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Who wants to prescribe for 2 cats?

I think that we all have scabies, and one of them definitely has a tapeworm. I made an appointment for the vet, but since I would try homeopathic treatment on myself first, I want to show them the same consideration.

First cat: This is the one with the tapeworm. For all I know they might both have them, but he does for sure. Neutered male, Bengal mix, 3 years old. He is scratching his fur off around is tail. I believe that it is the same scabies that I have, but in any case it is something, and it is bothering him. I have checked for fleas, and they don't have any. They are indoor cats. He frequently gains and loses weight in his belly, and as a result the skin there is flabby. Has a large appetite, probably because of the tapeworm. He's very shy, and hides whenever anyone besides me or my son is in the apartment, but he's very bonded to me, and follows me around and wants a lot of attention. He seems more attentive and present than most cats, more like a dog in some ways.

Second cat: Also a 3-year-old neutered male. A fluffy domestic longhair that sheds a lot. Is also scratching a lot, and sometimes cries while he's scratching. This one is very sociable and friendly, and approaches everyone he meets. Is very trusting and tolerant, but he does have a behavioral problem, he's a biter. He doesn't do it out of anger or fear, but for sport: He likes to stealthily sneak up on people and then spring on them. (I don't know what goes into prescribing for cats, so I'm trying to give an idea of their temperament. Also, it would be an added bonus if his remedy would fix that.) Also this one likes to wait by the door so that he can try to sneak outside, but he is very afraid of thunderstorms, more than the other one is.

Thank you for helping my little ones. Let me know if anything else is needed.
  LisaX on 2018-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First Cat

Please give him Sulphur 30 and Baryta Carb 30 twice a day for 10 days.

Second Cat

Please give him Belladonna 30 and Sulphur 30 twice a day for 10 days.
kadwa 4 years ago
And that will cure the scabies? Because that's what this is really about, I'm worried that they won't go away unless we all get treated, and I'm worried that the drugs from the vet won't do it because unless we can increase our immunity we'll just keep catching them again from each other. The only one who hasn't caught them is my son, but that means he can't come home, and he wants to. It's a major family crisis.

Taking two remedies at the same time goes against what I've learned so far, so I don't feel good about it. Can I give one at a time?
LisaX 4 years ago
Hi LisaX

I felt cat one can be given sulph., and cat two can be given Phos. doses. Potency would be 30c. Since kadwa posted before me, i did not post. Take it as an alternate opinion and only use after talking to kadwa.

You can wait for kadwa before proceeding.

Of course we'll take into account your scabies concern. Sulph. is a head remedy in scabies issue----for second cat there were constitutional indications so it's a remedy for a constitution rather than for a disease. If the first line remedies do not yield results, then other remedies may be used.
maheeru 4 years ago
Thank you both. Are there any risks involved in just giving them both sulphur? Can it cure the scabies even if it isn't a constitutional remedy?

What would help distinguish between Belladonna and Phosphorus for cat two? I looked up both remedies, and I can see why they were selected.
I'm going to give more detail about the stalking behavior etc., because it's a strong and distinctive personality trait: I've had him since he was tiny, he was probably too young to be away from his mother but she was already out of the picture. When he was little I noticed he was teaching himself hunting behaviors. He taught himself to walk without making any noise, figuring out what he could step on or not, backtracking when he made a mistake. He was very focused, and it was fascinating to watch. He liked to play tag with me. It seems like he takes a lot of pride in his skills. If he is stalking me and I catch him at it, he'll back off, he likes to have the element of surprise. He also uses his stealth skills to sneak past me when I open the door, he's like a ninja. Paradoxically, even though he sometimes viciously attacks me just for fun, he's very placid the rest of the time. I can pick him up and carry him around for as long as I want. My kid can pester him, and he doesn't seem to mind. He's easy to take to the vet because he will let me pick him up and put him in a box, he's very trusting that way. The other one is almost impossible.
LisaX 4 years ago
For the cat two if you ask me what can be given excluding phos., then my inclination would be ARS. ALB.

Why not sulph.? Because in my analysis and my opinion it's only partially indicated. When we move away from the similar or closest indicated towards partially indicated, we won't get desirable results and the more the remedy is away from being a similar, the risk of proving or no action increases. But sulph. is such a medicine it'd always work on most organisms whether it's a similar or not, but that could also be a risk because working without being a similar can give new symptoms or aggravation. But symptoms can change and sulph. may be indicated in future after using one or a few remedies.

In my view ---trusting, outgoing, friendly, liking outdoors,trying to surprise, having problem with thunderstorm all point to phos. constitution. Belladonna is for inflammation, infection, biting behaviour. But you will have to ask kadwa about his rationale.

