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For Dr Kadwa only, please

Hello Dr Kadwa,
Please help this mother.

Age: 42 (a mother of a 9 year old)
Location: USA

Likes and Dislikes on food : prefer Salty food than Sweet, like Chicken, like warm food. Don’t like soup and gravy food.

Weather: feel so good in Sunny weather. Feel depressed on cloudy and rainy season. Don’t like too hot or too cold climate. Chilly even in little cold wind.
Likes to go out in fresh air.

Problems: Anxiety and Depression for the last 25 years. Was depressed before marriage, because of my parents’ bad relationship and my loneliness. And
I have been depressed after marriage, because of an irresponsible husband. I have Extreme anger and hatred towards husband. I feel stuck in my marriage. I can’t leave him neither I can tolerate him. I bursts on him all the time. I don’t like him because he couldn’t prove himself as a successful person. He couldn’t take the responsibility of our small family. I feel cheated in regard of my fate. I feel, I deserved a better person than him. Ours was an arranged marriage. I am so stuck in this relationship. I fear of loneliness again if I try to stay away from him.
My head aches a lot and is congested all the time. I feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities. I work full time, I take full responsibility of my child, I take care of my household and there is no help from him at all. This always makes me overwhelmed. I am so frustrated and irritated all the time. I was a very nice person before but all of these things are making me yell all the time on my husband and on my daughter.
I don’t feel, physically, emotionally and financially secured. He thinks about himself only. If I don’t go to work, we will be on the street. He goes to work but doesn’t earn enough to support a family. I am fed up now.
I know nothing can change my husband’s behaviors but I want to be mentally strong to ignore all his stupid behaviors and stay calm.

I also have diagnosed ovarian cysts on both sides 3 cm on each side recently. I feel dull pain on both sides. I feel fullness around my pelvic region. I feel bloated. My hair falls too much. My period is normal so far. I have gained weight as well.

I have taken many homeopathic medicines for long time. Some problems got healed, some reoccured, some hasn’t gone yet. I trust homeopathy and I believe only homeopathy can help me. Please doctor Kadwa, help me relieve these aweful symptoms.

I took 3 doses of Sepia 200c 15-20 days ago. This didn’t help me at all. I am still frustrated and still hate my husband.

Before Sepia I took 5 doses of Nat Mur 200c in two weeks, according to a homeopath. That didn’t help me with my depression instead it worsened my ovarian cysts and when I tested my urine, my urologist found blood in it. I thought I was overdosed. So I stopped taking Nat Mur.

Please help me getting rid of this mental imbalance, Dr Kadwa.
  Dr Kadwa only on 2018-02-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Apis 30 in evening for 15 days and report back.

One dose means 2 pills or drops.
kadwa last year
Thank you Dr Kadwa for your prompt reply. I appreciate it. I am ordering Apis online as I don’t have it handy. It may take 2-3 days to reach me. I will report the results on time.
Thank you once again.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Hello Dr Kadwa,

How are you ?

As per your suggestion, I took Apis Mel 30c for 15 days. Today is the 17th day. I haven’t noticed any improvement. I still have pain in my pelvic area due to cysts on bith sides. It hurts more while I bend. The pain is sometimes a burning pain and sometimes a shooting pain. There is heaviness around uterus.
For the last 2-3 days it’s more than a dull pain now, specially on right side (going downwards). I had my period on 1st. I always have my period on time. My weight is not going down eventhough I eat very little. I have hairs on my chin as well.
I am still too much irritated with everything around me. Every responsibility is overwhelming for me. I shout a lot at my kid and husband. I still feel my husband is a total failure, I feel he can’t do nothing in life. Due to this, I feel insecure about my future. Whenever I see him I bursts at him. I want to react normal on things. Please help me, Dr Kadwa.

Thanking you for your help.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Please take Lycopodium 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over a week.
kadwa last year
Hello Dr Kadwa,
I took Lycopodium 30 c twice a day for 3 days as per your advice. I waited for a week. I have felt no significant changes. My pain is same and it’s now more in the centre(feels like in uterus and near vagina). I feel like my bladder or uterus has been swollen and thus I urge to pee frequently. Specially after I drink water. The pain is continuous and been there for about 10-12 days. I still feel bloated. I feel tired. I have gained a lot of weight. My hair falls. I feel like I am bearing a huge ball on my pelvic region.
I am so irritated, so frustrated so depressed. I am mad at almost everything and I hurt people by saying unpleasant words. I cannot hear any hurtful words. I am easily offended. I hate people because most of them hurt my feelings. I don’t like to be dominated. I am too much defensive towards myself and my daughter. I argue a lot with my husband.

