gas gets accumulated and is not passed out and there is pain in abdomen also.
This problem also comes when she does not take food timely and when she has to stay hungry she immediately develop gas. She is also very intolerant towards oily,spicy,fatty and rich foods and easily develops gas and acidity due to this. Even allopathic medicines like antibiotics and some pain killers develop gas.
As described earlier gas problem is aggravated around from 10 days before the periods onwards till the time periods start and is in progress. But many times problem is aggravated even after the periods or in between the menstrual cycle also.

3. Constipation - She has constipation problem since many years due to which her piles/anal fissure gets aggravated.
She needs to take laxative most of the time at night to keep this problem under control. Problem of constipation gets aggravated around 10 days before the periods. But many times problem is aggravated even after the periods or in between the menstrual cycle also.

4. Dry skin in hands, legs and oily skin on face. Heels are having cracks due to dry skin. Due to dry skin when hands and legs are scratched white dry lines are observed.


1. Hair loss - She experiences hair loss and hair from her head come out while combing. Though they do not come out in bunches but in groups of few hairs. She has taken homeopathic remedies and applied homeopathic oils after which it is somewhat under control but it is still there.

2. Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - This problem is present now also. Since last 1.5 years she experiences pain in her hand finger joints when she bends them. Problem is not
continuous one and is observed more in cold weather during early morning after waking up. Pain is more felt early morning and when weather is cold. RA factor and serum uric acid test was done to
check rheumatoid arthritis but results were found negative. She took homeopathic medicines for this and they worked to some extent but not completely.

3. Piles/anal fissure - This problem is not present now but gets triggered in between. Pain and burning in anal cavity. The problem started 10 years back after pregnancy. This problem was severe some time back but now has reduced after taking long term homeopathic medicines. Currently problem is not there continuously and is less severe. But the problem reoccurs at times mainly when there is constipation. It is not cured from root. Sometimes it gets triggered in between due to some unknown causes.

Below is the description of her piles/fissure problem in past when this problem was severe.

She has chronic piles/anal fissure problem since last 8 years which started during my pregnancy. During last 2-3 months of my pregnancy she developed protruding external piles lump. Few days after the delivery external piles went away but it then developed into painful anal fissure little inside the opening. From then it’s still continuing and gets aggravated regularly. She has been taking lot of homeopathic treatment in Bangalore but it is not cured from root. It gets somewhat subsided during treatment and later again reoccurs. Symptoms experienced due to this are pricking, stinging and burning pain and itching during and after stool which sometimes reduces few hours after stool and at times pain is continuous for many days. Mostly there is back pain also. There is lot of gas and constipation when pain is aggravated and symptoms are worse 10 days before the periods. But many times problem is aggravated even after the periods or in between the menstrual cycle also.

4. Migraine headache - This problem is not present now but gets triggered in between. She has developed migraine headache since about last 1 year.Currently this problem is not there but it gets triggered in between.Many times Headache is triggered when there is lack of sleep. Pain is normally felt on both eyebrows and usually on the left side of the head. At times (though very less) it is also felt on right side of the head. Pain is more or less continuous in nature. When triggered pain continues for about a week and then it gets subsided.

5.Neck and shoulder stiffness - It is not present now. This problem is there since about last 1.5 years. It is not a continuous problem and it comes and goes based on different factors. Stiffness in neck, shoulder and hand gets triggered mainly when she sits in front of computer and is using hands to operate mouse. So after working on computer for some time she feels great stiffness in her neck, shoulder and also in full hand which is being used to operate computer.

6. Allergic dry whooping cough - This problem is not present now but gets triggered in between.Problem of allergic dry cough since last 8 years. Mainly affects her throat and chest. This problem is not continuous but gets triggered at regular intervals. Factors causing this as per me is pollution,dust, cold weather, common cold symptoms etc.6 years back it started with very severe allergic cough which went on for many days.It was cured by homeopathic treatment but it comes back at regular intervals of 3-4 months. She has taken homeopathic remedies when this problem
occurs. Cough gets cured by homeopathic treatment but again comes back after some months.
Nature of cough is dry and when it comes it comes very continuously for about half a minute and at that time she feels choked, hurt in throat and chest.Most of the time cough is dry but sometimes in later stages of problem very little cough starts coming till throat but her cough never comes to the mouth.Sometimes cough comes so continuously that she feels suffocation.It is kind of whooping cough. Cough is worse at night and she cannot sleep due to coughing.Sometimes cough is also more early morning after waking up.

b)What exactly do you feel, Sensation as pain, how pain feels or burn etc.
1. Gas,acidity,Indigestion - When there is acidity she feels burning in her throat, food pipe and abdomen.When there is
gas and indigestion she loses her appetite and feels bloating and sometimes pain in abdomen. Most of the times she passes
gas out when gas accumulation is there but sometimes gas remains accumulated in stomach and she cannot pass it out.During
this time she feels abdomen pain.