Different h'paths can treat a same person with a same set of symptoms with different medicines based on their approach/rationale. But in animals we still will have to work with our hands tied because they can't talk :) But one silver lining is cats are generally outgoing, friendly, outdoor friendly, so puls and phos. constitutions are fairly common.

For a medicine to work it need not be a constitutional. Constitutional remedy can only be confirmed after it's worked. It simply means a medicine or a group of medicines that have special affinity to a living organism that can work for many issues and resolve many issues. We can only try to find constitutional based on indications, only if it works great and resolves many issues can it be termed true constitutional. Pathalogical prescriptions also work--- in fact nowadays most prescriptions are one or the other variation of pathalogical---people tired of finding that one special remedy have started to do this---this is somewhat easy compared to constitutional treatment. Pathalogical prescriptions are more based on presenting symptoms with an emphasis on common symptoms. But an ideal prescription would be a combination of common/pathalogical and peculiar/constitutional symptom profile.
maheeru 4 years ago
Hi Lisa,

A good article “ the question of the constitutional remedy”
By Vithoulkas - you can google it. There is a lot
Of misunderstanding about this .
simone717 4 years ago
That makes sense. I could see why Belladonna was picked, but I think Phosphorus rings more true as his constitutional remedy, based on actually being around him and knowing what his energy is like. But it doesn't include scabies as a symptom, is that ok?

What are the indications for Sulphur as a constitutional remedy for the 1st cat? I mostly see him as wanting security and reassurance. I thought Baryta Carb made sense, because he reminds me of a little toddler that wants his mommy. His peculiar behavior is that when I first got him he was so fearful that he would hide wherever he could, even inside furniture, but when I scooped him out he would start purring. Like he was grateful that I wasn't going to let him hide, even though he was going to keep doing it. When I said that he's like a dog in some ways, what I meant was he watches my face, and is very responsive to my tone of voice, I feel like he's always checking in with me. He makes a lot of eye contact. He has big wide waifish eyes. While he's normally very gentle, he will fight me if I try to put him in a carrier, and he's very physically strong, so it's always an ordeal. He seems ok with not going outside. His meows are very expressive, and he has a talent for sounding pitiful when he wants something.
LisaX 4 years ago
Yes phos. does not cover scabies that is the only sore point. Theoretically the USP of constitutional is----even if it's not indicated for a disease condition, since it being close to the constitution ---would get to the root and when it is reforming the constitution, even the ailments that are not covered by it would heal. Of course theory and practice can differ and we'll have to see and then do according to the need if there are no results.

For cat one, sulph. was not based on constitution, it was based on the overall symptom picture. Sulph. is SKIN issues, wormy, needing approval and assurance constitution.

Baryta carb is shy, nervous around new people and will hide. But on my analysis it did not appear on top. Another problem is Baryta carb is not the only shy+hide constitution. Puls. is also shy+hide constitution. Baryta is silly with something undeveloped on physical or mental plane. I think baryta also have this eye contact issue. Puls. on other hand is needy, clingy, needs an anchor or mommy figure and can seek attention/approval and security as well. Interesting you said waifish eyes and his mother was out of picture when you found him, Puls. is also abandoned constitution. Unlike Baryta puls., also covers scabies. Puls. can be pitiful as well. But i'm trying to connect the dots after you added more information---in the first analysis i went with path. symptoms and whatever was available.

Why he fights carrier is a moot question. He dislikes travel or that narrow space, uncomfortable with downward motion or being cautious? That is not clear. If it's narrow space sulph. and Puls, but sulph. ahead, if he is cautious then puls.

It's upto you to choose between sulph., puls., Baryta after talking to kadwa. If his rationale for Baryta is more appealing, then that can be given first.
maheeru 4 years ago
I treat many animals since I live on a farm in NZ so I would like to suggest a few things when you are treating animals with homeopathy.

To me, your cat # 2 does not need any treatment for his behavior because cats are a natural stalker, and they bite, scratch and hide.
And he is still a young cat so he should be playful, meaning biting scratching pouncing and stalking. These are all normal natural behavior of cats.

However, you need to treat his itch and tapeworms or other parasites as it cause weight loss and frequent diarrhea.

Also, when you are treating animals, it is best to prescribe on clear symptoms which is usually a physical symptom.
And a remedy will work as long as it covers pathology /symptoms by using a low potency ( means only treating a local symptom)

I think sulphur is a good remedy for itching.

And for tapeworms, Cina 6c, three times a day for 6 - 7 days may help.
Tui 4 years ago
So for cat 1, Sulphur or Pulsatilla? The physicals seem similar for those. I already have Pulsatilla on hand, so I could give him that right now, I'm just waiting to be told to go ahead.

