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3.5 y/o son has been dealing with reflux for 2 years

... and I'm fed up with the medication not helping! He was on zantac for two years straight. I used the symptom/diagnosis tool, and it looks like ferrin metallicum (sp?) and/or a phosphate of some sort would help him best. But I was wondering what sort of dosage to give a 35 pound boy? And any reccomendations on the F.M. vs. the Phosphate? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  lizzielamb on 2006-03-27
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Hi Lizzie,

Need more symptoms in order to suggest him a remedy.
Write about his complaints in detail, what makes it better and worse, are there any accompanying symptoms?

How is his disposition generally? cheerful/cranky/obstinate/peevish...)

Any other health complaints?

Milestones on time?

What are his cravings, aversions? How much covering does he prefer? Does he need fan? Is he more comfortable when its warm/cold?
Is there any coating on his tongue?

Please provide as much information about him, so that a remedy can be suggested.

take care...
magicure last decade
Oh absolutely, I'd be happy to give more info.

He's a generally very easy going, cheerful little guy, and yet simultaneously must have all ducks in a row at all times, organized, like if one kitchen cabinet door is open, either that one MUST be closed or they must all be open, before he can go about his day, you know? So sort of persnickety, but not a grouch. Very tenderhearted and affectionate.

No other complaints besides the burping up of food into his mouth, and he'll say his tummy hurts (sometimes immediately after burping up food, sometimes immediately after eating, and sometimes out of the blue) and it seems to me that he's hungry ALL the time. He'll eat a reasonable amount of food, (bowl of cereal, sandwich, 5-6 baby carrots) then insist that he's hungry 10-15 minutes later.

He does not like straight milk, never has. He was breastfed until about 18 months, and if I'd had a clue, would probably still be nursing. I'm just getting on board with nutrition/natural healing and am getting more and more aggravated with the allopathic nonsense as I go. Still learning!

He will take milk with cereal, but not drink any extra. For the LONGEST time, he would not eat anything white (besides breastmilk) or with a creamy texture. Which was fine, I didn't force it, and now he's eating just about everything. Right now, he loves hardboiled eggs and baby carrots, applejuice (which I water down copiously)... he eats pretty well generally speaking. Hardly any processed sugar, and I've just recently got him more interested in filtered water. He loves fruits and vegetables, particularly berries, carrots, raw spinach. And he prefers things separate, such as if he has a turkey sandwich, he'll eat the turkey, then the bread, then the cheese, then whatever 'leaves' we put on it, with no dressing or condiment of any kind. And he does not like peanut butter, plain or mixed with any sweet stuff. They typically eat either regular tortillas or whole wheat bread, and whole grain/low or no sugar cereals. No sodas, no tea or caffeine, just milk, water, and juice, not necessarily in that order! No artificial sweetners.

Lately, and usually, he is pretty warm-blooded so to speak. He kicks off his covers, and has preferred to sleep in just pull-ups, as opposed to full pajamas. He's mostly (occasional accidents, that seem to come in sets of 5's, haha, then he'll have two or three weeks with no accidents at all) potty trained during the day, but sleeps very deeply at night, not waking up to go. No fan, and he definitely is more comfortable in cooler weather. Neither of us were built for hot climates, and my husband and daughter are just the opposite.

There is a bit of coating on his tongue (white) towards the back, but the front half seems clear. He has regular bowel movements that have been rather green lately, not too hard, not too soft. He is an habitually early riser regardless of when he gets to sleep, averages about 11 hours of sleep daily, takes naps when he needs them, but not everyday.

Except for this chronic reflux, he's the picture of health, all of his milestones precisely on schedule, one right after the other, very active, running and jumping, fantastic imagination, very friendly and social, trying to keep up with his 5 y/o sister. He was born with inguinal hernias that were repaired when he was three months old, and no reflux trouble until he was right around 16 months old.

At that time, I was making some absurd choices personally for my diet, I was doing Atkins, but not hard core.. the way I was doing it was probably more south beach-ish, but it was working for me in the shriking waistline sense. I was drinking crystal lite at the time, and would let him drink it. I started birth control pills about the same time, and I was still nursing him.. (this is where you can start slapping me!!!!) Anyway, so the atkins thing, the god-forsaken aspartame (which I have since cut completely out of our diets, for him about two years ago, for me about one) and the BCP's and then his reflux started. Instead of stopping everything I was doing wrong, I weaned him. (adding insult to injury)

So, I'm concerned that one or all of those things contributed to his reflux since he didn't have it before that. He's pretty much vaccinated, but will receive no more of that nonsense, and the reflux also started in the midst of a delayed vax schedule.. some at one year, then some more at 18 months. I could tell you which ones when if you'd like.

I think the bcp's were yasmin? but I taking them over a year and a half ago.

Sorry this is so incredibly long, but took your request for as much info as possible quite seriously! :D Thank you,

lizzielamb last decade
Meant to say I QUIT taking the BCP's.. and now I'm not so sure about the brand name, but could find out. Thanks again,

lizzielamb last decade
I treated a hope less case of a child (was scheduled for surgery in few days).

Antimony Tartrum 30
Crotalus Horridus 30
each given alternate day for about 3 weeks and suddenly child was cured.
kuldeep last decade
I am a professional homeopath physician practicing this system of medicines for 23 years. I read all the symptoms carefully.
Your child needs this homeopathic medicine
Nux vomica or colubrine potency 30
One drop after 15 minutes of eating, only once.
Use steam vegetable instead of raw.
Your child needs regular visits with a profession homeopath. Well trained
Use Brand Name Company.
farkhanda last decade
Hi Lizzy,

Give him Lycopodium 200, single dose, 4-5 pills, on clean tongue, at bedtime.

Avoid giving him anything to eat/drink atleast for 20-25 minutes before and after giving the remedy.

Report back about his condition every few days.

take care...
magicure last decade
thanks for all the help and suggestions.. I will report back! :D

lizzielamb last decade
magicure last decade
Sorry, I must have breezed right past this thread or I wouldn't have started a new one.

Thanks, I'll get that ordered and let you know.

lizzielamb last decade
I JUST received the lycopodium 200c today, so I'll give him that tonight. I will report back when I can. Thanks again.

lizzielamb last decade
Okay, it has been a week since I was able to give him the lycopodium. I was concerned when gave it to him because he chewed up the first two tablets rather than letting them melt! I *think* he seemed to let the next three melt, it was hard to get him to understand.

However, it was obvious the next day that it was making a huge difference. I didn't notice him having any reflux symptoms for three days, then last Wednesday, the 26th, I noticed him burp stuff up once, and then Thursday after he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he got MUCH worse, immediately. He never used to like peanut butter, and I guess now I know why... it clearly sets off his reflux. (Toast with jelly never bothered him, so I assume the pb is to blame)

Other than that, he is definitely continuing to experience greatly reduced symptoms, and it's wonderful to not hear him complaining of a tummyache almost hourly.

So, should I just continue to monitor his diet, and restrict anything that sets him off? Will I ever need to give him more lycopodium? He is still hungry constantly, but maybe he's just growing!

Thanks for any more info you can give.

lizzielamb last decade
yes-you got it--monitor diet and rstrict the obvious...sweets in general are to be avoided in this case...still allowto eat --but guided diet--wont do wellif put him fasting mode..
John Stanton last decade
Thanks. I've noticed he seems to have his own natural aversion to sweets, as well, such as if we're putting honey or sugar on anything, he doesn't want any on his! Guess he knows what makes him miserable and what doesn't.

Thanks again.

lizzielamb last decade

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