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To Dr. Mohla - Excessive night pollution caused by masturbation

I am a 19 years old male from India. I am well built and I look healthy. But I'm suffering from spermatorrhea (or whatever it's called) from 2-3 years but nowadays it's affecting my general health as well as my academic career. I have become slow, weak and dull. I have found very little resources on the internet about this topic. Most science based / western websites say nocturnal emission is a normal bodily function and it's incapable of causing any debilitation. I have noticed that Indians and other South Asians are prone to this disease rather than Western people. I don't know why. As a sufferer myself, I swear that this disease exists and the symptoms are real. Few weeks ago, I came across a few books written in 19th century that totally astonished me. I finally found the answer after many years. One book is called "Sexual Neuroses" written by James Tyler Kent (after further research, I found that he was a homeopath). That book described the weakening effects of masturbation. The author's explanation of spermatorrhea, its causes and symptoms is very neat and I can totally relate my condition. He explained the difference between physiological and pathological emissions. He wrote-when someone does excessive amount of masturbation then suddenly stops, this disease manifests, it can also be hereditary. He suggested various precautionary measures like abstinence, cold bath etc and treatments including homeopathic remedies. Hence, I thought of giving homeopathy a try. I heard many critisms on homeopathy, many say it's "pseudo-science" and completely anecdotal but still I will try.

About me :

I'm 19 years old male.
85 kg bodyweight (well built muscular physique. I do regular gym workout)

Symptoms :

Seminal emission (or prostatic fluid maybe?) EVERY single time I sleep (night or day) without any dream or sensation and without waking up. It perhaps occurs multiple times a night but I'm not sure. Most of the times, I wake up with my undergarments dry or slightly moistened but symptoms are still present which indicates emission occurred that night. That further indicates that the fluid released is less in quantity. I assume that sometimes the discharge doesn't even come out of the penis, rather returns back to the bladder (retrograde ejaculation?). Again,I am not sure as I don't wake up at the time of ejaculation. A full blown wet dream is different. This kind of emissions are associated with dreams and they wake me up instantly. But my condition is different. In my case, emissions are NOT associated with any dream. When I sleep 3-4 hours, symptoms are less intense (which indicates that less no. of emissions occured or no emission occured at all) but when I sleep 5+ hours, the symptoms are terribly intense and it drains the hell out of me. After waking up, my penis is usually cold and flabby (typically no erections) and I get the following symptoms :-

Sudden fatigue attack, physical exhaustion and tiredness, low stamina, lower back pain, weak legs, nervousness, shortness of breath, numbness in limbs and sometimes temporary paralysis, trembling of hands, eye twitching, acne and darkening of face, frequent cracking of joints, white coating on toungue, bad odour from body, palpitations after slight exertion mainly when standing up, walking stairs and yawning, constipation, stuffy nose, bad breath, itchy eyes, flu-like symptoms, depression, insomnia, inability to concentrate, anger, irritability, poor mood, shyness.

Every morning is painful. I never wake up refreshed. I sleep as less I can and try to avoid naps in the day. I do most of my important tasks later in the evening.

Penis has become very small and unaesthetic. I ejaculate pre-cum a lot while watching lustful scenes.

Semen is watery.

Premature ejaculation.

No discharge while micturition or defecation. Only while sleeping.

I think my condition hasn't yet entered the advance stage where emissions are supposed to take place in urination and defecation too. I'm not much debilitated either. I can carry out daily tasks without much difficulties and can also exercise. At least, I look healthy and have a decent frame.

I used to be a frequent masturbator in my early teens and I'm sure it weakened my nervous system and sexual organs, as a result, these emissions occur so frequently. Before I started this practice, I used to be very very energetic. My mental focus was excellent. My face was cute and charming. After I started masturbation, the first thing I noticed was that I lost the charm of my face. Cheeks shrunk. Got terrible acne. Complexion became dark. My lower limbs got very weak, skinny and deformed. At that time, when people noticed me they said "you have changed a lot. What is wrong with you?!" Then the nightmares began. I started experiencing all the symptoms as days passed - nightfall, weakness, premature ejaculation etc. I joined gym and focused on my nutrition. I was fortunate enough to build a decent physique. My facial look also improved. But I still face the other problems till date. I still masturbate about once in two weeks. When I abstain longer, my condition actually deteriorates instead of improving. I get weaker and weaker. To a point that it starts affecting my gym performance to a great extent (both strength and stamina). Then I relapse again and start feeling well for next few days (3-4 days). The cycle continues.

Feel free to ask further questions if required.


  raj18 on 2017-11-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Staphysagaria 200 evening time for three days then 4 the day China 6c one dose daily for 7 days evening time and at bed time .Report.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
Forgot to mention. I took two remedies - Nat Phos and Nat Mur. But they didn't seem to help. Should I stop these remedies and start the new ones? And one dose = how many drops? Are these remedies supposed to stop the emissions?
raj18 6 years ago
Can I recover completely? I see many masturbation related posts here in this forum. But I don't find any success story. Is it really possible to reverse all the bad effects of masturbation? Have you seen any case where the patient completely recovered from masturbation effects? I'm very curious to know.
raj18 6 years ago
You can recover provided you stop excessive fluid loss through masterebation.If you think without your efforts and will power you and meds cannot do any wonder.Stop all meds except Nat phos you can take with meds prescribed.one dose in all meds if liquid 2 drops in one table spoon of water or 6 pills as one dose.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
I know you are a busy person. But please do reply. I have seen many masturbation victims here in this forum crying for help. But I haven't found a single success story. Can you share any success story? I mean, have you seen any case in your entire career where the patient was completely healed? Please be honest. Reply when you are free. Thanks.
raj18 6 years ago
Choice is yours.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
akshaymohl said Choice is yours.

What choice?
raj18 6 years ago
raj18 said I know you are a busy person. But please do reply. I have seen many masturbation victims here in this forum crying for help. But I haven't found a single success story. Can you share any success story? I mean, have you seen any case in your entire career where the patient was completely healed? Please be honest. Reply when you are free. Thanks.

Can you please reply?
raj18 6 years ago

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