And for cat 2 I should just go ahead and try Phosphorus and see it it works?
LisaX 4 years ago
sorry I made you confused by suggesting other remedies. All I wanted to say was your cat # 2 behavior does not need to be treated as what he is doing is only natural for cats.

You may follow Dr Kadwa's suggestion if you are comfortable giving more than one remedy at a time.

As for Puls and Phos, I don't know where it came from so I have no comment on that. You may ask the person who has suggested the remedies for further clarification and If it makes sense to you, then you may go ahead with Phos or Puls.

I'm just saying that I have used sulpur 30c, followed by psor 200 just one dose for itching cats and dogs and it worked fine in many cases (of course, not all of them).
Tui 4 years ago

If you are convinced you can go ahead. I just initially wanted you to wait till you can have a talk with Kadwa. If you can, then wait till you can talk to him. Or if you think it's important to start treatment with time being a factor you can go ahead.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-04-16 17:49:15]
maheeru 4 years ago
I gave the one cat some Pulsatilla because I already had some. I haven't acquired the Phosphorus yet, so anything could still happen with that. The one that took the Pulsatilla is in a good mood, but he's still scratching. They go to the vet tomorrow, which will probably complicate things with the remedies but on the plus side I'll have a better idea of what's going on with them.
LisaX 4 years ago
So if anyone feels strongly about what is the right thing to give him, I invite them to please make a case for it, because I want to do the right thing but I don't know what it is. I had to postpone their appointment for about a hundred reasons, starting with I need larger carriers that I can physically force them into, the openings are small on the ones I have, so they can just spread themselves out to not fit. Also various other things. But I'm going to try to give them a bath later. Also hopefully their remedies will raise their resistance.
LisaX 4 years ago
No problem. Unlike in humans, in animals doses can be given for a week or so. Use your discretion and give a dosage that sticks as long as there is no aggravation.
maheeru 4 years ago
What does that mean, to give it every day?

I gave them a mange bath, but now I'm worried that it was a bad idea, because I wasn't able to rinse them very well, and now they're licking the soap off. I hope it's nothing too bad for them.
LisaX 4 years ago
I was just referring to a common practice of giving doses daily for a week or so. But this need not be a norm. Based on reaction, sensitivity ---suitable dosage could be decided.
maheeru 4 years ago
Going to pick up the 2nd cat's remedy at Whole Foods today, so if any of you feels that Phosphorus is the wrong thing to get or that it can't possibly cure this particular thing and is a waste of money, please speak up now. Fighting scabies is expensive and I'm almost completely out of money, so even the $9 for the remedy is a significant expense at this point.
LisaX 4 years ago
LisaX i can understand the difficulty. I would not say it'd be waste of money, but what if different potencies of a same remedy and a couple more remedies are required to take the treatment forward? Wouldn't it cost too?

So unless you have a place where treatment and medicine are free(some places have this mode of operation either charity institutions or govt. sponsored ones) this is a difficult decision to make however also important decision because you can not leave them as they are without trying, can you?
maheeru 4 years ago
Normally the remedies are not too expensive but things are very tight until next payday because scabies is very expensive. I'm not even going to pay my internet bill so it will be off any day. I gave the Phosphorus to cat 2. I haven't seen him scratch today, but I haven't been watching him constantly. The shampoo didn't do much, they were still scratching after that, and I'm not going to do it again because it was traumatic for them and they were very mad at me, also it probably mildly poisoned them, so It would be great if something worked that doesn't involve a lot of water.
LisaX 4 years ago
He's still scratching. The one that took the Pulsatilla is scratching less. It took a few days, so I'll wait and see.
LisaX 4 years ago
Ok. Yes avoid chemical baths.

If need be repeat doses if you see action is stalling or you have not been able to see some action.
maheeru 4 years ago
The cat who took Phosphorus is behaving very strangely, and I don't like it. He got outside, which he sometimes does, but normally he's very tame and lets me scoop him up and bring him back in. This time he growled at me and acted threatening, which he has never done before. He's the same cat who attacks me sometimes but that's kind of its own thing, he doesn't growl or seem angry, and when he's not in attack mode he's usually very calm and trusting, and I appreciate that about him. I'm worried about him.
LisaX 4 years ago
My other cat is worried about him too, he's doing his checking in mannerisms and acting concerned. Does it sound like it could be an aggravation?
LisaX 4 years ago
Ok wait and watch and put the doses on hold until we see some improvement from current symptoms.

LisaX said My other cat is worried about him too, he's doing his checking in mannerisms and acting concerned.

What's about this cat? checking in mannerisms and acting concerned means?
maheeru 4 years ago

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