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Carcinosin aggravation???? 9


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help with aggravation! carcinosin aggravation?

hello, please I am hoping someone can help me??

I think that I am going through an aggravation but
I am not sure if that's what this is!! Whatever it
is, it's unbearable and I want it to stop!!
So much pain!!

I am not sure if this is due to the Carcinosin I
took a few weeks ago or if I am just badly sick??

I have a Sinus infection with horrible pain and
headache!! It's killing me and it will not go away!!
It's been almost 2 weeks like this. How can it last this

I took Carcinosin about 3 to 4 weeks ago. I started
with Carcinosin 6C, I slept really well after first day.
Next day, I repeated it. Then I think I repeated a third
time and then I started to have really bad tooth pain and
headache. I let that go on for about 3 days and then I
drank caffeine to antidote and it all went away. Then about
a week after that, I got Carcinosin 30C. I took that once
and didn't notice anything. Shortly after that, maybe a few
days later. I felt I was starting to get sick.

So, I did my usual and took Vitamin C, ate healtier, etc so
that the cold wont get worse, or it seemed like a cold. But
I had unusual symptoms for a cold that I never get, like really
really sore throat!! Pain on swallowing on throat. One night
I couldn't sleep from the pain. Then a few days later, that
symptom disappeared and I lost my voice. That never happens
when I get sick!! I never lose my voice. Then I got my voice
back, then I just felt really weak and hot, feverish. Green
and yellow phlegm and it lasted the entire two weeks. That's
why I am thinking it is all aggravations and detox.

I should have taken the wet dose of Carcinsoin so the aggravation
wouldn't be as bad and gentle.

But anyway, I don't know if this is due to that or I just got
a really bad sickness that turned into a Sinus infection. I
have never gotten a Sinus infection in my whole life!!! Until now!

And it won't go away. It is so bad, especially from Noon to
5 pm or later. The pain is so bad that it has me on the floor
crying!! When is this going to end!! Yesterday, I was in
pain like usual, then I remember reading that Nux vomica can
antidote Carcinosin, so I had Nux vomica 200C with me. I took
it and felt better immediately after dissolving under tongue.
I had to repeat Nux two times later that night because it was
starting to come back the pain. Today, I took a dose or two
of Nux 30C and 6C, but didn't help as much. I am now taking
the LM dose of Nux 200C and hope it will help because I am
still in pain!!

Please can someone help me with this?

I also read that this could all be the result of Reflux because
Acid Reflux can cause Sinus infections. If you see my other
post, you will see that my main complain is something called
Silent Reflux and this could all be related?

Thanks and please someone help asap!!! I need to be ready
to go to work in 2 weeks and I can't live and work like
this and with this pain!!!!
  tod86 on 2018-03-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I don't know your whole story with Carcinosin, but urgent thing is to get some relief from the sinus pain so I would like to suggest following remedies.

Sanguinaria 200c, mixed with (taken together) Bell 3c every 15 - 20 mins in acute situation.

As for Nux-v, if it is working, then you can keep taking it, but separately from Sang 200c and Bell 3c.

You can also put few pills / drops in some water, mix it a little and take 1 teaspoon from there if you are highly sensitive to homeopathic remedy.
[Edited by Tui on 2018-03-15 04:32:13]
Tui 5 years ago
Hey there! Thank you Tui!!! So much for responding.

I just took the Nux V in wet or LM dose and it did help
but it doesn't do a great job because it keeps coming back.

I want to try what you are suggesting with the Sang 200C and Belladonna 3c. I don't have these and it is night here. I can
get through the night because the Nux has helped, but I will
pickup those remedies tomorrow morning.

I don't understand though? I'm supposed to get the Sang 200 and take it at the same time as Belladonna? So, like I can take Sang and then take Bell a few min later? What do you mean acute situation? I guess this is acute since I have never had Sinus infection before.

I can do the wet dose in water if you think that would be better? I usually buy these in pellets and I can take it under the tongue or use in water like you said?

I am going to stop taking Nux for now because it doesn't seem to make it go away anyway and I don't want to keep repeating it.

Thanks again so much!
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-03-15 04:49:23]
tod86 5 years ago
Also, they are not going to have Bell 3c where I buy it. Is 6c ok?
tod86 5 years ago
If Nux-v is helping you, then you should stay on (maybe repeat more often, like every 30 mins) until it does not do anything anymore.

It is always good idea to keep a record. For example, the pain intensity scale from 1 - 10. If your sinus pain is 8 at the moment, and after taken Nux-v become 7, then Nux is working so you should stay on until it stops working completely (your pain scale doesn't go down from 7 after repeating the remedy for 5 - 6 times in acute case).

