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critical health. help!.. tubercular or ca lymphadenopathy + intestinal lump.

1. shall i do aspiration ? doctors prescribed, aspiration of ascitic fluid, would aspiration will speedup matestise? (5months​ passed)

3.kindly suggest medicines and shall both allopathy and homeopathy needed to be administered same time?

2.silicea 10m / cm shall be given? (symptoms and details, mentioned below)

history & pathology (reports attached)

Mom's dad had oral ca , and mom's mom had liver tb, (treated), then had breast ca
Mom >>
Peptic/ duodenal ulcer (age 27 to 35)
HASHIMOTOS autoimmune HYPOTHYROID (age 32)
≫Thyroid is consumed ​ (due to tb? / autoimmunity?​> vanished> dried not visible in sonography)
≫lymph nodes hard painless, left cervical (left supra clavicular region) age 60 (Jan 2015) (not done biopsy > as can matestate > tb OR ca. from jan 2015.)

nov 2017 border jaundice manged by (chel and carduas mer. q)
Dec 2017 navel displaced, then gradual decrease of hunger, acidity. Might got some injury during placing, then fever, foul mucus filled undigested loose Motion, fever, palliated with homeopathy,
​extreme food intolerance, ​
​occasionally ​
fever around 98 , through homepathy controlled,
​right now pathology of iliac fossa (near ilio-cecum region) infection turned to lump 4.5 cm in april 2018, with FREE FLUID. (AND SEEMS lump INCREASING ALTHOUGH CA125 DECREASED from 8 feb2018> 383 to NOW > 48)
CT scan says likely to be tubercular, can be ca.



1) "20 kg lost (now-42 kg) in 4months,weak​ difficult to walk till bathroom​, bed ridden​, calcium only 5.8, low lipid, very sore back, drowsy. no appetite or thirst desire cold water or ice. upward direction of lymphadenopathy in neck, and also from ilium to epigastrium.​ abdomen ​Distended hard and hot, with thin legs,​ Stools> comes out with difficulty ​. (silicea highest potency can be given?) , THICK OMENTUM, due to which ascitic tapping was not done, for diagnosing tb."

​2) Even natural fruit sweetness increases infection and agg stomach symptoms.​ (drosera(q-10m) helped to vomit with distress > white green yellow purulent sticky, frothy phelgum- NO COUGH OR PULMONARY SYMPTOMS.,) but then relapsed back on giving mango,

​3​) Epigastrium > Touch intolerable > DUE TO SWELLING+BURNING CAN’T EAT, I
​mmediate FULLNESS WITH few MORSEL, digestion badly upset. Scared to eat food. (Lump is at ilio-cecum region and its not painful)

​4​) Stomach distress Aggravation> moong, pulses, milk, liquid food, natural sweetness increases infection, Touch

5) Ameloration> only chilled water/ I​CE cubes​/
​ ​
Alovera/​FRIED potato rice Suits..

6) LUMP 4.5 CM + in ABDOMEN≫ ileo-secum region> PAINLESS LUMP, although it became visible and increasing slowly. ++ FREE FLUID

7) STOMACH ≫ FOOD INTOLRANCE: causes EXTREME DISTRESS in stomach, HEAVYNESS then BURNING then severity then VOMIT (acrid, thick bubble, sticky)

8) Can't tolerate Cold touch (during jan-feb, there was intermittent fever, loose motion, desire for food lost, which peaks from 9 pm till early morning, cutting pain ileac-cecum WHICH IS NOW LUMP OF 4.5 CM. (arsenic and kali carb plaited symptoms and now NO cutting pain in that area. BUT fever AGAIN comes intermittent around 98 which was not ther from few months)

9) Stool > (AGG ≫ sweet fruits/coconut water.) PROFOUND WEAKNESS.
​> stool​ BECOMES ​mucus filled ​sometimes​ green, gelly, stringy, foul smell.

​10) Rectum≫ stool passing takes time.
11)​​ ​IMMUNINE SYStem≫ was not giving symptoms of finger swelling even when TSH increased to 28!

12) wound don’t heal easily / seems lymph nodes shrunk little bit (advancement of tb?)



1.ca125- 8/feb/2018 >> 383, BUT NOW ​​Decreased to >> 48 in 2nd/may/2018. with homeopathy, but no other improvement.. is it low as lump has taken place of inflammation.?

2. ​​
platelates ​​were low​150000​> ​​NOW crossed high more then 4,15,000.

3. ​​lymphocytes remains ​​low​ around 14 from last 5 months.

4. ​​albumin , vit D, calcium low as before. LIPID profile ​​CROSSED LOWER RANGES importants are marked in latest blood report.


Medicine that helped.

1. Drosera 30, 200 worked as magic but relapsed same day
after food​.

2. Arsenic 30, 200

3. Cad sulf 30,200

4. Plb met 6, 5 cup method

5. kali carb 30
  ritesh05 on 2018-05-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your body must be struggling with overloaded toxins from some source that it is stressed with.

There can be many symptoms and on many locations of the body, but they have single source. Once the source is identified and addressed, the body recovers magically.