2. Constipation - When there is constipation she does not pass stool for a day or two and also the stools are hard. When this happens piles also becomes aggravated.

3.Calf muscles and feet pain - Pain is felt in leg calf muscle and feet. Pain is felt in both muscles and bones.It is more or less a continuous pain but sometimes its throbbing pain when she rests after walking or standing for a long time.

4. Dry Skin - She has dry skin in legs and hands. Her heels are cracked due to dry skin. But her face is oily.

5. Hair loss - Hair loss from head while combing in small quantity and not in big bunches.

6. Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - Pain and stiffness is felt in hand fingers when bending. Worse in cold weather.

7.Piles/anal fissure - Pain, burning,stinging and itching felt in anal cavity. More aggravated during passing stools and sometimes pain continues for hours after passing stools.

8.Migraine headache - Pain is felt on eyebrows and on one side of the head mostly left side, sometimes in right side.Pain is more or less continuous in nature.

9.Neck & shoulder stiffness - Great stiffness is felt in shoulder, neck and complete hand while working on computer for long time.Mobility of shoulders and neck is reduced
due to pain and stiffness.

10. Allergic dry whooping cough - Dry cough is observed continuously for few seconds which makes her feel choked. After coughing throat and chest feels hurt and starts paining due to stress on throat and chest while coughing.Cough is worse during night due to which she cannot sleep.

c)What are the factors that causes this trouble according to you.

1. Gas,acidity,Indigestion - Problem may be caused by taking oily,spicy and heavy food. This problem is also seen when she is hungry and she does not get to eat timely and also 10 days before starting her periods this problem gets aggravated.

2. Constipation - Constipation is aggravated 10 days before her periods and continues till the time period starts.It is also aggravated when food she takes has less fibre.

3. Calf muscles and feet pain - This problem may be due to stress on her legs due to continuous walking and standing.From last several years in morning she continuously works in kitchen for about 2 hours starting from morning 5:30 am. So i feel due to continuous stress on her lower legs the problem comes.
This problem started about 5 years back when she started to teach in a school. There she had to stand continuously for many hours to teach the students daily. It was after this that she developed this problem.

4. Dry Skin - I do not know any reason for her dry skin.

5. Hair loss - One of the factors causing hair loss as per me could be quality of water. We use bore water. But when she goes to her native place there also its bore water but hair fall is not observed there. So I think quality of water is better in her native place hence hair fall is reduced in her native place.

6. Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - I do not know factors causing this problem. Only thing I can tell is that cold weather causes increase in this problem.

7.Piles/anal fissure - This problem started right after her pregnancy. Constipation is major factor as per me for causing this problem.

8.Migraine headache - Factor causing this as per me is continuous working in front of computers as problem aggravates after this. Some times mental stress of day to day life may also be a factor in causing this .

9.Neck & shoulder stiffness - Factor causing this as per me is constantly holding and using mouse while working on computer as problem usually starts after this.Cervical spondolysis also can be a possibility but neck X ray did not show any thing like it. Muscle and nerve spasms may also be causing this.

10. Allergic dry whooping cough - Factors causing this as per me is outside atmosphere factors like dust, pollution, allergens etc.Having cold and cough can also be a factor in causing this.

d)Condition under which the complaint is reduced or you feel better like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.
Calf muscles and feet pain - This problem feels better when applying pressure and massaging.

Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - Feels worst early morning and cold weather and feels better in warm weather and also throughout the day after morning.

Neck & shoulder stiffness - Pain feels better and problem reduces if she does not work on computer for many days.

Allergic dry whooping cough - Cough is better during day time when she is awake and moving about (not resting or sleeping)

e)Condition under which the complaint is increased like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.

Constipation - This problem is more aggravated starting from 10 days before the period till the time period starts.

Gas,acidity,Indigestion - Problem of gas accumulation is aggravated starting from 10 days before the period till the time period starts. It also gets aggravated by taking more oily,spicy and fatty diet.

Calf muscles and feet pain - This pain is felt more when she is resting / sleeping after long hours of walking and standing. While moving about it is comparatively felt less.

Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - This problem is felt more early morning when weather is cold.

Piles/anal fissure - This problem is more aggravated starting from 10 days before the period till the time period starts. Problem is aggravated when there is constipation.

Migraine headache - Feels worse if pressure is applied to head or head is massaged. After sitting on computer also it is aggravated.

