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Case with mental predominance

Dear All Respected Doctors/Passionate H'Paths,

I am posting one of my very close relative's (Kakaji's) case here.
Please help !

First of all let me tell about myself. Our family and myself are strong believers in Hpathy. The person whose case i would be giving here himself is a very passionate homoeopath(Not a doctor) since 25 years. Has cured many difficult cases like paralysis, tri-geminal nuralgia, piles, Gangrene of legs, Septi cemia and what not. I also had the privilege of getting successfully treated by him twice and thereby having divine opportunities to experience the miracles of H'pathy. He had cured me of asthma in just two doses of Phosphorous 30 12 years ago. Since then i have absolutely no problem of breathing at all. Infact i play professional badminton tirelessly. Secondly i was cured by him from intestinal blockage (was about to get operated) at the age of 7 by Opium.

But many a times it is so that a person is unable to treat himself or there are certain mental blocks which dont allow a person to help himself realize how he is behaving and thinks that people unnecessarily trouble him.
Many a times i told him to look for some other good homoepaths and get himself treated. But he says that he is completely fine. No need of any doc. I will take my medication only if anything happens. The ego takes over.

Well coming to the case , i will initially put the current condition and then describe his life and the ups and downs.

I also study H'pathy and he is my GURU, so i feel very bad that i am not able to help him as i am not that matured or have any authority to prescribe. So thought of putting the case here. Well what remedy comes to my mind may be superficially though is Hyoscyamus.

As far as i know him and has seen him he seems to me as a sycotic patient. He does everything to extreme.

Also, he is a hot patient.

Current Condition : Age : 59yrs Wt:60 kg (approx). Ht: 5'5''

Has B.P. but now its normal.
Has Diabetes since 2011. ONly once the sugar had shooted upto 500 and had sudden wt loss and that time it was diagnosed. Since then his sugar has never gone above 200. Mostly its below 150 or normal.

He has never taken any allopathic medicines for BP and Diab. He takes only homeopathy and ayurvedic and that too when needed . Not like morning-evening-night . Has a very strong control on meals.

1) He(my uncle) sits the entire day 24*7 on the internet,facebook talking to people. Also very interested in farming related activities. Does agro and animal homeopathy also and is quite successful in it too.
He considers homoeopathy as his mother.Also constantly is creating awareness amoung people.

2) Does no exercise at all. Smokes since 1980. We have been requesting him to quit smoking since then and i in particular since i was 5yrs.(My current age 28). He just replies,"Haan ! I am trying my best to quit".There is no try from him that we see. He just enjoys smoking and sometimes does a very bad argument.

3) Since 2,3 yrs he has started watching too much of porn. And we have caught him many times and have requested him not to see it so much. But again gets into bad arguments that everybody troubling him. Let me do what i want. Behaves like a mad. Starts screaming.

4) My kakiji takes tutions and is a very renowned and respected personality in the locality since 30 years. She has shaped many students academically,culturally teaching and grooming many orphans,many single parented children for free. But in last two years there has been 4 cases where the parents complained that your husband tried to touch the private parts of our children.
Which has made her very very upset. They also had many grave and temperate discussions regarding the issue. Had many verbal fights.And he says that we have some delusions about him and he does'nt do any thing like this.
If it would have been one case,it would have been taken as misunderstanding. But not once its 4 so it needs to be taken seriously.

5) Recent incident a week ago. One of the student's of 7th standard was sitting with him and uncle was on internet as usual. And suddenly my aunty wanted something from that room so she rushed and found that the porn site was on and the student was also sitting besides him.
My GOD that day he had long session from my aunt.But again the same . We see no regrets on his face.

6) His other habits are that he :
- Doesnt bath for days together.Says he never goes anywhere so
doesnt get dirty. So no need to bath.

- Doesnt wash his hands after coming washing his stool.Says my
stool is very clean.

- Never closes the door of the toilet and is completely open.Many a
times doesnt flush after deficating.

- His room is very untidy. Constantly eats junk like
chips, farsan, biscuits. He will eat the chips and and throw the
rapper on the floor itself.

- Spits too much when in the open outside house.

- Frequently removes cough from his tongue by fingures and wipes it
on the table cloth itself even if he has the handkerchief.

7) Behaves very shamelessly. Utters very filthy words(I had never ever seen him utter any filthy word from his mouth till i was 22 yrs old.)
Neither i have seen him ever behave shamelessly. Many a times mutters filthy words.

8) Many a times wonder how this much sudden change has happened.

9) Speaks too much. Very irritated . Very Egoistic and reavengful talk like,"I will show him/her... , I will teach him/her a lesson..., He/She needs to be set right".

10) Doesnt like to go any where .

11) Constantly sending orders like give me tea,give me water,give me this give me that. And aunt being busy cant always entertain him immediately. So gets angry.

12) In the morning after waking his mood is very irritated.

13) Amplifies very small issues unnecessarily.

14) No dressing sense at all .

15) Stains his shirt while eating. Many a times even if somebody has invited him, he wears the stained shirt and starts to go. So we stop him and make him to wear some clean shirt.

16) Sits awkwardly even in front of women in half pant(chaddi) in such a way that his private part can be seen. But he doesnt have any realization of that awkwardness even when we tell him that you were sitting in that way and she could see everything.

