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Dr Maheeru please help for mental problem..

Below are case link i was consulted on this forum before 2 years ago and after study my case antivirus was suggested me carsinosin 200 i had taken but no improvement then i consulted with a local homeopath and he has reduced my problem but not fully since last 8 to 9 months there is no more improvement so i discontinued treatment.


before 2 months ago a mine facebook friend who is a homeopath i have given him my case details and he also suggested me carcinosin 1m, first dose i have taken on 14/2/18 and after taking a dose i was feeling improvement in some symptoms but not fully but i lost improvement after 4 to 5 days again i have taken second dose after 1.5 months and again i was feeling improvement but again i lost improvement after 4 to 5 days now again i have taken third dose before 2 days ago and second day i was feeling mild improvement in my mood only for 2 hrs.

please help me i have used lots of homeopathy medicines and also allopathy during last 8 years, problem started before 10 years ago i have lost my 10 years of my life due to this problem and still i am not cure.
  mariz on 2018-04-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please reply..
mariz 4 years ago
Please reply
mariz 4 years ago

If there is no response for three or four days then you can bump---no need to bump within a day or two. Will take a few days to respond to your case.
maheeru 4 years ago
sorry sir please don't mind.
mariz 4 years ago
Ok did not mind :) Actually i wanted you to wait and not messaging on other threads or bumping out your thread frequently. It was only a friendly message and i was not annoyed so do not worry.

I will take some time to go through your old post. Meanwhile i will paste a questionnaire here so that you can answer them taking your time. But since your case seems to be complex with more medicines used for a long time and also have done some astrological based advice and also involves some complaints on sexual plane(for multiple reasons i rarely take up sexual plane cases the first problem being patient will not be disciplined enough to stay away from self stimulation or to stick with the rigour of the treatment), i'd suggest that you start with some spiritual/charitable activity. You need to extend help to people with need ---won't be money but some kind of bodily and mental help. I can give you a couple of references for this on private communication.

The questions are as follows:

1) What are the complaints and any known cause for such complaints.
2) List out locations and sensations associated with complaints if any
3) Write down worsening and bettering factors and any associated symptoms about these complaints.
4) Details about emotional state, personality, temperament, fears/anxieties.
5) Details like cravings/aversions, climate/temperature preference, thirst/hunger/sleep/sex/discharge issues and about physical appearance and nature of occupation.
6) Any other miscellaneous details including past history of diseases, medicines taken and diseases running into family.
maheeru 4 years ago
What are the complaints and any known cause for such complaints.

Ans: Cause : during childhood age may be between 11 to 15 I had seen accident in a movie after that I thought my father will also meet an accident so I stop to my father to go out of city and I start cry this was beginning. My father is a driver, after that when my father does not come at home on their regular time so I star worry and think that my father meet an accident I was feel so sad, down and after I see my father I feel happy, whenever my father come late I was feel same. In 2004 my father diagnosed diabetes, I read about diabetes and its side effects after that my worry about my father increase too much and I was thinking that due to diabetes my father will die so I was search diabetes cure on internet but I did not get cure only read side effects, day by day my worry convert in anxiety, I search internet too much and told to my father use some home remedies for diabetes, whenever my father check blood sugar and I see that sugar level is high I feel more sad and worry day by day my condition was getting worst I was feeling too much sad, worry, fear, anger, irritation, laziness, don’t want to do anything, always is in tension and worry. During this phase at the age of 16 when I entered in college I have start getting erection and sexual feelings so I also start thinking about girls and slowly I started watching porn on internet and then started masturbate. In 2010 my mother had heart attack and this was most shocking event for me now I also started worry about my mother and my symptoms was getting worst. Too much worry about mother and father health , fear that they will die, sadness, anger, loss of interest, slowly I was also feeling that my sexual feelings and erection going down, I also develop financial worry because when i saw that my father don’t have enough money and he is in tension so I also think that lets start help to my father financially and I started work as a labour and small work and give money to my father, whenever I see my father is in tension I also feel down, sad. Due this I was not able to concentrate in study so I started bunk my college and I failed in 12th standard. Since childhood I was very shy child, good in study, every person say that I am very good, don’t quarrel with anyone, don’t mix with other child, my parents also think that I will do something for them because I was good in study.


