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MSM & Sulphur

MSM is methylsulfonylmethane, sold as a dietary supplement.
It is effectively a form of Sulphur found in foods and plants.

I started taking some of the capsules recently and noticed a similar feeling to homeopathic Sulphur - what can only be described as the electrical, agitating-outwards feeling of Sulphur.

However I am concerned that the macro dose of Sulphur might have a suppressant effect. But a remedy can be homeopathic and still be present in the crude doses.

So where do we draw the line between that which is a benefical potency, and that which is large (low) enough to cause adverse effects? And how to tell the difference?

Clearly not every substance in 'allopathic' doses is bad, similarly I would think that not every substance is more effective in ultra-high dilutions either.

Thought anyone?
  Stephen on 2006-03-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The whole point of homeopathy is that the ·raw" Sulfur is only present in an "energy" format.

Thus homeopathic Sul will antidote "raw" Sulfur.

Thats the THEORY.

Who knows , perhaps its wrong.
walkin last decade
Hmmm well I thought the whole point was "Similia similibus curentur" :-)

That is, a remedy that produces an artifical disease state with symptoms similar to that being treated, will cause the body to react against the remedy, and in doing so, promote a positive reaction against the disease state. But the remedy doesn't have to be a 'homeopathic dilution', even though it has become to be associated with that.
Stephen last decade
Hi Stephen,
I also take MSM sulphur( bio form) 2 times in a week 500 mg with orange juice. I am not aware of any kind of suppresion effect of sulphur or any side effect? Can you pls expalin it? IS it wrong to take MSM for long time? How long is recommended for safe dose? It helped me a lot to combat my cold. I am a person who catches evry bug on the way. But I am female , age 42 yrs. Recently undergone severe mental stress and kind depression. I have developed
moustache after taking MSM/
N acetyl cystine though it hepled me a lot in boosting my immunity. So I have reduced the frequency of taking MSM( once in a week).
I have question regardiing MSM, does it damage the liver with time or do I need
to detoxify my liver/kidney
herbally? 1 month before I had very very bad tonsilitis(
with puss and severe ear pain, swollen lymph, everything you name it) ) and My Doc prescribed me amoxilin 1000 mg for 6 days.
Now my digestion system going very very bad. I am not able to digest anything. I started taking red papaya for pepsin to help digest and lemon/cranberry juice ( every sunday) to cleanse my liver system) . I am sure that my antibiotic damaged my liver system. Now I like to suggestion for boosting my liver system back in order. I have always poor liver system , can not digest warm milk/spicy food/sometimes raw veg. My food habit is healthy.
Can Dr. Waikins prescribe any homeopath liver booster. I liked to include garlic as much as possible in my food
to boost my immune system but my poor liver system can not accept this. I deveop gas/acid most of the time and as a result I dont gt sound sleep in the night. I tried tablet pepsin but it gives me nausea. Also I noticed when I am under stress, I catch cold,sore throat(every bug) very easily. How can I safely boost my liver and immune system. 2 yrs before, I had taken whey protein(immunotech suppl) for 2 months in pouch form. It helped me a lot to combat my cold and get energy.
Little digestion problem makes me very fatigue and tired all the time. I am a very gym going person doing
aerobics/kick boxing 2 times in week and yoga once in a week. But nowadays I feel very tired all the time and like to sleep. But I never get pure sound sleep.
I had very good voice and sing very well but now I can not. Pls help me. I have question why bacteria or virus love my throat? I know my immune system very weak . How can I improve this one?
I hate antibiotic because it gives multiple side effects which keeps me sick for another 2 weeks.
rdutt last decade
This question is for Dr. Wakin. IS homeo sulphur sama as MSM sulphur?
rdutt last decade
Hi rdutt,
I wouldn't worry about it too much, it appears to be very safe to take (msm).

MSM is not the same as homeopathic sulphur although I'm sure there are similarites between them.

Homeopathic sulphur is made from a dilution of 'flowers of sulphur' ie, the pure mineral sulphur. MSM is a 'food' form of sulphur present in plants etc.
Where I'm coming from with the 'suppression' is that it was thought that the large (non-homeopathic) doses of substances could sometimes suppress instead of stimulate.
However this was generally seen with large doses of compounds that would be toxic in non-homeopathic doses, eg. mercury, arsenic.

