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HELP!6 year old boy with stomach pains and reflux and apnea

Hey everybody, I am new here and new to homeopathy. I have a beautiful, amazing son who is 6 years old and he has had some problems for years, every few months or so, but since April his problem is constant. He wakes up with stomach pain and it gets better when he eats. The pain returns if he skips a meal or eats after he is supposed to. He also gets pain WHEN he eats sometimes. Sometimes it gets better after stool.The worst thing is his acid reflux. Since I took away gluten and diary, his heartburn is gone, and his reflux is not so bad, the acid is not so sour and he copains less about his throat hurting, which was caused by acid. BUT, as soon as he lies down, he starts swallowing and it seems like the acid is leaking up. He turns a lot in his sleep and sweats alot during night. He also sighs loudly in sleep followed by apnea and 10 seconds breathing paus. His capilaries around the eyes are now very dark and visible and he has dark and sometimes red circles around his eyes. His sleeping acid, swollowing and leaky gut along with the apnea and dark cirles worries me more than the stomach pain. The stomach pain is dull and goes away wit either apple cider vineger or bicarbonate. We have no insurance , I am a single mother and all we have I spend on his food and different teas. Some help, but he is still not free from this nightmare. PLEASE HELP! Lots of love, mummy to the best boy in the world
  Mummy1 on 2017-08-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What is his normal food every day?

Has he had antibiotics in the last year?
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simone717 4 years ago
He eats mostly organic, no gluten , no diary, no sugar or refined foods. He has not gotten antibiotics in the past year or years before. His diet is strictly alkine, and he eats no spicy foods , no sodas, no citrus, no tomatoes. He eats baked meats and fished, or steamcooked.I am well aware of what he should it, have worked with nutrition and devote most of my day to accomodate these needs, there are however no results, except his acid being somewhat less frequent, which is why Im here.He eats almost no grains, and gets a lot of califlower, broccoli, leak, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins. Mostly organic rice and non gluten pasta on occasion, but lots and lots of veggie juices, sallads, soups and freshly steamed veggies. Luckily, he eats all I give him. Still no help when it comes to his tummy and night reflux. He gets a lot of pobiotics, medicinal mushrooms and fermented cabbage and water, som kefir but mostly I avoid all the diary. No help like I said. So, the diet cannot get better than it is - he didnt even have cake for his birthday, so I am very particular about it. I suspect h.pylori as his breath smells like rotten eggs if he doesnt eat for 2-3 hours, and I suspect it might have caused an ulcer as he wakes up with pains and gets pain when he is hungry only. The bed time reflux seems to be there no matter what I do tho.. I will try the nat phos, cant order here, I live in Europe, but do have a homeo pharacy and will go there toorrow and get what I hope can be the remedy. Thank you
Mummy1 4 years ago
Just to add, fat food doeas not agree with his tummy, and his aches are more frequent when he eats meat, which is why I have switched to liver (no noticable difference, but more iron and vot a for sure..) and mostly fish or lentels.
Mummy1 4 years ago
Ok- you are doing all the right things. Nat phos will not be right.

Does anything help make this better? Like drinking cold water or?
Is there any bloating or belching after eating?

I am going to ask dr mohla(ashkaymohl) who is a real homeopath to look
At this- he may have more questions- please wait for him
To respond .
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simone717 4 years ago
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simone717 4 years ago
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simone717 4 years ago
Thank you so much. It helps if he eats often, cold water does not help, only apple cider vineger and bicarbonate, to his night condition it does not help much either :( I will wait, thenk you again
Mummy1 4 years ago
I am not sure if he is getter my my mail.

So in meantime, purchase the nat phos 6x.
Give the child 3 tabs after each meal.
This will help- report status after 3 days of this.
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simone717 4 years ago
What is his weight.How many times he eats a day.Teeth grinding,any worms history.Stool test.Any belching empty or full stomach.Pl inform.
akshaymohl 4 years ago
Thank you, will get the nat phos. After each meal or one? And the boating and belching and hick uo, will that help for that as well ? I am pretty sure he has h pylori, all the symptoms point to that, is that the standard edicine for that? I cannot afford matula tea nor manuka honey for that and have no insurance plus am reluctant to get him on the antibiotics I am sure doctor will prescribe..Rhank you again!
Mummy1 4 years ago
Zady101 4 years ago
Those questions were from ashkaymohl(user name)
Who is dr mohla. He is a very experienced homeopath-
That is who we were waiting for.

