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Baby frequently waking up at night

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?
My 7.5 month old has never slept through the night, and wakes up anything from 6 to 10 times a night. Her birth was assisted by ventouse suction, and she's always been breastfed and generally very healthy.
I'm on a good diet, avoiding stimulates such as coffee, fizzy drinks etc. She's started on mushed-up solid foods, and has a mixed diet of grains, pulses, vegetables, egg and fish, along with about 6 feeds of milk in the day.
She takes 2 naps a day, totalling around 1.5 to 3 hours a day, and is put to bed at 7.30pm after a relaxing half an hour wind-down. She sleeps in a bed-side cot next to our bed, in a baby sleeping bag, and if I'm very tired after being woken many times, I move her into our bed where she sleeps snuggled up to me. She tends to wake less when she's close to me.
When she wakes in her cot, she waves her arms around, rubs her eyes, opens her eyes to look for me, and usually progresses from a agitated huffing and puffing type sound to a cry, at which point I move across to her and let her have some milk to calm her. She then pulls away when she's calm, and falls back to sleep.
The only medicene she takes is chamomilla 6c some evenings for her hot red cheeks I think is teething, which seems to calm her.
I know there's lots of things that may help her sleep through, such as having her own room, but it's not possible right now. And I can't bare the idea of the crying method. So I'm wondering if a remedy may help, as it's helped my own sleeping problems in the past.
Many thanks!
  Shafira on 2006-03-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Oh, and if it's important, as much as you can work out the characted of a 7.5month old, she's a very happy and energetic baby most of the time, only really cries if she's frustrated she can't crawl yet, or just wants to sleep and can't be bothered having her nappy changed first!
Shafira last decade
what meds used for mother during pregnancy/labour?

what is mother's state of health?please explain

what vaccinations/immunizations child have so far?when(dates)?

what reason that suction method used for delivery? what condition of child's head?what statis of child's soft spot (fontelles)?how much into labor before suction method used to extract?whose decision was it to use?what meds used during birthing?
what other complications occcured during pregnancy(please explain this area thoroughly--concerning birthing
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for your reply! I'll answer all questions one by one...
I took various vitamins while pregnant, but no other meds. Included folic acid throughout, vitamin B complex, iron. I also had a diet high in soya and fresh vegetables and fruit.
Through labour no meds were taken until the last hour, when a half dose of pethidine was given alongside syntocinon, to make contractions stronger, after a tiring 24 hours of labour.
My health is good. Rarely suffer from colds or anything, only really suffering from lack of sleep, causing lack of concentration etc at times. Had a healthy pregnancy too.
She's had her immunizations for Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio, Pertusis, and Hib at 2 months, 3 months and 4 months with no adverse reactions after.
Suction was used at birth due to the doctor beieving my contractions weren't strong enough to push, and to avoid c-section. baby had been ready to come out for hours, and passed merconium, and although her heart rate didn't drop, a doctor interviened and said the labour was going on too long. This happened after 24 hours in labour, of which about 8 were the main part of labour. Her head was slightly bruised at the suction point on top of her head for a few days, but no change to her skull shape.Her fontelles are smooth with her head, but soft, and you can't feel/see an indent. I didn't want the suction or the meds, but after the doctor explained we could both be in danger, I gave in, but limited the pethidine given.
No complications as such during pregnancy. Borderline anaemic, but took iron to counteract it. I had tried for a completely drug-free birth, but this was the best I was allowed in the end.
Thanks for your help.
Shafira last decade
concerning "....has never slept through the night..."":

never slept? please explain this as remember first days home and months following--when actually sleepless start...

what is longest period of time she will sleep during night?
please explain her usual daily routine in detail..times included e.g..naps/sleep;feedings;changings;bathings/washings,,,etc..