Life Details :

- He is a very ardent music,nature lover life long . Only Music brings tears to his easy and no other damn thing can bring tears to his eyes.

- He is a very good singer, Astrologer, homeopath.

- A voracious reader. Even now(age 59) he hasnt got any spectacles even after so many years of reading.

- Good sense of humour.

- Has been a completely self made man. What ever he has learnt is by himself. He never had any Guru.

- Has worked in a very big petrochemical company for around 25 years.
Retired as a General Manager . Took VRS in 2006. Since then has not
worked at all.

- His professional life was very stressful. His bosses troubled him too much. But even he was like a lion. He never succumbed to their tortures. And has been a fighter. Has got a tremendous will power.

- Was never satisfied in his work . He says only H'pathy,Music and nature gives him peace from within.

- Very lovable,jolly,friendly,Egoistic,headstrong, veeeryyy choosy in terms of quality , food.

- Needs much more salt that any other normal man eats. Need more spicy food. Likes oily,spicy food.

- Loves tangy taste. Like tamarind, raw mango, pickles.

- Hasnt ever preferred sweet.

- He likes strong flavours. Only then his palette gets satisfied.

- He eats every thing but is very choosy about the intensity and proportion of the ingredients in the dish. And troubles too much if it is not up to the mark.

- Doesnt like travelling by bus. He definitely vomits if travels by roadways. Likes only train.

- Has been very punctual, neat, tidy, systematic all his life except last 7,8 years.Last 8 years have been completely opposite.

- His father passed away when he was 2 years old.

- He says his childhood has been very memorable in good sense.

- Very logical,pinpoint,always goes to the depth of any topic he starts to learn.

- Very pursuasive in nature.

- Nature is revengful.

- He is always in want of appreciation . He always wants somebody to appreciate him for what he does or has done even for small things.
Like if has cooked some dish he expects appreciation for it.
He doenst force but he tries too much to gain the appreciation.

- But what i have observed is that he never received the appreciation that he deserved . So he seems disappointed on that point.

- Very much interested in mystic things like black magic. He wanted to learn that but couldnt.

- Very Fearless.

- Found of animals.

- Had eczema on his left feet and knee in 2006-7. Initially it used to ooze with water and yellowish puss discharge with no pain but was a bit ithcy. But he controlled it by homeopathy. The oozing had stopped within 3 4 months. Then it started to dry and slowly gradually its area reduced by 80% . The mark is still there on the feet but no trouble at all and he is least bothered about hat.

- When he gets sick/ ill he becomes very happy as he gets an opportunity to test h'pathy on himself.

I could jot down these many points . Please feel free to ask any more details required if any .

Thanks ,
Saadho !
  Saadho on 2018-01-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Folks can only give views on your case if you reply in time as directed after two days or so etc

(save your case page link and refresh the page daily for updates / replies at the bottom . Login first then paste the link)

you can click any ones name for email to remind them.

Homeopathic medicines are the safest medicines known.
Patient name, age, from ? profession, how long patient got married, if married how many children, patient daily routine ? Any sleep disorders or foul breath now ? Any thick yellow discharges , boils , open infections .. now ? how long patient suffering from this problem ? Any fever or coughing now ? what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have ? Any cold or congestion feeling in head, watery discharges, Sun sensitivity or cold sores now ?? When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates ? do you have swollen hands or feet , foul smelling gasses ? Any light sensitivity ? Sweaty hands or feet ? Do you feel pronounced weakness in body ?? Thick yellow discharges, changing symptoms now ?

What you like in food and what not ? Do you feel thirsty mostly ?? or do you like water ? Choose one condition either thirsty or towards more thirst less ?? Any cramping, shooting pains, hiccough, spasms now ? Acne blackheads, greasy or brittle hairs ? Do you feel cold in body ? or hot ? Choose one condition .. Do you like to be warped in a blanket even in summer ? Or feel hot in body mostly and dislike hot weather etc .. no normal words etc .. what you like in food The most = sweets or salts ? Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details. Do patient have any habit of tobacco or viskey etc or meat etc ?

Please select only one option from below "WHICH SUITS THE PATIENT MAXIMUM" how you, your family, friends see the patient :

1- indecisiveness .. 2- apathy .. 3- laziness ..
4- isolation .. 5- nervous tension .. 6- scary dreams .. 7- impulsiveness .. 8- shyness, hypersensitivity .. 10- depression ..
11- low self-esteem ... 12- depression from wet weather.

Furthermore please tell which condition is dominate mostly , from below: select only one option.
Anger - greed - sex - pride - fear ?
E-mail me any reports .. Click my name for email. Tell doctors opinion regarding your problem as well ..

What medicines you used in the past ? Name and potency ? Are you dibetic or suffering from high blood pressure ? Or any other chronic disease .. ??
healer21 4 years ago
Please read the case atleast once. Almost 90% of your questions have been answered in the case.
[Edited by Saadho on 2018-01-28 05:06:35]
Saadho 4 years ago
[Edited by Saadho on 2018-01-28 05:10:50]
Saadho 4 years ago
I red the case. General details are there no need to explain again. Bu r later I asked some specific questions answer only those. Or make a new post and put some name of well known homeopath of the forum like Dr.kadwa, maheeru, Dr.thoufeeqbhms, 0antivirus etc and only say please help In the heading after the names all together.

Just copy paste rest of the details you gave here.
healer21 4 years ago

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