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1. Age-9 sex-male weight-32kg, height-138 country-slovenia,

2. Main complaints and other related problems.
Hello, my son Mate has a diagnosed hiperactive ADHD. We have serious problems at school. It is difficult to focus, want to focus, interrupt during conversation and he speaks, chew objects such as pencil, to bite their nails, do not understand with classmates, can not sit while sitting on a chair, always turns his right foot and sits onit, is impulsive, talking with him, having trouble writing, wrongly holding the pen, he likes reading the books, eat meat, sweets. Often it has a clogged nose and gastritis. When I criticize him or I want to say something to him, the language then starts to cry and he starts to disagree and does not stop . When a teacher teaches instructions and disturbs pupils, he sings, mom,start to disagree with teacher ... When giving instructions for work at home, he is denied. He constantly complayn about school, gossiping classmates. He does not cease to complain to classmates, to speak and speak and speak.
d) The condition under which a complaint is reduced or you feel better, cold or hot, cold or hot weather, standing like standing, walking, rest, etc.
ANS. The echo alleviates deep breathing and moves into the solitude.
e) The condition that the appeal raises, such as cold or hot use, cold or hot weather, standing like standing, walking, resting, etc.
f) any other complaint where it is in the body.
ANS. I often have a clogged nose and rash in my hands, it often makes me bite my body and I do not have allergies. I wear diopter glasses +4.50
g) The starting time of the problems in the details, i.e. what happened first, after what kind of problem and so on.
ANS. Difficult childbirth with cross-section and vacuum. Then he had colic for up to a year and then began to show disturbance of attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity

3. The history of the disease in the family.
ANS. allergies, gastritis, sinusitis

4. Personal history.
a) on childhood.
Allergies to the antibiotic, gastritis - often morning sickness, overwhelmed crazy, overgrown mumps, grafted

c) All life events and their impact on life.
ANS. The biggest shock was the school

6. What is your appetite and thirst.
ANS. He's fine, he's a little drunk, he would drink coca cola juices

7. I like it and does not like it.
ANS. He loves meat, chocolate, fish, eggs, milk, juice, ice cream, sweets

ANS. Does not like: Investments

b) Everything you like and do not like any activity with you or your neighborhood.
ANS. The work is practicing judo, riding a bike, reading books, singing, loving music

8. Movement of the bowel.
a) the type of mud, frequency, whether satisfactory or not.
ANS. 1x per day
b) any mood-related discomfort.

9. Urine.
a) Frequency, nature, volume.
ANS. Normal
b) Any discomfort before, during or after urination / odor
ANS. No.

12. Sleep.
a) Sleep quality, silence or restless sleep,
sleep position, wake-up time and reasons for waking
Ans.Spi good, fetal position and on the back, with a blanket covering over the head a lot sweats

13. Sweat
a) How much, what parts, stain, Odor.
ANS. During sleep, sweating is acidic
14. Weather
a) Tolerance of heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun,
foggy weather, winds, enclosed spaces, etc.
15. Mental state
a) Quality of patient's life in relation to loved ones, family, friends and co-workers. Total quality of energy that is available for operation in everyday life and in different circumstances.
ANS. Bold, Angry for nonsense, the scroll always thinks it's right. From anger, it's sometimes blatant, dared, crying
b) any mental / emotional shocks that emerge in the patient's life's grief, greater financial losses than loved ones, death, identity crisis, and drugstores in life.
ANS.Å ola,
c) memory, ability to concentrate / understand.
ANS.spomin excellent and the concentration is poor
d) Do you fear anything, for example: animals, people, be yourself, darkness, death, sickness, robbers, thunderstorms, storms, hailstones.
ANS. The darkness is why a light in the corridors is always lit to get the light into the bedroom, afraid to be alone, I'm afraid of dogs
e) Are you worried about anything: if so, give details.
ANS. Worried that she does not get a bad assessment that children at school do not like him
f) You are impatient.
g) You are doubtful or suspicious.
h) Are you easily (emotionally) damaged, how you react. Does it cause hatred / revenge?
ANS. Revenge, revenge
i) Your pride is easily damaged.
j) Are you depressed, if so, the reason / circumstances?
k) Do you want to share your problems?
l) The effect of comfort.
m) Have you ever become a suicide? How.
n) Memory quality, if bad, for what (for example, names, places, people what you read).
o) Poster simple, the effect of jumping, that is, will make you worsen or improve.
p) Are you easily irritated? Why are you angry about how you express it?
ANS.Is irritated and angry and tongue
q) You are devastating.
ANS. Sometimes
r) How well you are in deciding.
ANS. When something decides, it must be so
s) Do you like the company or want to stay alone.
ANS.like to have a company, but classmates do not like him because he do not let them go to the word and he is impulsive .
t) How seriously are you affected by disorders and impurities in your area?
ANS does not bother him
u) How does failure arise?
v) Are there things you do not want to have deep down?
w) What kind of activities do you like deeply? How does it affect your mood?
ANS.Judo basketball impact great
x) Are you kind? How does other sorrow affect you?
He isnt kind and is not interested in the feelings of others.
  Ljiljana on 2018-03-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you tried any Alopathic treatment?
Poush 2 years ago
we have not been treated with allopathy. In our country we are not familiar with alopathy treatments.
Ljiljana 2 years ago
alopathy means: mainstream medical treatment.