Neck & shoulder stiffness - It feels worse after sitting on computer and using computer mouse.

Allergic dry whooping cough - Cough is worse during night while sleeping and also during early morning after waking up, somewhat better afterwards throughout the day.

f)Any other complaint any where in the body.

1. She tends to feel cold and chilly sometimes from inside even when weather is not that cold.She will feel like switching off the fan and covering her body.But this does not happen always.

2. She has problem of tooth decay and pain.One of her wisdom tooth and one or two other teeth are decayed due to
which she experiences tooth pain at times. Sometimes this pain radiates towards neck and head and also causes headache sometimes. Sometimes tooth pain comes and sometimes it settles down.

3. She has very old problem of dark circles under her eyes since her school and college days. It is many years old problem.

g)Onset time of troubles in detail, i.e which came first, after that what problem and so on.

Below is the order of illness form oldest to latest.
(FIRST) Gas,acidity, indigestion --- Rheumatic pain in finger joints ------> Allergic dry cough -----> Calf muscles and feet pain-------Neck and shoulder stiffness ----Migraine headache (LAST)

Gas,acidity and indigestion is her oldest problem and it was present before marriage also, so it started more than 13 years back. After that she developed piles/anal fissure problem after pregnancy, so this problem started about 10 years back.
After that came problem of Rheumatic pain in finger joints, so this problem started about 8 years back. After that she developed problem of constipation, so this problem started approx 7 years back. After this she got problem of dry allergic cough, so this problem started about 8 years back. Leg calf muscle and feet pain started about 5 years back. After that Neck and shoulder stiffness problem started about 2 years back. Then migraine headache problem
developed about 1.5 years back.

h)Treatment method adopted and its result.
ANS. For several of these problems she has taken homeopathic treatments from different doctors.Below are the details regarding each problem.

Gas, Acidity,Indigestion, Constipation - For gas,acidity and indigestion she has not taken much homeopathic treatment. For constipation she takes ayurvedic laxative powder called "Consticure" almost daily at night. When she takes this ayurvedic laxative her constipation is more or less under control. Before she was taking ayurvedic powder sometimes she used to take Silicea 6X for constipation and after taking it constipation used to reduce.

Piles/Anal fissure - For Piles/Anal fissure problem she has taken homeopathic remedies now for close to 7-8 years from different homeopathic doctors. After taking different homeopathic remedies now her problem has reduced to less severity but still its not cured and it comes back (though less severe) at regular intervals. Most homeopathic doctors did not give remedy names but few remedies taken (where I know the names) are Apis Mellifica 200, Aesculus Hip 200, Fourtts Piles Fill ointment,
SBL FP Tabs (Bio combination)

Migraine headache - She has taken homeopathic remedies for this for about 7 months after which migraine was cured to some extent and intervals of reoccurence also increased. But still it’s not cured completely and sometimes gets aggravated again with high severity. Medicines taken were Belldonaa 200, SBL Relax head Biocombination and Himalaya herbal Mentat tablets (Ayurvedic)

Neck and shoulder stiffness- She has taken some homeopathic remedies for this for about 2 months but I am not aware of the same.Problem did not improve much after taking these remedies

Rheumatic pain and stiffness in hands finger joints - She has taken homeopathic remedies for this for about 2-3 months. Problem improved little bit after this but after few days of stopping the remedies the problem again started coming. Remedies taken were Guacaum 200

Allergic dry whooping cough - She has taken homeopathic remedies for this problem whenever it has occured. After taking the remedies for about 10 days the problem goes away but again this dry allergic cough reoccurs say after 3 to 6 months. Whenever this occurs it is again treated with homeopathic remedies.But tendency of getting this dry allergic cough is not cured from root and she keeps on getting this at intervals.Some remedies taken for
this problem are Drosera 200, Bryonia 200, Belladona 200, Ipecac 200 etc.

Leg calf muscle pain and feet pain - She has taken homeopathic remedies for this problem for about 3-4 months. After taking them pain is somewhat better but is not cured completely from root. After some gap after stopping the remedies pain again reoccurs. Some remedies taken for this are SBL no 19 Bio combination - Joint and Muscle pain, Ledum Pal 30 etc.

3. History of diseases in family.
ANS. Her father has hypertension but it only developed lately after 70 years, slip disc also happened few years back due to heavy weight shifting. Her mother has gas/acidity,constipation problem. Osteoarthritis developed lately at age of 65 years

4. Personal History.
a)About childhood.
ANS. Her childhood was spent happily without any problems. She grew up in West Bengal and her father had government job in coalfields. Many times they were transferred from one place
to other. Wherever she stayed there was very good community of people who worked and enjoyed all occasions together. She also enjoyed the moments with her family and their community friends.
Her school was quite far from home and it took about 4 hours for to and fro journey from school and so it was bit hectic for her. But still she managed and adjusted it well and studied well in the limited time she used to get. In her childhood she was very outgoing person and used to enjoy playing out with
her friends.

b)Academic performance.
ANS. Her academic performance was good.

c)Any major incidents in life and the effect of it on life.