Please help me.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Hello Dr Kadwa,
The pain in my pelvic region is about 30-40% better than before from yesterday evening. There is little less feelings of swollen uterus or bladder now. The heaviness is 20-30% less than before. There is no bloated or nauseous feeling. There is a dull tightness on the left side now.
My irritation and frustration are same because of the overwhelming responsibilities and no help at all. I take out my frustration on my daughter I shout a lot on her. I am bossy to her. I was soft to her before. Since my husband came back to my life, I became irritated all the time. I am stuck in this marriage. I become too much restless if I feel lonely. Fear of Loneliness is the biggest fear of my life that’s why I am bearing all of my husband’s stupidity. I hate failures and he is a total failure. I know I cannot change his behavior but I want to make myself strong enough to ignore his irresponsible behaviors. My head is congested. I am easily offended and hate it when somebody says something against me.

Please suggest.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Please take Sepia 30 in evening for 3 days and see how that affects over 15 days.
kadwa last year
Hello Dr Kadwa,
How are you doing ?

Thank you for your response. I ordered Sepia 30 online. It may reach me in 2-3 days.
Just to notify you, I already took 3 dosages of Sepia 200 before I started writing you(about a 1 and 1/2 months ago). But I did not feel any improvements after taking them
Do you still want me to take Sepia 30 ? Please suggest.

Can I take anything in the meantime for my increasing anger and frustration. I fear of death and insanity. I fear of having any incurable disease and death. Please advice.

Thanking you for your kind and selfless help. May you get all the good things in life.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Nux Vomica 200 or Lycopodium 200 (or 30) twice a day for 3 days may be taken and its effects noted over 10 days.
kadwa last year
Hello Dr Kadwa,
How are you ?
I took 3 doses of Nux Vomica 200 as per your suggestion. Its been twelve days now. I feel about 30-40% improvements in my condition. Fear of insanity has been improved. Fear of death has been improved. My anger level is little better. However my frustration about my husband didn’t improve. His action annoys me a lot. His laziness, his excuses annoy me a lot. I hate him yet I can’t imagine a lonely life without a partner. I feel so suffocated inside this marriage. I feel frustrated because my partner is not strong enough to hold my hand if I am in pain or if I am in trouble. I feel so exploited by him.
Because of all these, I have developed an an insecurity about my future, about my daughter’s future.
I am Sad and am mad at him. I can’t share this with anybody. I feel so helpless and alone.

About my ovarian cysts 3cm long on both sides, I feel worse than before now. I am more bloated and nauseous and my pain on both sides and in the middle have been increased. I feel I am carrying a heavy object in my pelvic area. When I urinate, there is less flow. I need to go few times to empty the bowel movement. My back hurts and I feel tired.
These things always happen after two or three days of my period. My period is normal and always on time. My ovarian pain was not this bad before. My whole pelvic area is in pain, more in the mornings as soon as I wake up. My head is heavy and burning.

Please help me.
Dr Kadwa only last year
Please take Apis 30 and Sulphur 30 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
One dose means 2 pills or drops each of both remedies at a time.
Nux Vomica may be used on need.
kadwa last year
Hello Doctor Kadwa,
How are you doing?

I took Apis Mel 30 and Sulphur 30 c as per your advice, about 15 days ago for my ovarian cysts.
I felt 40-50% better overall after 2-3 days. The heaviness on my lower abdomen decreased by 50%. The pelvic pain was improved by 40-50% until I hit my period. My period is on time and I am on the 4th day of my period at the moment but I have had a painful period this time. Too painful cramps. Usually I have cramps on the first day only if I have any.
Right now, I am having pain on both sides as well as Centre of my pelvic area again. I sometimes have shooting pain on my Uterus area.
My weight is still increasing eventhough I have a decreased
apatite and eat less food. I feel too tired waist below. Sometimes I have nausea too.

Please help me getting rid of this pelvic pain.
Dr Kadwa only last year

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