I thought your condition is quite acute because you can't stand the pain anymore and sounded very urgent....

Acute means your condition came suddenly and violently. Chronic condition is something like you have it for a long long time (many months or years).

Sanguinaria 200c mixed with Bell 3c is a protocol (not a classical method)that I've learned years ago. It works very well for sinus pain (frontal and right sided headache).

You take Sang 200c, TOGETHER (mix in your mouth) with Bell 3c.

Belladonna works well in any kind of pain especially when you use low potency. And Sanguinaria is good for any kind of nose problems.

But if your headache is more on the left side, then try Spigelia 30c, repeat up to 5-6 times a day. (keep a record of your condition)

Hope you will feel better soon. Let me know how you are in a few days.
[Edited by Tui on 2018-03-15 05:40:13]
Tui 5 years ago
Thank you so much! You are awesome.

Yes I understand and the Nux V has stopped working after repeating that many times.

I will get Sang tomorrow since it is front and to the right side mostly.

I just realized that I have something called Sinusalia from Boiron. It's a combo remedy. I've used it a few times and it helps a little bit but not too effective. It has Bell 3c, sang 3c, and Spig 3c. Should I just take this along with Sang 200 tomorrow? Since they usually don't sell Bell 3 at this place or should I get Bell 6c?

Thanks again! Im sure these things will help!
tod86 5 years ago
Boiron combo is quite good, but if it didn't help you much, then try Sang 200 with Bell 3 (or 6c would do).

Take care.
Tui 5 years ago
Hello. I just wanted to give Tui and everyone an update...

So, I tried the Sang 200 with Bell 6c and it didn't really help. I repeated it every 15 min like 4 times in an hour. Then I stopped because it only helped a little but the headache as killing me.

I am talking about the next day after you told me to take those. So, I was in so much pain...the sinus pain, pressure, headache was killing me!! I also took nux 200 and it helped a little and the boiron combo but they just helped for a little bit...I had to resort to allopathic meds, like this headache reliever, pain reliever and sinus reliever medicine. That helped calmed things down a little bit. I was at the point where I cried again from the pain.

Once I got that under control, I was then able to drive and went and bought over the counter Anti-reflux allopathic meds. I had to see if this was related to reflux. So, I bought a few meds...one of them is really powerful and I took that one and it they helped immediately...within minutes. Which would explain why Nux V helped too. But these meds last longer too.

So, that stopped the pain and suffering for a few hours so I can function. So, the conclusion to me is that this was definitely a sinus infection due to Reflux. I read about that and that is why I wanted to try the meds. I then began to take all these natural anti-bacterial foods and herbs. I also ate a lot of probiotic food. I ate some pickled veggies homemade, Oregano oil, ate one clove of raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, Vitamin C, I did a lot. This seemed to help and infection and symptoms didn't seem as bad.

The next day..same thing tho...started to go through the same hell...took the pain relievers, meds, and did the same thing but this time I stepped up more and ate yogurt a lot for probiotics, kefir, sauerkraut and more pickled veggies, oregano oil again, garlic again, etc. This next day was not as bad as the day before...the pain I mean, I did not end up crying from pain since then...However, it's still there ever since then. Even now.

So, I'm going to continue taking the meds but I want to get off them of course...I'm just finishing the bottle of the reflux meds, it's just a few chewable tablets left. I really want to get off the meds but I am waiting for this to pass...but this damn sinus infection is not passing and I hate going through days of all this.

I can take it from here though. We can close this thread and I think just rest and time will clear up this infection. But I just wanted to give you all an update.

Also, I want you to know that this directly relates to my main problem anyway!! My main problem is in another thread I just started called "Silent reflux and weight issue" and you can refer to it here: https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/559575/0#p559671

Tui, I was wondering if you can take a look at my case at the other thread and try to find my constitutional remedy? Someone has already responded but they are prescribing two at the same time, and I am not going to go along with that method of homeopathy...I want a classical, one remedy prescription. Finding this remedy would not only help with my main issue and suffering, but would probably speed up the clearing of this sinus infection.

I myself have narrowed down my remedy to be either Nux V or Nat Mur..but of course, I don't want to do anymore self prescribing and want someone to help me and find my remedy.

tod86 5 years ago
Thank you for the update and so sorry that you had to go through all these things but you are doing all the right things so I'm not going to suggest any more remedies for the sinus pain.

And yes, I'm happy to take your case for your main problem and find just one remedy, but in order to do that, I need to ask you more questions and understand you as a person.

I'm going to ask you some questions on the other thread now.
Tui 5 years ago

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