ANS. I was jobless in the period from March 2012 to January 2013 and from January 2013
to June 2013 I worked at a very low salary. This period was full of financial difficulties and lot of mental and emotional stress for her. During this phase her relationship with me
and also my parents deteriorated and there were many occasions of her shouting and getting angry with me and my parents as she was fully stressed. Sometimes she used to express her anger on our daughter too who at that time was about 5 years old. She used to weep a lot during this period.

Her very close uncle who expired few months back. She used to regard and respect him highly and he was kind of mentor to her.
She did her college from same city where her uncle lived and at that time she used to frequently visit him. Hence she was very close to him and when he expired she was very sad and wept a lot. She felt a vacuum as a respected elder who she considered as a mentor was no more now.Slowly she was able to overcome this grief but after this she brought herself more close to god and prayers. She started listening more to
sermons of her dharma gurus about the god and its greatness.

Before marriage when she was living with her parents she was very happy and there was no stress or tension in her life.Marriage proved to be a turning point for her life when different types of mental and physical stress started coming to her like relationship stress, financial stress and physical stress due to hectic daily schedule at home. For her nothing has gone right after marriage right from relationships to financial aspects.
As husband she feels that I am not the right and compatible person for her as she expected some different qualities from her husband so our relationship has been through rough patches, ups and downs and is based on compromise and adjustment. To keep the relationship going she has been adjusting herself very much. Staying within laws has been other major factor for her stress due to relationship problems with in laws. She wishes she could stay separate from in laws. There have been financial difficulties as well after marriage which further added to the stress. Result of all these problems was that she became more and more impatient and short tempered as time went by. There were instances where she was angry on me due to some reasons but expressed her anger by scolding,shouting at and beating our daughter for this.
All these problems and stress have made her more impatient and short tempered then she was just after our marriage or before marriage.

But recently in last about 2 years she has been able to overcome and adjust with the stress she is having and has become little more cooled down than before. She has adjusted well with all the problems she has faced and she is facing and presently she tries to live happy life. But definitely all the problems and stress she has handled in past and also handling some of them in present are present in her subconscious mind and within her heart.So they are not gone and at times this old stress and regret
and frustration comes out in certain situations. But otherwise currently she makes honest attempt to adjust with those problems and stress factors and not to show her problems to outer world and try to lead a happy life


d)How you are satisfied with your sex life, friends, family members, company etc.
ANS. She is not satisfied with her sex life. I have problem of premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction right from the marriage due to which her sex life has not been satisfactory and frequency of engagement in sex is also less.

Her relationship with her friends is good and she has some very good college friends who are still in touch with each other.

Her relationship with myself (her husband) has not been satisfactory I would say and it has been through several ups and downs right from marriage itself. There are lot of differences in our viewpoints and nature and so that compatibility is not there. Also lot of stress developed between us due problems and stress faced by her due to my parents (her in laws) staying together and she held me responsible for deciding to stay together as internally she never wanted to stay with her in laws. But if in laws were of good nature and co operative then off cource she did not have any problem staying with them but this was not true
in our case. Also many times strain developed between us due to financial issues and problems as financial problems were also present after the marriage and to some extent now also.

Her relationship with her in laws (my parents)is strained right after marriage itself and till now also due to unacceptable nature, attitude and habits of my parents towards her and she has to make lot of adjustments due to this. She has been in lot of stress right after the marriage till now due to her in laws staying with her and she always regrets it and wishes that she could have stayed without in laws.

Her relation to her daughter is overall good. She loves and cares for her a lot. But she hates certain unacceptable qualities in our daughter and that is the area where their relationship gets sour at times. Due to some of the bad qualities in our daughter like telling lies, show off etc she gets angry at her and even beats her at times when our daughter does not understand when explained politely. When our daughter is not behaving nicely she feels that she does not love her at all and she should push her out of the house. But when her behaviour is nice she too extends lot of love and care to her daughter.

5. Habits/Addiction.
a)Smoking, Alcohol,Sleeping pills, Laxative etc.
ANS. She takes laxative almost daily night to keep her constipation problem under control.

b)Masturbation and frequency.
ANS. None

6. How is your Appetite and Thirst.
ANS. Appetite is normal, slightly less thirst, drinks about 1.5 lit - 2 lit water a day.

