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when to stop a remedy - silent reflux

Hi there
my five and a half mth old baby suffers very bad silent reflux. Currently on losec and Neocate formula. I so want to get him off his losec but he is still in a lot of distress. Have been seeing a homeopath and he was intitially put on Nux Vom 30 - good improvement then he plateaued out after 10 days and then started to decline. Then went on Nux Vom 200 - absolutely no change, went off after a few days. Then to Chamomilla 30 - extremely bad reaction, his reflux symptoms were so extreme they frightened me, he was in so much pain. Then put on Nux Vom 6 - again a good improvement. Each time he has stayed on the remedies in question for anything over two weeks (usually 5 drops a day twice daily)then would plateau out and the symptoms would return big time. A friend advised me that she was of the opinion that once you saw a reaction (positive or negat) you stop immediately and then use the remedy again once the symptoms reoccur. She was of the understanding that to continue a remedy once "healing" had commenced it could lead to further aggravation with continued use and then that remedy could not be used at a later time for the same symptoms. This was not the understanding from my homeopath, he only asked me to discontinue the remedy when the symptoms got worse and to continue using the remedy even when there was an obvious improvement. I am getting in dispair here and can't handle seeing my baby is much more pain. Suggestions / advice much appreciated. Thanks
  PhoebeJane on 2006-03-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your friend is quite right .

When you get a positive result STOP and WAIT until the condition relapses.

The best reflux remedy is Silica 6x twice a day.

If you get from this site use Silicea as they have silica maritima --- which should be Scilla Maritima.

If you are breast feeding YOU take the remedy about an hour before feeding.
walkin last decade
---nux-v DOESNt cover full symptomology (by response mentioned) partial coverage of symptomology--see this ameliortaion and set back --also if causation hasn't been removed...

ANY change AT ALL better or WORSE --requires stopping of remedy---NO needless dosing---and must remember that each subsequent dose need be modified .so as NO unnecessary aggravtion/complication occur....

what is complete symptomology that occuring --that nux-v was originally prescribed for?please explain thoroughly
what med/streatments had been used (besides nux-v and cham)?

what other treatments has child had during health history?

is/has child breast fed at all since birth?

what vaccinations /immunizations been given so far?date(s)?

what was occurring with child prior to this 'silent reflux"?

how many white spots on/under fingernails?
John Stanton last decade
When a correctly selected Homeopathic remedy has been administered the following signs will indicate improvement,
1. A better feeling
2. New symptoms will not appear
3. The old symptoms will start disappearing.
4. Not of the symptoms will go worse

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thanks for all your replies. John – in answer to your questions:

Original symptoms: As of 3.5 weeks baby started experiencing distress. By 5 weeks severe back arching, refusal to drink, 24 hour distressed crying, lived on my shoulder, couldn’t lie flat – so so unhappy and in so much pain. Sleep when it happened very disturbed and crying out in sleep. Also hiccups and dry cough and very low weight gain. No breastmilk (first baby had silent reflux too and on breastmilk). Second half of bottle always have to walk him around to distract him from his discomfort to encourage him to continue feeding or rock him standing up and hum.

Dr suggested Mylanta, then zantac, then losec at approx 6.5 wks old (2/3 tablet daily then increased to 1). Marginal improvement on losec but not great. Then went on Neocate at 11 wks (special formula with no cows milk allergy and proteins very finely broken down – only available on prescription). Another marginal improvement but still very strong reflux symptoms.

Other treatments include cranial osteopath (approx 8 treatments – started getting more distressed and no help to reflux), bowen, kinesiology – some improvements, iridology and herbal – no difference then homeopathy – the only treatment to provide any real relief despite several setbacks. Medical profession want to increase his losec further but I have been trying to avoid this but when we hit a low spot find it very hard going.

When he went on Neocate formula vomiting started but Neocate is made to be like this so when the baby refluxes the formula does not do damage on the way back down as well as up. But then the vomiting was happening so frequently weight gain even less. Now being monitored every two weeks to keep an eye on his weight. Unable to drink full strength formula – on 80% strength.

Vaccinations received since birth: Day 1-2: Hep B and Vit K; 2 mths DTP, Hep B, Hib, Polio, Prevenar. Have refused 4 mths immunisations and all future jabs.

Forgot to look for the white spots on nails – currently asleep!

Nux Vom initially prescribed for above symptoms. Orig on Nux Vom 30 – good improvement all symptoms lessened dramatically and mid day sleeps were approx 1.5-2 hours per session. Relief happened within 12 hours. Reflux symptoms lessened but not totally disappeared. Then he started to deteriorate quickly after approx 2 weeks on remedy, then changed to Nux V 200 – absolutely no change. Then chamomilla 30 – as mentioned before his reflux symptoms were a 100 times worse than ever, spasms of pain running through his body at 5 min intervals, excruitating screaming, sleeping 20 mins then screaming, high temp, couldn’t get him down from my shoulder. It was very scary. Had to give him Panadol every 4 hours for 2 days to give him some relief. Then went on to Nux V 6, again an improvement in symptoms with very minor back arching, feeding well, (sleeping never as good as when on Nux V 30 though). Symptoms started to get stronger again approx two weeks later but still moderately ok. Never “perfect”. We discussed reducing his losec and letting the homeop remedy set in. I reduced it by third of a tablet and sat on this level for 10 days, he appeared to be coping with two days being a bit unsettled but appeared to adjust no major deterioration in symptoms. Then dropped to half a tablet (was 1 tablet a day). A few days later all the symptoms started to come back again with a lot more backarching within a few mouthfuls of feeding, difficult to continue feeding, sleeping again getting more difficult and shorter. Drinks smaller volume and more frequent (3 weeks ago 5 bottles in 24 hrs, this weekend 9 bottles in 24 hours, now back to 7-8 bottles in 24 hours). Lying flat not too big an issue. Was then advised to continue with Nux V 6 but three times daily until a I get sent a new potency (not arrived as yet). Weekend was so horrendous, he was in so much pain, screaming in distress, not feeding. I put him back on full losec tablet and stopped the drops, I felt they were creating further aggravation. Marginal improvement again but symptoms still there especially distressed screaming when asleep. When on first remedy he could sleep up to 8 hrs at night, now lucky if we get 4.

No other remedies have been used. Sorry for long email – you asked for clear history.

Thanks again
PhoebeJane last decade

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