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Serious problem with gas (trapped wind)

My wife has been having great difficulty with improper digestion resulting in severe gas and bloating of the abdomen. This seems to occur both when the stomach empty as well as after food (her digestive power seems very weak). Note, she is a life long vegetarian. Lately, because of the gas, she has been having pain on the left side of the back just under the scapula and I am becoming concerned that the bloating may be putting pressure on her heart. She does get some relief when I rub her back or massage her feet and she burps profusely. She also seems to get some relief with carbo veg 6c (we dissolve globules in water and she takes a spoonful every 15 minutes during an attack). Although what I have described above is the chief complaint, she also has the following symptoms (possibly can also be traced back to poor digestion):

Some numbness in the left lower leg and foot (worse with the gas)
Poor sleep (kali phos 6x & mag phos 6x) before bed helps somewhat
Tendency toward cramps
Constipation with rectal itching
Variable apetite
Itching all over (worse at night)

Her particulars are as follows:

Asian Indian
Age: 87
Weight: 180 lbs. (81.6 kg.)
Height: 5 feet (152 cm)

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions beyond what we are already doing.
  yrogerg64 on 2017-08-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank you for writing to this forum.

Digestive disorders are common in the old age. The descriptions you have given is a clear indication to one foundational organ that needs help, namely Pancreas

Please do this as a very mild and effective restoration of her Pancreas. Buy Coriander seed (commonly used in Indian cooking) and add a few spoons of this in 50 ml of Gingelly oil (as pure as you can get). Put in the stove with low flame and simmer it for more than 10 minutes. Please make sure that the coriander seed is not turning black. If it is getting hot, stop the stove for 1 minute or so and restart again.

Save this oil in a bottle. Apply this oil (thin layer is sufficient) in the left side of the body, esp. the pancreas area in the abdomen, back, legs, feet etc. This can be done before she goes to bed and in the next morning she can wash during bathing.

This can be continued for a long time, but please report after 3 days with the difference you found. Once you write after this, I shall suggest some gentle and effective medicine to supplement what you are doing.

Kali Phos and Mag Phos 6x are good remedies to support her Pancreas

Reva V 4 years ago
Thank you for your kind reply and we will prepare the oil you have suggested immediately.

I might also add that her mother also had the same problem of trapped gas, burping poor digestion etc. Her mother later succumbed to pancreatic c##cer at age 68 (poorly handled by the allopathic physicians). My wife's blood pressure is normal. Although her blood glucose level is normal, her hemoglobin A1c is somewhat elevated (possibily borderline diabetic). Her father, grandmother and sister were diabetic. Blood tests have also revealed low vitamin D (which she is supplementing) and elevated sedimentation (non specific test for inflamation).

Would you have any dietary suggestions for her? Our food is almost exclusively north Indian vegetarian.

Many thanks
yrogerg64 4 years ago
Thanks for preparing the oil. Once pancreas improves, her ESR must come to normal and so do all other complaints.

Her Sleep must improve as Pancreas starts healing

Please let me know a few days after using the oil.

Regarding food, it is important to identify what disagrees and eliminate them. Milk commonly disagrees and I suggest to keep Milk to the lowest level possible for now.

Please buy Hydrastis 6 (or 30 if you could not get 6) and Kali Mur 6x bio chemic tablets. German one is much better. I shall write to you about the dosage after you write back after applying oil.
Reva V 4 years ago
Many thanks for your response

After a few days application of the oil you prescribed, my wife feels like she is having some relief. I am assuming we should continue with the oil.

Some possibly relevant items I failed to mention in my original post:

* Although this has been a longstanding problem, her symptoms have become more severe after she completed a course of antibiotics (approx. 1 month ago) for a dental infection. Could it possibily be a candida overgrowth?

* Her symptoms also were made worse after being exposed to wifi for an extended amount of time when we were visiting friends a few days ago (we do not use wifi at home).

* She tends to get night time cramps in the legs at night (particularly the left) despite taking mag phos 6x & her legs are quite stiff when rising in the morning or after an afternoon nap (better with movement).

Many thanks for your suggestions.
yrogerg64 4 years ago
Thanks for additional details. Antibiotic could have only surfaced what is already present.

avoid exposing her to people who can rub.