Start with this first and write back in a week. You should work with your doctor for all practical purpose. This is only a supplement to your primary treatment. As a next step, a few more questions may lead to understand the source of your problem.

1. Aloe 30, four pills, every evening
2. Thuja Q and Baptisia Q (10 drops of each together in 15ml of water), a few minutes before food, two or three times a day
3. Silicea 6x, 1 tablet after each meal.

Aloe releases toxins through bowels. Thuja and Baptisia together very aggressively cleans lymph, resulting in improved immunity, gaining strength etc etc. Silice aids Thuja and Baptisia in the same mission.
Reva V 4 years ago
Thanks a lot friend,

I will start this from today.

1. ascitic fluid aspiration will double the matastising speed, Irrespective tb or ca?

2. Shall i avoid it?

3. If required then following medicines i have planned Ledum 1m, StapHasagria 30, Hypericum 3/30, and applying Calandula q , and dose of Calandula 30... Ok with ur prescription?
[Edited by ritesh05 on 2018-05-13 02:56:13]
ritesh05 4 years ago
Please start the suggested remedies as a first step. Answer will follow based on your response to the detox remedies. For now, you can take any medicine of your choice along with the suggested remedy, although their benefit is questionable.
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-05-13 04:22:30]
Reva V 4 years ago
Started medicine yesterday
Loose motion again, possibly detox

But her intense epigastrium burning same., due to which unable to eat. From few months ,
Suggest on

Reason for burning
1. On use of cm power few days back. (dros 10m, silcea cm, Cal Carb cm, 1 day gap each)

2. due to ca or tb.

Mam, is any way through which i can payback?
ritesh05 4 years ago
Please continue to communicate every day or more frequently (including for every symptom change)

Please make the following change

1. Get Aloe 6, instead of Aloe 30 and give as before
2. Buy Nitric Acid 3 (3c) in liquid dilution and give one drop in 10ml of water. Start with once and see how she responds. Give once a day and it may be necessary to increase the dosage. If Nitric Acid 3 is not available, then get Nitric Acid 6.
3. Stop giving Silicea 6x
4. Give Thuja Q and Baptisia Q, 5 drops of each together, instead of 10 drops.

It is high preferred to get sealed bottle of Reckweg German medicines.

You can trust on Thuja Q and Baptisia Q to bring the recovery needed.
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-05-15 04:10:28]
Reva V 4 years ago
How long does she live in the house where she is in now. Do you have an option to move her to a different house (in the same town is ok. For example to rent a nearby place) if needed. Will she be comfortable with it? Talk gently to see whether she is open for it.

This may sound unusual, but repeated and careful observation proves the efficacy.
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-05-14 13:49:20]
Reva V 4 years ago
Following for learning- thank you Reva for supervising this case.

(Reva is a male homeopath from India , working in USA. Everything
On the forum is free, people Volunteer time here,
Mostly to help those who are suffering)
simone717 4 years ago
Post moving to top of forum / maintenance tech check
simone717 4 years ago
present house > 16 months approx

it will be very tough to move her to other house,
>> is it needed?

i will ask her about the same.

ritesh05 4 years ago
That is ok. Any one can understand the challenges with the move. Did her symptoms aggravate after her move to this house. This will help in choosing remedies to deal with sources from living place.

How is she now, were you able to start Nitric Acid once a day. This is the beginning dose and will need to increase frequency based on her response
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-05-16 11:32:57]
Reva V 4 years ago
sure i will do that.

as 3 yrs with lymphadenopathy and 5 months passed with this worst health and i was failing with homeopathy so mom opted for aspiration (unfortunately i came here late)

after aspiration
* genexpert test ; TB NOT DETECTED , few reports will take more 10 days

1. she started hiccup; given hyosyemas ; ailments after anesthesia; it worked.

2. swelling + fever (98) + loose motion was more, stingy mucus filled
for quick heal ; applied calendula q, ;; ledum 1m, arsenic 3x, staphasagria 30 and ur prescription twice.
for loosemotion
china off-q, hydrastis q 10drops(THIS AGG HER BURNING IN EPIGASTRIUM, u hv any idea abt this?)

i forgot to tick in responses box, so thought i might have to reply weekly, hence given above medicine.

and yes will do modification as suggested in new prescription.

*seems thuja and bapt q are causing loose motion.and i will continue it BUT
as she is feeling profound weakness, shall i continue to give china-q;Ars alb 3x, calphos 3x or do u suggest any medicine for the same?

+ any RX ?? for intense burning in epigastrium (agg by hydrastis q) ; AGG ; disgust for food, and fullness sensation.

feeling gratitude thanks a lot.
[Edited by ritesh05 on 2018-05-16 12:12:47]
ritesh05 4 years ago
yes, got nit acid- 6, will start from today,
ty :)
[Edited by ritesh05 on 2018-05-16 12:15:02]
ritesh05 4 years ago
If you suspect Thuja and Baptisia causing loose motion, reduce the dosage to 2 drops, twice a day or even give a pause for a day or two to confirm.