7. Likes and Dislikes.
a)Alcohol Bread Butter Bitter Salt Sweet Sour Fats Milk Mud Chalk Egg Spicy food Meat Fish Fruits Fried Food
Warm food-drink Cold food-drink Ice Ice cream Chocolates Tea Coffee.

ANS. Butter - does not like much, takes only limited quality sometimes
Bread - Likes but cannot take continuously
Bitter - Generally dislikes bitter food
Salt - Does not like too much of salt or salty food. Under normal limits it is ok.
Sour - Likes sour food
Sweet - Likes sweet food
Fat - Dislikes fatty food
Milk - Does not like very much, drinks one cup a day,
Mud -No
Chalk - No
Spicy food - Dislikes, does not prefer spicy food
Fruits - Likes very much, she loves to eat fruits
Fried food - Does not like very much, eats fried foot very few times
Warm food - Depends on type of food she is taking. But does not like anything very hot or very warm.
Warm drink - Depends on type of drink. Does not like extremely warm or hot drink.
Cold food - Likes but does not like extremely cold food.
Cold drinks - Likes but does not like extremely cold drinks.
Ice cream - Yes she likes.
Chocolate - Yes she likes.
Tea - Dislikes, does not drink tea at all
Coffee - Likes little bit, only drinks coffee sometimes.

b)Anything else about like and dislike of any activity with you or surrounding.
ANS. She does not like poodle talking or shouting at high volume or playing music or TV in high volume and it irritates and disturbs her. She prefers quite surroundings.

8. Bowel movements.
a)Nature of stool, frequency, satisfactory or not.
ANS. Normal, once or twice a day, satisfactory

b)Any discomforts associated with stool.
ANS. Constipation,Piles/anal fissure

9. Urine.
a)Frequency, nature, volume.
ANS. About 8 times a day, Normal colour and odour, normal volume
b)Any discomfort before, during or after urination/odour

12. Sleep.
a)The quality of sleep, the quietness or restlessness of sleep,
position of sleep, times of waking and reasons for waking,
need for cover over various parts of the body whether the window must be open or closed etc. common dreams, peculiar sounds or gestures during sleep, etc.

ANS.Her sleep is sound without any dreams most of the time. There are no instances of speaking or shouting in sleep. Her sleep is sensitive to noise and she gets woken up if there is disturbance during her sleep. Sometimes when she is depressed, tensed and under stress she tends to wake up from sleep. When she sleeps she sleeps mostly on any one side with her one leg raised and curved and other straight.

13. Sweat
a)How much, what parts, staining, Odour.
ANS. She sweats more. Most of it is in armpits. Staining is not there much. Odour is normal

14. Weather
a)Tolerance to heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun,
foggy weather, wind drafts, closed rooms, etc.
ANS. She dislikes hot weather and summer season when there is lot of heat of the sun during day. She likes rainy season when its raining and cold but does not like humidity in the atmosphere.
She prefers dry rather than humid weather. She likes cold weather more than hot weather. She likes windows of the room to be open
so that fresh air circulates inside the room. She feels somewhat suffocation if door and windows of the room are kept closed.

15. Mental Status
a)The quality of the patient's life in relationship to loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Overall quality of energy available to function in daily life, and under various circumstances.
Her quality of life with respect to loved ones has not been satisfactory. Within family relationship with in laws who are staying in same family has been strained right after the marriage throughout till now and there have been issues in between. Relationship with husband is better compared to in laws
but it is not very smooth and lot of ups and downs are there in the relationship. There have been several misunderstandings and fights due to difference in natures of husband and wife and little lack of compatibility.
Her relation to her daughter is overall good. She loves and cares for her a lot. But she hates certain unacceptable qualities in our daughter and that is the area where their relationship gets sour at times. Due to some of the bad qualities in our daughter like telling lies, show off etc she gets angry at her and even beats her at times when our daughter does not understand when explained politely. When our daughter is not behaving nicely she feels that she does not love her at all and she should push her out of the house. But when her behaviour is nice she too extends lot of love and care to her daughter.

Regarding friends she has some very good friends with whom she has very good relationship and she shares

Her overall quality of energy to function in daily life is great. She wakes up early in the morning works continuously to complete all household chores like cooking,sending child to school, cleaning house, her office work etc and she does this all efficiently.Though she feels tired when she takes rest after completing all tasks. Even if she is not well she still tries her best to continue with all her household chores. Only when she is extremely ill she is not able do it.

b)Any mental/emotional shocks occurring in the patient's life-grief, major financial losses separation from loved ones, death, identity crisis and other stress in life.