Have you tried going to a traditional chinese medicine practitioner with your symptoms? It's worth getting an opinion from a different system of medicine. The remedy "Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan" is meant to help with both liver function and mental stress problems, but again I would consult someone in this field first, they may be able to give you a clearer picture.

One thing I read about digestion and anxiety, which I feel is true, is that it's better to have hot meals, instead of colder food with stimulants such as tea & coffee. If you are always using stimulant drinks then they can become a sort of crutch, and indeed they can interfere with actions of homeopathic dilutions at least. Although it's not always a good idea to try to go cold-turkey on something very quickly if you have been using it for a long time.
Stephen last decade
Thank you tephen. No I did not try chineese herbal but long before I tried tibetan herbal. That was awesome and very good result. But it is very to find those doctors. Now i am in different part of world. I read some chineese herbals are poison also like chineese form of ephedra. So I am little bit skeptical.
Thanks for your suggestion.
No I am not coffee drinker but drink green tea many times a day. With mental; stress, I catch more cold bug. MSM sulphur I heard is bio form of sulphur very different from sulphur drug. I have grown too much hair after I started this. As you mentioned about toxicity, I stopped for a while and started to boost my liver system. Thanks for mentioning the names of chineese herbal. Do you have info about the ingredients of those herbal?

Thanking you very much
rdutt last decade
Yes ephedra seems to be over-used a lot, however there are a vast number of herbs and lots of them are used in Western herbalism as well.
There was concern about levels of toxic metals etc. in some chinese herbal products in the UK a few years ago, however I think this was only a small minority, and if you get them from a reputable source it should be fine.

The one I mentioned contains the following :-

Angelica sinensis

You know green tea also contains caffeine, so perhaps just reducing the amount a bit might help. Also I've found that Sulphur-related substances can give a 'speedy' type action a bit like caffeine. I have no medical experience or anything like it, but I would suggest to cut down the quantity of green tea & msm, and try something that might calm your stomach a bit like one of the herbal combinations above.
Stephen last decade
Thanks Stephen. What do you mean
by speedy action like caffine?
Pls explain this. No I dont take MSM daily, only 2 times in a week with orange juice 500mg.
It helped me a lot to boost my
immunity. I am not sure about licorice as liver booster. I know it is said that licorice not be taken if you have high blood pr. You know what I mean by licorice. It is being used in cosmetic industry a lot as a skin lightner. Yes, I am looking for some herbal containing milk thistle, gardenia. Thank you for help.
rdutt last decade
By 'speedy action' I mean that sulphur related substances seem to sometimes produce a feeling of agitation a bit like taking too much caffeine. For example, look at the 4th post here -
groups dot google dot com/group/alt.med.fibromyalgia/browse_thread/thread/a6ffe1fb363e5548/50db51fc86f7c30e
It's part of the archetypical action of sulphur I believe.

Anyway, you're not taking very much of it, so I don't imagine it would be an issue. Yes I read that about licorice also, however the entire combination of herbs in there is meant to lower blood pressure overall, but I don't know if this is true or not.

If you are drinking very large amounts of green tea then this will surely affect you somehow. I presume you have tried yoghurt/probiotics for your digestion? It seems like they help sometimes.
Stephen last decade
thanks . you are right. sulphur has that tendency. I am very cautious about taking this.
rdutt last decade
Hi, - I wouldn't worry about it.
It's just like a side effect if you take too much of it and/or are sensitive to it.

To answer my original post :-p,
I've started taking msm again alternating with homeopathic Sulphur (was 6c, now LM1).

I think I've noticed something interesting. Both forms of Sulphur appear to complement each other. It's as if the msm is like a raw material, and the homeo-sulph is a catalyst. If I take the msm, I can feel the sulphur effect, after that wears off, I find that when I take the homeo-sulph, I can also feel a similar effect & appear to be more sensitive to it as a result of the msm.

I don't believe the idea of homeopathic doses being the 'anti-' of the crude doses is correct. If this were true then you would expect a reasonbly straight-forward relationship between them, where the homeopathic version would cure poisoning from the crude version, but this is clearly not the case (at least not in general). It seems more like the homeopathic potency could have a catalyst/communication type action instead of a straight 'antidote' action.
Stephen last decade

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