Continuous Unnecessary thoughts about past and future i.e. I have talked with him he told me this then I replied etc. past thoughts I will do this , I will tell to him, etc, negative thoughts i.e. my daughter fall from building, I am going with my family and I meet an accident, my mother fall at home and got head injury, my daughter fall from stairs, after every negative thought I feel worry and mood goes down and feel more sad, unnecessary songs in mind which I don’t have control to stop, thought that we don’t have enough money, I feel that something bad will happen, I don’t feel calm, relax, too much hopeless in anything, cant feel that this can happen I can do this, absent minded look like I am thinking, brain stop working and I force to my brain to do work but an able , I feel that every thing has stopped in my brain only thoughts running , don’t have any feeling, like talk, laugh, do work, happy, excitement, fresh, energetic, too much sadness, irritation, anger bad mood, don’t want to talk with anyone , don’t want to do anything, if anyone talk with me I get irritated, don’t want to do anything even shaving, bath, dress etc. I don’t have will power, feel hurt on small thing, started quarrel very soon, do work in hurry, read book very fast but cant understand what I read, impatient, some time I check my pocket again and again for wallet and keys, I am not feeling good, If I laugh I don’t feel happy from inside, if anyone don’t do which I want so I get angry, if anyone don’t agree with me I get angry, whenever family members have fever or any problem I feel more sad, I get thought again and again that my parents have disease so I feel more sad, missing word during conversation, I want things properly on my desk, cant concentrate while reading, don’t feel positive and satisfied, I always want my family be happy and healthy if I see them sad and in any disease I feel sad and hapless, if I shout on anyone I feel guilt, if anyone joking with me I feel hurt, I cant say no to anyone, weak memory, decision making problem, no confidence, my brain only think unnecessary thoughts and no other feelings, I feel that a person knows more than me, no ideas and no creativity, confused between two similar words , name, I get hurt on small thing and if wife say sorry to me even that I don’t give sorry,

2) List out locations and sensations associated with complaints if any

3) Write down worsening and bettering factors and any associated symptoms about these complaints.
Ans: I am always feel sad but worse more after every negative thoughts.

4) Details about emotional state, personality, temperament, fears/anxieties.

Ans: emotionally sad, anger, irritated, don’t have any feelings,

5) Details like cravings/aversions, climate/temperature preference, thirst/hunger/sleep/sex/discharge issues and about physical appearance and nature of occupation.

Ans: 1. I like salty, coffee, cold drinks, fried items, fruits
2. I prefer cold climate.
3. feel too much thirsty.
4. don’t feel hungry and feel full after small meal.
5. don’t sleep till 12 or 1 am, don’t sleep deeply, disturb sleep, feel like I am awake, body don’t get relax during sleep, don’t feel energetic and fresh after wake up, don’t get rest physically and mentally.
6. my sexual feeling reduces due to mental problem but after using antidepressant I lost total sexual feelings.
7. discharge form right ear.
6) Any other miscellaneous details including past history of diseases, medicines taken and diseases running into family.

Ans: taken lots of allopathy and homeopathy medicines.
1. Father have diabetes and blood pressure and mother have heart problem.

Other: anus itching during passing stool, breathing problem feel that take deep breath and bread not going in lungs, pain in knees and heel after standing more than 5 minutes, restless leg during seat, can not see to beat animal or human , can not see anyone in bad situation I feel sad,
mariz 4 years ago
Did you feel any effect from carcin. doses?

Among the remedies used which gave you good effects?

Have you taken these medicines before: sulph, N. Mur., Lyc., Sepia., and what was the reaction then?

Do you continue to take allopathic depression medicines?

What is your nature of occupation? Are you able to perform on job?

Please explain your sexual problem more clearly. You mean sexual desires by sexual feelings? After anti depressants you say you lost sexual feelings? When did this happen how much time has passed since? Do you get arousal or in other words erections at any point?
maheeru 4 years ago
1. I have taken total four doses of carcin. and after taking first three doses i was feeling improvement in some symptoms but every time i lost improvement after 3 to 4 days, after taking 4th dose i did not feel any improvement.

2. some medicines was improved my symptoms only for short period, medicines was calc. carb.,sulphur, aurum met or nat mur, calc. sulph. and carcin.

3. yes i have taken these medicines and only sulphur was improved for short period.

4. no i have discontinued antidepressant before 2.5 years ago.

5. i am a accountant in a company, i am able to perform on job but its very hard, i dont have interest and excitement and dont want to do anything.

6. before using antidepressant my sexual feelings was going down due to tension, worry and masturbation, i was not getting hard erection and feelings but after using antidepressant i lost sexual desire, arousal, penis sensitivity, premature ejaculation, no orgasm, no pleasure during ejaculation, i get erection but without arousal no other feelings, after antidepressant i have discontinued masturbation because i was not feeling sexually, i was started antidepressant in 2011.
mariz 4 years ago

You need to nurture positive thoughts and develop a self-discipline program(Refer first post how to go about including certain charitable activities). All humans are mortals and nobody is going to be here forever. So stop worrying/focussing on family members' problems. Do what you need to do as a son, but do not get obsessive about things. Try to put the trust on God and just concentrate on what you can do.

On medicine front: take sulph. 200c one pill/drop every two weeks for four to five doses.

Also try to get Withania somnifera 1x Mother tincture and take 10 drops in some water two times a day for three to four weeks.
maheeru 4 years ago

thank you very much for reply.

i will try and take medicine.

thank you.
mariz 4 years ago

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