After Marriage period till now has been full of stress and grief for her due to different problems she faced in married life like relationship problems with in laws, myself (husband) and some relatives. Financial stress was also present and it got more in my job loss period from April 2012 to June 2013. Having to stay with in laws after marriage and adjusting with their behavior was also a major stress and grief for her.

Internally she is full of regret and frustration for her married life and repents as to why she got married to such a husband and family. This feeling of regret I think may be causing internal stress to her.

She has lot of physical stress in daily life as she works in kitchen for long hours, manages her 9.5 years old daughter for all her activities.Daily morning starting from 5:30 am she works in kitchen for about 2 hours continuously.Evenings are also stressful for her as she takes tutions and simultaneously she has to manage her daughter who comes back from school. So whole day there are lot of activities for her which make her schedule hectic.

c)Memory,ability to concentrate/comprehend.
ANS.Her memory was good in past where she used to remember things better. But since about last 1 year her memory has deteriorated somewhat. She tends to forgets the things. For example whatever she has told earlier she tends to repeat it after few days and does not remember that she already spoke of it earlier.
Recently she also tends to forget things to be done, something which she read or something which someone told etc.

But her ability to concentrate is good and whatever work she does she does it with good concentration without getting distracted.

d)Are you fearful of anything eg: Animals, people, being alone, darkness, death, disease, robbers, thunder, storm, high places.
ANS. No she is not fearful to any of these things.

e)Are you anxious about anything: if yes, give details.
ANS. From outward she seems to be satisfied person and is not anxious about anything and believes what ever is to happen will happen for good but within her subconscious mind she is anxious about few things mainly current financial problems, future financial needs and lack of savings. Due to our financial problems she seems to be worried internally about how to manage the financial aspects currently and also how everything will be managed financially in future and will there be any savings to meet future needs. Seeing how the current generation kids are growing up in changing society where they are picking up all sorts of bad habits she is also somewhat anxious
about how her daughter will grow up in this changing and modernizing society and how she could shield her from all sorts of bad effects, bad habits and bad environment in this modern day world where kids are growing up and many of them are acquiring bad qualities from their surroundings.

f)Are you impatient.
ANS. No she is not impatient.

g)Are you doubtful or suspicious.
ANS. No she is not doubtful or suspicious.

h)Are you hurt easily (emotionally)how do you react. Does it cause hatred/revenge.
ANS. She is very sensitive by nature and gets hurt easily if for example if someone shouts at her or neglects or hurts her feelings. Externally there is no apparent reaction but internally she gets sad,angry and weepy. She even weeps sometimes when she is hurt. At times she also shows external reaction by quarreling with the person who has hurt her. After quarreling and shouting she will start weeping when alone.

As such getting hurt does not cause any external hatred or revenge in her. Internally also no feeling of revenge is there but I think if a person hurts her emotionally again and again then slowly some hatred does develop in her for that person.

i)Does your pride get hurt easily.
ANS. No it does not.As such she is down to earth person and does not possess any such pride.

j)Are you depressed, if so, reason/circumstances.
ANS. No she is not depressed and satisfied and happy with life. As per me internally she is having some stress due to various factors and difficulties as discussed in my earlier answers but it is not cause of depression. Recently she has learnt to adjust with the stress and does not think much about them.She lives her life happily in spite of the problems and stress.

k)Do you like to share your problems.
ANS. Yes, she likes to share her problems.

l)Effect of consolation.
ANS. She is indifferent to consolation.

m)Do you ever become suicidal when? How.
ANS. Never does she become suicidal. Sometime when she is irritated to her limit and angry she does tend to speak like why she is alive and she wants to die but that is only out of frustration and anger. She does not mean it.

n)Memory- quality if poor, for what ( eg. Names, places, people, what you read). - rarely for names, forgets what she reads

ANS. Her memory quality was good earlier one or two years back but recently it has deteriorated and at times she tends to forget things in her daily life.She forgets what she reads, she forgets
whatever she has earlier told and then repeats it thinking that she has not talked about it earlier.Sometimes she also forgets things to be done at particular time or day.Sometimes she also
tends to forget as to who has told her about something. Like she remembers the thing that was told but forgets who had said that.

o)Do you weep easily, effect of weeping, ie, does it make you worse or better.
ANS. Yes she weeps easily, weeping makes her feel worse.