Have you tried?
Poush 2 years ago
We tried with MEDORRHINUM 1M 3 PILLS ONLY ONCE IN MORNING, NOT DAILY. AFTER THAT, STRAMONIUM 30 3 PILLS TWICE DAILY. There was no improvement in school, which became even worse so that after one month we stopped treatment.
Ljiljana 2 years ago
These are Homeopathic medications. Yes?

I am talking about mainstream medical science.

Like Saroten, Frenxit, etc.
[Edited by Poush on 2018-03-16 14:41:22]
Poush 2 years ago
We did not try.he visited psychologist who carries out exercises with him for ADHD. With exercises he improved writing
Ljiljana 2 years ago
I am 37. I have been suffering from ADHD, depression, and anxiety for, say, 32 years. I received treatment and my condition has been substantially improved.

I changed my doctor when I found my condition stopped improving.

I think, you don't need Homeopathy. You just need to find appropriate psychiatrist. By the way, try to see doctors with opposite sex. For instance, if your patient is male, try to see a female doctor.'

Good luck!
Poush 2 years ago
For ADHD and restlessness;

1. Aethusa 200c, every 3 days
2. Hyoscyamus 6c, twice daily.

And please do not assume his condition to improve after giving him just a few doses of remedies. This kind of condition usually takes a while to see any improvement so I would suggest your son to stay on with the remedies for at least 4-6 weeks and report back.

Also, if your son is highly sensitive to a homeopathic remedy, then you can put few pills or drops in some water, mixed a little and take 1 teaspoon from there. This will minimize aggravation (if there any aggravation after taking the remedies).
Tui 2 years ago
How many homeopathic balls Hyoscyamus c6 should I give him?
Ljiljana 2 years ago
1 dose is 2 pills.
Tui 2 years ago
After 11 weeks of Hyosciamus and Aethusa, the condition is the same as before. What now.
Ljiljana 2 years ago
Tarentula hispanica 1M, once a day for 3 days.

1 dose is 2 pills/drops.
Tui 2 years ago
After Tarantula hispanica condition is the same as before He is very, very talkative and conflicting and impulsive . What now.
Ljiljana last year
Hi.give one dose of natrum sulph 200c in liquid or tablet form.and roport after 7 days.
Advise not from professional homeopath.if you think head injury can be cause then it is right remedy.as you mentioned in your post.
Odo last year
Hi Ljiljana,

Tui is a professional homeopath in NZ. Please wait for him to respond.
simone717 last year
Give him the following remedies;

Agaricus muscarius 12c, one dose DAILY

Calcarea carbonicum 30c, one dose WEEKLY

Sulphur 200c, one dose WEEKLY

Report back in 4 -5 weeks.
Tui last year
My Sons problem with stomach is better and has no allergy. His behavior is worse. Son is very nervous and biting his nails to the blood. The school turns off and does not follow the lesson he is wery impulsive and nervus. What now?
Ljiljana last year
That is one huge amount of remedies for 3 months - no follow up.

He may be aggravating from agaricus. I think he needs to go for
15 days with nothing and then see what is going on.

Ljiljana - report was needed 2 months ago?
Have you given remedies for 3 months?

Reactions need to be told frequently- because
Remedies need changes - and taken too many times
Can make symptoms worse .
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-11-09 16:15:32]
simone717 last year
If I may. If Tui is really a homeo doctor I suggest he first identify the child's TYPE. Any good homeo should know. Thus far, I find entire proceedings directionless.
Rahul2018 last year
We took homeopathy for 5 weeks as you advised us. After 5 weeks, the symptoms described above.We are now one month without homeopathy stomach and allergic are ok behawior is worst.
Ljiljana last year
Thanks Ljiljana- very important to know that info- otherwise
Easy to think it is overdosing - Adhd is known to have strong connections to digestion- good to know allergies and digestion are better.

Tui will have to ask questions now.

I will say that diet is very important and many kids benefit from
Having a juice drink of apple , carrot and beets (use the blender)
First thing in the morning- calms their nerves down and gives needed
Nutrients easy to absorb. The less junk food, sweets and no cola- etc the better.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-11-09 20:24:11]
simone717 last year
What do you mean by His behavior is worst?
Worst in what way?
What do you see him doing?
Also, I would like to know if he is taking any medication?
Tui last year
his behavior is worse. Now he bites his nails to the blood biting objects like a pencil remote ... He is often in conflict because of a little bit with me, teachers and classmates. He is very nervous hard to sit in school does not follow in the classroom. No next ouku is not overwritten from The board does not hold the correct. It does not take any medicines.
Ljiljana last year
Ljiljana: in your own interests pls ask each person helping you this: " this med for which trouble?" Unless TYPE of the child is determined it's all groping in the dark.
Rahul2018 last year
Matching symptoms to the materia medica is how homeopathy works.
It is a complicated process and no one has time
To write paragraphs of why they weighed some
Symptoms more important than other symptoms,
Etc. You have great results in digestion and allergies gone. Please just work with Tui and ignore comments that mess up your treatment thread.

Often homeopathy goes in steps and then homeopath reviews
What is left.

Rahul- what is the book or literature you keep
Talking about a “problem child”? What literature are you using for TYPE???
There are millions of children with adhd and there are types of
Adhd- these are NOT problem children-there are
Real learning disabilities- like not being able to hold info if looking
At the teacher- but able to retain info by listening and looking away only.
Kids don’t understand what is wrong and get stressed out.
That Is just one way adhd manifests.
[Edited by simone717 on 2018-11-10 16:24:19]
simone717 last year

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