I suggest to continue oil, applied once before the bed time and one more time after taking bath. Her cramps must he better and she should sleep better etc

Please continue to report back when convenient
Reva V 4 years ago
Please try Nux Vomica 30 four globules at 7am ;

Acid Sulph 30 four globues at 11 am

Acid Sarcolatic 30 four globules at 4 pm ;

Robinia 30 four globules at 8 pm

Please Follow the above prescription for 10 days.

NB. 1. Please do not allow her to drink coffee at all
2. Allow her to use Balms and Ointments and strong

Please do not continue to take the medicines for longer period. Depending on progress fresh medicines may have to be prescribed.Thanks
PARTHA RAY 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your experience. I gently remind you to account for vitality of the patient before suggesting deep acting remedies for anyone in the forum. Every medicine comes to help one at the cost of other organs.

Recovering old age is an art similar to untangling a cloth in the thorn bush. Gentle is more important than urgency, since the patient is the one to pay the price if the prescription is inappropriate.

A general rule of thumb is to give to 10, 20 or 30 patients with similar complains with similar vitality on the face to face practice to ensure it is gentle and effective before writing in the forum.

Hope you will read this constructively.
Reva V 4 years ago
I believe she continues to improve with her health.

Reva V 4 years ago
Dear Partha

If you permit,may I cater the prescription of yours to an uncle of mine 76, suffering from metabolic syndrome?

Nux Vomica 30 four globules at 7am ;

Acid Sulph 30 four globues at 11 am

Acid Sarcolatic 30 four globules at 4 pm ;

Robinia 30 four globules at 8 pm

He has mild diabetes, fasting BS 137, constipation and problem of acid reflux.

He is much worried with his health.

Your opinion is solicited.

Thanks and regards

sandy3 4 years ago
Thanks for following up. There has been some mild improvement with her gas and digestive problems. We will continue with the application of the oil. I have just now procured Hydrastis 6 and Kali Mur 6x. What are your dosing recommendations with regard to these remedies?

Many Thanks
yrogerg64 4 years ago
Thank you for taking time to respond. Hope her night cramps are better as well. Please give her the following remedies for one week only and write back. Let her continue the oil. It will work as a shield to protect her pancreas. She can apply the same oil on legs or the entire left side of the body where there is any pain.

As you may be aware, if there is any change after starting the remedy, please write back immediately

Merc Cor 30 on day 1
Thuja 30 on day 2

Merc Cor 30 again on day 3 and so on...

Alternate these two remedies, giving only one medicine in a day and do it for a week and report back.

This will build the constitution for a healthy Pancreas.
Reva V 4 years ago
Thanks for the swift response and taking the time. I had understood from a previous post that she should take Hydrastis 6 and Kali Mur 6x which I just now received by post. I suspect the additional information I provided later changed her symptom profile hence the recommendation of Merc Cor 30 and Thuja 30. I assume she should not take Hydrastis and Kali Mur at this point (she has taken a liquid tincture of Golden Seal [Hydrastis] in the past and she indicates it has helped her).

We live in a rural location (California USA), consequently we frequently have to order remedies by post which takes some time. We will procure the remedies you have suggested at the earliest.

I will continue with Gingelly/Coriander oil application for her.

As a side note, she does not tolerate cold temperatures.

Again, thank you for your care and time.

Warmest regards
yrogerg64 4 years ago
Thank you for additional information. If you live in US, Merc Sol 30 is easier to get than Merc Cor 30 and they are nearly equivalent in action.

Please order for Merc Sol 30 and Thuja 30. Both are available in Amazon. I strongly recommend to get made by BOIRON only

Until you get them in hand, please give her the following

Day 1: Hydrastis 6 once in the morning
Day 2: Kali Mur 6x, 4 tablets once a day
Day 3: Hydrastis 6, once
Day 4: Kali Mur 6x

You can alternate these two medicines and write when convenient. Once you receive Merc Sol 30 and Thuja, please write here on the progress with Hydrastis and Kali Mur. We can decide on when to start Merc Sol and Thuja based on the progress with Hyrastis and Kali Mur

Reva V 4 years ago

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