p)Are you easily irritated. What makes you angry, how do you express it.
ANS. Yes she gets easily irritated. Things that make her angry are when someone neglects/hurts her and her feelings,when someone always contradicts her, when someone tells lies, when
someone repeats same thing again and again and when someone interferes in her work and her personal matters. She expresses her anger by shouting. Sometimes when she is extremely angry and she has reached limit of her tolerance capacity she will start throwing things. In such cases when person with whom she is angry tries to confront her or trouble her further then she will start hitting and scratching that person. In such cases due to extreme anger on other person she starts getting angry and hitting her daughter also on small small matters. So when her anger and patience reaches its limit and she is troubled further she reacts in a very aggressive and vigorous manner.

q)Are you destructive.
ANS. No she is not destructive, she does not like destructive attitude in people and feels bad and angry when something is destroyed

r)How good are you in making decisions.
ANS. She is able to make decision fast.

s)Do you like company or like to remain alone.
ANS. She likes to be in company.

t)How seriously are you affected by disorder and uncleanness in your surroundings.
ANS. She highly prefers cleanliness in her surroundings and does not like disorder and uncleanliness around her.

u)How does failure appear to you?
ANS.After one or two failures she does not get demoralised but after continuous failures like 3 time or 4 times or more she feels highly demoralised and demotivated and feels that she should leave everything and stop trying.

v)Are there any matters that you deeply dislike?
ANS. Matters she deeply dislikes are when someone tells a lie. She deeply dislikes staying with in laws. she dislikes quarrels,fights and tensions. She dislikes somebody interfering in her matters.

w)What activities you deeply like? How does it affect your mood?
ANS. Painting, reading, sleeping,designing. It makes her feel high and refreshed.

x)Are you affectionate? How does others sorrow affect you?
ANS. Yes,she is affectionate. On seeing others sorrow she also feels sorry and pity for them.

y)Any present fears in your life or future.
ANS. No fears in life for present and future. Believe that whatever god will do will do for good.

z)Any present life or future life desires.
ANS. No present life as well as future life desires as such. Satisfied with whatever is there.

16.Tell your date, month, year of birth with birth place and timing for Medical Astrology
ANS. Date - 17th October, 1977, Place of birth - Sanctoria, District: Bardhaman (West Bengal), Time of Birth - 10 PM

17.Describe PRAKRITI
by doing EVALUATION on visiting www.holisticonline.com/ayurveda/w_ayurveda-dtest1.htm

ANS. Below is result of PRAKRITI evaluation


Vata 31

Pitta 57

Kapha 12

Your predominant dosha is Pitta
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  vjhos on 2017-07-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
ok will prescribe tomorrow
0antivirus0 5 years ago
This is very long description.....

Nikkie 5 years ago

I am giving few more updates below on the information I have already provided. Kindly go through it before prescribing.

- Regarding sleeping habits when she sleeps in sideways position she keeps her one leg raised and curved. Most of the time she sleeps in side positions only as when she tries to sleep straight there is mild back pain.

- Regarding her problem of her leg calf muscle pain currently the pain is quite severe in calf muscles of lower leg, feet, soles and heels of both legs. Pain in calf muscles and feet is a old problem but pain in heels started just 3 days back and is severe. When she stands she feels that lot of load is coming on her legs though her weight is just 54 kg. Sometimes she also feels nerve and muscle pull in one of the legs. So currently complete lower leg (calf muscles) including feet, soles and heels
is paining severely.Pain in heels is there whether she is standing or sleeping.It is somewhat more when standing or walking.

Her weight is 54 kg. I have corrected it in your questionnaire also. Earlier it was mentioned 53 kg.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-13 16:50:47]
vjhos 5 years ago
I wish to add another problem in list of current problems mentioned in your questionnaire.Sorry for adding it later and if it has caused you any inconvenience but I missed to enter this problem in questionnaire among so many other problems.I want to make sure that you have all information before prescribing.Below is the problem.

Problem is of general weakness and lack of freshness- Many times she feels tired after daily work and feels like resting or sleeping.Though her daily work schedule is hectic but still she gets time to rest, so I think she should not feel tired that easily.Also she takes a well balanced diet.Throughout the day she will feel some weakness even after getting up from sleep or resting. When she takes multi vitamin supplements she feels a little better. For some time now she had been taking "Ashwagandha" ayurvedic tablet and it makes her feel little energetic. Few days back she stopped Ashwagandha and now she feels that weakness has again increased after stopping it.

So requesting you to please consider this problem also before prescribing.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-14 04:05:33]
vjhos 5 years ago
take CALCAREA CARBONICA 30c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, 3 times a day for 2 days,

{if buying pills then 3 pills, 3 times 2 days, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
leg calves=
any other change you felt=

0antivirus0 5 years ago
Thanks for your advice.

Requesting you to clarify following points.

1. Is this remedy likely to cause early menstrual cycle (periods) sometimes ? I am asking because in past she had similar experience with some other homeopathic remedies.