Nitric Acid should help with the burning. The second one to help is Condurango 30 (only 30).

Homeopathy by itself has limitations. You have to complement with several other gentle support treatment to recover.

1. In her food give coriander leaves, both in the morning and lunch (well ground). this promotes digestion and heals. Introduce a little and see how she responds.

2. Consider spinal bath every morning. You can start with a wet towel in her spines and see how she responds. There are herbal treatment experts in Tamilnadu who showed the efficacy of spinal bath in very tough patients recovering magically.
Reva V 4 years ago
Sure dear friend,
I will start all of ur suggestion.

ritesh05 4 years ago

nit acid 3 given .. no relief
along with ur prescription i m giving few more medicine as she is not able to eat anything.

just few spoons of food of khichdi or fried poteto.

REASON FOR HER STOMACH DISTRESS IS LIGHT GREEN, THICK , TENACIOUS, STRINGY AS IF OLD catarrhal MUCUS, WHICH is HARD to expectorate, COMES SOMETIMES IN VOMIT AND THAT GIVES HER LITTLE RELIEF.(SHE DOSENT HAVE cough or COLD). she sometimes manually tries to vomit to excrete food as it creates much distress. but that has food+thick white+frothy stringy mucus NOT GREEN-YELLOW)

TWO MEDICINE HELPED HER TO VOMIT .1. drosera q, 2. kali bicrom-30.(yesterday she vomit after this). BUT she RELAPSES back to same state, may be its forming back after food.

i guess if hidden mucus can cleared and mucus membrane if healed she can start eating.

few more choice are
hydrastis 3, 30. (as 10 drops tincture gives intsnse burning)
merc sol 200
sticta 6
puls 30..

ur input please.
ritesh05 4 years ago
Pulsatilla 30, in wet dose, 3 or more times everyday seems suitable.

It must be a painful situation now. Have faith and keep all channels of help open.
Reva V 4 years ago
Can i hv ur email address?
To send you reports?

4all.ritesh at gmail . Com
ritesh05 4 years ago
Hi Ritesh,

Can you please clarify whether you are a Homeopath or you are guided by another Homeopath. You are listing very high potency and and is a concern, as lower potency is needed until her vital is built.

Please consider giving the following medicines to recover her digestive system (liver, gall bladder and spleen together), which is why she has mucous secretion. The below remedies should help reduce her burning, slow mucous secretion

1. Arnica 6, Thuja Q and Calc Phos 6x, together, twice a day.
This will help her left sided digestive organs (spleen)

2.Bryonia 30, in wet dose, twice a day, specially for liver

3. Nitric Acid 6 (as a healing agent. the immediate effect may not be visible, but after this phase, you will witness improvement. Give once a day

Please avoid giving any other Homeopathic remedy for one or two days while the above remedies are given.

Please write once a day minimum on the changes the above one brought.
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-05-18 05:03:02]
Reva V 4 years ago
Hi dear Reva,

I m not homeopath

Mom got many relief from my medication so she forced me.

from last 3.5 yrs tried 25 treatments, buy no result.

and now in active state so started giving medicine again.

I felt thuja and baptisia were draing and was good, but her food intolerance was intact and weaknesses profound.

And very hopeful with spleen left sided issues u have selected.

Yesterday Got call from dr. Vijaykar Clinc, and trying his medicine for few Days to bring another perspective, and as he can analyze physically.

Will post you for positive and negative status of mom.

Well i m from mumbai , and be my guest whenever you visit Mumbai .

I m really greatful for your love and guidance.

Attached her aspiration report

ritesh05 4 years ago
Thanks for the update. When more than one medicine is given, the compatibility of them to co-exist and act synergisticaly is very important. The medicines suggested are clinically shown to co-exist and improve the vitality. Hope it does bring up her.

Glad that you are taking every measures to help her. Please keep informed.
Reva V 4 years ago
Yes dear,

I will keep u updated on every change.

ritesh05 4 years ago
hi reva,

her burning issues (epigastrium) are changed to distress in lower abdomen and increased fullness. (atleast burning is at ease).

now all the time she feels to go in toilet but very less excretion. still not able to eat.

1. cbc mentiones thrombocytosis, now her platelets are 6.8 lakhs. (max range: 4 lakhs) , it was 4.5 lakhs on (2nd may)

query: does she is developing lymphoma?

2. fluid cytology : few lymphocytes, histiocytes and rbc's



5. ca125 : 55 , (2nd may it was 48)

6. sonography :
NO lump , modarate omental thickening, Matted bowel loops are noted in right iliac fossa and central abdomen, ? cocoon formation (sclerorising encapsulated peritonities). ascites is more in left iliac fossa.

warm regards
[Edited by ritesh05 on 2018-05-20 10:10:04]
ritesh05 4 years ago
Please let me know whether you follow dr. Vijaykar Clinc's prescriptions for now or started giving the medicines suggested in this forum (to understand whether the changes are from what medicines)
Reva V 4 years ago
From 2 days only Vijaykars clinic medicine .
ritesh05 4 years ago

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