Please answer the questions:

1. Weight?

2. How many times does he eat a day?

3.teeth grinding?

4.any history of worms ?

5. Any belching after any meal?full stomach after eating
Small amounts?

thank you dr mohla for looking at this case.
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simone717 4 years ago
Hi, sorry I missed your question didn`t see it previously. His weight is 23 kilos, he is 6 years old. Not too thin, looks normal for his height and age. He eats 3 times a day, and some healthy snacks inbetween, dates, freshly pressed juices, organic plain rice cakes etc. He USED to grind his teeth alot, he does it much less nowadays. No history of worms that I know of, on the other hand, we hace no insurance and have not done stool tests etc. Yes, he belches a lot, not only after meal, but throughoout the day. His stomach is bloated most of the time. I don`t know if his stomach is full after small amounts, (it IS bloated) but he is not full after small amounts, he can eat very, very big portions of food, he eats much more than I do ...(He can eat five eggs and a sallad and then he wants a snack after it, and a juice). I know it is not good for him to eat big portions, but if I give him smaller portions, he asks for more. Thank you for taking your time!
Mummy1 4 years ago
Thank you kindly Simone for outlining the questions, my browser did not show dr Mohlas post. I answered it all in detail above. Thank you again, I am very grateful
Mummy1 4 years ago
I also have to write that he has very visible veins , like spidervains atound his eyes, a dark visible vein under one eye and red and blue spider veind on his eye lids,he never had that before and that concerns me, I fear its the lack of oxygen or something else related to his blood or his stomach ... Thank you all again!
Mummy1 4 years ago
Pl observe grinding and rubbing of nose moost of the time ,itching in and around anus.
akshaymohl 4 years ago
Grinding of teeth.
akshaymohl 4 years ago
No significant grinding of teeth, does not rub his nose very often, maybe once in a week if it itches and no itching around anus..
Mummy1 4 years ago
Pl give detail after nat phos 6x as advised by Simone.
Pl note that acid formation is bc of giving fruit juice just after eggs and also reduce quantity and atleast give a gap of two hours between carb/protein and juice.Pl report.
akshaymohl 4 years ago
Thank you, will purchase the nat phos tomorrow and inform after a couple of days. Will wait with juice , he does not dring fruit juice tho, just vegitables -broccoli, carrot, beet and spinach with some coconut oil, flax seeds and chia seeds. Will wait 2 hours nevertheless. Grateful for the advice, thank you!
Mummy1 4 years ago
Hi- I would be careful with the sugar as it leads to candida overgrowth -
Dates have high sugar, rice cakes are high on the glycemic index and convert to sugar very fast. If you look up how much sugar is ok a day- it is about 5grams-which is 5tsp. With all the added sugar in what we buy-it is very hard to manage this- I checked my organic peanut butter
Yesterday and it has 9 grams of sugar per serving!
simone717 4 years ago

The child needs something else also besides Nat Phos.
I can step in and help the Mummy tide over the problem if needed
[Edited by Zady101 on 2017-08-25 02:18:23]
Zady101 4 years ago
Yes, I know, but I was waiting for dr mohla and
Since she has limited funds, did not want to suggest more things that could
May interfere with dr mohla's prescription( my email
Was not getting thru to him at first)

What is your suggestion?
simone717 4 years ago

You know I am only trying to help her. I am not charging anything.

Cell Salts can be given alongside, so i don't think it will interfere.

Couple of things are missing in the case, so prescription can not be made other than Nat Phos which has already been prescribed.

But yes i do agree it is Mohla's case, so i will stay out of it
Zady101 4 years ago
To zady
Sorry if not clear,by "limited funds" I meant if I had suggested more ? It could be a waste of her money- depending on what dr mohla decides-
I know you are trying to help- it is appreciated!

Please post what you think about what is missing and your opinion-by tomorrow she can give status and dr mohla can go from there.
Thanks for your input.
simone717 4 years ago

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