2. Is it likely to cause delayed and irregular menses(periods)?

3. Will this remedy take care of all her 8-9 problems mentioned in questionnaire or only those problems you asked to observe and report ?

4. For pills can she dissolve the pills in tongue or she necessarily needs to chew it ?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-15 09:24:51]
vjhos 5 years ago
1) cannot say
2) cannot say
3) cannot say
4) both are right
0antivirus0 5 years ago
Have given the remedy for 2 days. Will update you in 15 days time period and in between.
vjhos 5 years ago
ask her to donate to poor or feed to animals; around half kg URAD DAL daily, this is a astrological remedy,

tell improvement as asked.

0antivirus0 5 years ago
It is difficult for us to do astrological remedy suggested as we are financially constrained.

Can it not be cured only by homeopathic remedy ?
vjhos 5 years ago
if half kg not possible, take 100gm or anything, feed to animals or birds, without making good karmas, no medicine will work, you would have already taken advice from many doctors.

are you currently in india ?
0antivirus0 5 years ago
Yes I am in India. Till how long astrological remedies
are to be done?
vjhos 5 years ago
then it will be easily available, first start doing it, i will tell when to change or stop. you will see positive health effects.
0antivirus0 5 years ago

Today is the 9th day after stopping Calcarea Carb 30 and I want to give you intermediate update.

Calf muscle pain including feet is severe now, so any other homeopathic remedy you can suggest to bring it down ? Headache is also troubling her so also any additional remedy for that ?

So far no improvement observed in problems of calf muscle pain, digestion, constipation, pileswhich you asked to observed. As I mentioned these problems are aggravated starting from 10 days before the periods till few days after the periods, so before starting the remedy they were not severe as she was not in that 10 days before period span. Again now since 10 days before periods started symptoms are aggravated now.


Since yesterday leg calf muscle pain has increased a lot. In between piles pain was also there but subsided. Headache also keeps coming and going. Gas problem has also increased today.Constipation problem is still there and she needs to take laxative. Her afternoon sleep has also degraded in this 9 days span and she is not able to sleep in afternoon. Today afternoon while sleeping with fan on she developed whole body pain including finger joints.

Also there are no changes so far at mental level.She feels lethargic, tired and weak mentally and physically.
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-07-29 16:19:45]
vjhos 5 years ago
let 15 days get completed, it can be homeopathic aggravation.
0antivirus0 5 years ago
OK. Is the remedy you prescribed (calc carb 30c)
a constitutional remedy for her?
vjhos 5 years ago
0antivirus0 5 years ago
give her ayurvedic YOGRAJ GUGULLU 2 tabs twice a day with giloy juice.
0antivirus0 5 years ago
around 20 ml giloy juice, drink little water after that, take them after breakfast and lunch.



the above links are the diet plan you can follow.
do not drink water 1 hour before and 1 hour after meals,
after meals take 1-2 sips of water,
after 1 hour take full glass of water.

0antivirus0 5 years ago
take RHUS TOX 30c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, 3 times a day for 2 days,

{if buying pills then 3 pills, 3 times 2 days, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
leg calves=
any other change you felt=

0antivirus0 5 years ago
Should I wait till complete 15 days to observe effect of calc carb 30c as you had said earlier ?

Or do I need to start with Ayurvedic medicine and Rhustox 30c from now only ?

So does it mean that calc carb 30c is not working and it needs to be changed to Rhustox 30c ?
vjhos 5 years ago
start from now, i think rhus tox will show positive effect.
0antivirus0 5 years ago
To Antivirus,

Sorry we were out of station and busy so could not reply to you earlier. There was no improvement after taking rhus tox 30.

But now a new problem has started after that. Since last 2 months she is not getting her menstrual periods. Pregnancy test is negative. During the time of periods cramps come but periods do not start. Before this her monthly periods used to be normal and on time.

As per me this problem started after she took Calcarea Carb 30c and Rhus Tox 30c which you had earlier suggested. After that when she started getting abdominal cramps when her periods were due and she took mag phos 6x with hot water to about 5-6 doses to reduce the cramps after which the cramps subsided. But then her periods did not start. After that since last 1 month she has not taken any homeopathic remedy. This month also her periods are due now but again same thing happened, cramps started coming yesterday but today it subsided and periods did not start.

Can you please prescribe any homeopathic remedy to restore her menstrual periods and make them come at normal time?
[Edited by vjhos on 2017-09-09 08:38:35]
vjhos 5 years ago
ok will review tomorrow.
0antivirus0 5 years ago
send a good quality image of her tongue to AntivirusForHealth [at] gmail.com.
0antivirus0 5 years ago

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