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Folks & Healer21 Please help me... Mild Hearing loss and Tinnitis ( whistling in ears ) 15


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Tinnitis Whistling in Ears and Hearing loss

Dear Doctors please see my details and please advise me Remedies for hearing loss and Tinnitis.

1. Age: 37
2. Sex: Male
3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim : moderate
4. Complexion: fair,dark: Fair
5. Occupation: Private Job
6. Single/married: Married
Children: No
7. Country,state: Pakistan, Punjab
8. List out all your SYMPTOMS(NOT THE DIAGNOSIS OR DISEASE NAMES) with its “since how long,which part is affected,which side,what you feel during complaint etc”:in an order(which came first then which came next?
ANS: I have been suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety from 12 years. Negative thoughts, Thoughts Persistence. Repetition of thoughts. Other problems are sinusitis without discharge, there is post nasal drip from back of the nose to throat, Nasal polyps in both nose and bony growth in right nostril. Now my currently symptoms are mild hearing, both ears are affected. From two months I feel pressure in ears, whistling sound sometime in right ear and sometime in left. No ear wax. Two month ago I used only one dose antibiotic to stop flu and sore throat, from that day my ears are affected. I can hear birds, low tone and high tone but sometime feel difficulty in conversation in very low voice. I can hear ticking of watch. But I cannot not bear high volume or high pitch sounds like vehicles, motor cycles, horn and loud voices.

a)Worsening factors for each complaint (eg:-by pressure,what time,heat,cold,season,food,eating,after
sleep,by sweat,,by stooping,after stool & urine,after bathing etc.?)
ANS: In office time i feel pressure when there are burden of work and sometime I get anger due to over burden of work. I feel headache, migraine and muscles tension. If someone does ill in my home i feel stress. I cannot drink cold water, it makes me sick like throat / chest infection. During heat I feel worse. Spicy food like chicken, barbeque make my stomach upset.

b)When Its Better,for each complaint (eg: by pressure,what time,by heat, by cold, any season,any food, eating,after sleep,by sweat,after stool & urine ,after bathing etc.?)
ANS: I feel better at night and when i study homeopathic books. I like cold air, walking in open air, I like cold weather.

c) In your opinion, What is the expected cause for your problem?From ,fall,cold exposure,sun exposure ,physical and mental exertion etc.?
ANS: I think it's mostly due to mind / mental and some physical complaints also contribute it. Like when I checked my eye sight to eye specialist he said it's weak / myopia / short sighted then my mental symptoms got worse and I feel anxiety. I thought why this do to me.

9. Mind:sensitive/angry/sad/weeping/fear of/anxiety/shy etc.,memory,desire company,grief,lewd etc.
ANS: Sensitive to noise. Sometimes I get very angry. Sometime I weep due to my illness / diseases / old memory and when i listen some special songs then i often weep. I feel fear of disease. First i feel shy when meet people but now I don't feel shy. My desire is to stay healthy and happy. I like to talk in company with my family and with some friends. Migraine / headache starts after anger. mostly left side headache, sometime both sides.

10. Thermal:which weather do you prefer hot or cold? Which one you can tolerate well?
ANS: I can tolerate both weather. But I like cold weather very much. And cold weather also make me sad.

11. Do you have Frequent or occasional nausea,vomiting to any food,,mouth ulcer,, sneezing,gas trouble,leucorrhea(white discharge-females) ,dandruff,hairfall etc.explain if any
ANS: Yes Gas trouble, nausea after taking too much tea. Migraine mostly left side and sometime right side, Headache. Yes I have Dandruff and hairfall, There is Eczema on my right foot. Mostly I feel migraine and headache after ANGER / irritation and due to over burden of work in office and i don't want someone call me on that time when there are too much work pending.

12. Stool:regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied/bleeding?
ANS: I don't go regular for Stool. Constipation and external painful Hamerroids which bleeds a little bit.

13. Urine: regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied
ANS: Satisfied. Normal

14. (For Females)Menses: regular?scanty or profuse?early or late?how many days?frequency of cycle?any complaints before or during menses( like ,backache, white discharge, pain in abdomen,legs etc., ,constipation, , nausea etc?)Your last two menses dates
ANS: Not related to me.

15. Sweat:profuse,scanty,offensive,stains
ANS: Most sweat in summer and very bad smell. Profuse

16. Sleep:satisfied/disturbed?particular dreams?usual sleeping positon?
ANS: Sleeping is disturbed. I use sleeping pills regularly.

17. Appetite: how often,quantity,satisfied?
ANS: Appetite is normal. But I don't do lunch.

18. Thirst: how many glasses ?how often?
ANS: I drink 12 to 15 glasses.

19. Cravings:salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
ANS: Chicken, Meat and Egg. in fruits I like pomegranate

20. Aversion: salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.
ANS: No Aversion.

21. Intolerant foods if any which might be your favorite or not.
ANS: I like everything. But most spicy / oily foods makes me sick like stomach problem, nausea.

22. How is your sex life?no desire/premature ejaculation/no erection/painful sex?
ANS: No Sexual problem. I am very satisfied.

23. Do you have diabetes/BP/Cholestrol/thyroid(Hypo/Hyper) etc Done any surgey ?
ANS: No. Nothing

24. Do you have any skin complaints-itching, , rashes,moles discoloration etc.?
ANS: Sometimes itching on skin all over the body. there is Eczema on my right foot.

25.Your skin type: oily or dry?
ANS: Oily but not too much.
26.Do you have any bad habits or addictions? coffee,masturbation, smoking,, alcohol etc.
ANS: Coffee.

27.List out all medicines you have taken till now and its result after taking
ANS: In allopathic I use, Escitalopram 10 mg, Ativan 1 mg at night daily. Three years ago my homeopath gave me some doses of MEDORRHINUM 1 CM, Allium Cepa 1 CM, Ignatia Amara 1 CM after one month interval and Teucrium M.v 30 Lemna Minor 30 Thuja 30 for few days. But no improvement. Recently from October 2017 I used Sulphar 200 three doses, When I took Sulphar 200 then i feel itching and burning in body and i scratched my hands and legs, and there are sign of scratch still now. Then Pulsatilla 200 five dose, Calc carb 200 regualr from 15 days, Hepar sulph 30, Kali mur 30, Chenopodium 3x and 200, Chininum sulph 3x and 30, sometimes Spigelia Anth 200 and Belladonna 30 for migraine and headache, Kali phos 200, Cocc Ind. 30, Gels 30, Calc fluor 6x, calc phos 6x, Mag phos 6x and Kali Phos 6x. Now I am using Manganum Aceticum 200 for whistling in ear and Chenopodium 200 for Deafness or hearing loss. And Ginkgo Biloba Q 8 drops three time from yesteday which you prescribed me. I feel better as compared to two months ago. After taking Ginkgo Biloba Q i have no whistling in ears today.

28.Any other things which you think it make you unique from others ..
ANS: It's my hard working and going in depth in any case like working or studying. I like children and love them and give them gifts, money. I like and love poor people and sometimes i help them and always say them please pray for me. When I am alone I weep and pray from God for His Kindness and He always helps me. I think this make me unique from others.

Please attach images of any relevant reports if any
  zaffar_consfela on 2017-12-11
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