descrbe her response to various happenings in routine--evn if seem unimportant.
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John...
She has always, since day 1, frequently woken at night to feed. The longest she will sleep at night is about 2 hours, which usually happens after her first wake up....eg, goes to bed 7.30, sleeps for 20 mins, wakes and needs milk to calm her, sleeps then sometimes up to 2 hours, then it's generally waking up hourly or worse until she's fully awake and won't sleep again anything from 6.30 am to 8 am. When she wakes she drops back to sleep within a few minutes if I feed her quickly. If I ignore her a few minutes, or try to hush her or stroke her back to sleep, it doesn't work, she won't settle until she's feeding again. Each time she wakes like this she doesn't actually drink properly, she just uses it to comfort her.
Daily routine....has a big drink at last waking, first thing in mornning, then hs a nappy change (usually just wet) and change of clothes, happily, gurgling and smiling. Sits and plays with toys quietly for half hour or so while I get breakfast ready. Generally only eats a little (weetabix with banana and soya milk or breast milk) before starting to whinge and wants to be picked up. She sometimes does a pooey nappy late morning, or mid afternoon, straining and sometimes groaning as she fills it, but it's always soft when I change her. Then we play together, she rolls around, and sometimes look at books until she's sleepy, rubbing her eyes and irritable, around 11am. I then give her milk in her cot and she pulls away after 10 mins or so, turns away and sleeps. She'll wake, tossing and turning, rubbing her eyes and crying out, about 20 mins later, and if I don't let her have more milk, she wakes up properly. If she has milk, she usually sleeps again for up to an hour more.
She awakens in the same way, but doesn't cry if I'm close. We then have lunch, usually rice with 2 veg and either some egg or fish or bean, all mushed up. She's only been having solids since 6 months old. She's happy and excited to eat, and starts to whinge when she's had enough. We then spend time watching some tv, or she'll sit on my lap and play with a toy while I email, and we'll play with toys again or go out shopping until she's ready for her nap around 3pm. If out she'll fall asleep on her own in her car seat or push chair, and if we're home, I'll give her milk in her cot again. She wakes again after 20 mins or so, and needs to drink to calm down, and sleeps again for half hour to an hour. Unless we're out, in which case she just stays awake but quiet and sleepy. I'll change her nappy when she's woken up, and she'll spend some time with her nana or grandad, or uncle, for a bit before tea. She's usually very energetic in the evening, wanting to do lots of things, either play together with someone, or be moved around alot. By around 5,30 she's niggly, and needs lots of stimulation to keep her happy. When she's niggly her hands and fingers get all fidgety and she squirms around alot, wanting to be supported standing up from sitting. I'll usually have her tea ready by then, about 5.30pm, and she'll have potatoes or rice with a veg and sometimes some egg or bean. She's happy when she's eating, but bangs her hands around alot and wriggles and cries out a bit leading up to actually having food in her mouth. After tea she whinges while I'm cleaning up, and wants to be picked up out of the chair. About an hour later we either sit with family and watch some tv or play for half an hour, then start to take her to bed or bath (every other day) around 7pm. Getting ready for the bath she's very excited and happy, and kicks her feet around alot. In teh bath she's mostly calm and happy trying to chew her toys, and splashes around sometimes. Coming out of the bath she's happy wrapped in towels, but as soon as she's taken back to our room, and the lamp goes on, she starts crying a little, and doesn't want a nappy put on. She whinges like this until she's changed, dressed, and in the cot drinking milk! There doesn't seem any way to calm her until she's drinking milk! If she's had no bath, she starts to whinge once the lamp is switched on in the room, and she knows it's bed time. She whinges through her nappy change and change of clothes, and whinges and wriggles around until she's drinking again! This is about 7.30pm, which is back at the start of this message.
This is only typical, and can change a little if we go out to see friends or something. Right now she's happy in our room rolling aound on the floor with her toys, making cooing noises to me in the next room. She laughs alot when my husband's off work, as he makes her laugh by making silly faces at her and making silly noises. When only I'm home she's happy but quieter.
If she's annoyed about something, like she's bored of a toy or something she's doing, she makes crying noises, and stretches out and kicks her feet and waves her arms in anger. If you don't change what's bothering her, this progresses into louder cries with tears, and a red face, so I try to react quickly!
Can't think of much more right now, and she's calling for me. So I'll leave it there. Thanks for your help!
Shafira last decade
Anyone else any ideas of a remedy to try?
Many thanks!
Shafira last decade
sorry for delay...

how much tea or such is mother in habit of using daily?please explain

ha schild had any skin condition or such at all since birth?even if in passing/breif?
John Stanton last decade
No problem, thanks John.

I drink no tea or coffee, only still tap or mineral water, and about a cup of concentrated fresh orange juice and a cup of diluted orange cordial (high juice, no sweeteners) every day. No alcohol either.

The only part of my diet I believe to contain stimulants is chocolate, of which I have a chocolate bar such as twix or kit-kat every day. I'm a chocoholic, so find it too hard to cut it out completely!

Baby's had a rash starting on her face and moved over the rest of her body over a few weeks, early on. Since then, at about 5 months, she had seriously dry skin on her upper arms, which cleared up after using cream (Double Bass) for a few days.

She also developed a rash starting on her belly, which spread all over within a day, and disappeared within 24 hours later, after 5 days of high temperature and stomach upset, thought to be a virus. This was at 6.5 months.

Thanks John.
Shafira last decade
I read all the detail -Try chamomilla 6c 2 drops mixed with 10ml spring water or distilled water and give 2 drops three times in a day for a week and report to the forum.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
ok--chocolate? hmmm

start treatment with..

single dose (3 pellets) sulphur 30c to be given to mother in morning before firts meal--none to child (as due to brears feeding)..no repetition of dose.

mother and child are to AVOID--al acidic foods and drinks (coffe;tea;carbonated soft drinks;vinegar and such;fruits and fruit juices;tomatoes;.etc); also NO milk/milk products at all for now..and NO SWEETS AT ALL....

no other medicines;skin cremes:ointments;remedies; no other treatments at all...

i expect skin rash to show --not cetain with how much vengence though---depending on response will need to have available at hand readily..
nux vomica 200c
pulsatilla 30c;200c
carbo vegetalis 30c;200c

also good to have..
calcarea carbonica 30c;200c
lycopodium 30c;200c

this best i can speculate so as to manage what may come up--but we start here and see....possible genetics may play big role--but will address that if improvemnet is stifled.

keep me closely informed here at this site or email..
John Stanton last decade
Thanks Dr Sharma, I have given what you recommended since 5 days ago, and have seen a slight improvement to her sleep pattern. She has woken fewer times at night, been calmer when she's woken, and has been hushed back to sleep a few times, rather than having to be breastfed back to sleep. Thanks.

John, I have got hold of Sulphur 30c, and have started on your diet from today. Going to be VERY hard, as although I only have a little, I love to have my daily orange drink and chocolate bar!!

Many many thanks for your time and advice, BOTH of you. Hopefully I'll have some good news to post here soon!
Shafira last decade
if using chamomila dont bother with sulphur---dont mix treatments--no way i will monitor this---so follow other docs suggestion --if cure then forget sulphur----if not then stop other treatment--we retake existing symptomology and proceed from there...

remember--i will not treat --when mixing remedies..
John Stanton last decade
Sorry John, I wasn't aware I shouldn't mix, so will stick with the chamomilla for a few more days to see if it works, and if not, will stop that and restart your treatment again.
Many thanks.
Shafira last decade
John Stanton last decade

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